AWD has watched the recent campaign occurrences from Mitt Romney and, I must admit, they have been underwhelming. Not unexpected but all the same underwhelming. It’s starting to shape up that Romney is another McCain/W. Bush RINO under the spell of RINO losers such as that fat, worthless bastid, Karl Rove.

I watched as the speakers names have been released for the RNC Convention in Tampa. Mike Hucksterbee (RINO), John McCain (worthless RINO POS), Condaleeza Rice (voted for Obama and cried when he was elected) are the speakers who have been announced so far. Notice something? Not a SINGLE conservative! Not Palin, who has helped elect several conservatives? There’s not anyone who has any appeal to the millions of Tea Party patriots who are not really that wild about Romney. John McCain speaking is an insult to those patriots!

Then we hear the latest rumor of Romney’s veep choice. General David Petraeus, the Obama bootlicker who is a general but ended up crying crocodile tears like a wuss over the burning of the Koran by a Florida preacher. Petraeus said at the time that the Florida preacher’s burning of the Koran would make the military’s job of protecting the Afghan people more difficult. In response, AWD wrote:

Carrying out their mission of protecting Afghan civilians? I thought it was the military’s job to kill the Taliban! Silly me, I forgot. We’re not supposed to actually win wars anymore. As for the Taliban drumming up anger towards the US, shouldn’t the Afghan people have seen enough of the Taliban by now to realize what they are? Beheadings, rapes of children, hangings, mutilations, blowing up schools, etc. should have taught the Afghan people that the Taliban is not the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. If 50 people burning a Koran in Florida will push the Afghan people into the arms of the Taliban, we’re wasting our time, lives and money over there.

There have also been rumors of Rice, Pawlenty and other RINOs as the Veep choice. Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnn! It’s becoming apparent that Romney is McCain Lite. Hell, he might be another McCain! Even Marco Rubio is showing signs of RINOsity these days. Is there no one who holds and can defend conservative values?

Couple Romney as President (if he wins) with RINO weaklings Mitch McConnell as Senate Leader and John “Boo Hoo” Boehner as Speaker and what do we get? RINO cubed. A whole bunch of nothing that will accomplish a whole bunch of nothing when America is in crisis. McConnell and Boehner have proven time and time again that they are incapable of pissing and hitting the ground. They are go-along, get-along, clown pawns of the Democrat Party. And, as such, they have allowed the Dims to walk all over and around them for years.

Does anyone really believe RINO cubed will repeal ObamaCare? Me neither. The wussypants Republicans didn’t put up much of an effort in stopping it when they could have before the final vote. AWD has spoken with several congressmen who all told me Boehner and his wussyboy leadership team didn’t even hold meetings or calls to discuss strategies to halt the passing of ObamaCare. Nada. But you better believe Boehner didn’t miss a tee time or a tan time. I will state for the record right now that I have ZERO confidence the Republicans, if they win the White House and Senate, will repeal ObamaCare. Take that to the bank!

America is clearly divided between producers and moochers. Dims have broken laws, ignored laws, and halted laws to produce the maximum amount of illegal votes in 2012 as possible. What have Republicans in Washington done to combat this? Nada. At a time where drastic measures are required to save the country, the RINO cubed will do more of the same as wussypants Republicans have always done….appease the Democrats. How does AWD know this? Experience. When have the Republicans ever failed to disappoint?

Our country is over $16 trillion in debt. The Paul Ryan plan, which has been rejected, would balance the budget in 20 years. Say what? We will be broke in as few as five according to conservative members of Congress! If elected, will Republicans drastically cut the size of the federal government? No. Will they roll back the ridiculous welfare programs that encourage mooching and fraud? Not a chance. Will they open up drilling for energy on the government taken lands in the west? Yeah, right. But they will get us into an unwinnable war in Syria that will put us further in debt and kill more American soldiers for nothing. Count on it.

I’m sorry if AWD seems discouraged but I can’t see things going any other way. Romney will be the RINO we have feared. The wussypants Republicans will continue to talk tough and roll over while they get their asses handed to them by Dims. The debt will continue to skyrocket. The dollar will continue to weaken. The taxpayer will continue to get screwed. And one day it will all come crashing down.

