Dudes and Dudettes…I don’t know about you, but I’m past sick and tired of this administration going around the world apologizing to every Tom, Dick and Harry for our country’s right for the First Amendment and free speech. We all know Dear Leader’s been doing that from the day he came on the scene politically. This time he and Shrillary have apologized to Pakistan…anyone surprised?

Here’s one report…this is via FN:

Marked by the U.S. Embassy seal, advertisements condemning an anti-Islam video appeared on Pakistani television on Thursday in an apparent attempt to undercut anger against the United States, where the film was produced. Hundreds of youths, however, clashed with security officials as they tried in vain to reach the embassy in Islamabad amid anger in many countries over the film’s vulgar depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

The advertisements appear to be an effort by the U.S. government to dampen chaos surrounding the film and undo some of the damage to America’s image in the Muslim world. Violence linked to the movie has left at least 30 people in seven countries dead, including the American ambassador to Libya. Two people have died in protests in Pakistan.

The television ads in Pakistan feature clips of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during press appearances in Washington in which they condemned the video. Their words were subtitled in Urdu.

“We absolutely reject its content and message,” said Clinton in the advertisement.

A caption on the ad reads: “Paid Content.”

The advertisements end with the seal of the American Embassy in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital. It was not known how many channels were airing the ads or whether they were being run in other Muslim countries or just Pakistan.

You can read much more about this here.

The people we have in power running this country are nothing but a despicable, deplorable disgrace…starting from the ‘Head of the Snake‘ on down! We all know the video had nothing to do with these attacks…that’s already been proven, yet they keep lying through there teeth! This administration is one giant embarrassment to this country…and worldwide, simple as that!

This alone should be reason enough for every red-blooded American to vote come Nov. 6th! I’ve had my fill of the enemy within…how about you?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Just read this, even O’s useless idiot admits it was terrorist attacks today…check it out.


    Backtracking now!

    Btw…you can be sure this administration will toast their own ad they put out to Pakistan sometime soon.


    Screw obama and his fellow appoligists and their darn sniveling time has come to end all relations with those nations ended our pepenency on OPEC drilled off the coast and in the ANWR and told the greens to GO KISS A POLARBEAR

  3. Big Dave in Texas says:

    What a crock of shit! Our ‘Traitor & Chief’ is on the way out come November.

  4. Has it not become obvious by now that Muslims are no friend to America or any Western, civilized nation? The so-called ‘radical’ Muslims attack us in some form every day while the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims say and do nothing. What will it take for Americans to wake up and fight back?

    We ought to use every weapon in our arsenal to somehow fight back, and this includes the following: (1) Spreading pamphlets discrediting and mocking their pedophile prophet, Muhammad; (2) Put up large posters depicting Muhammad in the most comical and demeaning manner; (3) Refuse to do business with Muslim-owned businesses; (4) Shun Muslims and make it clear in your expression that you want nothing to do with them. Make them feel that they are not wanted. Make them sense that you disapprove of their murderous religion; (5)Tell others privately and even publically the little known facts of their intolerant religion.

    I’m NOT suggesting we physically attack Muslims or harm them in any such manner. But I am urging Americans to STOP the smiles, the kind gestures, the expressions of ‘tolerance’ toward them and anything that makes them feel welcome! We’ve got to start fighting back, and we might as well start along these lines. Whether we like it or not, the fight has been brought to us and we defend ourselves or we will find their boots on our necks threatening to kill us unless we submit to their pagan moon-god.

  5. “America is the greatest country in the world ( crowd cheers ) and in November we are going to change that” ( crowd cheers louder )

    _Barack Obama 2008

    • I heard today that DC is already getting prepared for Inauguration Day…there in the process of building all the need to do before Jan….I can’t wait! – Hit the Road Jack! comes to mind. ~

      • Yeah, too bad we couldn’t expel his marxist ass from the country after the election and send all of his worshipers with him…imagine what it would be like to be free of the infestation of liberalism and the parasites their ideology breeds

  6. Did Barry and Hillary take this advice?!


    Romney confronting Obama?!


  7. I’m beyond weary in regards to this truly inept and inefficient administration!

    This man who transfered his Chicago-style, community organizing tactics onto center stage within the halls of the United States Presidency has forever tarnished the legacy of our entire nation!

    In the name of diversity and the lowering our once traditional standards, a number of brain-dead voters literally allowed this clown “in brown-face” to transform our nation into a third world enclave, where “nearly everyone is equal”. Irrespective of course of your level of education, religious beliefs and technical skill!

    Any kind of vicious attacks which are deliberately directed towards our country, preferably from the Middle East, are met immediately with a barrage of shameless apologies and penitential genuflections!

