Dudes and Dudettes…this latest news ‘Frosts my Flakes!‘ I’d like to say I’m shocked, but I’d be lying. Still, both reports are sickeningly infuriating in more ways than one. After you read both of these reports see if you are surprised or not.

This is via WFB:

U.S. Marines defending the American embassy in Egypt were not permitted by the State Department to carry live ammunition, limiting their ability to respond to attacks like those this week on the U.S. consulate in Cairo.

Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson “did not permit US Marine guards to carry live ammunition,” according to multiple reports on U.S. Marine Corps blog spotted by Nightwatch. “She neutralized any US military capability that was dedicated to preserve her life and protect the US Embassy.”

If true, the reports indicate that Patterson shirked her obligation to protect U.S. interests, Nightwatch states.

“She did not defend US sovereign territory and betrayed her oath of office,” the report states. “She neutered the Marines posted to defend the embassy, trusting the Egyptians over the Marines.”

While Marines are typically relied on to defend U.S. territory abroad, such as embassies, these reports indicate that the Obama administration was relying on Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood-backed government to ensure American security, a move observers are questioning as violence in Cairo continues to rage.

On top of reading that report above…I saw this report here:

Kerry Picket at The Washington Times reported:

According to the Lebanese news organization Tayyar.org, citing AFP news sources, U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, who was killed by gunmen that stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday, was reportedly raped before being murdered. A google translation of the report says.

A news report made by the Libyan Free Press is also reporting that Ambassador Stevens was sodomized before he was killed:

So friends…what say you about all of this? Through my viewfinder in life both of these examples are reason enough to vote Dear Leader and Crew out of our lives once and for all come Nov. 6th!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. If the Marine Commandant had balls he would not allowed his men to be stationed there without weapons so he is at fault too.

    • justagurlinseattle says:

      This story is NOT TRUE…

      The Ambassador can NOT TELL a Marine to lay down his/ her weapon….

      The Marine Commander would be the one to make those rules….

      and there is NO way a commander would do this….

      also… Chris Stevens was killed by smoke inhalation….. NOT gun shots….

      and he was NOT molested while he was dead…..

      this kind of rumor is disgusting…. and a new low for you right wingers…..

      CHECK YOUR FACTS before writing such rubbish…..

      Do you want his wife to read this kind of filth????

      • You’re sure full of Obama Kool-Aid…and I’m being polite about it, for now!

      • justagurlinseattle,

        The Moooooooooooooslims would just love you!

        Perhaps you need to submit to Allah?

      • check your facts – Stevens was gay – he did not have a wife or children – of course that doesn’t matter at all I am sure he was a decent, intelligent, patriotic and loving human being that did not deserve what happened to him – you have obviously had the “o” Kool Aid – and the scary thing is you vote.

  2. Then there’s this…which isn’t surprising either.


    Of course the leftist msm will ignore true facts like this too!

  3. Here’s another victim of the murders in Libya.


  4. It’s time to get rid of this god damn piece-of-shit president…….It’s time……God damn you Obongo…..we are going to get rid of your god damn ass….make no mistake about it, we are going to get rid of your god damn ass.

    You son-of-a-bitch….I have never hated president as much as I hate your fu@k’n guts, the fu@k’n ground you walk on……..

    Obongo is nothing but one big ass mistake……why don’t you go visit your god damn Muslim friends in the Middle East so they can perform Jihad on your black ass……

    After I vote to get rid of you Obongo the next thing I want to do is……..

    Piss on your grave……..


    • So Mr Bluto, any visitors in black Chevy Suburbans yet?
      As an old time farmer I gots to say “Plow around the stumps son , until you can remove them.”
      I do agree with you; just don’t draw fire without a purpose.

      • Agreed…………..

        Mr. Bluto……..You are among friends.

        Take the night off, relax, and know your fellow AWDs will hold the line.

        Think………..Then post.


        REV Wright

    • Your picture sums it up to a tee! – Your post speaks volumes for millions out in the real world…we have to get rid of him come November 6th…and we will!

      • November 6th can’t come soon enough….and I mean that with every fiber of my being…….I don’t just count the days….I’m counting the hours….as soon as the voting booth opens up for early voting I will be there……

        • Same here Bluto…I usually dread the coming winter in my neck of the woods…but this gal is looking forward to it with all my being too. He’s the most despicable enemy within we’ve ever had as prez in my opinion!

          As dems say – Vote Early…Vote Often!

