I don’t know exactly when it happened but it did. Fox News started to slide to the left a while back. And with each leftward step, Fox News began to suck el grande uno! More than Sandra Fluke. It’s getting to where I can’t watch Fox at all. Thank Allah for blogs!

Come to think of it, when is the last time Fox News did anything outside its worn-out formula of endless interviews between the same, tired, worn-out talking heads and worthless humanoids like fat-ass Karl “the architect of Republican disaster” Rove? Does AWD give one tiny rat’s ass about whay Jehmu Green thinks? She doesn’t even need to open that huge pie hole….I already know what she’s going to say! Same for that no-necked bastid Bob Beckel. Watching him makes me want to spay my neighbor’s cat…with a shotgun! He’s just another hack libtard with the personality of a ten day old turd devoid of original thought. The perfect libtard! I won’t even get into the “token idiot” Juan Williams. He makes Geraldo look intelligent! And that’s no small feat.

Speaking of Beckel, watching the pitiful The Five (morons) makes me want to spay myself! Greg Gutfield is a prissy, sissified Pee Wee Herman wannabe trying to be cute instead of relevant. Dana Perino is bright but is as exciting as a funeral. It’s the same old thing day after day….and it sucks! An infomercial on the Ginsu would be an improvement.

Fox and Friends needs to ace that cutesy clown Steve Doocy. He’s not funny. He’s annoying. I will NOT watch Fox and Friends because of him. Bryan Kilmeade would do good work if he didn’t have Doocy to try and make a joke of everything Kilmeade says. Gretchen Carlson….meh.

Shepard Smith? Wouldn’t waste the electricity to watch that tard. What the hell is he doing on TV anyway?

Never liked O’Reilly. What a self-consumed bore! He doesn’t have the guts to take on libtards and always ends up kissing their asses instead of asking the questions and follow-ups that need to be asked. Put AWD asking the questions on some of those interviews with libtards and you’d be shipping their asses home. And who gives a rat if that insufferable Steve Doocy knows trivia? Watching that segment has me seriously considering eating a bullet!

I live Cavuto. He’s the most interesting on Fox. But this week he’s interviewed Dims at the DNC and has let them all slide by with their lies without challenge! What the!?! Cavuto, Brit Hume and Krauthammer are the ONLY reasons I turn Fox on these days but even Cavuto is going downhill.

Why doesn’t Fox break any real news? Who is doing the heavy lifting of journalism these days? Conservative blogs! Who broke ACORN? Breitbart. Anthony Weiner? Breitbart. Pigford? Breitbart? Who has shown how easy it is to falsely register to vote? James O’Keefe. It’s the bloggers who are uncovering real corruption and exposing it! Who drives the news discussion of the day? Matt Drugde! Guess where AWD gets 95% of his news? Conservative blogs! But, according to Juan Williams, they’re only bloggers!

Fox News needs to figure out what it wants to be. If Fox thinks conservatives want to watch CNN-Lite, guess again! If I want to hear the worn-out dogma of libtards, hell, I can go to any newspaper or the mainstream propaganda media.

Fox should start a show that interviews various conservative bloggers! Since most conservatives read blogs, we’d love to learn more about our news sources and listen to them share their opinions and thoughts. You could have all flavors, from the PC pseudo-conservative blogs who are afraid to mention Islam (shhhhh!!!) or anything controversial to those with cojones who write opinion pieces about what they think. Leave the libtards and fat assed RINOs like Karl Rove to suck up to the left. Conservative bloggers! THAT would be a great show!

I kind of wish Glenn Beck would find some big-money backers and start his own 24 hour news network. Nobody has money to pay for TV these days, so he’d have to make it available free of charge. Beck could easily out-fox Fox and take a whole hell of a lot of their viewers within 3 months.

As for AWD, I spend less and less time watching Fox News and don’t see that changing any time soon! Are you listening, Glenn Beck?

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  1. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

  2. Ever notice how Faux News never talks about Islam? I quit Fox a long time ago. I don’t even listen to Hannity on the radio anymore. I still like Rush most of the time but not always.

