Seems the only thing left the ‘D’ side of the aisle has when it comes to trying to win congressional races and such, has come down to playing the race-card game once again…this time a progressive leftist Super Pac has decided that it’s the only way they can go at it at this stage of the game…they blatantly say as much. Methinks the ‘D‘ in democrat party now stands for ‘DESPERATION!’

Check this out…this is via TDC:

A top official at a liberal super PAC with the goal of eradicating tea partiers from Congress is telling activists that it’s more effective to label Republicans as racists than criticize their policies.

According to an audio recording obtained by The Daily Caller, Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold, the national campaign manager of the liberal CREDO super PAC, told a gathering of supporters in Aurora, Colo., on Sept. 8 that they’ve realized “policy did not move voters.”

He used Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King as an example.

“When we said that Steve King … is pro-life and believes in cutting Social Security and voted for the Ryan budget, no one cared,” Arnold said. “When we said Steve King’s a racist, Steve King believes that immigrants ought to be put in electric fences, people moved.”

“When you talk about the substance of a man’s character, people respond,” Arnold continued. “Believe it or not, that is not something politicians knew.”

CREDO super PAC, which did not immediately return a request for comment from The Daily Caller on Thursday, bills itself as a “political committee working to defeat ten of the most odious tea party members of Congress.”

Arnold made the comments while discussing the organization’s campaign against Colorado Republican Rep. Mike Coffman. The event at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse was billed as a gathering for “CREDO members and local activists to discuss our campaign to defeat Mike Coffman.”

Democratic candidate Joe Miklosi is challenging Coffman. Republicans reacted to Arnold’s comments by pouncing on Miklosi.

“The irony of this is that Miklosi repeatedly tries to paint Coffman as a radical, but he’s got a far, far left-wing group of crazies supporting him and helping his campaign,” said a Republican strategist familiar with the campaign. “Miklosi is masquerading as a moderate, but you can tell a lot about somebody by the company they keep.”

The super PAC’s strategy of trying to smear Republicans is evident with the nicknames they’ve given to the 10 members they are targeting this year: Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is “Queen of Crazy,” Florida Rep. Allen West is “Beyond Crazy,” Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh is “America’s Most Offensive Congressman,” and Iowa Rep. Steve King is “Paranoid Bigot.”

“We want to stop people who have hijacked our community, who have hijacked the national platform and who are advocating policies and saying things in public that embarrass us,” Arnold said.

Here’s some more recent proof of the above way of thinking, this time it’s Tammy Duckworth who’s running for congress in Illinois.

Democratic Congressional Candidate Tammy Duckworth played the race card at a local Islamic center recently.
Dhimmicrat Duckworth, wearing a head scarf and addressing a Muslim audience, told the crowd that minorities make whites uncomfortable.
You can read the story in full here…I highly recommend that you do, they also have an update to this.

So friends…what say you?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Gotta love these liberals trying to accommodate a sick religion that would behead them in a flash if they had a chance. They are like lemmings. We need to just guide them into the sea.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberals can blabber all they want about TOLLRENCE their the most intollernt bunch of reptiles around

  3. If the Republican party weren’t made up of so many spineless cowards then maybe the current landscape of our society would be much more different.

    Branding their conservative opponents as staunch racists has been the most effective tool in which the loony left has successfully implemented within the public discourse for the past 40 years.

    With a few exceptions, such as Allen West, Newt Gingrich and Joe Walsh, most prominent conservatives are just too willing in avoiding confrontation against their moronic liberal opponents lest they be tagged “racists”!

    Obama’s legacy along with his hollow presidency will forever be centered on race and his supporters will continue fabricating his inferior accomplishments to further legitimize his global importance!

    • Howdy renee…

      You can throw in Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Peter King, Michele Bachmann to that list of yours…there are a few others as well, just named those off the top of my head real quick while I had a minute. 😉

      Oh yeah…and hopefully we add Mayor Mia Love to those in congress too. ~

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      What all Republican/conservative leaders should do each time they are accused of being racists or any type of hater, or even simply, “out of touch”, is what Newt does: SHOUT THE ACCUSERS DOWN.

      The liberals, media, and even the 47% need to be shouted down.

      I’ve rarely myself been accused of being a racist but here are the two instances. Once, a young black man came into our place of business ostensibly as a customer. He ordered nothing but water and then after a while, began pontificating about what amounted to his victim status. Then, he accused us of being racist because of the flag on our wall….which is a Union Jack. He actually believed it was a Confederate flag. He began ranting so then we shouted him down—and threw him out.

