Lies, lies and more lies! Rush Limbaugh had much to say today when it comes to Dear Leader and his constant daily spin on facts, as well as what he considers outright lies from the past to the present. To cut to chase he stated Dear Leader is a serial, pathological liar…and much more. He hit the nail directly on the head and slammed it directly down! This is one segment of his show you’ve got to hear if you didn’t have the chance to listen.

First up….here’s a summary via WND:

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Rush Limbaugh, the top-rated radio host in America, is now calling President Obama “a serial liar” who is “delusional” and “pathological” in fabrications being told by his administration.

“Barack Obama is a serial liar, and I think it’s time to call him out on this,” Limbaugh said Wednesday afternoon.

His analysis began with the Obama administration’s claim the recent onslaught against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was in response to an anti-Muslim movie on YouTube.

Libyan President Mohamed Magarief said the film had “nothing to do” with the attack.

“Reaction should have been, if it was genuine, should have been six months earlier. So it was postponed until the 11th of September,” Magarief told NBC News. “They chose this date, 11th of September to carry a certain message.”

Limbaugh said, “They have lied to us for a week about this video. Obama went to the U.N. yesterday and made most of his speech or quite a large part of his speech about this video, which even now, nobody has ever seen. All they’re doing is promoting it. All they’re doing is giving others who want to be agitated by it an excuse to be.”

When pondering why Obama and his administration would lie, Limbaugh had a hard time coming up with an explanation.

“I’m not a liar. I can’t explain them,” he said.

“It’s pathological, it’s the same as trying to explain Bill Clinton. These people construct with all of their lies an actual reality they live in. I think they tell the lie so often – it’s the definition of a pathological liar, you believe the lies that you tell. It is a sickness. And this is just the latest illustration of Obama as a serial liar.”

Limbaugh then analyzed Obama’s economic claims, noting Obama on “60 Minutes” blamed his predecessor, President George W. Bush, for the rising U.S. debt.

“The fact is Obama is responsible for 5 and a half trillion dollars in debt in just four years,” he said.
“Bush had nothing to do with it. That doesn’t even count what’s coming with Obamacare. I’m not denying that Bush was a big spender, but the debt that we’ve got now, 5 and a half trillion dollars of it, took place in the last three and a half years with Obama at the helm. It’s his. He owns it, he broke it.”

Limbaugh said the U.S. is headed for an economic collapse if something doesn’t change:

“It’s difficult to pinpoint when, but it’s going to happen. This is unsustainable. This kind of spending, and this kind of debt and the debt service cannot continue and at the same time have a thriving and growing private-sector economy. Now Obama gets away with these statements which come fast and frequently, but there’s something not right about this. These lies just flow out of his mouth and off of his lips as naturally as a baby’s cries.”

He continued: “I don’t know if it’s purposeful, if he’s delusional or if it’s strategic. It could be a combination of those things. He’s running commercials in battleground states claiming that Romney’s tax plan would increase taxes on the middle class by $2,000. There’s nothing, there’s not a single thing in Romney’s tax plan that raises taxes on the middle class. Romney cut taxes by 20 percent. He doesn’t raise taxes on anybody. It’s Obama who’s going to be raising taxes. Obama is in effect, what he’s doing, is taking what his policies are going to be, his future policies, and what his policies have been and he’s simply saying that they’re Romney’s. It’s an artful attempt at … transference … you take what you’re doing and take what you’ve done and blame it on the other guys, as though you haven’t even been president for three and a half years. And you’ve got a supportive media out there helping to spread the lies.”

Limbaugh called Obama delusional with the president’s claim he has created some 4.5 million jobs since taking office in 2009.

“It’s absurd,” Limbaugh said. “The math doesn’t work out. There aren’t any jobs being created on a net basis. We’re losing jobs. There are more people unemployed today than there were when Obama took office. There are over 2 and half million fewer jobs to be had in this country since Obama took office. This idea that there’s job growth? That Obama’s created jobs? He wouldn’t know how to create a job if he had to. He wouldn’t know how to GET a job if he had to.

“You have to ignore all the people who’ve lost their jobs. You have to ignore all the people who have dropped out of the workforce. The net figure, when everything is factored in, the best I’ve been able to find is 1.3 million jobs lost. A universe of over 2 million jobs that have just gone away, not jobs that were filled, just jobs from the universe of jobs, the labor-force participation rate. It’s down by 2 million. And it’s even worse when you consider that in four years, the working population of the country has increased by 8 million or so.”

“Obama hasn’t created anything. What’s happened is destruction,” he concluded.

“So many Americans are literally fearful, literally scared of the future.”

Friends, I don’t know about you…but I agreed with every single word he had to say today. I’m hoping more and more that speak for our side of the aisle of any venue do as he did today…you have to call a spade a spade when it comes to politics, after-all…it isn’t called a ‘Blood-Sport‘ for nothing!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Anti-Libtard says:

    Mr. Obama is a Muslim I have no doubt, this is the root of all his lies. He doesn’t believe it’s a problem, it advances his mission/cause. If you notice, when he does travel to an Arab nation i.e. Saudi Arabia he doesn’t travel with his wife, he bows to Arab leaders, not to say he is equal but because he is a Muslim and that is the custom. The Arabs regard him as a Muslim since his father was; Obama perpetuates and validates this every day. Again, he doesn’t lie to make political points he lies because that is his agenda, the destruction of America and it’s Christian heritage and ideals.

    • Speaking of bowing to the Saudi’s…check this out!

      • I don’t recall where I first saw this, but it’s telling. Not only because the Saudis likely financed his education, among other things, like numerous trips abroad, take a look at the guys with the napkins on their heads. They look quite pleased, with themselves. This bow is akin to a Mafia capo kissing the ring of the Don.

