Dudes and Dudettes…seems to me what happened yesterday on 9/11 in Cairo, Egypt and Libya was preplanned and intentionally timed using any ol’ excuse to do what they did when these bastids stormed our Embassies as well as murdering four Americans in Benghazi. This gal had to step away from the keyboard early last night because of my fury…especially when that apology came out from this administration. I don’t know how much more we can take of these constant apologies…we owe no apologies to anyone, it’s the other way around. These Islamic terrorist, these killers of many from the Coptic Christians in Egypt to the murders yesterday in Benghazi. Oh yes…the Muslim Brotherhood & ilk are winning, and this administration made sure to help ensure that. Where we once had allies…we now have enemies, just friggin’ lovely…eh?

Here’s one report from late last night…this is via TDC:

Former deputy national security adviser Elliot Abrams and renowned Middle East scholar Barry Rubin lambasted the U.S. Embassy in Cairo’s response to Tuesday’s attack on it by Egyptian protesters.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was attacked by an Egyptian mob to protest an obscure and almost entirely unheard of American film being made that supposedly depicts the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a negative light. According to Reuters, some of the Egyptian vigilantes scaled the embassy walls, pulled down the American flag and burned it, and attempted to raise a black jihadi flag with the inscription, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

In response to the brazen attack, the American embassy in Cairo released a statement to criticize the film — not the protesters committing violence.

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions,” the embassy in Cairo said in a statement.

“Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

Abrams, who advised President George W. Bush and is a senior fellow for Middle East Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, told The Daily Caller that he found the embassy’s statement “bizarre and unacceptable.”

“[I]nstead of a protest the embassy has responded with a statement that says nothing about this failure by the government of Egypt to protect our people and property,” he wrote in an email. “Instead it criticized those who say mean things about Islam, when in fact in Egypt today it is non-Muslims, and Christians in particular, who feel threatened. So I find the embassy statement untimely on 9/11, bizarre and unacceptable.”

Rubin, who directs the The Global Research in International Affairs in Israel, found the embassy’s statement baffling.

“The response to an attack on the U.S. embassy by several revolutionary Islamist groups — one of which is the Egyptian affiliate of al-Qaida — is to apologize for hurting Muslim feelings!” he exclaimed in an email. “Yet the problem is not the production of some obscure film that no American knows anything about but the political program of the jihadists, Salafists, and Muslim Brotherhood to destroy U.S interests in the region.”

“And the administration doesn’t seem to notice that the new regime’s media and institutions are promoting anti-American incitement despite all the nice things Obama is doing for it,” Rubin added. “And all this on the anniversary of September 11!”

Abrams questioned why the Egyptian government didn’t do a better job protecting the embassy.

“On the anniversary of 9/11, thousands of Egyptians chose to protest at the U.S. Embassy, in essence making common cause not with the victims of 9/11 but with its perpetrators,” he said. “First, the United States embassy ought to be protesting the lack of police protection. The demonstration was planned, and known in advance. Why did police not protect the embassy? Why did they permit protesters to scale the walls?”

Late Tuesday evening, the Obama administration disavowed the embassy’s statement.

“The statement by Embassy Cairo was not cleared by Washington and does not reflect the views of the United States government,” a senior White House official told Politico.

No embassy staff were reported to have been hurt in the attack in Cairo.

Gunmen also attacked the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya Tuesday. U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other embassy staff were killed in the attack.

Since this apology came out the prez came out and disavowewd it…of course he did so after this was highly criticized by many on the right side of life, including Mitt Romney. Also, this morning Shrillary, Romney and Dear Leader all had statements they made. Mitt took question…but that’s another story altogether that yours truly will be posting about later.

Throw in your two-cents friends….Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. An attack on our embassy and our ambassador, resulting in injuries and deaths, should be considered and treated as an act of war.

    Our Muslim in Chief, Our Dear Leader Obama, is a pussy and will continue to apologize, grovel and kiss the hindquarters of terrorists everywhere, while throwing money at them to assuage their hurt feelings.

