Wayne Allyn Root has an interesting article up today at Townhall discussing why HopenDestroy will lose in November by a landslide. Wayne is a common sense kind of guy, a self-made man, and makes more sense politically than everyone in the Republican or Democrat parties combined. His book “The Conscience of a Libertarian” should be a user manual for every president.

AWD also believes Hussein loses in a landslide. I’ve predicted he loses 45 states (out of 57). The guy won under a perfect storm in 2008. Now he’s created the perfect disaster zone in 2012. He’s had to kiss the comm-a-nist asses of the far left to keep them on board and lost everyone else who is politically right of Stalin. Wayne’s article explains the various voting groups and why Hussein is in deep Dukakis with each.

So, AWD’s chart-topping caption for the above photo is:

“Ohio Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan welcomes President Obama to Ohio and announces he won’t attend upcoming DNC Convention”
See if you can do any better. I doubt it.

AWD is going out to the pool to read and listen to some music that doesn’t suck. I’ll weigh in later today with some angry white thoughts on something.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the 2006 death of Pink Floyd’s original member Syd Barrett. Syd was crazier than a sh*thouse rat (or a Democrat) and was replaced by his friend David Gilmour when drug use and mental illness made him undependable. Floyd honored Barrett in this 1975 masterpiece “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond.” So here’s some mellow Music That Doesn’t Suck for your Sunday afternoon enjoyment.

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  1. bigtimer says:

    I just got done reading that from Root…he says what many of us have been saying for months…’LANDSLIDE!’…and it will be come Nov. – Can’t wait.

    As the guy…he expresses himself well for millions of us across this land without saying one single word. He should be ‘Dude of the Week!’

  2. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    I also believe that BHO will lose in November and will continue working to make that happen. Fight like the underdog until the end.

  3. ga steve says:

    January 2013, after obamas humiliating defeat in November he is again humiliated with the task of turning the Presidency over to the new President, as the helicopter lifts from the ground to take him and first mammy away he looks down only to see millions of fingers raised in the air to him.

  4. Death to Libtards says:

    The guy is indeed awesome, but that bus looks like the bastard child of the Death Star and Josh Turner’s “Long Black Train”. Throw in Spock’s coffin from “Wrath of Khan”. Let’s face it, Air Force One represents the might and dignity of the United States, no matter who is on board. This just looks creepy.

    “I got a bad feeling about this.”
    Han Solo
    (I know, this rips off a theme from last week)

  5. 79firebirdman says:

    Just for you AWD. Just because you’re a good American. And just because I can to push your buttons.



  6. “I don’t care who you think you are, ALL NEGROES to the back of the bus!”

  7. True Blue says:

    “It’s called the Second Amendment, see? One…Two!”

    “Either enforce all the Laws like you’re supposed to, or stop pretending you’re in charge and get out of the way so a grown-up can do your job.”

  8. OK.

    That was a little racist.

    Having said that, we’ll probably be wishing for Obama within a few months of Romney taking office. America has been pushed to the edge of the cliff of economic ruin thanks to: the Vietnam War, Star Wars, NAFTA, the 1991 Iraqi War, the ongoing continuation of the 2001 Afghanistan and Iraqi War II, outsourcing, and the complete emasculation of our manufacturing base. Those factories in the Rust Belt are NEVER coming back. We have exported our wealth to the Far East, and now the chickens are coming home to roost in the form of massive blackouts due to our crumbling infrastructure.

    It’s not halftime, America. It’s the last of the ninth in the seventh game of the World Series, and were down by five runs. It’ll take a miracle to pull this one off. A real miracle.

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      Couldn’t agree with you more… except for one thing; I have faith in the people of this country, and we have an inner spirit that just won’t die. We are obviously in for some hard times as we dig ourselves out of this mess, but we shall prevail.

  9. I don’t care how we get rid of Obongo….just as long as we do get rid of him…….and his manege dogs like Eric “my people” Holder………..


  10. Swamp Music says:

    Caption; F*** you Obama!!

  11. LOVE the picture. That’s EXACTLY what I would have done had the Ovomit bus driven by me. Thanks for the chuckle.

    • Art Vandelay says:

      Love the picture too. I really wish I was that guy flipping off Dear Leader and his busload of Marxist assholes.

