Well, the cat’s out of the bag! Good thing it’s not a dog or Obama might eat that sumbitch. But yesterday, Hussein Hopenchange declared he is running for reelection as a full-blood, card-carrying communist. This is no surprise to anyone who is capable of rational thought (this does not include liberals). We’ve known for quite a while that Obama’s communist roots run deep but yesterday, he exposed it for all to see….for those who can see (this does not include liberals).

Here’s what The Lyin’ King said in Chicago to assembled Marxists:

“Too many folks still don’t have a sense that tomorrow will be better than today. And so, the question in this election is which way do we go?

Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared? Or do we go backward to the same policies that got us in the mess in the first place?”

Whoa there, Fidel! Shared prosperity? By whose measure? Who decides how much of my prosperity must be shared? Coming from a guy who said he wants to spread our wealth around it’s all coming into focus! What about the producers who don’t want to share our prosperity? Will producers who don’t want their prosperity “shared” be sent to gulags? Suddenly, the thought doesn’t seem too extreme!

Notice how Democrats always talk of Americans in groups? Women, homosexuals, the poor, etc? America was not founded and built on the collective, but individual rights and performance. The federal government monster has grown to such proportions that it now basically controls every aspect of our lives! What about the 10th Amendment? Do State rights not matter anymore? As a US Congressman from Texas told AWD last year, the Constitution doesn’t really matter to most in Washington these days. What a frightening thought! What a disastrous reality!

Obama’s real agenda has been well hidden by his handlers and the mainstream media. He shows his bitter hatred of America and our free-market system away when he gets off-script. From ridiculing patriotic Americans as “clinging to their religion and guns (damn right!) to “you didn’t build that,” it’s clear he doesn’t understand or care how wealth is created in this country nor the American principles that guide our actions! This is no surprise coming from a guy who has never created anything in his worthless life except lies, propaganda and misinformation. He doesn’t know what it is to earn one’s way. He was pushed to the front of the line, not because of performance, but because of the color of his skin. Obama doesn’t understand the pressure of trying to make payroll when one signs the front of a paycheck instead of the back. Yet, he believes the producers who achieve in America are greedy! Raised and schooled by communists, Marxist terrorists and corrupt labor unions, his real agenda is clear! Barack Obama is now openly communist!

Barack Obama is America’s first, and hopefully last, communist American president. The damage he and his fellow communist Democrats in Congress have done to America will require generations to pay off and correct. It’s open to debate if America can survive the debt and damage done to this country by these enemies domestic!

Obama and the Democrats despise the Constitution. He has shown this time and time again by unleashing unelected bureaucrats to create industry-destroying regulations when he has been unable to pass his socialist legislation through Congress. He signed Executive Orders to grant amnesty to illegals when he was unable to pass the Dream Act through our elected leaders. His disregard for America and the Constitution have been well-documented in his disastrous presidency. America might as well have elected Hugo Chavez, even Lenin! Barack Obama is the same…if not worse!

The presidential election in November will decide the fate of America. It’s that simple and scary. We have enemies in control of the White House and Senate. Never has that been clearer than it is today! They will do anything, EVERYTHING, to keep him in office. An Obama second term would see us lose the First and Second Amendments. Once they take away our right to own firearms, this nation is done for!

It’s all there for you to see. Can you see?

I am very scared.


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  1. At every turn Chairman O moves against the interest of The United States of America!

    Rep raises alarm after murders by illegals blocked from deportation by home countries

    Long after they were ordered out of the country, thousands of criminal aliens from places like China, Cuba, Vietnam and Pakistan remain free in the United States to commit new crimes because their home countries refuse to take them back.

    For years, this unique problem percolated under the political radar. But recent crimes by immigrant felons have lawmakers scrambling to punish nations that refuse to repatriate their own citizens. The Obama administration and many Democrats in Congress, however, are blocking punitive legislation, preferring to let the State Department handle the issue diplomatically.

    Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, is leading the charge in Congress to change the law, pushing to withhold visas to nations that refuse to take back their own.

    “I don’t know why the State Department seems to take the side of foreign countries over our own American interest in the United States,” Poe said, urging the U.S. to tell those countries: “Look, you take these people back or the consequence is going to be no visas for your nation.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politic.....z23TWKohHp

    • Edtudo…

      I love Poe…read about that first thing this morning, glad you have it here. Hope others pay attention. ~

  2. dagnytaggart says:

    Great synopsis AWD.. We are one Supreme Court appointment away from disaster.

    • Dagny, it appears Roberts has gone to the dark side. Right now, it looks like we have a 5-4 liberal controlled Supreme Court!


