Just for a change of pace this is short and to the point…if you haven’t heard about this character I was wondering what you think of this guy’s past and what he may have been up to during his life. After you read and watch some of this tell me what you think about this character…seems pretty deep to me, but then again I could be reaching into the passing clouds.

This is via Tampa Bay Times:

NEW PORT RICHEY — A stranger in a Coast Guard uniform introduced himself to New Port Richey police Chief James Steffens. It was a Memorial Day event at a cemetery. The man said he was Lt. Cmdr. Roy Antigua, and he sat next to the chief in a special section for officials.

“Everybody around there thought that he was the real deal,” Steffens said.

But it turns out Antigua is a man of many identities and disguises, none of which appear to be real, authorities said.

“We need to know, from start to finish,” Steffens said at a news conference Monday, “who is Roy Antigua?”

So far, authorities have found out he is from Cuba and has family in Miami. He is single. And he owns a worrisome hoard of law enforcement, military and medical uniforms, badges, identification cards and supplies, discovered when Antigua’s home was searched after he was arrested on an unrelated charge.

Antigua, 52, had a NASA uniform. U.S. Customs. The Navy. The CIA. Secret Service. Homeland Security. Dozens of military medals. A flight helmet and flight instructor badge. A Boy Scout troop leader uniform.

Officers found a suitcase full of medical scrubs and a black leather doctor’s bag with instruments. Antigua had badges saying he was a physician’s assistant. There was a photo of Antigua in scrubs holding a newborn. Steffens said his team is investigating to find out where that was taken and what role Antigua played.

Investigators also found ammunition for semiautomatic guns and assault rifles, but no weapons. Antigua’s shiny black Cadillac Escalade with dark tinted windows had a Department of Homeland Security registration sticker and a Coast Guard license plate. He had blue flashing lights and handcuffs.

Authorities are trying to figure out if Antigua was using this vast stockpile to impersonate characters, such as at the Memorial Day event, and how far his imaginations reached.

“Is he really a threat or is he someone who is living a very involved fantasy life?” Steffens said, standing behind seven tables full of seized items.

The only thing that was true on the table, Steffens said, was an identification card saying Antigua was a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Miami, a volunteer unit, but Antigua was kicked out in 2011 after being arrested on a grand theft charge.

Last week, Antigua was pulled over on a traffic stop and charged with driving without a valid license and violating his probation in the grand theft case. At the station, Officer Ed Campbell, a Marine veteran, noticed Antigua’s military ID looked fake.

That began the investigation.

Steffens said Antigua confessed to owning the collection.

“He is remorseful,” Steffens said. “He said this was something that got out of hand.”

Antigua is being held without bail at the Pasco jail. He declined an interview request Monday.

“He’s just a nice man,” said Darlene Willis, the property manager at River’s Edge apartments in New Port Richey, where Antigua lived for several months. She said he told her he was in the Coast Guard. “He’s a gentleman,” she said, “truly a gentleman.”

Another resident said the opposite, that Antigua was angry and violent, boasting that he was a federal agent, flashing his badge to intimidate others.

“He said, ‘The police won’t touch me,’ ” said Patricia Curtin.

Curtin had a business card of Antigua’s saying he was a medical social worker for Medi Home Health. A woman who answered the New Port Richey office phone said Antigua stopped working there a few months ago and declined to say more.

Antigua is a licensed respiratory care practitioner, according to the Department of Health. It is unclear where he was employed.

Detectives are working with federal law enforcement agencies, the military, hospitals and other groups trying to find out if Antigua had dealings with them. Steffens said detectives found one person who flew as a passenger in a plane with Antigua, but it is unknown if Antigua actually had a pilot’s license.

Steffens asks anyone who might have dealt with Antigua to call his agency at (727) 841-4550.

“You don’t have this collection just to keep it in your house and look in the mirror,” Steffens said.

You can read more here as well, plus click top link to see more pictures of what he had inside his home displayed.

Does the word ‘spooky’ come to mind? … Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want Know!

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  1. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    Just another guy with multiple halloween costumes… actually, this guy is definitely ankle deep in shit.

    • …and I have to wonder what deep-sh!t this bastid was really in with our wonderful govt…can’t help it. – Seems too weird for me to be simply nothing. Then again…once again, he may be erased from memory and not matter at all in the long run of things. Just strange all the way ’round. He may be just another loon from nowheresville…but I bet there is more to what he’s done in the past that hasn’t even been touched upon yet.