    It would not surprise me if the killing of bin Laden was nothing more than attempt gone wrong to invite him to visit the White House, have a beer and talk about the stupid decisions that evil, intolerant Americans make.

  2. An American Embassy is 100% American Ground no matter what country it is located in. THAT was an attack on American soil by “O”s friends who he put into power. How many more American citizens will die by “O”s hands before you friggin Commie Rat Bastards of the Demo party wake up. Its not just politics, Demos= Communists, i.e. they are enemies of the USA. They have done more to tear down the USA than any party in history. It is a disgusting group of degenerates who should not have permission to even touch our flag, THEY HATE IT, and they show it every day by their actions and deeds. This is a Carter redux. Another monster that slither out of the Georgia swamp.

  3. remove all embassy personnel . then make air strike with the strongest conventional warhead.kill all of them quickly.

    • Big Blue 22 en-route & call the boys at Whiteman!

    • 79firebirdman says:

      I say go with tactical nukes and kill a few thousand of them for every one of ours they killed to give them something to think about. In other words, respond in kind to an act of war with no sympathy, mercy, or concern for collateral damage.

  4. Just Another Random Thought says:

    I’ve been making my opinions heard all morning. I have dealt with this cheap long enough and so has every other American! If this is how those parasites want to be, eff em. Cut them off. If the powers that be are to wimpy to stand their ground, they need to leave office or at least use diplomatic powers to crush them. One big giant finger to those retarded pissants! Mess with the bull get the horn!
    Aww, someone’s feelings were hurt. Tough luck! Grow a pair and deal with it, or face me man to man.
    To those that say all muslims aren’t that way, where are the protest to these violent titty-fits…non existent. To hell with tolerance.

  5. I forget. Did our embassy in Tokyo issue an apology on Dec. 8th, 1941, for offending Japanese feelings?

  6. Ben Stein’s suggested speech for Mitt:
    “My fellow Americans, today is the eleven year anniversary of the horrible mass murders of innocent men, women, and children in the United States by sick, twisted terrorists hiding behind the cloak of Islam. By a terrible stroke, today also marked vicious attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya. These attacks, by raging, cowardly mobs, were supposedly instigated by an amateur e-mail about the being whom Muslims consider sacred and a Holy prophet, Mohammed. This e-mail was made in the United States under the protection of our Constitution, which protects freedom or speech and expression. The mobs who attacked our missions objected to the e-mail cartoon or whatever it was. They have the complete right to object. But they do not have the right under any international law to attack our diplomatic stations for any at all.
    “My opponent, Mr. Barack Obama, chose to meet this international outrage by apologizing to the mobs in the form of a letter from Mrs. Clinton’s State Department condemning the making of the offending e-mail.
    “Let me be clear about this: Mr. Obama is wrong. We have complete freedom of speech in this country. We do not apologize to mobs of thugs and bullies for our residents having free speech. When I take office, the era of apologizing to foreign thugs and bandits for the United States of America and our freedoms is over. We are not ashamed of being a free country. We are proud of it.
    “We expect the governments of Egypt and Libya and all other nations to do their duty under law to protect our embassies. If they can’t, we will take appropriate action. We are not going to be pushed around and we are not going to be bullied by gangsters and we are not going to apologize for the Constitution.

  7. Some Muslims are claiming that the attacks are due to an American anti-Islamic film that’s been produced. It apparently reveals a less than flattering image of their pedophile prophet. Muslims argue that their religion does not tolerate any criticism of their murderous and deranged prophet. Imagine that? The fanatical followers of Muhammad want to dictate how Americans employ free speech in their own country!?

    In response, groups of Americans should publically gather with large posters displaying ridiculing and comical pictures of Muhammad. They should be the most shocking, yet truthful of pictures. Leaflets should be scattered throughout every city mocking Muhammad and providing facts showing how intolerant Islam truly is.