        • Big Dave in Texas says:

          I’ll be voting right there with you Bluto. Vote that piece of shit out of office.

    • major is right. They can just disappear ya in the night w/no warrant or warning, remember the Marine a few weeks ago, thankfully his Mother was on facebook about it, or he would be gone…

    • Bluto,

      I have copyright © on piece-of-shit president phrase… would appreciate if you would use another phrase with stronger disrespect for this pathetic president.

  5. Death to Libtards says:

    Anne Patterson TREASON
    Hillary Clinton TREASON

    If one American life is lost due to this insane policy, try the lot of them and punish them accordingly. The snake rots from the head back. BUCK OFAMA!


    Our GIs sent into harms way to appease the UN and WHOUSE WAR MONGERS

  7. Treason from an administration of ‘New World Order’ anti American traitors. How surprising.

  8. Death to Libtards says:

    Sodomy, necrophilia, pedophilia, female genital mutilation. There is no sexual perversion beyond the pale for the muslim. I call for genocide. Nuke ’em abroad. Round them up at home and shoot, gas, hang, or behead these subhuman beasts.

  9. bigtimer,
    Call me looney but I believe this whole thing was planned and obama had a big hand in the planning, the election is getting close and the wheels are in motion for Martial law after the muslim cells in this country rise up and attack.

    • When it comes to Dear Leader…nothing, and I mean nothing will surprise me!

    • I hope everyone knows that if they attack it will be”tsk’ tsk’ Those rabid teaparty types did something to incite them. We should require diversity training for all those silly American white Christians.”
      When you defend yourselves it will be screams of “racist vigilantisim” and “intolerance” with an invasion of homeland gestapo if not martial law to investigate.
      Plan accordingly.

  10. Forcing Marines to stand post in a hostile country with an empty magazine? Training the Border Patrol to “run and hide” instead of engage?
    “I think we are in rats’ alley , Where the dead men lost their bones.

    • Agreed…we have never seen anything like what is going on…ever. I pray we never do again after we rid ourselves of these people come Nov.

  11. Obumbler is a piece of shit.I don`t believe the polls that the media feeds us.I don`t believe that the American people are stuipid enough to re-elect this asshole.And if he does win we deserve whatever tricks that he has up his sleeve to destory this once great country.We need a president that is not a spineless chicken.Vote.Vote Vote.

    • I don’t believe the polls either…not by a long shot! And right you are about voting…it’s a MUST!

      • I pray that you guys are right,but as I posted before,the POS will get 95% of the black vote,80 to 85%of the Hispanic vote and for a reason that I can never understand,a big majority of the Jewish vote.

        A question about the Marines.Are the additional 50 Marines attached to that FAST team armed with real ammo? I’m surprised Hillary hasn’t taken the live shells off the U.S. destroyers.

    • wait,

      Agree… if America is stupid enough to re-elect Obummer then we deserve his socialist agenda. I only know one loon who still thinks Obama is doing a wonderful job.

  12. There’s been something strange going on in Washington,just put in your search bar about a new underground bunker at the White House.It’s a big secret and of course the msm isn’t saying a word about it.You will get about 10 links in your search,all strange and scary thinking about martial law.I’m getting more paranoid by the day,God help us.

    • That was supposed to be in reply to ga steve.

    • Cinnamon Girl says:


      …Construction for two years, merely to only partially finish two months before the 2012 election? I smell a rat, too.

      • CG…

        I’m looking forward to checking out that link…have to take care of some business. I shall return.

        Thanks for the link. ~

      • CG…

        Just read that report…it certainly gives something for anyone with a brain that works to ponder. Very interesting indeed. ~

      • There is usually something in an article like this that catches my eye, this one does not disappoint.

        “The GSA went to great lengths to keep the work secret, not only putting up the fence around the excavation site but (ordering subcontractors not to talk to anyone) and to tape over company info on trucks pulling into the White House gates.”

        When you, as a government official order someone not to talk, there are most certainly consequences for not following that order.

        What could they have been threatened with?

        Plumbing my ass. You don’t spend $86.000.000 on plumbing.

    • Its an underground Golf course for “O”, nothing more. He needs to get away from “M” more often without being seen on a course. People might think he is lazy, and shiftless.

  13. Anti-Libtard says:

    Ok ga steve, that is a bit looney probably, but no more looney than a theory that ran through my head. Say it was the Israelis that funded the attack to put pressure on the dear leader. At the same time they ask for a meeting they know will be turned down given the troubles. I’m just saying, politics is a blood sport. Don’t get me wrong, I refuse to beleive Obama will get re-elected, I can’t take it anymore, and the closer we get to the election the higher my anxiety gets. He is not the anti-christ, the anti-christ would be so much better.

