Whether you like Hank Williams Jr. or not…he says what he thinks and means what he says. He did so once again at the Iowa State Fair friday night mincing no words when it comes to his opinion of Dear Leader and this administration…and the crowd roared! Of course what he said isn’t politically correct according to the mainstream media, as well as cowardly congress-critters that hide in their own shadows…if you know what I mean.

Here’s one report…this is via TB:


Nearly a year after country music singer Hank Williams Jr. courted controversy by comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler, he’s unleashed more fiery criticism, this time calling the president an anti-American Muslim.

Williams’ comment came near the end of a concert Friday night at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand, the Des Moines Register reported.

“We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!” Williams said, according to the newspaper.

The comments reportedly went over well with the crowd, which responded with “loud and enthusiastic” cheers.

Williams appeared on “Fox & Friends” in October 2011 and said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Obama playing golf together was “like Hitler playing golf with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

His remarks resulted in ESPN yanking his longtime song from “Monday Night Football.” Williams subsequently released a song titled “Keep the Change” that hit back at the “United Socialist States of America.”

He called out the president again in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in July, saying, “You know, we’ve got a president that does a call to the Koran or Mecca or whatever.”

Now for a topper just for the heck of it…this is Hank Williams Jr.’s response to many a few months back.

Days after being dropped from ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” Hank Williams Jr. fired back at that network, “Fox and Friends” and what he called the “United Socialist States of America” in his signature style — a song bellowing biting lyrics in between guitar licks.

“This country sure as hell has gone down the drain,” Williams sings in a tune posted Monday on his official website. “We know what we need. We know who to blame.”

So friends…do you think he went over the top, or do you agree with much of what he said?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Death to Libtards says:

    Hank Jr., Charlie Daniels, and Toby Keith for president, Senate majority leader, and Speaker of the House!

    • Death to Liberals, I believe Toby Keith is a Dim.


      • Death to Libtards says:

        Thanks for the update. I just know he does a lot of pro-America songs and does a lot for the troops. And I’ve heard a lot of liberals utter his name as a curse. “Red Solo Cup” truly sucked though! I’ll take Lee Greenwood as a substitute.

      • Death to Libtards says:

        I stand corrected!


        Some of us DINO’s have to keep registered to vote in the primaries.

        • Speaking of Texas and congress-critters, I heard Cruz this morning on with Dick Gregory who hosts Meet the Press saying that the O-Ticket wins hand down win it comes to ‘personality’ contest in the polls vs Romney/Ryan…that really irked me because I totally disagree with that. Don’t get me wrong, I like much of what else he had to say…just wanted to throw that in because I think he’s dead wrong on this one.

          • Cinnamon Girl says:

            O&B win the personality contest? Is he kidding?

            Even Dems make fun of Biden mercilessly or at least distance themselves from him, going so far as to evoke Dan Quayle, who held the VP office a lifetime ago and whose only egregious error was misspelling potato.

            I think perhaps he meant Cult of Personality, which the O certainly has. His way of speaking, at least from 2004-2008, was flashy, clear, and full of “hope”. This will win people over, much as Jimmy Carter did with his toothy grin and “aw, shucks” demeanor.

            But things have gone so far now that people are waking up from the hypnotic stupor Dear Leader lulled them into. And, Ryan has personality to the hilt. He was a good choice for Romney, who seems a bit fatherly in both good and bad ways.

            The thing I’ve noticed is that R&R have made themselves very, very highly visible and O&B are fading into the background, on purpose, because of their records. Even the WH Press Corps is hopping mad at O&B!

            We are looking at true contenders, something we’ve desperately needed for a long time. The mud will sling between now and the election, but Romney/Ryan will use it like a spa facial!

          • CG…

            You summed it up in a nutshell with your last paragraph…nail on head!

            …We’ve only just begun!


    Obama wants america to fail just like all socialists want to do he and his ilk wont be happy until america is redused to a miserble 3rd world exitence

  3. Here’s a perfect example/outcome that proves Hank Williams Jr.’s point when it comes to Dear Leader.


  4. I love everything ‘Ol Hank says in his song,..I just wish he’d said more!
    He sure nailed it about “FOX and Friends” too,…well deserved for that bunch of weenies!

  5. angrywhitejarhead says:

    Lets see, who did Monday Night Football replace him with? Oh, right…C. Lo Green. No way they were going to put another white dude out there. The NFL stands for Narrowly Focused Libtards. No free speech and no opinions not inline with todays PC America.

  6. Death to Libtards says:

    They fired Rush Limbaugh for telling the truth, and Dennis Miller for being too intelligent. Figures.


    As usial the dictorial goverment under Obama wants to crush any disent about his evil marxists plans for america Stalin,Mao,Castro its all the same they round up the desenters and send them to Concentration camps and gulags

  8. Not really sure Ol’ Hank went far enough… would have liked to heard pathetic piece of shit thrown in also.

  9. He hates us and we hate him haha. That is right barry you corrupt fraud, i am going to do and say whatever the f i want. The marxist pc police can go shove it too! GOD BLESS OUR FOUNDERS

  10. Hitler was evil but at least the sob spent 3 years in the trenches risking his life and getting shot at…barry the usurper flashes his big teeth and lets the chicago gang do his dirty work. The communists can go pound sand and i dont have to shut up. Read the 1st amendment

  11. Will Hank be arrested and held without charge indefiately for being a “belligerent”?
    Obama now has that power with the passing of the NDAA on New Years Eve.

  12. GERALD CELENTE – Obama’s work is done. America the Police State. NDAA Act, No Judge, No Jury


  13. What are we going to do when Obama shuts down this website?

  14. Lol…seems Newsweek slipped up with this week’s cover.

    Seems the cover is in line with Hank’s way of thinking when it comes to getting rid of Dear Leader come Nov.


    Then there’s this!


  15. “The preacher man says it’s the end of time
    And the Mississippi River she’s a goin’ dry”

    A Country Boy Can Survive


  16. This is in the ‘Give Me a Break!’ category.


    Unbelievable…what a waste of time and money. ~