E. T. Williams

E. T. Williams

This comes to us courtesy MTPatriot. It’s nothing that hasn’t been said here a thousand times, but it’s always refreshing to see it coming from a member of the [heavy on the quote-unquote] “black community.”

Why refreshing? First, it’s typically more effective to have “one of your own” layingeth down the smack. Secondly, it helps remind us whites who eschew racist ideology and insist on judging people by their characters and not their colors, that our convictions are justified.

To E. T. Williams, aka the “Doctor of Common Sense”—Godspeed, my friend!

Tell Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to get a real damn job!

Slight content warning (“n-word”):

Transcript and links provided by yours truly.

This is to all you blacks who’re constantly making excuses, blaming the white man.

Hello, and welcome to Common Sense T.V. I’m your host, the doctor of common sense, E. T. Williams. Please visit the website www.whateverhappentocommonsense.com. Please get a copy of the book, “What Ever Happen to Common Sense,” which can be purchased on Amazon[.com].

Today’s topic—I want to get right into it, because I’m pissed off today.

I want to address all you “ign’nt negroes”—black people, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about—who constantly want to blame whites for your damn problems. This is not the damn ’60s; this is not the ’70s. You’re not riding on the back of the damn bus.

I’m sick of the NAACP. I’m sick of that fraud Jesse Jackson. I’m sick of the fraud Al Sharpton. And all the rest of you bastards who come on BET and constantly try to say “white folks is holding you down.”

You ign’nt bastards, you’re holding yourself down.

All you ign’nt bastards who supported Barack Obama—yeah, you’re bringing yourself down. It’s your damn fault. He is the Titanic that’s going down. Barack Obama is driving the Titanic. He’s sinking us all down and you bastards want to stick with him because he’s black.

You’s the same ign’nt bastards who, when my book came out—I’m black; I didn’t see you bastards running to support me “‘cuz he’s black.” And don’t tell me you didn’t support him because he was black. Don’t even insult my intelligence with that nonsense.

Barack Obama was not qualified to be the damn president—and you know damn well he wasn’t. Go look at his track record when he was a senator. He was a community organizer. The bastard don’t know his butt from a hole in the ground.

And all you ign’nt bastards want to get upset with me. This is all you black people I’m talking to—the angry black man who constantly wants to blame white folks for everything that’s going wrong. It’s your own damn fault!

And that’s including the ign’nt-ass Black Panthers. Yeah, you dumb bastards—you too. Who constantly try to blame white people because you bastards are killing one another; you’re robbing one another; you’re stealing from one another. Hell, I can name so many black people who have wronged me. I don’t know a bunch of white people who have wronged me like black folks have.

And then you want me to try to ignore your ignorance. You want me to get on your side because you bastards are too stupid to see Barack Obama for who he is. Any “ign’nt negro”—or n****r, if you want to call it what that is—who still supports Barack Obama—you are a stupid n****r. Not a negro. A stupid n****r. That’s what you are.

So don’t get pissed off at me. I’m pissed off to! You can’t pull my card. I’m willing to die for what I believe in.

Every time somebody goes against Barack Obama, you ign’nt folks want to try to play the race card.

People don’t like Barack Obama because he’s an ignorant bastard, and he’s a Communist. He’s driving the Titanic into the ground.

Have you ever seen the movie? Do you know the story? You can’t rewrite the story. He is steering the Titanic, and the story ends the same way every time—the damn ship goes down. And I don’t want to stay aboard the ship and let him take me down just because he’s black.

You think it makes me feel better because a black man killed me [rather] than a white man? Are you that stupid?

I’m so sick of you negroes, man.

Every time I turn on the TV—you try to watch an award show on BET—they’re talking about like it’s still slavery days; they’re talking about like it’s still the ’60s—like you’re on the back of the damn bus. You ain’t on the back of no bus!

The reason a bunch of you can’t have a damn thing is because you’re constantly standing around, making damn excuses, complaining and whining. Get off your behind and stop having babies. And tell your relatives who are constantly having babies—tell them bastards to close their legs. (And that’s including Shanaynay.)

I’m sick of it. Everybody else is sick of it. When it’s a race issue, and it calls to call the race card, you call it. But you ign’nt—ign’nt—negroes—you’re getting on my damn nerve with the race card. Blamin’ everybody because you don’t want to work.

A lot of our problems stem from us, dammit. Stop stealing from one another! Go to work! Stop being stupid! Stop following people because of their skin color! Bunch of ignorant bastards if I’ve ever seen ’em.

Then you want me to ignore it. You want me to act like you’re speaking the truth. Well, you’re not speaking the truth.