    Yet, everytime you turn on the television, there they are, Hussein’s drooling and mesmerized foot soldiers (both on the left & right) in the media reminding the viewers of the latest contrived poll alerts!
    “Newsflash”; “Obama ahead of Romney in swing states”! “Obama pulling ahead in key battleground states”! “Obama miraculously raises Ted Kennedy from the dead”!

    On and on again, day after day these journalistic idiots who spent nearly 4 and half years in accredited universities obtaining higher degrees just so that they can sit before a telepromptor and spew off a multitude of weekly, pre-written and biased scripts!

    Nevermind the fact that they’re fully aware of the fact that they’re contributing to our cultural demise while defending this “global, groveling demagogue”, whose just a hop and a skip away in recreating the United States into Saudi America!

  8. Anyone see the hypocrisy here?


    True Colors shining thru all the way ’round when it comes to this administration with Dear Leader at the lead…what more do we need for proof?

  9. Personally I’m past sick and tired of this arrogant lying impostor we have in the White House who accepts no responsibility for anything, much less the downward spiral of America. This administration actually considers it a success when millions of Americans are forced on food stamps for their survival… as Nancy Pelosi said, food stamps are a sure way to get the economy going… another stupid moron belonging to the Democrat Party.

    Obummer certainly lashed out at Bush when the deficit hit nine trillion, but now says on Letterman that it is only a short term problem and claims not to know what the deficit really is… hey Mr. Moron, try sixteen trillion which you are solely responsible.

    Obama is also responsible for the death of Chris Stevens… what moron along with his administration would not increase security around the world during the week of 9/11… that’s right, I’m calling the stinking ass president a moron and incompetent prez like America has never seen and will hopefully never see again.

    Remember “Hope and Change” who would make the oceans rise and fall at his demand, and who claimed his election as president would guarantee the world would love America… someone needs to stick a hot poker up this presidents ass and bring him back to reality… a president doesn’t run to Las Vegas campaigning while our embassies burn around the world.

    Turn out November 6th… vote this impostor out of office so America can heal from the damage this current administration has inflicted upon us.

    • I’m with ya Paul…in every single respect!

      We must vote this evil empty-suit out come Nov. along with this filthy administration too…I’ve been fuming for days now, some days I can’t take much more. These critters are burn-out material to ones mind. I’ve never seen anything like what we’ve witnessed since he’s been in office…I pray I never do again in my lifetime.

  10. More lies!


    Intentional lies too…we’re not all dumb out here in the real world!

  11. Don’t know if many of you care for Bolton or not..but he speaks his mind here. ~


    • I’d kind like to see Bolton as Sec. of State under Romney. He does not have a Stoop and Bow, Grovel attitude. I believe he would make history as Sec. of State. He is Pro America, something unheard of in this administration.

      • I would too…he might clean it up some as well, which would be a much needed huge undertaking in-itself!

        Seriously though…I’d like to see the State Dept. gone, it’s a useless waste of time and money…among other things I don’t have the time to get into, but I’m sure you get my drift.

  12. West speaks his mind about this last night…


  13. The only apology Ovomit owes is to the American people for deceiving them into believing that he could be president. His miserably failed “presidency” has ruined this country, almost beyond recognition. His inept mogrel ass should be tried for treason.

  14. Bush Burned Us says:

    Ignorant American Imperialists like the members of this site are the reason we have to appologize constantly. Bush’s little war for Daddy/oil did a lot of harm to an already damaged world view of America. I suppose you all subscribe to a revisionist history that doesn’t see that the guns being used against our troups in Afganistan came from us. If we keep to our own we don’t have to apologize/fight for our lives later.

    • Oh, I see…it’s Bush’s fault…again!

      Sorry, Dear Leader and Crew own this…period! – Deal with it!

    • @Bush Burned Us There may be some truth to what you say, but may I advise you to couch your comments in a different and not so hostile manner? Name calling will only get you shunned and ridiculed. If you read comments on this page for a period of time, and not just as a drive by, you will discover that there are many of us who vehemently disapprove of what ‘Dubya’ did in his eight years at the helm.

      Iraq was a disaster. DHS, TSA, Patriot Act,… I could go on…

      Play nice, and you may be surprised.

    • Oh no!!!!!!!!!!! did Obama and his administration let more guns walk into Afghanistan??????

      Guess America wouldn’t have to go for Daddy/oil if you Dims would step aside and let the oil companies drill in the U.S.

      • Love ya Paul…perfect response! 😉

      • Is the US not providing weapons to the Afghan ‘Police’? Just asking because I am not sure of it. I was quite surprised when Bush decided to deploy troops to Iraq. As far as I could tell, the terrorists were not headquartered there. The TSA, DHS, and the Patriot Act opened the door for all manner of governmental shenanigans.

        I don’t miss ‘Dubya’ yet.