    • Politics is a blood sport indeed. I also refuse to believe Dear Leader will be re-elected, I think it’s going to be a landslide for Romney…period.

      Btw…in case you didn’t know you can hit the reply feature in the person you’re responding to and it will go directly under that segment. 😉

  14. Spurwing Plover says:


    • I Second that Motion!…then again, I did from Day One!

      • I lost all respect for that nominating committee after that debacle.There have been a couple of dubious picks in the past but nothing like Hussein’s.I think he was nominated even before his election wasn’t he?

        • Danged close to it! – I lost all respect for that far left committee years and years back, but like you say…that did the trick!

  15. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Dear everyone, I am very glad to have a place here on AWD where I know I am not alone. Locally, when I speak with friends just lightly about my concerns for the mideast, they shrug. They don’t wish to believe that things are horrible and will get worse if we stand by doing nothing to defend ourselves.

    It is no longer a matter of trying to bring about democracy (mob rule, really) in the mideast and in Afghanistan, it’s now a matter of life and death for us over there and right here within our borders. Perhaps my friends will believe they’re in danger when the murderers show up at their front doors and not before. They are either incredulous or they don’t care about our brethren, the Marines and envoys, or both. I simply cannot speculate.

    This is something to which it is our duty to pay attention. Decades ago my father warned that when we’re invaded, it won’t be by missiles shot from six thousand miles away or by bombers in our skies. It will be by door-to-door terrorists and we must be prepared. Of course, today those words get me labeled a paranoid survivalist at best.

    BT, I really hope the news about Stevens’ rape is untrue. However, whether true or not, the fact that it was reported is incitement. I’m glad I ate my lunch hours ago, for it now cannot come back up and I don’t have to worry about eating again today. I’m sickened.

    • CG…

      It’s really disappointing when it comes to what people really pay attention to these days. Seems most don’t want to pay attention to reality whatsoever…I’m telling ya gal, it’s beyond spooky…it’s about beneath contempt to me. With all the tools available to learn the truth in a jiff and not caring about it one way or the other is simply indefensible. – If this doesn’t change soon….these people we are talking about are in for a rude awakening very soon.

      Just my two cents.

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        In a sort of semi-conscious way I seem to be warning those I care about most and I wasn’t even aware of it until today.

        Two weeks ago when the RNC was just leaving town a few of us spoke about politics and one guy, who I otherwise respect a good deal, stated that he was “neutral” and responded to most of our questions or concerns with, “but, how does that affect you on a daily basis?”

        Actually, I was glad he asked that because it opened a door for my explanation. We shared observations and contemplations and came away realizing the gravity of our country’s predicaments. Sure, nobody wants to feel angry, confused or sad about it all the time but in my opinion it helps to talk about it.

        When we were done a few stated that we can only speak of it since there is nothing we can do. That’s when I reminded them that we can vote, march, make phone calls, sign petitions, and live our lives as good examples of Americans. The difference is mindset. So many are of the mind that the government should do for them what they won’t do. I’m of the mind we should do for ourselves what we MUST.

        • I’m of the same mind-set. Gal…it’s a must before it’s far too late.

        • “Hi, I’m from the Goernment and I’m here to help.” NOT! I know where my help will be coming from and it won’t be man made.

          • That too…but while we are here on earth it is up to us to make it so, with God’s help of course. (for me, that goes without saying)

          • I copy that Big, but remember what we talked about the false belief that God helps those who help themselves? We need to turn to Him first and let Him lead US. Then maybe things could get straightened out.
            Note please don’t think i’m advocating a Theocracy. Remember I’m a Premilleniallist.

    • Hey CG,

      We all love you here at AWD… I always look forward reading your thoughts.

  16. Speaking of the State Dept. – Snicker..Snicker….


    What a pathetic administration we have all he way ’round. It’s down right spooky!

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      Morsi supposedly said, “put an end to such behavior”, referring to the film. What he left out was, “or else”.

      See, people like Morsi believe they can tell our president what to do AND that our president can and will do it.

      Here’s Politico’s spin:


      It would be awesome if Dear Leader told Morsi he could go pound sand. That won’t happen but if it were Reagan, he’d say, “Mr. Morsi, get off our wall!”