  3. The presidential election in November will decide the fate of America.AWD

    If there is one. Watch for an October surprise. These people have been working on this since the turn of the 20th century. Woodrow Wilson era. They are not walking away if they ‘lose’ the election. Don’t be afraid though Dude, we’ll just all meet up at your house and call it the Alamo II. Hehe

  4. We will win this war AWD…the enemy within will not prevail!

    November can’t get here soon enough for me. ~

  5. David in SC says:

    AWD, please read my lonnngggg post at the bottom of 100,000,000 welfare moochers. It’s relevant.

  6. America and capitalism actually died in 2008 under W. The day you saw Henry “Hank” Paulson announce the begining of the bailouts and the “too big to fails”- you were in post America.
    When The Republicans took a “dive” with McCain and Palin, I knew it was over. If they wanted to win this one, it would have been Rubio, not the polarizing Ryan. People aren’t in the mood for “tax cuts for the rich”. I agree in principle but…Not Ryan, not this time.
    I have already ordered my Mao cap with a little red star. I plan on blending in with the insane when the time comes. Americans are flat out too overfed, porno-oooed to death, and drugged to the gills to put up a fight. This ain’t 1776 and that guy you were looking over your shoulder to see if he had your back- well he ain’t there. The greatest generation is all gone, along with euro-based America (“white” if you like).
    There is a GIANT 2nd “baby boom” and it’s all the minority children up to 18 years of age- who are now THE MAJORITY (the Republicans looked the other way while that shit storm formed).
    The fact that Obama hasn’t been impeached reminds me of the early Hitler years. The Democrats are fully capable of handing this guy more power at the expense of The Constitution. Millions of future Democrats are flooding in from the third world as we bitch.
    They are watching every key stroke, listen to every call and reading your e-mails. This site itself is being “monitored”.
    This is wilder than any sci-fi I came dream up. Who woulda thought huh?
    John Boehner where were you?

    Mao Zedong:”If you’re not going, I’ll also not go,你们不走,我也不走”


    • AMEN! This is a TRUTH that no one on the right wants to hear! The GOP is just as responsible for the Marxist takeover of this country as the Dem’s who have been fighting to achieve it!

      When the Republicans took a dive with “McCain and Palin” I knew it was over”

      You are on the money my friend! Just another FACT the GOP establishment will deny

      “this site it being monitored”
      yes it is… but since I am a vet I’m already considered a terrorist by THIS administration so I’m sure they already have a cell reserved for me at their “re-education facilities” built by FEMA
      ( but I will go out on my shield if you know what I mean… )

    • Rubio? Rubio? Mr. Dream Act himself? Mr. Let’s Not Question Huma Abedin? Puh-leeze. Ryan’s got the fiscal chops and is the best choice out there. Enough of pandering to “groups.” Why not pander to Americans for a change.

  7. I say we bring back HUAC.

  8. http://www.theonion.com/articl.....-do,29160/

    “Well, that’s 77 electoral votes, and by my math that means you can kiss your golden boy goodbye after four short years. All that promise. All that energy. All that potential. Gone in one November night.

    I’m your worst [effing] nightmare.”

    • David in SC says:

      Anybody think Biden is sweating debating Ryan?

      • Hell YES!

      • angrywhitejarhead says:

        God that should be hilarious. Maybe Biden will stalk Ryan during the debate like Gore did to Bush. That might be his only chance. This will be like Stephen Hawking debating Barney Fife, minus the weird electronic voice. I think they should score it and when Ryan wins he could smack uncle Joe upside his grapefruit looking head with a kayak paddle.

      • VP debate does not count, moron.

    • Red,

      No way Paul Ryan wrote this… he would not say GD or us the word F@#king. Better check your sources.

      • Paul…I didn’t check the link, but it is from ‘The Onion’, that’s a great site for parody when it comes to headlines etc. Check it out if you don’t know.

        Then again…maybe I better check the link out later in case I’m mistaken.

        • Thanks BT & my apologies Red…

          Did not know anything about “The Onion”… just knew Ryan would not have wrote this.

          • You’re welcome…and it’s easy to not know unless you’re familiar with the Onion, which by the way…I have got a kick out of over the years in more ways than one. It’s real comedy central…truly.

          • David in SC says:

            Its the Onion Paul, I wouldn’t know if my wife had not showed me a while back.

            The article is a double edged sword, brilliant really, either side can get fired up by it.

  9. awd, you are right this is scary……very scary……as November approaches it seems to get more and more worrisome……and yes, I will admit I am becoming worried about what may happen on November 6th……..

    A few weeks ago I felt very confident the President Obongo would be thrown out of the oval office…..Obongo’s communist tendencies are obvious to any who watch what is going on in the country today….it was obvious most of us back in 2007 during the democratic primaries….and I mean “obvious”……

    In the past two or three weeks I have become worried Obongo might pull it off and take the election…..listening to the polls is what has disheartneed me…..I know the poll numbers are skewed in favor of the dims but the attack ads that the dims have been running have been working…….