    If Christians did the sort of thing Muslims do, we would have massive groups and rallys throughout our nation in protest. Yet, somehow when it comes to the Muslim religion, we ramain silent and refuse to publically express our disgust!? When Americans say nothing or very little, it sends a message to the Islamic world: Americans are weak, and Muslims can get away with their world-wide religious bullying.

    Folks, we’ve got to wake up. We’ve got to warn others of Islam, and we MUST fight back somehow. I suggest, in part, that we do everything within our power to ridicule and display our contempt for Islam and its evil prophet, Muhammad. God help us!

    • I agree with you. Plus…does anyone really believe that these mudering bastids really watched that film? – I don’t. It’s any ol’ excuse will do…simple as that.

    • Death to Libtards says:

      Careful. Some incidents from the real life of mohammad (piss be upon him) qualify as child pornography.

  8. Plus, we had this brouhaha going on yesterday as well.

    This administration and backtracks more than any administration I have ever seen, including Clintoon’s.

    Only the msm defends his lies…24/7!

  9. The Prophet was not a pedophile. He was commanded by God to marry all those cute little Arab girls. There’s a big difference.

  10. Here’s what Krauthammer had to say…and I agree with this one.

    • Big Dave in Texas says:

      BT, I agree 100%. They can all go to hell!!! So what, are we apologizing for being Americans? I don’t think so. Someone posted earlier about an Act of War. I agree again. It is time to let the rest of the world know what we as America stand for. Make the place a glass parking lot. November can’t get here fast enough. I am a proud American and screw anyone who want to kill our citizens. They can ALL GO TO HELL including this administration. We have to vote this disgrace of a president out of office and put some pride back into this country.

      • Hear! Hear!

        As an add-on…what more do people need than this?

        Speaks volumes…does it not?

        • Big Dave in Texas says:

          Like I said BT, a big glass parking lot. It will glow so bright it can be seen on the moon.

          They can all go to hell.

          • I’m with ya…I had my fill and had to get out off the computer last night. I’m in Mountain time so I got some of the latest news after others here were gone…I cannot tell you how infuriated I was. What I wanted to say would have been banned, as it should have been if ya know what I mean.

            I’m still one mad as hell gal…and I’m not joking.

  11. Just Another Random Thought says:

    I have one such picture of muhamed I created on my laptop. It lacks skill, but depicts the dirty looking creep, holding a koran. Beside it is a man bending over with his pants down, showering him with a major chicaca storm. Oh, and the cool dude is wearing shades and giving a thumbs up. Haha. If I knew how to make it more widespread, I would.

  12. Cinnamon Girl says:

    When I saw the story this morning about the murders in Libya I wandered over here to see if AWD had a blog on it, and yes, here it is.

    Bigtimer, I am out of my mind with fury right now. I KNEW that when Gaddifi was killed and then Egypt was taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, that this would happen. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Personally, I am with 7.62X51. It’s time to remove our people from the area and put a nice, precise, hole in the ground. Negotiation does not work. Tolerance does not work. Heck, war in the world as a whole these days, as I see it, seems only necessary because of Islamic extremists!

    If it were not for his previous actions, I would feel sorry for Dear Leader right now for having to deal with this. And he MUST deal with this. If he doesn’t he should be impeached and peaceably removed from office.

    Additionally, I am incensed at the press, especially Reuters. Their stories, continually updated, read as sympathetic toward the murderers. They emphasize that it was a small, isolated group that worked alone and that somehow the attack was deserved because of the anti-Muslim video. If you don’t believe me, read this:

    The photos of Ambassador Stevens, OUR countryman, sicken me but more importantly, infuriate me and they should have that impact on every American and every decent person everywhere. This is an act of war!!!

    • CG..

      I’m with you. I was infuriated yesterday evening with this administration and the constant apologies, then what they did to snub Bibi yesterday as well…I could not take anymore. I had to get away from the computer before I exploded and went to bed early.