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:


        I’m with you… wish I would have been that guy. Knowing myself, I would have probably turned around after flipping them off and shown them my posterior. I absolutely have no use for this arrogant POS pathetic leader we have in the White House nor his sorry ass wife who thinks she has the right to tell me what I can and can not eat.

  12. Dude,

    YOu said: “AWD also believes Hussein loses in a landslide.” Please, please let’s don’t get too cocky for fear of letting our guard down. We must fight like hell untilt he very second of Nov. 6 becomes Nov. 7. Again, really great pic.

  13. Yo, Barry, if you’ll stop the bus for a minute I’ll drop trou and show you how I really feel.

  14. A great post from the MarketWatch site:

    All Romney can do is halt or just slow down the all out attack on the Constitution. I do not think he can stop the inevitable economic train wreck that has been building for the last 30-80 years.
    But he can facilitate a more rapid response with a sane policy to return to a growth oriented economy.

    The pure insanity of the Obama administration has plainly revealed him to be a completely incompetent economic half-wit and total amateur of a president who is clueless at best. President Food Stamps will replace Carter as the worst President in this Nation’s history.
    He will lose by a landslide in November.

  15. misterbill says:

    With the Scotus decision on health care, I can only give you 20% of a wave, Obama

  16. Is that BHO bus?
    It looks so secretive Id say it was the CIA, or H Security.

  17. “Local LGBT chapter member expresses frustration for being abandoned at a rest stop after 10 minute meeting with Obama.”

  18. MTPatriot says:

    As we continue to spiral into full-blown Socialism, this might explain why…

    “How do you tell a Romney voter from an Obama voter?

    Romney supporters sign their checks on the front;

    Obama supporters sign ’em on the back! ”

    This has been your political lesson for today.

  19. Michael Savage – DHS is a Terrorist GANG Killing American Values!


  20. Top trends forcaster Gerald Celente lays it all out for ya!


  21. True Blue says:

    Have you seen This outrage?

    Now, terrorists have naught to fear,
    the One is Inviting them to come over here
    in Sept. of an election year?
    Will he bow and scrape and lick their rear?


  22. Death to Libtards says:

    Open post, so I’ll rant in a different direction. Anyone else see the rank hypocrisy of health and safety nannies questioning McDonald’s sponsoring the Olympics?


    Are they afraid Michael Phelps will get the munchies and eat something unhealthy?


    This bugs me about as much as the Congress spending tons of money to find out which athletes are or are not on steroids (GASP!).

  23. Cinnamon Girl says:

    The pic says it ALL! Flipping off the prez is not just a right, it’s a duty!

    And Shine On You Crazy Diamond is my fave Pink Floyd song. Kudos!

  24. The Dems will be pulling out all the stops as we approach November.

    The promise of a federal de-criminalization of mary-jane will help bring the vote out BIG TIME. Just wait and see.

  25. I’d like someone to read Mexico’s immigration laws to Obama and the Democrats! This is the biggest scam in history!

    MEXICO IMMIGRATION LAWS read by Mark Levin


  26. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    Thought this post might go well with the photo. Recently I was visited by the Secret Service for a post I put on this blog. The Secret Service acknowledged that my statement was not a direct threat against the president… so if that was the case why did they waste the taxpayers money to pay me a visit???

    In the video seen below, we are told the SS visited the people who entered their float… obviously the SS and this administration is trying to silence anyone who speaks out against this POS president currently occupying the White House… what say you???


    • The Obama administration is using the Secret Service to silence 1st Amendment rights. Homeland Security is targeting and focusing on conservatives and the U.S. Justice Department has an obvious agenda that is most definately not neutral. This is a gross abuse of power.
      Question: where are the Republicans to counter this ship of state out of control?

      Michael Savage on Barack Obama Signing Dictatorial NDAA


  27. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    Once again we see this administration pissing our tax dollars down the toilet… wish someone would shove Obummers head in the toilet and give it a flush.


  28. “China wants it’s death bus back you jerk!” = Caption that bus picture that AWD properly captioned.


  29. le corbusier says:

    Everything You Need To Know About Mitt Romney In One Graphic


  30. Death to Libtards says:

    The Muzzies aren’t going to like this. But it fits in nicely with the Ovomit administration plan to turn America into a turd world sh!thole. What’s next, chickens in the overhead bin? Airhorns on the wing playing “La Cucaracha”?


    If you need a pig for emotional stability you belong on Green Acres, Lil’ Abner, or a locked ward at the nearest funny farm.