    If it weren’t for blogs we would be in the dark. The only thing I disagree with is your opinion of Gretchen Carlson. I don’t see anything disagreeable with her.

    • Of course they don’t talk about Islam anymore. “Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns a 7 percent stake in News Corp — the parent company of Fox News — making him the largest shareholder outside the family of News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch.”

      Always, always follow the money.


      • Simularity to the Fleming/Broccoli Tomorrow Never Dies 007* plot, don’t you think?

      • Follow the money – You’ve got that right. Add to that the practice of not relying on what people say they will do but rather looking at what they have done in the past . Doing that gives you a 99.99 % good prediction of what they will do in the future. This would generate about 500 relabeled parking spaces in D.C. .

  3. Just another reason I listen to talk radio most of the time.

    Someday we may get a real conservative network, that stays that way…but I’m not holding my breath anytime soon. I’ve wished it for decades, don’t think it’s going to happen in my lifetime.

    • Exactly ! I wake up to Rob and Dave at in Atlanta and never watch morning TV. Check it out anywhere : 6-9 a.m. Eastern Time. They get calls from around the country. You’ll notice Fox now tries to shove Juan (over $1,800 per day) down our throats, using him as a guest host. Fox is also idiotic. When I see that loser I change stations. I try not to watch Fox, either, and the other networks are even worse. Fox is the default choice but we can choose radio instead. We need another channel with America First, libertarian/conservative content and it would go over great. I liked the Rush Limbaugh TV show from a few years back. That format could work today. Even if the networks buried it at 3 a.m., viewers would record it and watch later. We could have a AWD/Bigtimer network. I hate big three network news; gave it up years ago.

  4. Cinnamon Girl says:

    I haven’t watched cable news or any other television, with the exception of the occasional Top Gear, Dr. Who, or European football aka soccer, in two years. (The reason for the above three is that our business has a British theme). I don’t even have cable at home.

    But, I’ve heard from a few sources that Fox News has gone very soft and even left-leaning, which is a disappointment. They once were the sole alternative to the completely left-leaning mainstream media. However, Fox News is still ridiculed by liberals who still believe it’s too conservative, which is amazing. Either they’re wanting MSNBC-style stuff or they’re actually not watching Fox News.

    The few times I’ve seen Brit Hume lately I could see he is the only one of his kind, at least on television.

    Indeed, the bloggers are the new journalists and the ones who are finding and reporting the truth.

  5. I stopped about 2 years ago, now i am consumed with honey boo boo fever.

  6. Enoch Powell says:

    As the neoCon, Republican leadership has moved hard to the Left, so has their Fox News mouthpiece. They were always shameless ass kissers of that leftist imbecile Bush. The power is in the hands of politically correct cowards and traitors. We might as well be living in the old Soviet Union. The media might as well be Pravda. I gave up on the mainstream media years ago. It’s all lies and cowardly denial. I still work for the mainstream media, so I still see the horrific cowardice and evil; especially when it comes to reporting on the shenanigans of lively, vibrant diverses.

  7. AWD, you hit the nail right on the head and drove it home!
    I agree with you 100% and I lost what little faith I had in FAUX news the day they fired Beck,..and I know their reason was because Beck was getting too close to the truth,…they can go to hell for all I care!

    Glens’ exposure of the evil camel humpers and the Obama commies and assorted dirtbag politicians must have caused Murd!ck to sh!t his pants in fear.

    I wish a gazillionaire conservative would finance Glen and start their own conservative news network.

    • Amen! You hit the nail on the head tazzmax.. after Glen Becks release is when I stopped watching them. They are sellouts of the worst kind.. nothing but cowards that capitulated to liberal demands to “back off or else”

  8. I refused to watch Fox for over a year when they got rid of Glenn. Saying he is crazy, making fun of what he was warning us about. He was first to say Obama is a racist. Glenn is not afraid to talk about islam. Glenn has a Tv show on line called GBTV,he charges 4.99 a month. He has a radio program weekdays 9am–12,and ,his site is called “The Blaze”. If he is shut down he said,he would stand on street corners before he will shut up. I love Rush,and,Mark but,Glenn is more like AWD in telling it like it is,and, says things Rush and Mark won’t touch.