  17. When the Islamist rioters come for Anne Patterson, the Marines should strip her ass naked and throw her out to them… Screw her and the American hating marxist in the White House.

    As always its democrats who love to abuse the troops… its a damn shame that worthless civilian libtards like her and Obama can command such noble people… at this point I would be in favor of a military takeover before we are under sharia law. Too bad the Commadant of the Marine Corps is such a career minded “politician” The first General officer that gets the guts to throw Obamas marxist ass out will have my support… its a disgrace that he is the Commander in Chief.

    • If only Hillary Clinton would suffer ambassador Stevens fate.. before and after her demise since she is in defense of the “great religion of Islam” ( her words ) a little forced sodomy on her fat ass may change her mind about the virtues of Islam

    • vince,
      I started to say the Marines should have fragged the bitch long ago then I realized they probably don’t have grenades either,

  18. General Dempsey says we must play nice. We can only carry willow switches. Each a nuclear missile must be equipped with marshmallows. Where are Generals Patton and Stillwell when you need them?

  19. Cinnamon Girl says:

    And more spin:


    Here we go. Let’s target someone on our turf, of course. This guy could be really rotten or he could just be a patsy. Either way, blame America first is the name of the game.

    • Yep, just read that on another site. Infuriating! The enemy within never stops….and this film had nothing to do with this preplanned coordinated crap and now his life is more endangered.

      Beneath contempt to say the least!

    • Thats rich,last I heard it was an Israeli film maker, now its a Coptic Christian. Geez I wish the LSM would get it’s lies together. First its the EVALLL JOOOSSS, now its those EVALLL CHRISSSTIAAANNNSSS. WOW the father of lies has been working overtime lately. I wonder where all this is going? NOT!

  20. bigtimer:

    I’m at a loss for words. Simply speechless at the imbecilic behavior of so many voters who could not and still wont make an effort in discerning the presence of sheer, unadulterated evil even when its staring them directly in the face!

    This monster in office has permenantly diminish the strength of our once enviable military with the excessive presence of his feminazi and homosexual guard dogs! Knowing fully well how their inclusion would soon weaken the image and rigorous regiment of our troops in combat, the end result is now displayed before us through the senseless and shameless death of Ambassador Stevens!

    BTW, did you get a chance to watch Hannity last night? He booked Michelle Malkin, Brigitte Gabriel and Mike Gallagher, and all of them were superbly on fire! Enraged at the despicapble behaviour of our Muslim-Brotherhood-loving “homey-in-chief” and his lack of grievance for our brutally murdered American diplomats!

    As that time honored saying goes: “BIRDS OF A FEATHER, FLOCK TOGETHER”!


    • Picture Perfect gal!

      As to if I watched that segment last night…yes I did, it was superb!

      Btw…I’m as infuriated as you and others are as well. I can’t express that enough. ~

  21. Not a penny more…I am so sick of this BS!


  22. Couldn’t agree more…and it’s just getting started!


  23. BT,

    Video has been taken down on YouTube.

    Supposedly we learned today that the Obama administration knew there might be an uprising against our embassy and did absolutely nothing. Now Obama has Brian Terry’s blood on his hands along with the blood of Chris Stevens. I would like to blame Obama for knowing about a possible uprising, but we all know Obama doesn’t attend but about 40% of intelligent briefings, so I guess we have to give this sorry ass piece of total shit president a pass… may he rot in hell for being the sorriest ass president to reside in the White House.

    Possibly Obama’s hatred and disdain for America is actually a psychological hatred for a whore mother who dumped little Barry in the laps of grandparents because he was a lead weight around her neck… whatever the reason, hard working Americans now reject Obama and his policies. America, or at least those of us who still believe in work ethics, look forward to flushing this president down the toilet come November 6th.

  24. Poor Libtards! Will they ever wake up? Or do loving Muslims have to kill them all ?

  25. Wow…did anyone just watch the back and forth with Hannity and McRINO?

    He was cut off at the end too! Talk about infuriating!!!

    • BT,I was so mad at that doddering old fool that i had to go outside the house before i put my fist through my tv set.If we had put this idiot rino in office we would probably be in the same deep shit we are now.We have to rid the GOP of all these worthless rino sons of bitches or voting Obama out won’t change a thing.

      • You’re not alone my friend…I was so tickled that Sean took him on and did not back down. Hope if I have time tomorrow (depending on what happens news wise and such) that I can post about this. 😉

    • Big I wasn’t kidding the other day about wanting to Elvis my TV. I can’t stomach the crap anymore. You know where my hope is.