      I am still furious…this administration can backtrack all they want…we know what happened past and present, they fool only themselves and those that want to be fooled!

      Too close to election to impeach the bastid…we’ll have to impeach him at the voting booth come Nov. 6th!

  13. Just Another Random Thought says:

    CG, hear hear.

  14. Friends…please, please, please check this out.

  15. This is 1979 all-friggen-over again, only this time people were killed. And, to add insult to injury, the effing state department issues an apology to these 7th-century throwbacks and then attacks his opponent for having the audacity to say something about it!!!!!
    You see, they view their own people as the real threat and yet they act just like the battered wife – “It’s all my fault.” translation: the real problem here is OUR OWN COUNTRY AND PEOPLE. If only we’d just go away, all would be right in the world. These people have a mental disorder.

    • They are not mentally disordered. They are in fact, quite ORDERED.

      ORDERED to destroy American Civilization. They are aligned with a fellow traveler movement which is doing the same to Europe. As part of their Culture of Critique, they will embrace any hateful, aggrieved, predatory, parasitic, or perverse ideology, as long as it is arraigned against the Constitution, traditional values, and people who made America great.

      They are in fact our blood enemies. It is them or us. The real problem here is within our own country. The muslim world is not the existential threat. The traitors within the gates are.

  16. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Reuters was wrong. It was not isolated. Well, DUH. The terrorists have resorted to attacking yet more innocent Americans on 9/11 and the date was not a coincidence.

    • Yep…and we have this today.

      Here are a few examples ~


      and this ~

      Not coordinated my arse…same as the ‘Arab Spring’ was.

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        See? This was coordinated and I’ll bet we will learn of more as the days unfold.

        I know that Secretary Clinton and Dear Leader are trying hard to distance the “people” and government of these countries from those who stormed the embassies and especially the one in Libya. It is my view, though, that the people must suffer what they condone, which is Islam. It is Islam that creates these murderous, misogynistic cowards.

        If I were an innocent citizen of one of these countries, such as a Muslim woman, a child, or a non-Muslim, I would flee now if I possibly could, never to return. It is also time that we remove all of our people in every capacity from all of these Islamic countries (and if the majority or the people are Muslims it is indeed an Islamic country). There should be no more fighting for democracy on “their” behalf. It doesn’t work. It will never work. It only gets more people, mainly our people, killed. If anyone over there wants democracy, they may fight for it themselves. It should be their civil war, not ours.

        By the way, Dear Leader says that justice will be done. I’d like very much to see how he plans to carry that out since the murderers always seem, at least to me, to be anonymous, every day Muslim men who don’t work and have nothing better to do but to hang around on the streets every day and wreak havoc. I suppose intelligence will somehow find the perpetrators but I wonder what DL means by justice. I hope it’s not the paradaisical Gitmo.

        On one hand, I just wish we could carpet bomb the lot of them. On the other hand, I know there are innocents and I don’t want to see them killed. However, since they think nothing of sacrifice for their insane beliefs we might have to one day take that option. I still wonder how egregious their action must be before we actually do anything.

        One thing that we need to make clear, though, is this: there is no such thing as terrorism anymore because we are no longer filled with terror by anything that they do. We are filled with seething, vengeful anger.

        • Seething, veneful anger is right.

          This long politically correct war has been a disgrace…(not our fighting men and women, the so-called leaders we have and the msm) we should have carpet bombed long ago, had ‘er done and been home already. Instead we have this going on to this day…as we lose more precious blood and lives that give their all.

          …and the topper is Dear Leader snubbing Israel and Bibi as well yesterday.

          Disgusting all the way ’round!