I’ve been at a crossroads since the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare. I’m starting to feel like the whole situation is hopeless. Nobody seems to want to do what’s necessary to reduce spending to where this nation can succeed. We see our freedoms being stripped from us as government agencies and their comrades in office trample the Constitution. I’m starting to feel like John Galt, waiting for the collapse of the corrupt government. Yet, part of me wants to fight, even though fighting seems futile.

The Tea Party came along 30 years too late. It should have begun after Reagan left office. Everything since has been a downward spiral that has been amplified to a free fall under Hopenchange. I often think, because of the divided nature of America, that it is inevitable the country will splinter into socialist blue states and Constitutional red states in two separate countries. For that, I’m blessed to be in Texas.

All I know is America needs a Jefferson, Washington or even a Reagan. And all we have to choose from is Obama and Romney. Now how can I be excited about that?

What do you think?

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  1. I am not excited about this any more than you are, but all we can do right now is vote for Romney and hope for the best. I guess I’m more optimistic about things than you are (but less so than some of my friends and allies on our side), but I am no RINO defender either. Romney better select a good conservative VP candidate…no two ways about it.

  2. I’m excited about this election…we have to make this a landslide, or we are done. – Think the DOJ and Lawsuits lined up. I like Romney a helluva lot more than McRINO hands down. ~ Time will tell…but Dear Leader has to go!

    • I agree totally…What I meant to say above is that I’m not excited so much about how the nomination process on our side went, but I AM excited nonetheless to finally start to turn things around for the better. 🙂

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      Maybe AWD was just having a bad day when he posted. I agree that Romney is not all I would like him to be, and the speakers listed so far at the GOP convention are pukes like John McCain, but our main goal right now is to defeat Obummer.

      Everyone needs to take a look at the new breed of politician starting to creep into the Rep side of the aisle… guys like Allen West who tells it exactly like it is. Also don’t forget some of the great state governors who have emerged.

      At the very worst… we just have another revolution and welfare recipients will have to learn how to wipe their asses once again.

      • Paul and Big, don’t misunderstand. AWD will vote for Romney. Gladly. I just have stopped believing the Republicans will do anything close to what is necessary to save our collapse.


        • Paul Bonnichsen says:

          I whole heartedly agree with you AWD… but hopefully we can start chipping away at the pitiful decisions made by pathetic politicians and bring the nation back from the brink of disaster.

    • With his latest announcement by his press secretary that Romney still believes Queers should be scoutmasters?? He didn’t say shit when Obama illegaly,decreed a dream act amnesty, other than to say he wanted to pass his own dream act..When millions of Americans supported the traditional values of Chick-fil-A,,this cowardly bastard said it wasn’t a part of his campaign…No surprise,,he was Pro gay rights and abortion and pro gun control when he was gov of Mass.. Let’s work hard for our conservative local reps but f*** this wimp asshole

  3. Two sides of the same coin. Heads we lose, tails we lose slower.

    • Yeah…that’s the way to look at it. – We all lose no matter what. Why bother to fight and vote then?

      • I get it big. The only hope I see is we can get a majority in the Congress and Senate and we are able to pressure the executive branch to finally act in behalf with the majority of Americans.

        • Same here…and we may be surprised by how Romney leads…I do say ‘may’…but via my viewfinder in life hope springs eternal. ~

  4. He’s a strawman candidate, just like McCain, Kerry, Dukakis and Walter Mondale. He’s not ‘supposed’ to win, he’s just supposed to put up enough of a struggle that it isn’t obvious to everyone and their mentally challenged brother that the whole thing is fixed.

    What they’re trying to hide is that Obama is so close to being Nostradamus’ third Anti-christ that you could run the Scarecrow from the merry old land of Oz against him and the Scarecrow would win. God knows I’ll vote for the lesser of two evils -Romney- and be home before the, um, ‘diversity’ starts wrecking the place and looting to ‘protest’ the ‘racism’ of the dethroning of Tsar Obama the Terrible.

  5. If the names being floated around as potential VP picks are actually coming from the Romney camp, it truly shows how clueless he is. It’s not so much that Romney is a RINO (although he is), as that he actually BELIEVES that people like Rubio, Rice or Petreaus would win him votes. The fact is that solid Democratic blocks such as blacks, Hispanics and single mothers WILL NOT be swayed one iota by a token pick for VP.

