Behold, my latest work of art:

Poop Prophet

Poop Prophet

I call it, “Poop Prophet” (aka “Sh!t Muhammad”)!

I am going to enter it into the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art‘s “Awards in the Visual Arts” competition, where I’m sure to be a winner! I might even score me some greenbacks from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts. (You know, that “non-partisan” organization that you and I pay for that was caught coordinating a propaganda campaign for Obamacare? Yeah, that one.)

This is such a brilliant piece of art that I’m sure to receive world-wide support for my ingenious artistic expression and exercising my government-given freedom of speech!

Maybe even the Whitney Museum will feature me in their next biennial of young (well, not-so-young) but certainly lesser-known artists—you know, do a “show within a show” on “identity politics and disobedience“. I mean, how cool is it that I’m embracing my heterosexual white male self while simultaneously disobeying the dictates of religious fundamentalists, amirite?

Yeah artistic expression! Yeah freedom of speech! Yeah offending the inbred, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, natavist, intolerant, bigoted, neo-Nazi, theocratic Koran-thumpers! Yeah…

Uh oh, gotta run. Seems someone just put a jihad on me. But not to fear—surely those who came to the defense of “Piss Christ” will have my back. Surely they will.

PS: My thoughts exactly:  Modern Art: Socialism’s Ugly Whore

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  1. Red, I saw a report the other day about this year’s drought being severe enough to make corn in short supply. Looks like there’s plenty in your pantry.

    A work of art, good luck with the NEA.

  2. Not going to lie, its a little disturbing that the turd appears to be on a dinner plate. Times are rough, but hopefully not that rough Red ^^

  3. Red,

    Never seen such a magnificent piece if art… should bring upwards of $200,000.00.

  4. RedState,
    You are brilliant, I myself have given some thought about going after some of that money the NEA has lying around, today I read about a guy in Texas was was catching hell because he hung an empty chair in his yard, I thought about taking that idea a lot farther and hanging one for each member of the Democrat Congress and the Senate, How much money do you think I should hit them up for to express my artistic ability, Thinking about calling it Free Speech.

  5. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Gross, but it’s only fair. Elephant dung on the Virgin Mary, Christ in a jar of urine, and so many other “works of art” were not only tolerated but lauded!

    Millions of Christians have been offended by the constant barrage of ridicule and hate directed toward everything about them, their savior, and their faith, coming from Hollywood, the media, and even their own governments. Yet, they don’t attack embassies. They don’t fly jetliners into buildings. They don’t shell their neighbors.

    Muslims’ behavior contradicts their supposed religion of peace. Further, they want gentle treatment from non-Muslims regarding every aspect of Islam and the Quran while they plot to kill them. They’re the worst of hypocrites.

  6. If this keeps up, we will be indistinguishable from those we fight against. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for offending Muslims. Someone offered a tactic on another thread that I believe has considerable merit. When one encounters one in public, simply snub them as if they were not there. Maybe a look, or neglecting to hold the door for one at a place of business.

    I wouldn’t get into a ‘stare down’ with one, that’s really not my style, but if one were to extend a greeting to me, I would simply ignore it. Maybe not a big deal for some, but it would enrich my day ten fold.

    To each his own I guess.

  7. If you get a little more fiber in your diet, it would have been perfect.

  8. Moslems don’t have pictures of Mohammed. That is more likely a Christian Arab’s picture of Jesus.

  9. I hope you wiped your O bama after creating that masterpiece.

    Re: modern ‘art’. If you think about it, the whole ‘art’ world has been turned into the “Emperor’s New Clothes” on a Grand scale. The only fault with Taki’s review is that they left out the involvement of the ‘Frankfurt School’ and its pervasive influence on society through every form of ‘art’ from the wall hanging variety to movies, music, and TV.