    • 79firebirdman says:

      Yeah, everything’s always Bush’s fault ain’t it. This is AWD, not dailykook or puffho. We don’t subscribe to that mental diarrhea here. Sorry.

      • I’ve noticed this person hasn’t been back since he/she posted this. Nothing like trollsters…always amusing at times.

  15. Malkin lays it on the line…a must read!


  16. Chik-Fil-A caves in to the ‘Gay Mafia’.


    Guess I’ll get my chicken sammich somewhere else.

  17. Everything is on topic.


    Read this from Moonbattery, it’s a new Obama flag. Notice the comparison they make in the story. I’m exploding over this one!

    • Saw that earlier today everywhere…anyone surprised? Desecrating the flag is nothing new with him, or the left. That alone speaks volumes about the POS we’re gonna kick out of office…soon. ~

    • I heard this today on the radio. I should have paying closer attention to my work, because I scrapped two parts I was working on. My boss was not happy. I’ll probably leave the headphones in the toolbox tomorrow. :(

      • Oh lawdy…I hope that you’re not serious about you possibly losing your job, you’ve finally found some hard-working, hard fought for peace for awhile in your life when it comes to employment for the time being. ~

        • I don’t think I’ll get fired over it, unless I repeat it a few more times. But you never know. He’s Latino, as is everyone else who works there, and I’m the token Gringo. Don’t know if affirmative action is in play yet for us Cracka’s. I’d be just as happy being a house painter. LOL

          • Yeah, after I reread what you posted I took what you said the wrong way…I realized that you meant you’d better not be listening to El Rushbo and such while on the job…was hoping you’d respond. I feel better about it all the way ’round. ~ (for you)

          • Thanks Big. Things went better today. My employer is really a fairly decent fellow. When I started there in January, I was commuting every day. Almost twenty miles one way. Bus, train, bicycle. My right knee got so bad that I could not walk without a cane. I was hobbling around the shop and in a lot of pain.

            Another guy that works there buys and sells cars on the side, and he had a 1999 Chevy Tracker for sale. My boss lent me some money to help me buy it. I’ve since paid him back of course, but he was cool about it. The stuff I have been working on is fairly complicated, and I think he understands if sometimes things don’t go the way one would want.

          • Good news to my ears…sounds like you have a great boss when it comes right down to it, and he has a great employee.

            Not being short…just some things going on in my life that are important to me. ~


  18. Cinnamon Girl says:

    The apologies from Dear Leader and Shrillary are sincere. They really are sorry about America, Americans, freedom of speech, capitalism, and for being a superpower. They wish for America to be weak, fully socialist or worse, and controlled from without and within. Since they cannot seem to destroy America fast enough, they’re asking for aid from our enemies.

    In America, their constant emphasis on diversity has the effect of dividing and conquering. Class warfare, racial agitation, and a full-on attack on the American Dream, perpetrated by our Democrat leaders since Wilson and FDR, has resulted in a torn country. Creating “have-nots” by the millions, they’ve succeeded in a permanent underclass who are elevated on moral pedestals as society’s saints.

    With the media, universities, unions, filthy-rich leftists like Soros, and Hollywood celebrities complicit in this attack, we are headed straight for oblivion. Votes have been bought and paid for with our tax dollars through social engineering, which is not at all dissimilar to the way foreign dictators like Saddam Hussein, Castro, Ahmedinijad, and Chavez, got into power.

    We are already so much like the countries receiving these apologies it’s a wonder why they still disdain us. But, like Limbaugh said, constantly reminding the world that we still have the freedom to criticize their “prophet” ensures the continuation of protests and attacks.

    The only thing B.O. and H.C. are sorry for is that we are not (yet) exactly like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, and Egypt.

  19. I know every one here is upset over Obongo and the rest of his ilk bowing and apologizing to the Arab savages……….As reprehensible as it is…I say……Go for it obongo…….

    Apologize for every thing Obongo…….tell the world we are an arrogant people who have done the rest of the world wrong…..and you are going to set things right by first apologizing for the American people to the rest of the world…..to every one in the world……

    That’s right Obongo, I support your apologizing for us Americans for all the wrongs we have committed against every culture in the world……Tell the world we are an arrogant people and we deserve to be punished, Obongo…….

    I support your bowing to every Saudi King and you should do it more and more…..with every one, with every foreign leader that you come in contact with Obongo……

    I think you should double-down on your bowing and apologizing for us Americans, Obongo……Double-down……

    Make sure you double-down on your bowing and your aplogizing right up to November 6th……


  20. The apologies are a cover for the real truth…….http://theulstermanreport.com2.....-benghazi/

  21. …and then we have clueless twits like this ~


    Oh my gosh…since I posted above link, check out what Gov. Perry did to twits like Alba and Debbie Downer!


    I’m still laughing! 😉


    Nope. I am still waiting for his apology to the American people.

