This is a repost of an article AWD wrote in February, with a slightly altered title. Since that time, we’ve done nothing but waste more money and precious lives of our soldiers on those fifth-world savages. Two more US soldiers were murdered last week by the Afghan military they were training bringing the number to seven in the past two months! IT IS TIME WE GET THE @#&* OUT OF AFGHANISTAN! LET THE TALIBAN HAVE THE GODFORSAKEN HELL-HOLE!

The Hopenchange administration recently announced there would be no more fighting after 2013 in Afghanistan. Why fight now? Who cares? Why waste another precious American life in a war we are not prepared to win? Of course, this is nothing new. America has not fought to win a war since WWII. So we’ll just spend billions more paying off Islamic thugs for the weak agreement they will not kill everyone within bullet range after we wimp away with our tails tucked between our legs and declare victory. Once again, we see the wussypanted politicians of today neither have the character, determination or balls to win wars. So why fight them? Of course, our wimpy American population cries crocodile tears when Marines pee on dead murderers in the Taliban but are silent when they mutilate our captured boys.

I will admit that AWD has no concern for Afghanistan or any other Islamic country. I believe the hundreds of billions of dollars we have spent and the thousands of precious US military lives lost there have been a total waste! There was nothing to be gained by our war with Afghanistan. Nor with the billions we have wasted on Pohk-ee-stan. Nor with the worthless war with Iraq. The people in these countries were savages before we arrived, are savages now, and will be savages after we leave. After our soldiers are pulled out, Afghanistan will become a total chaos…just like the growing cluster@#*& in Iraq.

Last October, AWD submitted the “Kill Them Dead” military policy. I believe it is the only way to deal with Muslim savages. These people are completely different than the Russians…or even the Chinese. How does one deal with people who strap bombs on their children? Or kill school girls because they want an education? Or call for the annihilation of those who do not convert to their cult of death? Answer: you don’t!

Here is the AWD Kill Them Dead military policy again:

1. Immediately remove our troops and assets from Muslim controlled lands. Cut off all forms of foreign aid to any country that is Muslim controlled. Do not sell weapons or armaments to any Muslim country. Completely disassociate ourselves with those parts of the world but leave the following promise written in blood: If any attack on the United States or its assets initiates from your country, we will kill you dead. Without hesitation or mercy.

2. Remove instantly all non-US citizens who are Muslim or come from Muslim controlled countries. Students, tourists, illegals….every single Muslim that is not a US citizen must be deported immediately. Of course, AWD’s plan on security the border must be implemented immediately. Muslims who are US citizens must be monitored as their loyalty, based on experience, to America is suspect. Our safety and security cannot be based on trust for those who have not been trustworthy in America and in other western democracies. Before you libtards start screaming racism, just research Major Hassan of Ft. Hood or the Times Square bomber. Oh, and also that little thing that happened on 9/11. The safety of my family and fellow countrymen comes way above the feelings of Muslims.

It is a simple, yet effective, plan. After the next Islamic attack on America or our citizens, we vaporize the country of origin. Without warning, discussion or mercy. The only thing Muslims understand is force. We have overwhelming force but refuse to use it. That is why we’re forced to pull out of Afghanistan like whipped dogs! Our military can defeat any army or terrorists anywhere in the world in short order. But our soldiers must have the freedom to unleash the awesome power we spend hundreds of billions on each year.

Let the Taliban have Afghanistan. Let Iran take over Iraq. Who cares? They’ll most likely end up killing each other. That is fine with me. I don’t care. But if they harm a hair on an American head, then we vaporize the entire country. My belief is after we nuke one Islamic country, we will never have to deal with another Islamic terrorist attack again. If, by chance, we do? Rinse and repeat. I don’t care about winning hearts and minds. I believe the inhabitants of Iraq and Afghanistan have neither. And I’m quite tired of pretending they do!

AWD has said this before: I value the lives of each of my children more than the entire Muslim worldwide existence. This is not political correctness nor diplomacy. This is survival. We know who these people are. We know what they are. I am willing to give them no more benefit of the doubt. The risk is too great. Especially with the PC wimps running America for the past 20 years! And let those wimps beg forgiveness to the families of the thousands of priceless American soldiers who wasted their lives and futures for a big, fat nothing!

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  1. David in SC says:

    All I needed to see was the title. Get ’em out NOW!