Tell Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to get a real damn job! And any other “black activist” who constantly comes on TV acting like a poverty pimp. If it weren’t for you negroes, them bastards wouldn’t even have a job!

I’m sick of y’all, man.

Now what you need to do is get a copy of this damn book. Let me show it to you. This will stop a lot of this damn ignorance. You see it? Get a copy of this book. It’s called, “What Ever Happen to Common Sense?” Because a lot of you bastards don’t have no common sense.

And I don’t care how much you talk trash on the internet. I don’t care how much trash you talk to me on the internet. You ain’t putting no fear into my heart.

Get a job! Get off your butts! Go work for a living! And stop looking for hand-outs, dammit!

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  1. hahaha awesome Angry Black Dude!

  2. If We Continue To Ignore Obama’s Scary Record


  3. Fair comment Mr Williams.

  4. Thumbs-Up Red!…this is a good one. I’ve heard this guy before…of course the msm remain mum about this too…doesn’t fit their agenda dontcha know. ~

  5. The words of Mr. E. T. Williams will never sink into the thick skulls of black. You can help the helpless but you must forget the clueless.

  6. I like this guy, he has “Character” and tells it like it is. This is one black guy that would go far in his endeavors and deserves to be successful. Good for him.

  7. I just visited his website.The Romney campaign ought to hire this man.He’s not afraid to tell like it is and his website needs to go viral.

  8. Unfortunately, this will mostly fall on deaf ears.

  9. David in SC says:

    Give that Man a cii-gar! Go tell it on the mountain brother!

  10. Enoch Powell says:

    The problem of course is that the vast majority of Blacks hate Whites while insisting on taking everything Whites are willing to give them out of fear and false guilt. The very occasional Black who seems to be in touch with reality is the exception that proves the general rule. It’s not important when it comes to the struggle White people must fight. We have to do it ourselves. We cannot rely on others at all. They certainly cannot be our leaders.

    The fact is that most Blacks and Hispanics have, on average, significantly lower IQs than Whites. Black and Hispanic culture is violent, incompetent and corrupt. And they are the ones who have defined the terms of engagement by being openly hostile to Whites. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that too many White people of the past two or three generations have embraced the substandard values of Black and Hispanic culture. Blacks and Hispanics aren’t impressed by this. They simply see it as weakness. They are correct.

    In day to day life a White person cannot trust Blacks or Hispanics to be decent citizens. The evidence is too much to the contrary:


    • Streetcop says:

      You’re absolutely correct! As a police officer who daily encounters Blacks and Hispanics, I can attest to their low IQ’s, the sense of entitlement they have, the low morals and just plain ignorance they display. Yes, some are decent, but those relatively few are drowned out by the uncouth majority! Ask any cop who works in a community dominated by Blacks and Mexicans and, if they’re honest and not afraid of the ‘thought police’, they will admit its true.

    • Jason Breedlove says:

      @Enoch Powell and Streetcop, It has never failed to amuse me how people who claim others races of people have an average lower IQ than their own, in fact show their lack of common sense, or IQ, by claiming any certain race of people have an average lower IQ than their own race. I am American Indian and considered white by most. If there were some kind of official study to back up your claim it would be different, and your experience doesn’t count for an official study…sorry. You two have really exposed yourselves as the true IQ deficient tards by your IQ statement “theory”. Oh by the way, you two are being racists retards in my opinion by saying it as well.

    • Please forgive me if I don’t believe what your crystal ball is telling you. It might have helped your believability if you had given a credible link that proves your stated “fact” about the IQ of Blacks and Hispanics. But since none exist, I doubt that you can or will do that.

      I don’t enjoy confronting anyone about their opinions. It’s just that I’ve known many Black people who are undoubtedly good people, in every way possible. I would even prefer to have some of them as my next door neighbor, rather than a lot of white people I know. I’m a Vietnam veteran and about half of our company in Vietnam was Black; they were equally as intelligent, proficient and trustworthy as anyone else.

      There are “clinkers” in every race, even the white race, but I just don’t believe it’s true, that all Blacks are of a lower intelligence than whites. Since you feel that Blacks are inferior, I’d guess that you treat them as such. How would you react, if the roles were reversed? Try treating Black people with respect. Give them the benefit of the doubt and treat them as your equal. You may actually find that some of them more than deserve your trust. Allow them to act just as a person, instead of as an angry Black person. Just give them a chance.

  11. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    I commend Mr. Williams for his message… look into his childhood and you’ll most likely find a mother and father who raised him with love and demanded no less than B’s on his report cards. I fear his message will fall on deaf ears… but if he reaches a scant 5% in the black community his efforts will have been successful.