    Obongo was pulling ahead of Romney by more than ten points in the battle ground states…and it was those absolutely dumb lying-ass attack ads that was doing the trick for Obongo…..Anyone with half a brain could see right through those lying-ass attack ads…but it was those ads were turning the electorate against Romney and for Obongo…..it’s absolutely unbelievable……

    Is the American electorate that dumb and stupid to really believe Romney hasn’t paid any taxes, that he is a felon, that he killed some woman with cancer…..you have got to be kidding me….what the fu@k is going on that anyone would believe this bullsh!t…..but apparently the jag-off electorate was believing it hook, line, and sinker……..

    Obongo has destroyed the American economy….him and that god damn faggot Barney Frank……with all that this commie president has done, like suing states over illegal immigration, over picture I.D. for voting, this bastard shouldn’t stand a chance a China-man’s chance in hell of wining the election…….

    “close” this shouldn’t be close…how the hell are the polls and this election so damn close….what the fu@k is going on……and I mean “what the hell is happening that every poll is tied or Obongo is ahead by 5 points…..

    If Obongo should win this election this country and the economy will not recover from the destruction that Obongo will do it……he will appoint at least 2 more supreme court judges that will turn this country so far to the left we will never get the country back and they will be the type of judges that are totally unqualified to sit on the supreme court…..like the unqualified judges he has already appointed…..

    worried….yes I am worried…..we must not lose this election……

    • Bluto,

      Not worried at all… already purchased your wine so it could age a little.

    • Questionman says:

      Just like the real Bluto. A brain-dead hick racist!

      “Obama IS a Marxist. That is simply a fact of understanding what words mean.”

      Man, you must really hate having black people in the WHite House to come up with bullcrap like that. Obviously anyone who calls Obama a Marxist is a racist retard that only listens to people Misinterption of the word “Marxist” The racist right throws it around like how black people use the N-Word!

      Obama is no more a Marxist Mr. D’Souza than any elite. Marxism, which Mr. Obama was noted as being one in his Bolshevik orbit years ago, until Mark Levin finally got brave enough to define him as that, is simply the best form of slavery to plunder the world and control the mob.
      If there could be a better form of control at a cheaper method which would not stampede the mob into revolution the cartel would embrace it, and that is what Obama would be.

      Yeah. So, here’s the thing. You’ve proven your stupidity by taking the “You didn’t build that” quote out of context, which means you’re simply a kool-aid drinking clown who doesn’t have the intelligence to recognize when his own interests are being threatened.

      1. Obama is not a Marxist. Marxists believe that workers should have DIRECT ownership of businesses such as factories.

      2. No, Obama is not a Communist. He is supported by huge corporations, the opposite of communism.

      3. A Muslim? No, he doesn’t follow the pillars of Islam. He’s never made the Hajj, said the Shada, he eats during Ramadan, he eats pork, he does not pray five times a day, he does not pray in Muslim fashion, he confesses to be a Christian (which in Islam, makes you not a Muslim), nor does he go to a Mosque. Showing respect to a non-white, non-christian culture DOESN’T make you a memeber.

      How does activating my rights as an American Make me a traitor?No, having a difficult political view from you makes this a democracy, you disgusting Piece of crap!

      That depends. Does ‘Marxist’ mean, ‘a black guy that conservatives don’t like because he is black and has more power than them’? Because if it does, then he must be.

      Obama does not hate America, he wants to change it.

      Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

      The point I’m trying to make is that you hypcortical racists are in NO position to be calling Barack Obama a liar of any kind, when for the last three years he has faced constant, unrelenting, mean-spirited, dishonest criticism since before he took office and every day since. His patriotism has been questioned by every member of the right wing echo chamber especially FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh, every single day he has served. He has been called a socialist, communist, Nazi, Marxist, traitor, foreign, un-American, liar, magic negro, halfrican and worse. He has suffered innumerable lies about his ideology, religion, family and even his place of birth. No other president in the history of this country has faced such unfounded open hostility and disrespect. No other president has ever been called a liar by a member of congress during a State of the Union, no other president has had to show his birth certificate…repeatedly.

  10. Death to Libtards says:

    Cat out of bag back in July:


  11. I’m not as worried as everyone else here…American people are hurting, they’re mad as hell. Ryan has brought out the fire in Mitt. We’re gonna cream the O-Team…no matter what cheating tactics the leftist bastids try to use…that too will fail!

    Have faith!

    Doesn’t anyone remember the midterm elections? Doesn’t anyone remember the fire about this time of year Dear Leader was causing for his side of the aisle when he was running for prez? – Hells bells…the opposite is happening now via the Romney/Ryan Team…we will win, there will be too many of us to make it any other way.

    • angrywhitejarhead says:

      I’m with you big…I believe in the American people, even though they had a white guilt brain fart four years ago. Not even close this time.