    • Glenn is the watchman on the wall that everyone in the MSM has been marginalizing by calling him crazy because they don’t want him to wake up the sleeping masses of lemmings who hang on their every word as they lead the country straight to hell…

  9. I think you’d be the perfect guy to host a show interviewing conservative bloggers.
    Again, are you listening Glenn Beck?

  10. They don’t cover stories like this:
    Wake up call
    Mexican Cartels Using American Gangs as Hit Squads

  11. –Greta has turned into a giant suck ass lately. And don’t you just love O’Reilly when he has Mark Lamont Hill on and praises him as a very honest guy.

    Screw ’em all. I need to take care of my blood pressure. The only one who has stayed right is Hannity. (And Dobbs on FBN)

    • the friendly grizzly says:

      Nertz to that sanctimonious, sef-righteous a$$ Hannity. He gives a lot of airtime to trash like Sharpton. As for Bill O’: has he ever let a guest finish an entire sentence without intertupting?


    I have just plain quit watching the news havnt watched the news since Sept 12th 2001 Its all controled by the sinister CFR

  13. I turned tube off years ago, lack of intelligence was on reason and the biggie was the Silly stupid commercials that are broadly aim at the brainless. I used to watch sports with classical music on cause I did not need a Bozo telling me what was going on. The tube is for the unintell.

  14. Starting in 2009 when BO got control of the FCC I noticed a marked shift not only at Fox, but also on Rush and Hannity. Almost like they were stacking the deck with callers and guests from the left so as to be able to argue against the FCC and potential fairness doctrine complaints. Self protection on their part, but sad never the less.

  15. A show featuring conservative bloggers would be brilliant. AND it would actually have real news on their ‘news’ channel… Which is exactly why Fox won’t do it!

    Talk radio and blogs for me! I’m much happier since I jettisoned my cable.

  16. 3rd AF Crew Chief says:

    F Juan Williams still got that NPR crap in him…

  17. I stopped watching last year, they are all of the same cloth, and they are just as much an enemy as the other three, NBC, CBS and ABC, they are all on the same block in nyc. Doocy the doofus and Brian the metro-boy are revolting, Gretchen sold out long ago too. I just happened to be surfing a few weeks ago and landed on FOX while several of them talked about the kids in the swimming pool thing that popped up last year, the owners of the private pool were sued and all the little minority kids got like 50 million dollars, the business is closed and up for sale. Alison Camerotta said “Good for them!”. Can you beleive that????

  18. Louisiana Steve says:

    You gotta admit, Fox has the best looking blonde leg-crossers on TV. Outside of that, they seem to be pretty hollow and predictable. It’s obviously all about ratings and big bucks.

  19. AWD

    Most of your loyal readers, myself included, have echoed the same sentiments regarding the once inspiring Fox News channel. Couldn’t agree with you more in that Fox News could no longer remain an entity amidst the liberal stream of distorted television news reporting! Despite it’s initial efforts in welcoming a few conservative pundits, Fox News was routinely criticized by nearly every liberal mouthpiece in the media, Hollyweird as well as from that imposter-in-chief currently occupying the White House!

    Sadly, they could no longer resist the temptation of engaing in the high ratings game and just started employing as many liberals as they could think of. I’ve grown weary of all of the regulars from Hannity, O’Reilly, and even Cavuto. I never really cared for Greta Van Susteran or her very unfeminine look and attire but it has become quite difficult trying to take those steady stream of blonde & blue eyed and innapropriately dressed barbie-doll like female anchors seriously! (Really, don’t we have enough of this image on the local news channels?)

    Anyway, I could never tolerate Megyn Kelly nor could I forgive her for not chastisizing “Shamu” Green after she insulted Tucker Carlson on her program and refered to him as that “bow-tying white boy”. There’s no doubt in my mind that Fox News has developed quite an admiration for liberals, in particularly black liberals such as Green, Santita Jackson and Juan Williams. Had Tucker Carlson directed an equally insulting reference towards Green such as “that watermelon smirking mammy”, his career would have been officially terminated! Nor would he had been allowed to make a public plea for forgiveness by the almighty big mouth AKA Al “shady” Sharptongue!