    Rice would get Romney ZERO black votes (and would probably actually alienate conservatives who are sick of the “invade the world” mindset Rice embodies).

    Rubio would get Romney very few Hispanic votes. He might help Romney win Florida, but the longer term effect of a Rubio pick (who is more of a RINO than Romney is) would be the further leftward drift of the Republican party and the setting up for 2016 or 2020 of a liberal Hispanic identity politician as the REPUBLICAN frontrunner!!

    Petreaus will make people go to sleep and will be a total non-entity and non-factor in the race. At “best”, he too — like Rice — reminds people of the failed Bush foreign policy.

    The Sailer Strategy (appealing to White voters and running an “implicitly White” campaign) actually has a chance (perhaps the last chance?) of winning. That would entail picking someone like Rand Paul or Paul Ryan (to say nothing of someone like Pat Buchanan) as the VP candidate. But Romney is too clueless to do so.

    The irony of all of this is that running an EXPLICITLY Tea Partyish plus unapologeticly “traditional” (read: White) campaign a la Pat Buchanan probably has a better chance of winning that the type of “split the difference” campain that Romney will run. But the Republicans are too cloistered, cowardly and clueless to try it.


    My skepticism comes and goes. It’s pretty obvious that we are fighting for our lives and to keep freedom in this country. I think about the close numbers of moochers vs.the producers and it gets depressing but there are plenty of red blooded Americans that are at a boiling point right now and are certainly sick to death of the lies and cronyism in Washington. Couple that with the Hollywood butt heads that made their big money and spewing their hatred for the country that made them wealthy.Remember reading about all the Hollywood stars during WWII that were patriots and hero’s? Now they consist of nothing but communist.
    We have a long fight ahead of us and it will take much more than one election to bring this nation back to it’s foundation. I probably won’t be around but I’d like to believe it will happen one day.
    I must say I think you’re right about repealing obuttmacare though.

  7. 79Firebirdman says:

    I’m not thrilled or very enthusiastic about Romney myself. I’ve said that multiple times on this blog. But he is all we’ve got. My conscience will not allow me to vote for king nothing. No way, no how, will I ever have the slightest urge to vote for hussein zero. I’ll vote for barry on the 10th of never. And a third party vote is a vote for obama by splitting the conservative vote. There is one key difference between Romney and Obama. Romney, though far from an ideal candidate, does not hate our country and traditions and does not actively seek our destruction and downfall. Obama hates America and will stop at nothing to tear her down and rebuild her however Georgie boy Soros and his other puppet masters see fit.


    Anyone who supports amnesty for illegals(Dream Act)are TRAITORS and shouldnt be allowed to live in the U.S. of A anymore and the same gose to those who want the UN SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY passsed for Obama pig to apply his hoofprint

  9. Steve Sybert says:

    get out there and vote!! Voter apathy will guaran-damn-tee an Obama victory. Yeah, I know Romney ain’t the conservative we were all looking for. I ain’t real crazy about the guy either. Vote republican, and TEA Party whenever possible. This election is gonna be a salvage election. But if everyone says “What’s the point”? and stays home on Election Day, well, it’s 4 more years of Obama. And we all know we can’t survive that. Not survive it and still be America. And if romney don’tr work out, there is always secession. With Texas leading the way, of course. That don’t sound like too bad an idea, come to think of it.

  10. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    Since many are not happy with Romney… The alternative would be Obama; such a classy kind of guy.

  11. I’m going to continue to stockpile more ammo and extra canned food. What does that tell you about how I feel about this election?

    I say grab both House and Senate, then if Romney gets in the WH, maybe they’ll keep him straight. If Obama gets back in, then they can deal with him accordingly…hopefully impeachment. Doubt it’ll all happen like that, but I can dream.