  26. Guns that just go “BANG” are toys Barry!

  27. These muslims have some sort of facination with anuses…did they get that from the prophet HOMOHAMMED?

  28. Bluto, I so understand your anger, I feel the same way. this has obuma written all over it, I have said it for at least 3 years, martial law is what he is planning, he can put off the election indefinitely, I have never despised anyone like I do him, I am a Christian, but I believe in justice, he has to go and so does every communist, socialist and marxist that serves in his cabinet, and then some, like the un-elected butt heads making decisions for this country, especially the rick bastards like soros, straum, rothschilds, and so on, the dark, invisible government, people that are not even Americans, look up “UN agenda 21” see how going all the way back to daddy bush did, the surrendered the United States to the un for sustainable development, the goal, bring down the number on the american public, kills most of us off and then confine the rest to mega dense cities and control every aspect of our lives. I do pray everyday for my country, I pray God does not give up on us, that there are still enough good people to spare us, sort of like sodom and Gomorrah. obuma is a willing puppet, vallerie Jarrett is the tentacles of g soros, this plan to take us down has been in play for at least 40 years. as we slept, they creeped their way into high positions, I hate it, I feel deceived and violated in so many ways, everyone I talk to, young and old, I try my best to educate them, I am amazed at how ignorant the youth are, the colleges are teaching, oh excuse me, brain washing them, I have a nephew that went to college, and he is back at home in his old room staring at a faded obuma poster, I can only hope and pray that America has woke and is fire mad like myself. after 9-11-2001, I could not for the life of me understand how any american would vote for a person named, a muslim name, barack Hussein obama, that bothered me after he came out of nowhere, how did this happen, whatever, we the people can fix it, and the 2nd amendment, yes, it was put in the constitution not just to protect us from criminals, but to protect us from government that would dare to go against any of the constitution, our for fathers knew that the wrong men with this kind of power would be dangerous and must be dealt with. yes, we are allowed to protect ourselves from tyranny and dictatorship. Trust me when I say, we the people will speak loud and clear on Nov 6 when obuma is slaughtered by Romney and Ryan, cannot wait for the debates, I just want to see obuma and biden’s jaws drop and stutter and lose composure when they are dismantled by Romney and Ryan. like I said, the only way this prick can win is to cheat or start a series of events leading up to a major event that will cause him to implement martial law, I hope not, I want to vote his despicable ass out of the office he never deserved in the first place, I do not believe he is even an american citizen. anyways, God Bless America and you Bluto, Good will prevail

  29. This ignorant bitch has blood on her hands and should be held accountable for every death that occured.

  30. RidinShotgun says:

    Deja Vu’ all over again! Some of you may not remember the embassy bombing in Lebanon back in ’83, for those of you who do, here’s some food for thought; If you read Richard Marchinko’s autobiography “Rogue Warrior”, you’ll find a passage later in the book where a few weeks before that bombing he and his outfit were tasked with performing a security evaluation of the embassy.
    Not only did they find out that there was a hit in the works and that the embassy was very vulnerable on a number of levels, but a friend of his from the agency loaned him a “black box” to help out with the problem of a car/truck bomb. Said box sent out electrical signals on all known frequencies, this would detonate a bomb before it got within a mile of the embassy. In fact he states in the book that they took it out for a test run through a nearby neighborhood and at one point he said that a three-story apartment building about a block away went up in flames and collapsed.
    He then presented his findings to the ambassador and, as usual with the foggy-bottom types, not only was he convinced that his embassy was just fine, the mere mention of installing the boxes at all four corners of the embassy sent the guy into a paroxysm! He blathered on about how the injury/deaths of any locals would look very bad for our country and that he was the one who would have to clean up the mess and it would be his name in the papers, etc.
    WHERE DO THESE EFFING PEOPLE COME FROM!!!!!!!!!! I loved Reagan, but a man such as this ambassador should NOT have been standing a post with a boss like this in the White House! I expect it here with this pantywaist in charge, but you all are correct, treason charges, NO congressional hearings, but honest-to-God trials in a real court of law with orange jumpsuits & shackles afterwards!!!!
    I’ll get off this soapbox now, best to everyone here.

    • Hey there…enjoyed that soap-box you’ve been on. Also learned much from your post as well. I remember what happened in Lebanon…but sure as heck didn’t know about all that other inside information you shared with us.