  2. Cluster bomb with pig parts before the vaporization!

  3. We have enough pigs in Texas to supply all that is needed.


    Where are the antiwar activists to protest against this war? Maybe becuase they liberal left-wing news media wont cover their protests

  5. I say out of all these hellholes and my friends all seem to agree. When Ron Paul said the same at a debate he was booed by the brainwashed audience. His toll-free message number is 1-888-322-1414. He turns 77 today August 20. Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. Ron pointed out that we have been in Korea since he was in high school. Being in these places is not a conservative position. Remember, liberals invented no-win wars. Only about five percent of Congress members have ever served in the military. Ron Paul has been there : U.S. Air Force. Four wars in the 20th Century and all four started under liberal Demos. Why should we support them ?

  6. I agree with what you said AWD. I would go one step further and classify Muslims as a cult due to their violent nature.Why not? After all that’s what they did to the Branch Dividians before Janet Reno had them massacred.I don’t remember them strapping bombs on their children or flying planes into buildings.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    I say no more sending our military over to some foreign nations to satisfi the UN and the Whitehouse War Mongers

  8. Death to Libtards says:

    Amen. Just offer the women safe passage out of the hellhole. Let the weird beards sit around the caves with no women and shake their fists at the Predators which are about to blow them to hell.

  9. We’re in Afghanistan because THAT’S WHERE THE POPPIES ARE! As in morphine and heroin. Heroin is a very good cash crop. That’s why land-locked Afghanistan has been invaded three times in the last hundred years by (1) the British Empire; (2) the Soviet Union; and now (3) the United States. Sorry to burst your balloons, kiddies.

    If you want to control your own people, you also have to control their drug supply.

  10. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Olds, agreed. I was watching that crazy movie today, Crank, with my s.o. and it reminded me why drugs are kept illegal here in the U.S. Too many banks making too much money, too many heavy hitters doing too well in S.A. and Mexico, and on and on. It’s about people control which is how you get money control and vice versa. My apologies if I sound loopy myself. Four hours’ sleep and two espressos to keep going. Ugh.

    • @Cinnamon Girl

      Opium. From poppies. The prime ingredient in Morphine and Heroin.
      Ridiculously cheap in Afghanistan. Ridiculously expensive in NYC.
      U.S. troops assigned to the Kandahar region of Afghanistan were instructed by CIA agents attached to their platoon to keep their flamethrowers far away from the poppy fields. Very far away.

      • Flamethrowers, Flamethrowers, really? Flashtraffic for Olds; DOD DISCONTINUED USE OF FLAMETHROWERS in 1978. Sorry Olds spent 24yrs in uniform, handled all sorts of weapons to include Tac Nukes never saw a flamethrower though.

        • Maybe not flamethrowers. But with U.S. staellite images, those huge poppy fields could be destroyed by napalm bombs in milliseconds- if the Pusherman really wanted to destroy them, which he most certainly does not.

          It’s a wicked world, Watson.

  11. AWD; 100% agree. When the World Trades went down we simply should have turned Mecca into a radioactive glass bowl. Screw an eye for an eye- that policy implies that the eye of a savage is equal in value to the eye of a surgeon. Policy should be 1000/1. Kill One American and we kill 1000 of You; bomb a building and we will flatten a city. No boots on the ground; Bin Laden WANTED US THERE and we obliged, wasting treasure and precious blood just as he wanted us to do, sucking us into a conflict that the political leadership had no ability or intention to actually Win.

    I am Particularly in favor of seeing a 50 or 60 megaton cloud hanging over Mecca -send every one of them across the world a message in a language they understand “Don’t Tread On Us”

    Of course, the lace-panty types in Washington will never grow a set; particularly not with the Muslim in Chief occupying the White House. He’s too busy using the CIA to empower his muslim brotherhood buddies; so they can turn around and literally crucify their (and Obama’s) enemies.
    Seriously; people are BEING NAILED TO TREES AND CRUCIFIED in Egypt now -and Obama invites their ringleaders to a nice White House dinner.

    Yet where was the outrage? Where was the media reporting on all this? No, instead we get propaganda telling us how we now need to help spread the infection into Syria.