    • Renee, I couldn’t agree with you more!
      I’ll add even more to the fire,…I never could stand Greta and her lop sided jaws from the days of the “OJ trials”,…clearly a liberal lawyer POS.

      O’Reilly pi$$ed me off when he got in a pi$$ing match with Michelle Malkin and wouldn’t have her on his show anymore,…instead, the bastard took sides with that despicable “grease ball”, Geraldo Rivera.

      BTW, Michelle Malkin should have had Gretas’ show instead, imo.

      • Oh Gawd I sooooo hate O’Reilly too… he thinks he is such a tough guy because he is obnoxiously loud and 6’4… I just need 5 minutes in the parking lot with his pontificating ass… just 5 little minutes to deflate that huge ego of his.

        Rivera is another jackass who believes his own press.. FNC is full of tools like these morons… they BOTH need a beating

        BTW I looooove Michelle Malkin too… she has bigger balls than both of these punks.. she needs her own show but would suffer the same fate as Beck

  20. Stopped watching them years ago. I read my news at listen to talk radio for entertainment. I sdo watch MSNBC sometimes, but that’s only because it’s hard to keep anything down watching them and I am constantly trying to drop a few pounds :)

  21. All the major networks recieved bailout billions with strings attached.
    That’s why CNN happily goes on and they don’t give a rat’s ass about their ratings being at historic lows!

  22. I listen to Rush on am.
    Hes for ‘these wars’, the Koch brothers, IMMIGRATION…………
    Sell US citizens right out.
    Never mentions Chinas growing power.

    AWD, are the mexican cartels in cahoots with the Jihadists?

    • 90404, AWD knows a former CIA guy who now is in the high tech security bidness. Has contacts within all gov’t agencies. He told me the Border Patrol is finding more and more Islamic prayer rugs on the border. I’m sure the Muslim terrorists are paying mules to smuggle them in. But we can all rest easy because Janet Napolitano says the border is as safe as it ever has been. I think she meant for terrorists!


      • As soon as something big hits in the middle east (Iran vs Israel etc), these sleepers are going to hit us hard. We’ll have a 100 Fort Hood type shootings, in malls, schools, freeways, downtown et cetera
        These ally Afghan soldiers shooting our troops are just the begining…Mexican narco terrorist are already formining alliances.

        • Cinnamon Girl says:

          Edtudo, speaking of alliances with narco terrorists, I wanted to pose a question to everyone here that I haven’t seen addressed: what if we just legalize drugs, or at least, marijuana?

          People will always desire a high. Alcohol fulfills that for many or even most but marijuana has been proven to have benefits beyond those of red wine, which is why medical marijuana is legal in so many states. And, look at this: Plus, the amazing tax collection that can be had from the growth, distribution, and sales of marijuana would wipe out a good deal of our debt. And, hemp has many uses, is good for exportation, and would contribute to the economies of every state that could grow it.

          Other countries (not that I am necessarily a fan of many of them) seem to have no qualms about growing marijuana, coca, and poppies, and exporting them for their own gain. Why can’t the U.S. simply grow marijuana for its own use and simultaneously cut out the murders that occur, all for the control of the money it brings to Mexico, Central America, and South America? Am I naive?

          Pakistan and Afghanistan and SE Asian countries have their opium. Fine. From what I understand most Americans no longer use heroin, thank God. But, there are plenty of honest, good, hard-working marijuana smokers in America who so far haven’t been caught, again, thank God. Our prisons are full of non-violent offenders serving ridiculously long minimum sentences for minimum amounts of marijuana possession, either with intent to distribute or to use. Meanwhile, all the drug cartels have to do is be vastly wealthy and violent and so they get away with their transgressions. It’s stupid.

          What say ya’ll?

          • There you go- thinking again. Tsk tsk- just drink the koolaid; your legislators are making the right decisions for you. A quote from Thomas Sowell:

            “No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems — of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind.”