      Eye-Opener indeed! Do we ever learn from the past…seems we don’t.

      Same ol’, same ol’.

  31. You might want to check out the book, it’s a great read and one will discover a great deal about the aborted rescue mission “Eagle One” that ended in disaster, as well as a number of other historical stuff. Thank you by the way!

    • I may just do that…I’ve got it written down on my ‘Wish List’ for books come Dec…and you’re more than welcome. 😉

  32. Anyone watching this charade of a ceremony from this administration at the moment with those killed in Libya being brought home?

    They politicize every single thing!

  33. Armand Ethier says:

    Guys and Gals ; good comments! How much more of this Islamic barbarism do we have to take before we do something? How come our CIA, SECRET SERVICE, FBI , MILITARY INTELLIGENCE; and every police enforce in America are not screaming for OBAMA to resign and step down and requesting that Hillary Clinton to be charged with treason and imprisoned for all time? Are all of our protective agencies supportive of this insane administration? Sure looks like it !

    • You tell me why there aren’t screams for this to happen…we all know why. The msm protecting their messiah, as usual and at all costs come rain or shine!

      If even a glimpse of what we’ve seen happen were reversed if those in control were on the other side of the aisle…there would be hell to pay from the same entity. – Double standards indeed…for all to see.

      The msm will pay for all of this come November….’backfire’ is the word!

  34. It has been brought to my attention that on the day following the attacks, Obunghole – the soulless sociopathic sack-o-shit – was yukking it up another fundraiser. ‘What? Why should I concern myself over some lickspittle minion? Plenty more where he came from.’ Then the true anti-Christ, Hitlery Clintoon, opened her pie hole. And she was set on super-spin, describing how friendly Libyans were assisting with moving the body of the ambassador through the streets of Benghazi. That dried-out dough-faced old bag. One consolation may be that if she ever gets to make another run at the presidency, she’ll be so old that she’ll be farting dust. If she’s not already. Not to mention having her already hideous visage looking even more like a horse’s ass sewn up with a grapevine. FOX needs to send the racist crackpot thug Geraldo Rivera back to Libya. Perhaps they will give him some backdoor action.

    • Wow oh wow…did you ever say a mouthful Snake!

      Where the heck ya been? Miss your input as always. ~

      • It takes a higher level of outrage now for motivation, I guess. Seeing the racist crackpot thug and imminent moron Geraldo Rivera spewing BS on the tube didn’t help either. That miserable potato-nosed bastard. I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on him if he was on fire.

  35. The White House press secretary just said these attacks were not aimed at the United States…………WTF……….no, Maybe Holland? Finland? OZ??????? Are you f……………..n kidding me !!!!!!! My head just exploded. Washington needs an enema……God help us if this gang of American haters get in again

    • Joy…we must march in unison to the voting booths the likes of which we’ve never done to ensure these enemies within never, ever hold any kind of power again!

      • bigtimer………….every vote counts. what scares me is how they will cheat. The old voting machines could not be rigged.
        The new ones can be and you know this gang of liars will do anything to get in again.

        • I know…I worry too. You can bet our side of the aisle knows all this too and will be at the ready to oversee all of this too.

  36. correction .he said the protests were not aimed at the United States………still f……………….n stupid

    • Yep, that’s what the ‘Will Anyone Demand Answers?’ thread is about.

      Infuriating…is it not? – And the majority of the msm ignores this too!

  37. Prez Yomamma and his cronies would like to use this whole thing as an excuse to try and “curb” our 1st Amendment rights instead of blaming the religious fanatics of Islam, the f—ing Moooooooslims! As if we, and the entire western world, should walk around on eggshells around these cowardly turds! These pricks can disrespect and insult any and all other ethnicities, religions, etc., but no one better dare to offend them in any way whatsoever or else they will protest, attack, and murder our citizens abroad and at home if they can.
    I hope that Yomamma and his cronies continue to keep on spouting off about how this is due to an “abuse” of American free speech because it only serves to open the eyes of more and more Americans as to just where these people are in their ideology and how they feel about the
    American people’s freedom and individual rights. They need to go bye-bye, and soon.
    By the way, yours truly drives around with sign in the back window declaring my disgust with mooooooslims. I also carry a .357 mag and a BIG bowie knife at all times and quite often a 12 gauge as well, so if they want to make somthin’ outta my free speech- let ’em try!

  38. The only problem we should have in the middle east is finding enough body bags this is bullshit

    • You said it all!