    Remember that ‘Green Fleet’ that is supposedly spending $435 per gallon of bio-diesel?
    Well, they aren’t.
    That is a common accounting trick in our ‘government’.
    The fuel is being bought for probably $6.50 a gallon, while the difference ($428.50 per ‘gallon’) is being siphoned off into black-hat covert ops -like Obama’s wet dream of turning the middle east into a fanatic muslim kingdom.
    Remember those $500 hammers and $1000 toilet seats scandals during the Regan administration? B.S. -that money really went straight into covert ops like Iran-Contra, rigging Brazil’s elections etc. The ‘toilet seats’ were a smoke screen pure and simple, just like the ‘Green Fleet’ fuel is.
    We are not a ‘free people’ if our government has the audacity to lie to us about their actions; our enemies know far, far more about what ‘our’ government is doing than We (their supposed masters) do.

    Since this post is probably pushing close to a death sentence for me anyway, Hey Evergreen Air; still fronting for the CIA? How about You, Southern Air Transport? Still running guns to south and central America, and returning with cargo holds packed with drugs? Or have you changed names (but kept the same facilities, crews and management) yet again?
    To the ‘Deleware Corporations’ and ‘Department 7’ (you know who you are) -Molon Labe.

    • Remember how Donald Rumsfeld’s office was about to be audited for misappropriation of funds? Remember what happened to this Pentagon office on 09/11/01? Black ops stay black ops.

  12. @True Blue

    Whew.. you are so close to the truth I know you got thier attention.

  13. Freespeechzone says:

    Just WHAT is our mission in Afghanistan? US ego?

    We need to bring ALL our troops home tomorrow; the Soviet Union learned an expensive & bloody lesson before they got smart & left.

    Furthermore, we need to close many of the 700 odd military bases throughout the world….we are spread too thin!

    Our brave, volunteer military are to be commended for their discipline and heroic efforts–but, the time is NOW to bring them home.

    Nothing less than bringing them home is acceptable.

  14. Rinse and repeat,rinse and repeat. Wax on, Wax off!

    Yeah, lets pull out now! Lets make sure and leave another VOID/VACUUM to be filled BY YET ANOTHER BAD ACTOR.

    And please spare me the NEOCON comments, I’ve buried too many of my Brothers to tuck tail and run.

    • D.A.

      No sense sending in more ground troops to be used as cannon fodder when we can nuke them from 4 miles up. No muss, no fuss.

      • In theory I agree Olds, This is a pretty sensitive subject,for me. And I appologize if seeming short. If the powers that be would just let the troops take off the gloves and do the job that thier trained to do. We could have finished this along time ago.

        “Lets take off, and nuke the place from orbit. Its the only way to know for sure.”

        Instead its; “Well, we’re in some PRETTY SH!T NOW!

        • Opium, my boy, opium!

          “Clandestine Heroin Laboratory in Afghanistan

          In 2010 groups in Afghanistan produced 90 percent of the world’s illicit opium, using clandestine labs well hidden in the country’s topography.”

          You wouldn’t believe the number of hits you’ll get Googling “Afghanistan and opium”.

          That my friend, is the dirty little secret why American ground troops are in Afghanistan.

    • Dirty Al the Infidel

      I respect your service to your country. I happened to bump into a young lad I know today who has done one tour of Afghanistan, and says he is looking forward to going back. (I am an Englishter BTW if we haven’t spoken before).

      I can see no benefit or purpose in our countries’ mutual presence in that country. None. If individuals or organisations from that locale wish to attack us, we possess the means and the men to, if AWD will permit me, f;ckin kill them any time they like.

      The real idiocy lies in allowing them to enter the US and the UK.

      All said with respect for your service etc. But I would happily withdraw all US and UK and allied troops from this dump immediately.

  15. Louisiana Steve says:

    The U.S. should NEVER go to war unless it intends to win it. That means a total commitment to victory through complete devastation of the enemy (collateral and otherwise), seizure of all enemy resources, and complete removal of their will to fight followed by a complete and unconditional surrender. Their entire country will then become property of the USA for restitution. Then, and only then, will we pursue humanitarian policies regarding the fallen country. NOT BEFORE!

    • RedStaterNYC says:

      A-effing-men, LA Steve

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      LA Steve, I concur. This door-to-door fighting and this training of their “good” guys to be police so they can take our guns and shoot us is nothing but suicide. IF we are supposedly conducting a War on Terrorists then that’s exactly what we should be doing: killing some terrorists. But that’s not what’s happening. America has wasted too much time, money, and military lives trying hard to be liked. Either we do it the way you described or we don’t do it at all!

  16. AW,
    Here’s Obama’s October Surprise: a mini-war with Iran. He’s going to flood the gulf with warships one week from now. If the Iranians don’t start shooting, he will. Just enough of a war to tip the election.