    Mr. Williams message is strong against President Obama… bet he will get a visit from the Secret Service.

  12. LMAO hearing him made my day.

    He sounds like a “few” friends of mine that I knew while in the military ( literally… just a few or handful in my over 22 years of service )who had the same common sense of SELF responsibility.

    unfortunately if you place 100 blacks in a room only about 4 or 5 of them will have the common sense to see beyond the excuse of race to avoid SELF responsiblity… of course that 95% who scream RACIST at every turn as a political and social weapon ( ironically about the same rate as Obama/Democrat voters ) will just call him an uncle tom because they have an aversion to the truth… so it will fall on the willfully deaf ears of those who need to hear it the most.

    The power-hungry white democrats/marxist have done their job well…. they indoctrinated the average black person into an excuse making dependent that they can bribe with treats ( entitlements ) like you would the family dog to buy his loyalty. So easily bamboozled… it’s a shame. Soon they will have Hispanics on a leash too and they will be a monolithic block of voters like blacks which will ensure that they ( Dems/Marxist ) are always in power… they are blinded by power lust and wont flinch a bit, even if their ambitions burn America to the ground.

    • You’re quite generous Vince, that 4% – 5%, I’d be half as gracious, or around 2% – 4%. Makes me wonder why all the negrocentric fixation with what these worthless “human beings” “think” on the part of bending over backwards ignorant whites………… Then again, I was the person credited with the term, “negrofication of America”, today New Africa.

  13. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    Now I know why I keep coming back to AWD… always learning something on this site or viewing people who are trying to make a difference in the world we live in. This Williams guy really impressed me with his message… take a look at this video; worth watching.

    Hey Red… thanks for posting.


  14. Blacks hate this kind of logic,they want to keep the handouts coming from the people who have bent over backwards proving they are not racist . These blacks need to show some gratitude that they were allowed to stay in America ,and ,whites should demand equal responsibility from them instead of treating them like they are too special to criticize. We are coddling blacks,while our country is filling up with more 3rd world cretins who also want to dominate,when will we say “enough” of this BS ? Why are we welcoming ,(with open arms) people who want to eliminate whites?

  15. We think alike. 🙂

  16. This guy should run for the senate. I would definitely endorse him. If there is one place in this country we could use some common sense it is there.

  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    Yeah Jackson & sharpton need to get real jobs instead of running all over the nation making total pests of themselves

  18. WOW,that was refreshing. Alas as others have said his message will probably fall on deaf ears and he is probably “…casting pearls before swine…”.

  19. Vector2ILS36 says:

    Note to AWD: ET Williams is NOT part of the “Black COMMUNE-ity” He is simply an American like you, but more willing to step up to the plate. The so-called “African”-Americans have adapted the life styles of Johannesburg (freedom from the white man) and renamed it the “Black Community”. The Black Community is a black racist Communist organization. That is why there are so many issues the people NOW are waking up to.
    I wish ET Williams well and best of luck!

  20. angrywhitejarhead says:

    Alot of black people feel this way…Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell…even Bill Cosby. Of course they’re always chastised with the usual ad hominem attacks, house negro, uncle tom…anything to deflect accountability and to deny truth. I’m still waiting for the “flash mob” to attack me yelling “justice for Trayvonn”. I’ll use the George Zimmerman approach…minus the broken nose and bashed skull. Oh, and with a larger body count. Thank God for the 2nd amendment.

  21. Really? All blacks and hispanics have low IQ’s. You must live in a cave. I can’t say I could generalize a whole race of people without knowing any.

  22. lewis botts says:

    MR E.T. Williams im a huge fan of your videos and i agree with you 100% but in your comment dont forget the lazy white trash and i know all about them because i grew around them. I just emailed Sean Hannity in regards to asking him to have you on his show to be a guest hope you dont mind. Please keep up thd good work and cant wait for the next video.Thank You for your time.

  23. You can say what you want to about the average IQ’s of any group of American people: whites, blacks, hispanics, muslims; but the truth is this country needs drastic educational improvement. The public schools are crap, trust me I was educated in the public school system, and I can tell you that most of what I learned did not come from school. In fact, I can barely remember school at all. I was mostly concerned about hanging out with friends and playing video games then my education. Most of what I learned came from movies, video games, educational TV programs that you find on the history channel and discovery channel even pbs in a few cases, and the internet. Our education in this country is sub-par which is the reason for the low IQ’s. Want to see higher average IQ’s? Increase this nations education and start teaching kids and young adults more reading, writing, and arithmetic, true events that happened in history not what governments want written in history books, doing it the governments way is a method of indoctrination and should not be tolerated. If we start reforming our educational systems now we can be caught up with the rest of the civilized world in a decade or so. But it is important to give America’s youth the best education we can because they are the future.