      A few months later an old black man was trying to approach me on the street in midday in view of several of my neighbors. He was very drunk and also a stranger so I avoided him. He yelled that I wouldn’t talk to him because I was white. So, I got to a safe distance and shouted, “I’m not speaking to you because I don’t KNOW you!” My neighbors smiled and applauded. He tottered away.

      Sure, it may be dangerous for me. It is definitely politically dangerous for conservatives to speak the truth, which goes to show how upside down our country is. However, it’s essential for the survival of our nation that they fight back.

      I’ve never felt more supportive of a presidential candidate than I am for Romney. I’m even finding my liberal friends abandoning their attacks on him and instead attacking Republicans in general or even their own government. Win.

      • CG…

        Your very last word at the end of that great post sums it up!

        …and we will!

        • Cinnamon Girl says:

          I think that on SOME people the racist cry will work. However, many, many more people will vote for Romney because they believe in the good in him and have seen the bad in Dear Leader. All we have to do is ensure there are more of us than there are of them, fairly, honestly, patriotically. As upset as I can get from time to time, I have faith that most of America is awake, finally.

          • I’m like Bluto and many of us…this race-card game is way past old, it’s truly going to backfire on these simpleton leftists…starting with the head of the snake!

  4. The progressive left wing commies (democrats) just don’t have anything more to support their commie philosophy…..their arguments simply fall short……all they have left is the “”race card””……….

    I am a proponent of the left doubling down on the race card…..I hope they scream “”you are racists”” to the point of adnauseum ……I want them to stomp their feet screaming racism….shout it from the roof tops……make sure that all the electorate hears from them is you are racists if you don’t vote for Obongo……..

    the “”you are racists”” argument is old….real old….

    The turning point will come when the electorate will say “”We’ve had enough of your bullshit””…..

  5. Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota is called out, put in his place by little old Bill Maher on Muslim terrorists and the use of the Qur’an:

  6. Off topic. 200.000.000 more rounds of ammo for DHS. This time in .223 and .308 caliber. Yes, sniper rounds.

    BTW, this was posted at Drudge.

  7. Off-topic too…but check this out. ~

  8. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Is it just me or do the “comments” on this story/site look suspicious? Each comment begins with a supposed Republican wishing M.O. well in Chicago or whatever, and are then followed up with about three liberals freaking out. I think the “Republican” comments are faked. What say you?

    • I don’t know if the repubs are faked or not, I used to comment there so many years back I can’t recall…it was after Poltico first started. I wanted to because I knew full well all the lib characters that started this up beforehand…so I knew it was going to be nothing but a left wing rag/blog. Now, back to your question…did you notice that after each four comments they have where you can click to where there are plenty more to follow. I think they may have set it up that way so you could to section by section for the blog post instead of having all the comments in one continuous thread type thing.

      Oh well…who knows. 😉

      Btw…who the heck is ever going to buy Jodi Kantor’s book about Mooch in the first place?

  9. Cinnamon Girl says:

    I didn’t notice the additional comments were hidden for abbreviation purposes so thanks for pointing that out. Still, the “Rep” ones look fake to me. The Dems will do anything to make conservatives look angry, mean, and vindictive.

    As for the M.O. book, I can’t see it being a very big seller, either.

    • It could be…or it could they decided to start these sections with real repubs expressing their views and then following up with the typical lib attack after that to get to click on the rest of the comments in each sections….who knows with these libs at Politico…I quit going there years ago, unless it’s for some info I want to read/follow-up or post about type of thing.

      I put nothing past the sleaze of this blog rag…nothing.

  10. You guys make me laugh. You sit there whining on here whilst we do practically what we want with your country.. and youre too scared to do anything about it!
    Can you imagine if you fat whiteys got off your asses and tried taking over a Muslim country from the inside? Didnt think so….
    Youre too cowardly to defend your own country. No wonder the whole world views you as weak, appeasing and ready to be toppled. Carry on whining fat boys.. youre making this easy!

    • Looking forward to a war with all of Islam……..

    • And you can stick your prophet up your ass asshole………

    • ahem, so your name is Ali? LOL sure it is…

      I smell a liberal white trash occupooper troll who thinks his identity deception is clever and is making a political point… its not.
      Now go take a bath….

      “you sit there whining on here whilst we do practically what we want with your country”
      Hmmmmm does anyone else here find his prose to be familiar?

  11. We are armed to the teeth asshole……It’s you stupid towel-heads that have to come out of the 7’th century and get your stupid Muslim asses into the 21’st century……

    Your so god damn backwards it isn’t funny………

  12. Bluto…

    You said it all for me…’nuff said. ~