    • Did he jump into the pile of dung head first? Being ankle deep can be real bad, if that’s the case. Wannabe Hollywood actor with a uniformed role fetish? A Leonardo Dicaprio fan? How many more of these questionable people are out there assuming a professionals role, for real?

      I feal as safe as a turky bird the day before Thanksgiving Day dinner.

  2. he is the typical obumbo voter registered in many localities and has ID’s to match

  3. Death to Libtards says:

    Reminds me of a movie “Catch Me If You Can”. That guy faked his way onto the flight deck of an airliner. Sometimes, I think people do stuff just to see if they can get away with it. Any money they make or steal in the process is just gravy.

  4. David in SC says:

    A hundred years ago, people like this were identified early, treated and/or institutionalized, today, they get a prescription and are released back into society.

    Are we better off?


    Another crazy nutcase looking to get attention from the lapdog news media and interviews from the usial liberal news shows and talk shows

  6. This jerk has brought discredit to the uniform I wore for 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. I hate this damn moron.

  7. Cinnamon Girl says:

    This is eerie and I have concerns on many fronts.

    First, he could be some sort of operative gone awry, meaning he was less than careful and has surfaced on the radar of the local police and now, media and general public.

    Second, he could be a “nut” with plans to kill off a bunch of people–or not. Maybe he’s just very much into his role playing fantasies.

    Or, eeriest, he could be a patsy-in-waiting. The Aurora and Sikh Temple killings seem too coincidental.

    All of it’s just odd.

    • CG…

      What’s also worrying is they have pictures of him in doctor’s garb holding an infant in a hospital somewhere. Plus….the boy scout leader uniform is also troubling to me as well. – I wonder how long before we hear from others who have encountered this man etc.

    • Mike Turcotte says:

      ‘First, he could be some sort of operative gone awry…’ CG

      Sort of a real life ‘Jason Bourne’?

      • Never thought of it that way…ya never know. ~ I do hope we find out eventually. To me, it’s intriguing.

  8. SandManInAz says:

    Sad soul trying to feel important.

  9. Side issue:


    We need to bombard thefive@foxnews.com with emails trying to get this no neck jerk off the air. Fox is already going bad enough but this guy is truly a cancer on the network. They constantly allow Beckel to get away with this stuff and they need to be blasted by us with an avalanche of emails protesting.

    I see that Shamu greene is on Fox somewhat less and I suspect the bombardment of emails protesting her remark at Tucker Carlson a couple of months ago had something to do with it.

  10. SandManInAz says:

    Who would you replace Beckel with, John? A meelee mouth like Juan Williams? Atleast you always know where Head n Shoulders a.k.a Bob Beckel stands, moderates are more annoying than liberals to me.

    Just my two cents. And I pray you won’t suggest HOWDY Doody a.k.a Alan Colmes. Lol!

    • Hi Sand

      Leslie Marshall. She is on O’Reilly once a week or so. She also appears on The Five once in awhile. There is no question she is a hard core liberal and definitely stands up for her principles but she is FAR, FAR more intellegent, reasonable and thoughtful than no-neck without stooping to the disgusting things that Beckel represents and says.

    • I see I accidentally duped part of my reply. Sorry!

      Hi Sand

      Leslie Marshall. She is on O’Reilly once a week or so. She also appears on The Five once in awhile. There is no question she is a hard core liberal and definitely stands up for her principles but she is FAR, FAR more rational, intelligent, reasonable and thoughtful than no-neck without stooping to the disgusting things that Beckel represents and says.

      Juan Williams??? no way! He is an in-the-tank robot. When he is on my audio mute button is on. Alan Colmes??? Delusional and irrational.

  11. SandManInAz says:

    I’m not familiar with her to tell you the truth. I kind of shut myself out from politics and news as much as I could for the past month because my daughter came home for vacation.

  12. Looks as though he has enough ID’s to run for president.

  13. I don’t really know who Roy Antiqua is, or what his true goals are, But Hell let’s make him President of the United States and give him a Nobel Peace Prize.

  14. Waspish and Norm…

    Pow! – Right in the Kisser! …great slam to Dear Leader and dummies that voted for him.

  15. Speaking of the Imposter-in-Chief…have you all heard about this?


    …and this is no shock whatsoever ~


    I can’t wait until we send the POS packing come Jan.