      • Identify 6-8 Mooooslim strongholds [capitals]

        Apply W80 with SLACMs

        [yes, these are what you think they are]

        Take all the oil and natural gas from these 4th century POS

        Mooooooslim countries. ALL of the oil and natural gas.

        Repeat if necessary.

        [Truman ended WW II with “Big Boy” and “Fat Boy”]

        Today we start and end the Mooooooooooslim problem on the

        same day.

        And America becomes energy self sufficient with 24 hours.

        Glad to clarify.

        REV Wright

  39. I nominate myself [first self nomination for previous SLACM post] for

    “Post Of The Hour” as I’m in a good mood, it is weekend, and the

    Moooooooooslim mess is going to KILL the Obama campaign.

    Even the MSM can’t spin this Moooooooooslim mess!!


    Love to all my AWD brothers and sisters, and Mr. Castle, I still am

    available to make sure an older US Navy veteran has your back.

    REV Wright

  40. I guess I ought to be thankful I was in the Army, and never pulled Embassy duty. I’d rather just pull a tour in the ‘Stan. At least there, you get issued ammo. In Nam I carried 200 rounds on me at all times. And I was a truck driver/mechanic. Don’t know what the Infantry carried.

  41. Well now…besides You Tube getting rid of the video report from Libya in the above blog post…see what the State Dept. has now scrubbed!



  42. If you want to be an Angry White Dude, I’d highly recommend you get our facts straight, although I doubt anything I write here going to help with your mindset, however, here are the facts from AFP, an organization I used to work with. THEY NEVER REPORTED THE AMBASSADOR WAS RAPED. This was a fabricated report by a Lebanese website Tayyar.org, and under threat from AFP, have removed their lies about it.

    UPDATE 3:35 AM EST. – The Lebanon report on the murdered U.S. ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Libya remains unconfirmed by the AFP.
    According to the Lebanese news organization Tayyar.org, citing AFP news sources, U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, who was killed by gunmen that stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday, was reportedly raped before being murdered. A google translation of the report says :

    Read more: PICKET: UPDATE – AFP not behind report of purported rape of murdered U.S. ambassador to Libya – Washington Times http://www.washingtontimes.com.....z26v5n1ohq
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

    UPDATE 2 9/15/12:
    The AFP has sent out the following statement:
    Greetings, Concerning your query on the report published by a Lebanese website according to which ambassador Stevens was sodomized. That report falsely quoted our news agency and has no truth whatsover to it. AFP promptly sent a strongly worded complaint to that website and they removed the report and published a denial, saying that AFP did not report such a thing.

    Now, if you’re going to say this is some kind of conspiracy or such, take this into account, the AFP competes with other wire services such as Rueters, the Associated Press, and others. Getting the report out quickly and most professionally is of the essence. Once it goes out you can’t just call it back from thousands of papers and news organizations around the world and say it didn’t happen. AFP never sent anything like this out on the ambassador. Your willingness to grasp onto the worst possible scenario has made it possible for these pukes in Tayyar.org to spread their lies.

  43. As to your information about Ambassador Patterson, that is dead wrong also. She was in Washington D.C. at the time of the attack on the embassy, and had left Deputy Chief of Mission in charge. The news you are passing along is reported to be from a defense blogger, Nightwatch, a conservative “intelligence” blog written by former Defense Department analyst John McCreary and hosted by a subsidiary of a defense contractors’ lobby group—which attributed the report to unnamed (and uncounted) “USMC blogs.” For the actual facts of the story I refer you to the UMSC’s reply to the question as to whether or not the Marines at the embassy were armed. Here’s their full accounting from the USMC, House of Representatives Liaison Office

    From: Cross, Alex Maj OLA, LA-41B
    Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 4:55 PM
    To: Cross, Alex Maj OLA, LA-41B
    Subject: Marines in Libya and Egypt

    Ladies and Gentlemen-

    The following information is provided regarding Marine involvement in the recent actions in Egypt and Libya:

    -The Ambassador did not impose restrictions on weapons or weapons status on the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG) detachment. The MCESG Marines in Cairo were allowed to have live ammunition in their weapons. The Ambassador and Regional Security Officer have been completely and appropriately engaged with the security situation. Reports of Marines not being able to have their weapons loaded per direction from the Ambassador are not accurate.
    – The Marine Corps does not establish Rules of Engagement (ROE). Nonetheless, ROE is classified and release of that information would jeopardize the Marines and U.S. interests. Any further inquiry should be directed to the State Department, since Marine security guards report to the ambassador not to a military commander.
    -As reported in open sources, approximately 2000 personnel were protesting outside the U.S. Embassy and six individuals entered Embassy grounds. The Marines quickly took control of these six individuals and subsequently turned them over to local security officials.
    -There were no Marines injured in this, or other actions in Cairo.
    -There are no Marine dependents in Cairo.