  17. Here are the media questions reported by WaPo from Mitt’s comment on Cairo:
    QUESTION: Governor Romney, do you think, though, coming so soon after the event really has unfolded overnight was appropriate, to be weighing in on this as this crisis is unfolding in real time?
    QUESTION: (inaudible) talk about mixed signals, (inaudible) mixed signal when you criticize the administration (inaudible).
    QUESTION: Governor, some people have said that you jumped the gun a little in putting that statement out last night, and that you should have waited until more details were available. Do you regret having that statement come out so early before we learned about all the things that were happening?
    QUESTION: … right. If you had known that the ambassador had died, would you have issued…
    QUESTION: How specifically, Governor Romney, would President Romney have handled this situation differently than President Obama? You (ph) spoke out before midnight when all the facts were known. How would you have handled this differently than the president did?

    • Nf…

      and there was an open mike on these press critters that was played on Chris Plante’s radio show…it was something to behold to listen to. Now, it’s nowhere to be found. I’m biding my time hoping it comes out somewhere because I want to put if with the Romney post I’m planning on doing later.

      Btw…I watched the speech and presser afterwards…I seethed at this useless idiots! I despise each and every one of them.

  18. Murdering an ambassador is a recognised act of war. Has been throughout human history since the Egyptians and beyond. It’s the lowest form of betrayal and dishonour.

  19. Death to Libtards says:

    If there’s an upside to these tragic murders, it’s that Barack and Hillary’s foreign policy is coming back to bite him in the ass before the election instead of afterwards.

  20. See what Zawahiri’s bro had to say…he was released from jail in Egypt after the so-called uprising.

    Just precious…eh? – Speaks volumes friends.

  21. Georgia Girl says:

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste”

    Could this be the crisis we knew would happen before the election?
    Its going to be very interesting to see how its handled…

  22. When will someone propose the obvious and sane proposal of ENDING ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION TO THE WEST AND THE U.S.?? It’s bad enough to have to contend with these 7th century primitives across the water but to let the bastards soil our territory is lunacy! I see them around the Houston area, their ugly women wearing white headscarves and shapeless black sacks and tennis shoes and I want to vomit. Yet nobody, dem, repuke, anybody will even question letting these worthless savages settle among us!

    • …because multiculturalism is the State Religion of the Empire of the USSA. Not a day goes by without an imperial edict praising diversity being issued from DC. But most people refuse to see it for what it is: a State Religion. Unsound, unproven, but yet unquestioned, and Imperial Law.

      The unsanctioned Christianity of the Republic, as well as its Constitution has been disposed of. Since the Empire seeks global dominion, it must say to all its would be subjects: “Ye Belong.”

      Thus multiculturalism, unlimited third world immigration, and imperial subsidies for fast-breeding UnAmericans: an invisible way to disperse/destroy the People of the West; and an insidious psy-op against the yet-to-be enslaved.

      Ye shall know the truth, and it shall set you towards glorious revenge.

  23. And let’s make it unpleasant enough to make the ones already here want to leave! Who the f**k needs these barbarians?????

  24. I have nothing constructive nor coherent to say at this point because it would be based on raw outrage. And this outrage is an old visitor from 1979

    However in the swirling anger of my mind directly center of the eye of the storm sits the question…

    Are we too blind as a nation to see that war is upon us?

  25. Just Another Random Thought says:

    As I commented to a friend earlier who knows nothing about islam, know thy enemy. Even if you are not at war with them, they are at war with you!

  26. This most sickening part about all of this is the libtards and Obama voters blaming the people who made the film instead of the tantrum throwing muzzie jackasses who overreact to this kind of thing…

    Basically the left thinks we should capitulate to their temper tantrums ( abolish our 1st Amendment ) in order to make peace.. hell no! That will only encourage more of that behavior.. it makes brats out of children and murderers out of adults.

    When a child throws a tantrum you beat his ass till he stops doing it… time to fire up the Crusades again and whoop some camel jockey ass till they just STFU. Screw that pedophile Mohammed and his insane worshippers who smell like urine

    • So far I haven’t seen a shred of evidence linking these al-Qaeda attacks to the YouTube video. This was timed to coincide with 9/11. Condemning the moviemaker is not what al-Qaeda wants us to do. They want us to leave the Middle East, and we should. Now. This isn’t happening to Switzerland or New Zealand.