  24. E.T. Williams should be the damn president. I make it a point to watch his youtube channels everyday. He has two of them. 5723michael is another guy I like. And of course there’s also Alfonzo Rachel. But E.T never rests. He fights every single day, sometimes posting as many as five videos in a day. You should also seem him clobber a wave bag. I wouldn’t want to mess with him. This guy CAN cash the checks his mouth writes.

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  27. Your observations border prophecy….we are seeing the results now of employee -30 hr work week.This will have a double effect of which the Manchurian will be credited.Lowering to -30 hr ,will force more into Obamacare,companies will hire more to mcompensate loss of workers time,which now they don’t have to pay HC Benefits.This is a concerted scam to extort money.Medicaid needed only to be revamped to include pre-existing.

  28. I wish MICHAEL SAVAGE would allow you to fill in for him .

  29. d. rendal retherford says:

    Your comments Needs more exposure. You will be criticized bi so many. We live in a nation that political leaders are frauds and have no desire to represent America as it should be. Thank you for being bold enough to share you opinions.

  30. ET some of the things you say I agree with. Judging a person by the color of their skin should not happen,ever. As a people we are worth $1.1 trillion so pointing fingers at “the man” is just a cop out. However, that you believe slavery is over shows a lack of History on your part. The fastest growing industry in this country is not technology or education but private prisons . This year marks 149 years of “freedom” on paper, the Emancipation Proclamation. Slavery as practiced in this country was intended to be perpetual and the laws support this. The USA has more people behind bars than any country on the face of the earth. You should read Slavery By Another Name by Douglas A. Blackmon, it chronicles the “re-enslavement” of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War ll. The system of slavery is in a steady mode of evolution. Most of those who you rail against have no idea why they can’t achieve and when people who look like them show so much hate then sir, it doesn’t help the matter.

    The 13th. Amendment to the Constitution says this:
    Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation

    It doesn’t take a law degree to understand those poignant words. Conditional slavery still exists and Congress has the power to enforce “legislation” as often and to any effect it deems appropriate. African Americans were never intended to be free. Those, like yourself, are under a delusion of acceptance. As American Americans we have two choices, we either serve as part of the problem or part of the solution. I may not agree with the so-called “black leadership” but I realize they are limited in what the system will allow them to do so I try to refrain from public criticism and work hard at being part of the solution…His In Service

    Chaplain Bernell Wesley

    • You are out of your mind Chaplain, prison is most definitely NOT a continuation of slavery. Prison exists to segregate criminals from the law abiding population. Prisoners are not out in the fields picking cotton, and they don’t get released with whip scars on their backs from the “cracka” guards. Yes, there is a damn sight more blacks in prison than whites, but that speaks to the upbringing of blacks and the lack of solid family units in the black community.

      There is an extremely high percentage of single mothers in the black community, and the same is true of black males who “knock up” women, then bail out on them, and flat out disrespect them. Black kids in school don’t want to learn, because “it’s what whites do”, or “education is a way of keeping blacks down”. That attitude is nothing but bullshit, but try to say so to blacks, and you are labeled a racist, especially if you happen to be white.

      Stop playing the race and slavery cards, take responsibility for your own lives and well being instead of taking hand outs from whitey. Most of all, teach your young the benefits of an education. If you start to show self respect and responsibility, then your people will find themselves truly free. God won’t help you in this, you will have to help yourselves.

      Just some free advice from whitey.

    • Chaplin
      Are you a minister on the same level as rev Jessee Jackson and rev AL Sharpton?

    • poor misguided chaplain……………………………..

      the big bad white man is keeping you down…….well, we’re getting sick and tired of your lies and bullsh!t about how you are a slave……..and your slave mentality………it’s about time you stood on your own two feet and stopped telling your lies about the white man and how he is keeping you down………..

      every statistic shows, it’s you blacks that are committing the crimes……that’s right your black street thugs are the ones committing the greater proportion of the cirmes and that is why they are incarcerated…….it’s not because they were scooped up off the street doing nothing, they’re the ones that got caught and now they’re where they belong……..

      your bullsh!t is offensive…….commit the crime and then do the time….got it……….

      stick your “we’re victims of the white man” up your ass….we’ve had it with you bleeding heart liberals that want to make it the white man’s fault…………your “we’re victims” is a damn lie and you know it…..you can shove it in the same place you can shove your slave mentality….up your ass……..cause we aren’t buying your bullsh!t ……………….