  12. Obongo is so dangerous and has proven himself to be an unmitigated disaster that the idea or thought that Obongo could be re-elected for a second term isn’t even fathomable……..Obongo has been an unmitigated disaster…….Obongo has been a god damn nightmare….a freak’n horror show that just won’t quit.rn against him in November……

    Romney is no Ronald Reagan but he is a breath of fresh air compared to the piece-of-shit that is occupying the white house at the present time……

    The most frightening thing that could happen is that Romney lose this election……I don’t believe that will happen…….I think there are to many disillusioned Obongo voters who will turn against him in November……..and the pent-up rage that is in many of us at what this piece-of-shit has done to our country will cause us to turn out in droves to get rid of this son-of-a-bitch………….finally, I think the “”Bradly Effect”” is in play…..A lot of people are not openly coming out against Obongo for fear of being labled a “racist” but have no intentions on voting for the commie bastard……..

    There are too many that think Obongo will send us into economic ruination……Obongo must lose or we are done for…..there will be no escape if Obongo wins in November…….

  13. I’d vote for a ham sandwich before I’d vote for Obama.

    Hopefully, Romney gets elected and at least TRIES to do the will of the majority of American citizens.

  14. Trailslayer says:

    Obama is driving us toward the proverbial cliff at 100 MPH.
    Put Romney in the drivers seat, and he will take us there at 80MPH.
    Neither one of these ass clowns will do what it takes to stop the bus and put it in reverse.
    Its up to us. Always has been. Always will be.

  15. David in SC says:

    Eyes Wide Open AWD. We are always served the same stale bread at election time but we know this now, perhaps it is not too late.

    Our goal should be to hold the line on Nov 6 and begin the long march back. I too will vote for the establishment candidate, and saying that makes me want to vomit.

    But, If we can win the election in an unprecedented landslide, we will be the ones with the power. Then, WE will work on Romney while simultaneously sending new patriots from Tea Parties all across the nation to Washington.

    • I agree with you DaveinSC,

      There’s this dude in Texas, drives a brand new supa-sexy F-150 pick up truck, once said.

      “It ain’t about who is elected president, it’s about changing who the 535 congressmen are”

      He’s a little lost on the highway right now, zoned out listening to Journey’s greatest hits album.

      Don’t stop believing, Man,

      This is where the rubber meets the road.

  16. Tatersalad says:

    The President still blames GWB for the very high unemployment that has gone on longer than after WW2.



  17. misterbill says:


    you have expressed my concerns to a T. I, like you, will vote for Romney. I have some positive thoughts about Romney and the economy and jobs.

    My doubts are that Romney is another Mexico raised, Bush style, Mexico lover. Will the created jobs be for Americans or for invaders? Will Romney behave like Bush and conceal his love for Mexico while building his economic plan?

    His choice of cabinet members, DOJ and military will tell a lot about him as soon as they are announced.Your take on Petraeus is spot on. His behavior on the Koran issue leaves a lot to be desired for a warrior leader.

    Ryan’s plan may take 20 years but anyone else’s never fixes any problems.

    It is time to stop looking at the well being of our allies, the same allies who got us into WW1 and WW2 because they were behaving just like the DNC wants to and the GOP has been so fbomb hyped about bipartisanship that they ignore the donkey that is shitting in our corn flakes every morning. Europe sucks. They sucked in the past and they suck today. A bunch of fatuous, elite shitheads that are systematically doing to Europe what the wars with the Moors failed to do in the 7th and the 17th century. There will be no defeat at the Gates of Vienna. The moving hand has written that Europe and then the USA.

    All of Europe will kneel five times a day and sniff the asses of the men in front of them while their women are abused by the invaders. Sweet Jesus, what is missing in the elites in Europe and the USA?? Why the hell don’t they don hair shirts to punish themselves instead of making decisions for political correctness that screws their countrymen?

    I am at the stage and have been for some time, which I think my posts show, that I think the game is over. The posts have been st in concrete and there is not one God-damned politician running , now, for President that wants to restore America.

    Having been an amateur student of history my entire life, I never thought I would live to see the collapse of the greatest republic ever created. I had thought that contrary to the Greek, Roman and Persian empires, our country based on the concepts of the Constitution and the Declaration would not sell out to a small number of Christianity haters and poofters.

    America needs leaders with jackboots for a few years. Kick the invaders out, monitor alleged religions’ ideology that is contrary to our laws. re=instate the draft, give a test of the Constitution that immigrants do for citizenship and every sbird that flunks goes to night school until they pass.