  12. The Tea Party events I’ve attended showed me one thing: these guys couldn’t put down an ice cream cone, much less a takeover from within!

    Prepping for Civil War: DHS Set to Purchase Up to Another 750 Million Rounds of Ammo

    The Department of Homeland Security has already purchased over 750 million rounds of ammunition as they lead up to what many believe will be a large scale confrontation with the American people.

    Now, a new purchase order has been uncovered on the infamous FBO.gov website that includes up to another 750 million rounds of various types of ammunition.

    The cover for the order is that the ammo is for “training” purchases yet this total purchase would mean that homeland security has ordered over a billion rounds of ammunition, bullet proof checkpoints with stop and go lights, riot shields, painted everyday Americans as terrorists, and worked in conjunction with the US Army to prepare for some sort of civil war.


    DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law


  13. GOLDWATER64 says:

    It’s sad to the party of Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy, which pushed the Communist North Koreans out of South Korea and blockaded Cuba in 1962 to keep Communist missles from reaching American cities now being run by Communists !!!


    Joe McCarthey warned us of these commie reptiles like this we must not let his warning go unheeded

  15. Well barry is a chicago gangster first and foremost and then he likes to split the swag (or not) with his campaign donors. A fed grant wiith barrys name on it is legalized stealing. Another big priority is to ruin country and consolidate power into hands of his puppet masters

  16. 750 Million Bullets Ordered by DHS to Keep You Safe!


  17. Bloodless Coup says:

    Has Janet Incompetano’s DHS Gone Bat-Sh!t Crazy?

    You May Wonder Why I Ask.

    Here is why…

    InfoWars.Com Reports

    DHS To Purchase Another 750 Million Rounds Of Ammo

    What the hell for?




  19. Death to Libtards says:

    This is too priceless! Three ghetto dwellers and a big screen TV got shot up in Greenville, NC (not surprising). In the comments section there is more sympathy expressed for the condition of the TV.


    Too funny!

  20. jackchrista says:

    I read somewhere 1/3 of the Chez Republic believes in communism..Therefore, at least some would like to outlaw the communist party in the Chez Republic… like the NAZI Party is illegal in Germany… JC

    • jackchrista says:

      While my comment is awaiting moderation, I was only in the CZECH REPUBLIC during the Millenium, or it may be spelled ¿ HERE/THERE ? ─ CESKA REPUBLICA {SEPT 12 -13, 2000}.

  21. You think things will get better with Obama out of the Oval Office? Au contraire moosebreath, ain’t happening. For proof of this look at how the GOP strives to be a “big tent” party, hell even the recent VP pick has a background of working with Jack Kemp who was all over THAT idea! We The People need to get off and stay off our butts and work to rectify the damage done to this nation. It ain’t gonna be easy either, cupcake. Think of the reaction to Chik-fil-A’s owner answering a simple question during an interview, remember how the backers of Prop. 8 in California were treated. Now take a guess at how trying to roll back the progressive tide in just the area of gay “rights” will go. Then extend that same response to other areas such as the illegal aliens, abortion, welfare, etc. Theres gonna be blood in the streets soon and some of it will be ours. God’s will be done and may He have mercy on us all.

  22. Lucky Gene says:

    I just returned from watching the 11:30am showing of the film “2016: Obama’s America.” The theater was completely filled. If you love our once great Country, you MUST see it and bring a friend. It is Very moving an emotional. By the end, I could hear a woman behind me was whimpering. Then the eruption of loud applause. As the applause died down, an elderly gentleman stood up and began singing GOD BLESS AMMERICA… the entire audience joined in, there were many misty eyes as we filed out. YOU MUST SEE THIS IMPORTANT MOVIE.
    God Help America


  23. Snake Oiler says:

    The Gallup Organization had some bad news for Barack Obama on Friday. It’s not that Obama fell behind Mitt Romney by two points in Gallup’s daily tracking poll, although that couldn’t have helped the the O-Team’s spirits heading into the weekend. Between now and the election, polls are likely to be less stable than Joe Biden’s thought process.

    The really bad news for the Chicago mob is that Gallup’s unemployment survey shows the Obama economy is getting even worse. Gallup reported an uptick in joblessness in their latest survey of 30,000 households.


  24. louise hodges says:

    I think we should contribute and lease some billboards –

  25. louise hodges says:

    I think we should all meet and figure out a plan

  26. thomas (@antarcticman1) says:

    odumbshit-odumbass-obongo-oboner is be far the worst president ever and even admists he’s a communist, racist, muslim, atheist, for what he’s done to america in these last 2 1/2 years is almost reversable damage to america and the world.

    the illegals love him due they get a free ride our tax dollars to turn ameirca to the biggest 3rd world country on earth and he and his liberals who are the biggest asses of all time love what their doing, fuck all you liberals and yes the gop isn’t perfect either but they do more for america than you f***ing hypocrites!