      • Bluto,
        I started to tell chap he was pissing in the wind but you stated it so much more eloquently than I could.

      • Chaplain Bernell Wesley says:

        Did you yall even bother to read what I wrote. I know offering a book to read is a bit of a stretch but before you start name calling at least read my reply. I don’t hold “whitey” (your words, not mine) completely responsible for anything. Enslavers had help in the form of Africans eager to earn friend points. But, I dare not regress. Have any of you ever heard of the School to Prison Pipeline or the Prison Industrial Complex??? Probably not, but surely the you may have heard of the 13th Amendment. I didn’t make that up. The 13th. Amendment allows for slavery. Private prisons exist because they are protected by law. Crime has not risen in 20 years. Look this up for yourselves. They sell Black criminals (stock in private prisons are rising) because they need the bodies for the latest foray into “private enterprise”. Here’s another chew for you, most Blacks in jails and prisons are there for non-violent economic related reasons …drugs. And guess who supplies the drugs?? Come on, you guys have to know this. As for Bluto, I am not a victim , never have been nor ever shall be. I am descended from warriors, we don’t die we multiply… but you have a strange imagination. I have never had a “slave mentality” . None of my people are so afflicted. Calling names don’t move me. When a man starts talking about another man’s “ass”, I let that go. One thing I noticed, not one of you are so bold as to show your faces. I wonder why???

        • Chap,
          You addressed your first comment to someone named ET, there is no one at this site named ET,

          • Steve, ET is the guy this thread is about. E.T. Williams, Angry Black Man, and his comments in his video.

            A Back man who refuses to buy in to the “I’m a victim and your a racist” line that blacks are always tossing out whenever they lose an argument, or when they want something free, and it upsets other blacks to see a fellow black not towing the racial line.

        • You don’t know what you are talking about. You are making stuff up as you go. Yes, I have heard of the school to prison pipeline, and its crap; an excuse blacks use to explain away the lack of personal responsibility.

          Re-read the second sentence of the second paragraph of my reply, and it will explain why so many young black men are in prison. It doesn’t matter if its for drugs or not. No one, and I repeat no one held anybody down and forced them to take that first hit of whatever addictive substance they are in prison for, and actually, those not addicted are usually the ones selling the drugs. As for selling black criminals, thats a flat out lie, and, as a so-called man of God (your own title) you should be ashamed of yourself for lying on a public forum. Plus, criminals, black or white, or brown, are in prison for a reason, usually for committing a CRIME. Prison is not for rehabilitation, prison is for punishment and to keep the criminal element away from the law abiding public. If you want to associate with criminals, then by all means volunteer your time at a prison. But help prisoners of all races, you wouldn’t want to be a racist, would you?

          Then re-read the third paragraph of my response for a way for your people to pull themselves up and take responsibility for their lives. I am through handing out money to a people who refuse to accept responsibility for their own stupid mistakes.

          Oh, Yeah, I don’t use my face on my avatar for privacy reasons, as you know, your people don’t take criticism, constructive or otherwise, very well, and tend to be vindictive and violent. I really don’t want to have to spend time and money in a court because I had to defend myself by killing an attacker. Does that answer your question?

  31. Chaplain Bernell Wesley says:

    Most of the change is being driven by a surging Latino population with a much higher birth rate than any other ethnic group. It is further bolstered by legal immigration.

    In fact, according to the Census Bureau, more than half of the growth in the U.S. population between 2000 and 2010 was because of growth in the Hispanic population. Between 2000 and 2010 the Hispanic population grew by 43 percent while the non-Hispanic population grew only 5 percent.

    Latinos have already passed African Americans as America’s largest minority. Latino Americans now number close to 50 million people compared to 38 million African Americans.



    I use 3 to 4 GB per mo. on this rare guy. Love that E.T..

  33. They’ll label him uncle Tom like so many others. Doesn’t matter he’s right doesn’t matter if they know he’s right, they’ll still do it. Go against this new movement (communism in America) and they will label you a racist, warmonger, anti semitic, domestic terrorist, uncle Tom whatever they can to discredit your argument and make people ignore you. Wake the F**k up America…

  34. Alice Raines says:

    Love Mr. E. T. Williams!!! It’s always refreshing to hear someone speaking about basic, common values and “not” the words they feel are “politically correct”. Hope to read his book soon and am sending him my very best wishes. May God bless him,

  35. OBAMA’S ILLEGAL ALIENS’ MAFIA MEMBERS PERSECUTING THEIR VICTIMS [USA-Citizens] and letting them know that they are watching them (after the said victims reported their trafficking of Citizens’ Identities and Government-Benefits).


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