      • Well, the MSM seems to think that the attacks in Egypt are YouTube related… and condemning the video instead of the violent behavior. Shepard Smith from FNC was just excoriating the video poster a bit ago instead of the tantrum throwing muzzies. THAT was my point….

        I gather that you think the muzzies have an excuse to behave this way because we have embassies in their countries huh? Okay…. We should leave, stop ALL aid to muslims countries and kick the muslims out of every country in the western world… make them go home and stew in their own filth instead of building mosques in ours… I’m up for that


    Its time we cut off all rlationship and funding of these middle east nations its time we told OPEC and GREENPEACE to GO POUND SAND and drilled in the ANWR and fed those GREENPEACE idiots to the POLAR BEARS,KILLER WHALES and MAN EATING SKUAS

  28. Amen bigtimer!

    I had quite a busy day today with the kids that’s why I couldn’t post my opinions a lot sooner. Judging by the expeditious responses i’ve read, I conclude from this latest violent act from the followers of the “religion of peace” that real change is a comin’!

    You’re absolutely right in assessing that this was unequivocally a premeditated act of violence. “Dear leader” is so disappointed that someone would have the temerity in speaking the truth against his “religion of peace” through a harmless but informative film! You could tell by the expression on his face how saddened he was in being forced to respond publicly against the latest diobolical acts of his Mohammedan brothers!

    Never mind that a U.S.Ambassador was senslessly murdered by that Koran carrying raging mob, while burning and ripping apart portions of the American flag as they confidently chanted “AllAH HU AKBAR”!

    Also, did you notice how presidential Mitt appeared during that televised press conference standing between the two flags as he chastised the Obamanites in office? I tell you, those Mohammedans are lot smarter than most Americans and far more insightful than the average illegal alien! War must prevail against the enemies of the United States. Otherwise, another 911 is headed our way!

    They’re aware that their present brethen-in-office will soon be making a swift exit while making way for their “true” enemy, a conservative president! More or so a moderate but never the less, a conservative administration will soon be headed in their direction to thwart off their violent attacks!

    • Howdy Renee…

      I understand well what you’re speaking of when it comes to regular life and kids etc. I watched all the statements this morning…I recoiled at Shrillary but moreso Dear Leader.

      Mitt was the only one that acted as a real leader…he knows what he’s facing with the filthy press and talking heads as well. Yet he had the balls to take questions…unlike the POS we have occupying the WH now.

      Trust me….I’m still angry, I’m still disgusted with this administration as well as the press/talking heads everywhere!

  29. I’m waiting to see if anyone in the government is ever going to decide that enough is enough. By God if Barry won’t do something, somebody should come up with some kind of suggestion to keep our country free. It won’t be Joken Joe Biteme, and it sure as hell won’t be fat ass Hillary, so who’s next in line?????????????????????
    I recoil in horror when I see our servicemen in uniform salute this piece of shite when he bounces off Air Force One after a fund raiser or game of golf or late night interview with some Hollywood piece of crap talk show host. Enough is enough. When are we going to say; “We’re fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore”.

    • Heck…many of us are saying just what your posted at the end of your spot-on post now!

      I know I’m repeating myself…but Nov. 6th cannot get here soon enough!

    • Obama sucks but let’s be fair…there were plenty of Republicans ready to push Ghaddafi over the cliff. Condoleeza Rice was so happy that he was killed. John McCain was sorry we didn’t do more to topple him and is now ranting and raving in favor of doing the same thing in Syria. And if I recall G.W. Bush started this whole “let’s spread democracy and freedom in the Middle East” kick.

      • I remember well who said what on both sides of the aisle…that’s for sure. One thing is a fact..Bush was working with Ghaddagi fine, they were cooridating against al Queda in Libya and such. Look whose in control there now, thanks to Dear Leader and Crew. Bombed the hell out of the for 8 months and it was supposed to take a few days. – Same thing with Bush and Mubarak and others as well beforehand.