            Just to stop the coming attack- I neither smoke nor drink. I do however cuss ,speak my mind and flip the selector switch to rock and roll after midnight when I have a mind to . Granted I live on a farm wayy out in the boonies. I guess it’s an arrogant American thing – Indoneasian socialist dictators wouldn’t understand.

  23. AWD..shame on you..what did the neighbor’s cat ever do to deserve getting shotgunned? (disclosure..I love my cat).

  24. Glenn Beck was the the last decent show on that channel. I call The Five………Bob and the Bobble Heads.

  25. Spurwing Plover says:


  26. Have not been able to get on this site all day, finally went to history and clicked this topic from last night, any one else having problems?

    • Same thing here gs…

      Let AWD know about the site being down late morning my time…so I think they got it fixed.

      I had to go to google and get an old post from this site to finally get in too.

  27. Thanks, AWD – found this Fox News bashing very useful for!

  28. Fox has always had a bit of leftism in them, you know that “Fair and Balanced ” BS. I remember years ago when Drudge bitch slapped Bill O. They just go where the $$$ are. there is more to the right than left anyway.

  29. rightwingterrorist says:

    Like many here, I also quit watching several years ago.

  30. Death to Libtards says:

    Fox is the best of a bad lot. Long gone are the days when networks told you what happened. Now they think they’re hellbound to tell you what to think about it. Nowadays they are only useful if there’s an extended police chase or hostage situation. The living end came for me when I saw Sean Hannity interviewing the bug eyed scumbag Jesse Jackass on Fox. I started drinking and didn’t wake up until Thursday. Weasel Zippers made my head explode. For the sake of my sanity and sobriety, I’m tuning out politics until Nov. 5 with the possible exception of the VP debate, which should be good for a few yucks. I’ll get up and vote and sit back to await the results. Until then I’m retreating into DVD’s. Send up a flare if Chris Matthews goes the way of Keith Olberman.


    This link to a youtube video is a good study point on whats going on in the media

  32. I have suspicions that FOX is getting the same type of pressure from the administration as Gallup but quietly behind the scenes. For whatever reason, their quality is going downhill and as AWD points out most of their newscasters are either comical or the visual equivalent of nails on a blackboard. I gave up on FOX long ago but will occasionally watch them for important breaking stories like balloon boy.

    Stop getting your news from television, period. If something important happens it’ll be online in minutes and you won’t have to wade through the chaff of talking heads, useless opinions, and commercials.

  33. You forgot to mention Hannity. A college Chemistry professor could put on a more interesting show than that dbag.

  34. Don’t you guys remember Murdoch selling part of Fox to the bag-heads????


    I have a VHS from THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY,BEHIND THE BIG NEWS it tell just how the media has lied about many major news stories or has hidden the truth

  36. Juan Williams is a dull tool that can never be sharpened.

  37. the friendly grizzly says:

    Was Fox EVER what so many thought it was? Then again, I never watched much of it because the video is crammed with twirling logos, special effects, overlays, slide-ins, etc. And for sound, they have those annoying swoosh sounds for screen changes. With all of that, where’s the SUBSTANCE?

  38. AWD- I had the very same wish about Beck! You are spot on. May I respectfully add some names to your list?
    DICK Harpootlian, Christopher Hahn, Alan Colmes ( AKA Skeletor ), Kirsten Powers, Tamara Holder (‘I can’t get a date’) and the absolute WORST, Sally Kohn. She is the tough-a.. broad who always has the smug, eye-rolling, contemptuous look as someone like Michelle Malkin is trying to speak. I am SOO intellectually superior to these poor, uninformed, jingoistic, racist, hetero conservative women, her look says. I want to peel my skin off when I see her- which, fortunately, is not often these days.
    Just came here from AtlasShrugs, saw this article and had to chime in. Thank You!

  39. Pepperpepper says:

    I agree. Fox has leaned so far left they can no loner be considered a conservative news network. Juan, beckel, huddy, jehmu are an embarrassment. The five are idiots and I refuse to watch.
    Glenn please start a news network. We need you.

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  41. only ratings for CBS is when I fall asleep watching nfl football.