  10. Oh, and discard is probably right.
    This is kinda dull, but ‘know your enemy’…
    The REAL reason that these people flip out over pictures of their pedoprophet is because of the commandment ‘thou shalt not worship graven images.’
    See, their religion was founded long after Christ; around 700 AD and it -like Christianity- is based on the old testament.
    Well, their translation for it translated worship graven images into roughly ‘make images of either man or beast’.
    This is why (for example)Persian carpets have vines and flowers on them and Never show an animal or person, unlike European tapestries.
    (Trivial Pursuit Man away!)
    The upshot is -all these jackasses you see mobbing and ranting and burning Bush or carrying the ayatollah’s picture- they’re all comitting the very same ‘sin’ -the heathens…

    • TB, got the pic from here:

      Not saying these guys know what they’re showing, but maybe the Tamil’s aren’t up to speed on the whole “don’t draw the Muhammad dude” commandment. (I’m thinking of Robert Spencer’s reasoning why the SE Asian Muzzies tend to be so pacific is that most of them don’t understand the Koran.)

      Anywho, it’s my art and it’s Mohammad if I say so! (Plus I knew the Mohammad Cartoon with the bomb in his turban was copyrighted. I can’t get me NEA grant with copyrighted material!)

  11. A few notes for all above:

    1) No, that’s not real doo-doo. Thank this kid for the recipe:

    2) Don’t miss the point; this isn’t about offending Muzzies (though that’s a fun byproduct, for sure). It’s about pointing out what hypocritical cowards our self-assessed elites are–they celebrate offending Christians, whom they know will do them no harm, while falling all over themselves to condemn anything that’s remotely insulting towards Muzzies–whom they know will chop their heads off at the slightest provocation.

    They paid–meaning, we paid–some dude $15,000 to put a crucifix in a jar of his own urine and take a picture of it. But yet they’d no doubt find my copycat piece “hate speech.”

    God I hate them.

    And I’m not joking about applying for a grant from the NEA. I’m filling out the paperwork currently.

    • You can find anything on Youtube. It’s a clearing house for people who, I don’t know, for people… oh forget it.

    • I’ll be laughing all night, that was good. As a HS student Dinty Moore Beef stew mixed with Choc. milk and poured in drinking fountains was always fun.


    The same liberal whinners who yell bloody murder when their a increase in DEFENSE SPENDING are the same ones who appluade all the tax money spend by the notoroius NATIONAL ENDOWMENT for the ARTS to pay for such as PISS CHRIST or the VIRGIN MARY dont in elephant poo Frankly the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT for the ARTS needs to be totaly abolished

  13. Imam Bluto is offended……Imam Bluto has prayed to Allah for guidance and has received divine answers from Allah regarding your immediate health………..

    I am issuing a “Fatwa” on your infidel ass…..that’s right….you have insulted the prophet and must pay with your ass……..

    You are now be banned from having any pleasure with the field goats…….

    Your insults are so egregious that repenting and asking for forgiveness for your insults to our beloved prophet will not save you………

    Muhammad’s messengers of peace will come to visit you in the dead of night…….

    May a camel sit on your head and fart…… is Allah’s will…….

  14. Lawler Nicoteri says:

    Sorry. This is an insult to the Doo-Doo.

    • Wonderful depiction RedStaterNYC but remember what the Mohammedans did to Theo Van Gogh for courageously expressing his thoughts against the evil passages of the Koran?

      Every year the National Foundation of “Crap” goes out of it’s way to award marginally-talented “expressionists” who produce the most vial, vicious, cruel and anti-Christian themed art by a bunch of untalented liberal idiots, passing themselves off as artists! It should come as no surprise that most of these individuals tend to be homosexual and atheist with just a little too much time on their hands, and no real creative insight!

      What’s more, they have such a deep rooted hatred towards the Catholic church and are able to capitilize on their Christophbic animosity by desecrating holy Christian icons with the assistance of tax-payer funded money distributed by questionable sources and useless organizations such as the NFA and The MacArthur so-called “genius” award!

  15. Oh hell Red, they’re gonna have you on the news too,,,, Good one though!

  16. Red you should show it on a koran instead of a plate

  17. Hey Red! Glad to see you get it off your chest. It helped me too!

    Here is an example of art from the movie Ghost World (2001), and what critics can do to us. Steve Buscemi in a PC hell of a mess.

  18. I got to drop a mohammed and maybe wipe it with a koran

  19. It would be outstanding if huge ‘Poop Prophet’ posters were placed on every corner of our American cities and small towns! It would be especially pleasant if they were viewed worldwide, particularly in Muslim third-world countries. In their outrage and hysteria, the Muslims would probably kill each other and burn down their communities – kind of like what Blacks do when they don’t like something.