    Lastly –get the hell out of Egypt, Syria and the like. Today’s ahole leaders in DC no longer take action to help preserve liberty. Rather, they support the removal of leaders, no matter how bad, who are more democratic in nature. Result, the Muslim Brotherhood establishes a foothold and then becomes the ruling group. They make life impossible for the Christians that manage to survive. The Mideast is not America and it never will be unless every person dies and a new population moves in.

    I am pissed, I have been for some time. I slowed in my postings on sites I visit because I see little hope. I have tried to be positive, but there is little reason

  18. misterbill says:

    PS NAFTA, CAFTA and all the other bullshit pacts, treaties to help global economies should DEFINITELY come behind the well being of Americans.

    Shit man, I liked being the ugly American and being able to afforf=d to live a good life. I spend so damned much time trying to find goods amde in America. The fbomb economists will argue that the USA still has the lions’ share of manufacturing. maybe so, but that is built on the amount of manufacturing done today and a lot of that is done by machines and not American workers. We are losing every day. 700,00 worker jobs lost to NAFTA. Then the Mexies got screwed when the jobs that went there moved to Asia.

    Those of you who were with me on another site may remember Unsane and I going at it. Unsane is an economists dream, He buys the “comparative advantage “bullshit which is a 17th century concept and did not give a shit about Americans and their jobs.

    I am just unloading today because I do not see a bright rosy future for long after these old bones are burned. I particularly give a shit these past two weeks because my 5 year old grand daughter has been visiting and I see her future in the toilet because of, not just the Fbomb fool in the White House, but all the butt kissing slavering RINOs in office.

    Maybe after we self destruct, America will revert to the way it was when I grew up. It was a tougher world, but in many ways, a much better world.

  19. I feel the same way AWD. It’s a scary world we live in. I’ve never been a doom and gloom kind of person. I can’t stand conspiracy theories or the idiots who believe them. But the ever increasing political pressure to take away money from earners and give it to the welfare class scares me. The prospect of storing money overseas (ie Swiss bank accts.) out of the reach of cash-hungry politicians has been nullified by new banking laws. In addition, it seems like half the country is more worried about global warming and gay rights then they are about actual problems like trillions in debt and Iranian nukes.

    I love America, but sometimes I think this country has seen its day in the sun.

  20. Here’s what worries me, aside from all you said in your post.

    My son was talking to his friend the other day about politics (they are both voting age).
    His friend said that he couldn’t think of one thing that obummer has done that was bad or wrong.

    When my son told me this, I was at a loss for words – for about 10 seconds. Then it clicked

    It has been so long that I have completely avoided the msm, that I forgot that there are still people that get all their opinions from it. I’m completely surrounded by, even enveloped in, conservatism. I’m in a bubble!

    This made me realize what a huge risk this is. By isolating ones self from the lunacy, you forget how many useful idiots there really are. This election will not be a slam dunk. Between these idiots and the cheating, it will still be a miracle to vote obummer out.

    Regarding your post, I have been feeling exactly what you put into words today, since Mitt took the lead – we are doomed! Please God, make it all ok again.

    • I have been saying the same thing for awhile now but people want to tell me that I am being negative…. reality tends to be negative at times and the FACT that there is ALOT of stupid people in America is a painful one.. and I wouldnt call these idiots useful either

  21. Desert Rat says:

    AWD is correct to be discouraged. I will vote for Romney, he has no spine, but he does have values much more aligned with conservatives. My prediction *(hope it’s wrong), Obama wins fairly handidly, but we pick up many seats in both the house and senate to control it. Obama will spend the first 6 to 12 months of his second term abusing the Executive order so much to the point, that even members of his party start to squirm. This is when the country hits rock bottom, we are not there yet. He will then spend the last two years of his second term, after his own party starts to tire of him, working on his Presidential library. He will accomplish absolutley nothing the last term, like this term. Obama is a figure head, pure and simple, he is not a governor of people, never has been, never will be. He did not write Obama Care, not sure he knows how to write and submit a bill. The media has too much at stake not to prop this loser up, look at how long it took for the truth to come out on the Kennedy clan. What is really happening, and it started before Obama, is a shift in this country from a center right country, to a center left country. It has happened, I just hope that someone comes along that can get us back, after Obama.