        No…this has been intentionally done by this administration, the msm as well as RINOs like McCain, Rice and others. It’s all despicable…period.

        • Mubarak was our loyal ally for 30 years, but he had to go because he wasn’t popular with the US media. Egypt is the new Iran, and we know who to thank for that: Hillary.

      • That’s why we need to pull all our people out of all the muslim shit hole countries and let them go back to killing each other off,problem solved.

  30. This is like ‘DUH!’…who’d of thunk it!

    Btw…in conjunction with the Muslim Brotherhood and ilk. You can be sure those like CAIR are smiling behind closed doors.


    • Dude be patient its all gonna happen soon enough and in God’s good time. And I take take no joy or pleasure in saying that.
      Psalms 83
      Isaiah 17
      Ezekiel 38&39
      HaShem Adonai is Sovereign! And His Son Yeshua is LORD.

      Prophecy is not allegory, its literal.

  32. Today’s WaPo:
    “deep-seated anti-American sentiment remains a potent force despite United States support for the Arab Spring uprisings that have transfixed the region for nearly two years.”
    Yeah, that’s pretty shocking. I always thought that the Muslim Brotherhood was pro-American. Why aren’t the islamofascists grateful to us?

  33. These savages kill our people. How does the chairman of the Joint Chiefs respond? By asking us not to criticize the enemy! I always thought that it was OK to criticize the enemy.


  34. Isn’t it great having an experienced person with a great record of achievement in the White House. All should read the entry on : “End the abuse !…from Rico.” Rico makes great points.

  35. Spurwing Plover says:

    eND all funding to the #1 terrorists supporter the UNITED NATIONS

    • End the UN, period. Agenda 21 is UnAmerican. That’s on top of all the other waste, corruption, and global communist crap they’ve been up to since the Rockefellers got it started.

      A talking shop where nations can resolve differences peacefully? hmmm, not bad. Site it in the Azores, or Antarctica. A global totalitarian planning agency? Push it into the East River.

  36. Then there’s this. ~

    …and this was posted since I put the link above too.

  37. Cinnamon Girl says:

    BT, on the link for the protests in Sudan, Kuwait, and Morocco, there is a commenter that wonders if the embassy breach occurred for the purpose of keeping Dear Leader in office past Election Day, in effect canceling the election. I’m not sure if I’d go that far because I’m not an especially big fan of conspiracy theories. However, I do have to wonder what might happen in these next two months.

    The fact remains that we are already at war but we are losing. We cannot win until we become stronger than we have ever been. The Soviets, the Cold War, Viet Nam, and all of the other smaller battles pale in comparison to what we are up against now.

    I firmly believe that if we had elected different leadership 4 years ago (McCain) that we wouldn’t be in great shape, either, but McCain wouldn’t have bowed to foreign leaders and certainly wouldn’t back murderers as our Dear Leader has done!

    • Obama’s “October Surprise” is a war with Iran. Next week Obama is flooding the Gulf with warships hoping that something will happen. Then he can be a wartime leader. Romney can’t criticize him while “our men and women are in danger”.

    • CG…

      I tend to agree with all you stated, but in a way I’m glad we have who we have in office…as far as I’m concerned the ‘Sleeping Giant Awoke’….please everyone remember the ’10 midterms, that was historic too. 😉

    • McCain has been at the forefront for helping these ‘freedom fighters’. He is one of those that supports giving money and weapons to these murdering Islamofacists.