  23. Secret Service investigat a Texas man for lynching a chair in his front yard………

    This is protected by the first amendment you god damn secret service dicks……its called…Freedom of Speech……


  24. Wow the most difficult interview Mr. Obama has had too date was from…. A spanish speaking news program on Univision. The MSM should take a lesson or two from Jorge Ramos, he asks some good stuff and actually calls the president out on some of his BS.

    Looks out CNN, MSNBC, ABS, CBS, you to FOX. If they start national news instead of concentrating on hispanic issues and then sub this and put it on cable I would watch it over any of the alphabet crap they air now.

    Link to the story below:

    • I don’t have much time at the moment…but boy, oh boy did you ever hit the nail on the head, I’ve read plenty of different stories/vids on different sites on and off this afternoon, Dear Leader was toasted all the way around…and mean that as in ‘he’s burnt toast’…and he did it to himself! – Loved it all!

      Please Dear Leader…keep opening your arrogant pie-hole and sticking your filthy foot in it when you do so!

  25. I am still waiting for the one apology that is deserved; the one he owes every American.

    I’m waiting….

  26. Truly amazing!!!!!!!… Obama blames guns going south (Fast & Furious) on previous administration.


  27. Once again (3 minute mark) Obummer blames evil Republicans for breaking his promise.


    • Been following what happened too today with Dear Leader…ya gotta love it, he’s shooting himself in the foot!

      • BT,

        First time today that I’ve even heard of Univision… they sure as hell kick the everliving shit out of U.S. media.

        • Oh heck, I’ve heard of them for years, msDNC has had this guy that’s the head of it on a lot in the past, it’s going to be rather amusing to see them try to spin what happened with Dear Leader manana. 😉

  28. I’m not only sick of the apologies, I’m sick of them being taken at face value as apologies. These apologies are actually bald-faced lies that have nothing to do with being sorry for doing something wrong. People like Obama and Clinton have no morals, principles or ethics. It doesn’t bother them to lie. They prefer it in fact because the more and bigger lies they can get away with the easier it is for them to achieve their evil agenda.

    The original leftist lie is that God doesn’t exist and that “smart, progressive” people can be Gods. A more recent leftist lie is that nonWhites are equal to Whites. Since EVERYTHING is based on that lie now in our politically-correct paradigm, most statements of policy and ideology now have to be lies in order to rationalize and support the original lies. Everything our politicians are saying right now are lies.

    It is particularly disgusting to see that coward Romney pandering to the lively, vibrant, diverse savages of the Hispanic lobby. We have no friends in this election.

  29. Hellyeah, I’m sick and tired of Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton apologizing to those Aram nations for every thing we represent and stand for. I’m sick and tired of the snivelling “condemnations” of that film they are talking about, which damn few people have even seen. And I’m REALLY sick and tired of dumb-ass diplomats and ambassadors making up the rules under which Marines who are assigned to protect them, operate. Diplomats have no idea how to secure a place, or harden it up, or defend it, or how to protect someone. No idea whatsoever. And they make up these rules of engagement? They decide if Marines are even present at the embassy or not? Like Hell. I’ve had enough.

  30. RidinShotgun says:

    Although he will not be one of the reporters asking the questions during the debates, I would pay $100.00 to see Brit Hume ask Obongo the following; “Mr. President for seven years under the Bush administration the then President made it clear what was going to happen to anyone who engaged in actions against this country. For the four years of your administration, you’ve gone out of your way to do the opposite, I.E. the Fort Hood shooting was not a terrorist attack, but an example of workplace violence, etc. Given that and with your administration going out of their way to not only insist that what’s going on in the middle east at this moment are NOT terrorist attacks against our country/interests and, given the fact that you and members of your administration have apologized for and not defended the first amendment rights we enjoy in this country with regards to this “film” you keep insisting is the reason for all of the trouble – Mr. President the question must be asked – who’s side are you on?

  31. Look how well the apologies from Dear Leader are working out ~


  32. Speaking of Dear Leader in above link…check out what he had to say here.


    He’s insane!

  33. They should apologize for the fact that they have lazy ass losers that support them and their bullshit….Makes the entire country look bad!As long as they have handouts the entitlment crown will kiss their ass no matter how many apologies they make…

  34. Sandra Bourassa says:

    These two baffoons, panetta, dempsey, so many others in this cowardly administration are exactly why my son (who wanted to be career military) has submitted his paperwork to get out of the military. Indeed, he said there are quite a few who are doing the same. Very little confidence from the military in our “leaders.”

    • Wow SB…can’t say that I blame your son or any others who are doing the same as he.

      We thank him for our neck of the woods for his service to our country…like you say, the leaders we have in power are now are past evil, some don’t know what the heck they’re doing and many in congress are to blame as well.

      Wishing him the best in the future. ~

  35. Now Shrillary’s backtracking!