  23. I hate to say it but Romney is proving over and over that he is a “weenie”and a RINO.

    He doesn’t even have the guts to publicly stand up and defend the rights of the “Chick Fil A” people.

    This is disgusting and it sure looks like he has no balls.

    Our only hope, imo, is to win BIG in both houses and have enough true conservatives there to rein in this out of control govt.

    I just don’t see Romney as strong enough or even motivated enough to peel the runaway govt down to bare bones.

    Honestly, I think we are headed for a replay of “Concord Lexington”.

  24. Just got a call from the Romney campaign hustling bucks. I told them I’d vote for Romney cause I really don’t a choice. Don’t know if anyone else saw this but THIS is why I believe Romney is just obama light:

    Romney backs gay scouts…

    Yeah, its a dry heave alert. I detest obama! With great reluctance I will vote for mittens.

    • No, it’s time to say no to this Me-too party! What the hell is the difference between Obama and Romney??? I’ll concentrate my efforts to help elect Ted Cruz…but I;ve HAD it with this lousy party nominating spineless RINO assholes like Romney!!!

  25. Mike Turcotte says:

    ‘Yet, part of me wants to fight, even though fighting seems futile.’AWD

    Sometimes it is Dude. Fighting that is. But to not fight is worse, in my opinion. If I am to die at the hands of my enemy, I will die on my feet, and not on my knees. I’ve thought about this many times over the years, and I pray for strength to live up to those words. Brave words true, but I could not do it alone.

    “Today is a Good Day to Die.”
    Crazy Horse.

  26. I realize that it’s not popular here, among the Israel can do no wrong crowd, but Romney’s groveling in Israel before Netanyahu was was offensive. Aside from that..this coward won’t challenge Obama on his immigration amnesty,,queer rights.. the Republican Party really does represent the super rich. Let’s be honest.. They will throw bones to we social conservatives who oppose gay marriage, illegal immigration, but they won’t do crap to stop the homosexualizion of our armed forces. The only time they really get aroused is to make sure rich people dont’ pay any more taxes!!!! I’ve had it with them!

    • Mike Turcotte says:

      Who are you voting for JimBob? I hope it’s not Obama. We don’t get to pick who runs. We’re saddled with Romney. My vote will not be so much a vote for Romney as it will be a vote against Obama.

      Establishment Republicans suck, that much is clear. The times we are living in are not that good, but if Zero gets another four years, we’ll wish we could go back to this time, and we’ll remember it with nostalgia.

      If Chicago Jesus is re-elected, we’re done for. Never mind about the Jews for now.

      • I’ll vote for Real conservative Republican candidates like Ted Cruz and others. I won’t vote for Obama, I’ll just leave that part of the ballot blank. Look at this way, If Romney wins, it’ll be just like Bush…the GOP congress will go along with his Marco Rubio amnesty plan and any other RINO liberal policy he wants. Much as I hate Obama, the GOP congress would still oppose him, not that it’d do much with crybaby Boehner. Look, these two parties are just two sides of the same globalist coin. Like Paul Craig Roberts said…it makes no difference who wins

  27. When Obama in defiance of the law, announced his DREAM Act, what was Romney’s response? That Romney would propose his own DREAM Act. When millions of conservative traditional family Christians voted with their pocketbooks to support Chik-Fil-A against an attack by the homo left wing, Romney says “it’s not part of my campaign”. Hell, what IS a part of this coward’s campaign????
    Apparently affirming his earlier position of supporting queers as Scoutmasters..Well I’m sorry, Obama or no Obama, there reaches a point where I just can’t stomach this lesser of two evils anymore.

    • I gotta say JimBob that I totally agree with you… RINO’s like Romney are part of the problem. I hate Romneys guts almost as much as that marxist POS Obama. He is just another corporate tool like Bush and Obama. Their rhetoric and skin tone is different but that is where the REAL differences stop.

      We are FUBAR’d! Most of us will hold our noses and vote for Romney just to “slow down” the inevitable destruction while we wait and pray for a REAL American patriot to show up and save us.. but I know, the lessor of two evils is STILL evil