  38. KennakaKeeper says:

    1- Stealth w/1Bomb. Bomb power- 10X Hiroshima Bomb, drop on on Lybia. Mushroom cloud seen from Egypt. Egypt takes a major dump in it’s drawers. Sandmen know their next Target. So they gather all Taliban and CUT off their heads and offer them as peace offering to us. We drop the second bomb from B-52 30X the size of Hiroshima. All Middle East sees it and takes their drawer dump and surrenders all Nukes,Missiles and WMD’s. See my Thoughts were in a Progressive vain…

  39. I just saw Michelle Malkin on Hannity, she was on fire. I thought Hannity was going to cut her mic. He didn’t though, she said her piece.

    • I saw it too…and I didn’t think Hannity was going to cut her mike, he loves it when she’s on fire, and that she was!

      I’ll find it tomorrow and may put it here…it’s a must see! 😉

      • Conservative Women are truly the strong ones.No way like the winy sluts in the democratic party because we don’t want to finance their whoring sex lives.

  40. While our embassy burns, please don’t interrupt our piece of shit president from campaigning.

  41. Our Ambassador’s abused corpse is paraded naked through the streets and this cowardly bunch of traitors in Washington is APOLOGIZING?
    To the ENEMY, in a de facto state of War?
    Obama was quick enough to use his unconstitutional ‘War Powers Act’ to Help these terrorists sieze power; but instead of doing something against the ENEMY, they turn and scold US -for what? Having and exercising Freedom? That is his ‘gutsy call’ this time?
    Is Rod Serling narrating this episode?
    I’m serious.
    I’m almost 40 and the country I was born in; the country I was taught about in grade school; the country I love -has been quietly murdered and replaced with some freaky socio-suicidal zombie nation; somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Hell.
    Maybe I worked too much and didn’t watch enough TV.
    Did Amreica go somewhere and didn’t tell me? Did it leave a forwarding address? Please?

    • TB…

      I don’t have the answers to all your questions…but I know one fact, America had better the hell have woken up come Nov. 6…or we are doomed.

      • I hope so. I wonder if Chicago is destined to be that wakeup call.
        I mean…
        If I were a sneaky, underhanded, machine politics, suspicious kind of guy; I would consider a teacher’s strike and any number of bored ‘youths’ in a large American city a golden opportunity for a certain politician to do something potentially drastic -if the weather should turn warm again.
        Why on earth isn’t Rahm kowtowing to his unionista friends?
        No ‘official negotiations’ yet? Why the delay?
        Is it possible that Obama’s former chief of staff is formenting ‘trouble’ in the streets to Forward his ‘former’ chief’s campaign designs?
        Is he hoping to whip up the union democrat base for election season and enable the Chicago machine for the Zero?
        Does Rahm go to sleep at night hoping for rain and cool weather or sunshine and unseasonable heat?

        • Good questions that you do have to ponder about TB…I sincerely meant that too. I have to get to bed…but I do hope others have some answers to your great post.

          Night all ~ Catch ya when I catch ya next.

  42. Just precious…this is our fearless Dear Leader hard at work.

  43. Now it’s been reported that Stevens was raped before he was murdered.

    Anyone shocked?

  44. We were never sent into harm’s way in the late 60’s without as much ammo as we decided we needed ourselves. If I had been told to go with my men somewhere dangerous without serious firepower, I would have not very respectfully declined. How could this happen?

  45. Jimmy Carter on Bubblegum kush and jager bombs = Barry Soetoro 2012
    Chris Stevens RIP

  46. You handful of guys cannot stop the Muslim rising. Allah (PBUH) has fortold it. All the world knows the white man is fat and weak and his time has passed.

    • LOL said the fat white liberal troll… well, you could be some black marxist but I suspect that you are not a muslim or from the middle east. Just a liberal or black troll.. but, for shits and giggles I will play along with your charade

      LOL and as for your assertions that the white man is fat and weak… your brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan who hid behind woman and children and in schools and mosques to avoid direct confrontation with us didn’t think so. If it wasnt for IED’s planted in the cover of darkness you camel jockeys would never touch us… International laws and the rules of engagement are the ONLY impediments to keep us from wiping your filthy moon-god worshipping asses off the planet like the insects that you are.