    -Contrary to open source reporting, there are no Marines currently stationed at the Embassy in Tripoli, or the Consulate in Benghazi.
    -There were no Marines killed in the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi.

    -The American Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen has a MCESG reinforced with a Marine security force. Due to operational security, we are not at liberty to provide additional details at this time.

    Marine Corps Embassy Security Guards (MCESG):
    Embassy security in Tripoli and the consulate in Benghazi fall under the Regional Security Officer with the State Department. The U.S. maintains over 285 diplomatic facilities worldwide. MCESG provides 152 security detachments provide internal security at designated U.S. diplomatic and consular facilities in order to prevent the compromise of classified material vital to the national security of the United States. Perimeter security is the responsibility of the host nation police/security forces. AMEMB Tripoli does not have a MCESG detachment. Typically, when a new embassy is established, it takes time to grow a new MCESG detachment. In coordination with the State Department, there was discussion about establishing a detachment in Tripoli sometime in the next five years. Overall, the plan is to grow the number of MCESG detachments worldwide to 173. The size of a MCESG detachment depends on the size of the Embassy and the security situation on the ground. They normally range anywhere from 5-20+ Marines in size. MCESG can, and have, provided security at Consulates as well as Embassies. For example, Marines guard the US Consulate in Hong Kong and, in the past, have guarded the US Consulate in addition to the Embassy in Haiti. The decision as to which consulates receive this augmented security lies with the State Department. State identifies its requirements and DOD/Marines work to provide it. A U.S. Ambassador serving in an unstable region can/will normally have a security detail provided by the State Departments Diplomatic Security Corps. State has agents specially trained to provide personal security details (similar to the Secret Service). Stephanie Hoostal at the State Liaison Office (B-330) can be reached at 6-4542 if you have questions specific to the State Dept.

    Fleet Anti-Terrorism Support Team (FAST):
    A FAST platoon deployed to Libya yesterday (12 Sep 12) to provide security for the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. Established in 1987, FAST platoons provide a limited-duration, expeditionary security force to protect vital naval and national assets. FAST companies maintain forward-deployed platoons at various naval commands around the globe and possess U.S.-based alert forces capable of rapidly responding to unforeseen contingencies worldwide. FAST is not designed to provide a permanent security force for installations. FAST platoons are primarily designed to conduct defensive combat operations, military security operations, and rear area security operations in response to approved requests in support of geographic combatant and fleet commanders. When deployed to reinforce embassies with existing MCESG detachments, FAST platoons will customarily provide an outer cordon of security inside the embassy compound, while MCESG Marines maintain security of the chancery proper, and host nation police/security forces provide an outer cordon of security beyond embassy grounds.

    NOTE: Although a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) has traditionally been forward deployed to the Mediterranean (2.5 MEU forward deployment-1 x east coast MEU to the Med, 1 x west coast MEU to the Pacific, and the 31st MEU forward based out of Okinawa, Japan), there is currently no MEU presence in the Mediterranean. The Marine Corps currently maintains a 1.5 MEU presence forward deployed. We currently have the 24th MEU from the east coast deployed to the Persian Gulf, a west coast MEU is conducting work-ups for deployment, and the 31st MEU is operating from Okinawa.

    Please see the attachments for more information on FAST or MCESG. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Marine Corps Liaison Office in RHOB-B324.

    Alex Cross, Maj USMC
    Deputy Director, Marine Liaison Office
    U.S. House of Representatives
    B-324 Rayburn

  44. OctoberSurprise says:

    If Ambassador Stevens was murdered by sodomites who could damn the crook movie for an excuse, then it is reasonable to infer that someone can co-ordinate right wing “Christian” nut-balls in the USofA with Ghaddafy sodomite die-hards in Libya.

    The only person that I know of with friends in both camps is Dick Cheney.

    • October Surprise, the home called. They’re looking for you.


    • Let’s see…we’ve had two different people in the last few hours blame Bush and Cheney on two different threads…coincidence?

      Either way…the blame goes to the O-Team, the Islamist terrorists.. period.

  45. This website is greatN_X_D_S.