        Chairman Zero has been bought and paid for by the Saudi King. He sold his soul to the Devil decades ago. Of course I can’t prove it, but look at the last four years.

        “If the political winds should turn ugly, I will stand with the Muslims”. Barack Hussein Obama.

        It was always there in plain sight for anyone who would look, Barack Hussein Obama. It’s all in the name.

      • Want to know why Chicago Jeebus didn’t intervene in the Iran protests while the Mullahs hit men were merrily murdering civilians? Because Valerie Jarret told him not to. Another little nugget I caught in the link you posted from Gateway Pundit was that VJ was born in Iran. Maybe it was common knowledge, but I didn’t know it.

        This whole thing smells and you can trace the stench all the way to Saudi Arabia.

        • Yeah, she and her family ties go to Iran….I’ve posted about that here and there over time with a few links now and then. I imagine you were working or not on the computer during these times…nevertheless, you know now…maybe others as well.

          We all need to be aware…no doubt about that. ~

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Hey we all know that liberals are serial liars since they choose to be liberals they choose to lie big time

    • I don’t think all Libturds are serial liars, they are followers of Charismatic Serial Liars, much as Hitlers followers were of him. That makes them dangerous. The Republican Party has done a damned poor job of pointing this out. They try to be civil and there is nuthin civil about leftists trying to take over this country using racial and class warfare. Rush was the first big time right wing talker to call “O” out for the deliberate liar he is. The media is in the same category as “O” and Bill Clinton”, liars to a man or women as may be. Liberalism has been a mental problem for a long time and will continue and will infect more and more people as time passes unless the opposition cleans its own house of wretched F$cks like Bill Kristol, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, David Frum and others of their ilk. They are serial liars also because its profitable for them to do as they do. Politics in America is a Blood Sport. You are either in it to cut the other Blokes heart out and and spike it or get the f$ck outta the way and outta the game. If the Repos don’t do something soon we will have 3 parties, Communists, Repos, and The Tea Party. Sorry for rant… kinda.

      • Nothing wrong with you rant…I agree with it in spades. You don’t know how many links I’ve had saved in the past regarding the RINOs you mentioned from Noonan, Kristol on down. You hit the nail on the head for me…period.

      • Of course the RINO’s have done a poor job of pointing this out… they are ALL about the status quo. Why call the liars out when thier pockets are full with the 30 pieces of silver…

        Most of the posters here will attack me for saying this but I smell another John McLame moment coming on when Romney says “I will not resort to personal attacks against the president” It is personal, and this RINO refuses to get his hands dirty by pointing out that Obama is a serial liar.

        He is not willing to fight for the Presidency what makes you think he will fight for US? What a gutless bitch… I have tried to be positive with the “anyone but obama” approach but Romeny seems to be pulling a McLame and just rolling over handing the keys to the kingdom back to this muslim usurper. His lack of “fire in the belly” makes me wonder if its all staged… aside from the likes of Allen West, Newt, Rush and a handful of others.. the GOP seems to be one nutless bunch.

        • Vince,I hate to say it but I think you are right.Don’t get me wrong I’m still going to vote for Romney only because another 4 yrs.of Obama just scares the hell out of Me.But between the idiot people and the lying MSM.I’m thinking We are going to lose this election again.With everything that Obungle touches going to shit I’m simply amazed that this race is still this close.This sure is not the same once great country I loved

          • Yeah, I will do my duty and vote for Romney while holding my nose but I have a feeling that it will be a wasted trip… the problem with this country is we have more takers than makers and the dems appeal to them. Its simple math and the left has figured it out.. in short, we are surounded by idiots.

            If Obama wins again its all over for this country. Imagine this America hating marxist POS with four more years and without having to worry about re-election. IF.. IF.. he wins re-election we will see the REAL Obama that sat in Jeremiah Wrights church for over 20 years, we will see the real Obama that was mentored by KNOWN domestic terrorist, we will see the real Obama that was raised in Indonesia as a muslim… a second term WILL be a nightmare and “fundamentally transform” America as we know it. An angry marxist dictator without restraint…

            So yes… I WILL vote and encourage everyone that I know to vote for Romney but it feels like we are being duped. He is not really trying to win. There is no sense of urgency in him. Our very way of life is at stake and he is slapping with a limp wrist while Obama and his acolytes are throwing haymakers with brass knuckles.

            I just wish we had someone with a big set of stones to punch the left in the mouth everytime they lied.. no apologies, no backtracking, no sugar coating it, just blunt no holds barred truth kicking them in the nuts everytime they opened thier mouths to spread thier lies and propaganda.. instead we get Mr nice guy, Romney. Look how that worked out for us last time.

          • Vince,

            Don’t forget about 2010 elections… biggest one time turnover in power to any party since 1932. The economy is now is worse shape than 2010… people are hurting financially and they know Obama has done absolutely nothing to help the economy. Remember all those shovel ready jobs Obummer promised… then he joked about it, saying the shovel ready jobs were not so shovel ready. This prez is incompetent to say-the-least and everybody except the moochers know it… don’t buy into the polls as they told us the same bullshit in 2010 when we handed Dims their asses on a silver platter.

  3. Here’s a great report that everyone should check out…it proves what many of us have known already, it also coincides with what Rush said about Dear Leader being a ‘Serial Liar!’

    • I assume there is a link to the ‘great report’. 😉

      • Sorry ’bout that…thanks for letting me known. 😉

        • Figured you were busy baking a pie, or some other multi-tasking. LOL Be sure to take time for yourself Big, R&R or some such. There many soldiers in the AWD Army.

          @Secret Service; The above is purely metaphor, but you already know that don’t you? :)

          • Well…as far as multi-tasking, my hubby is home sick today, so been busy taking care of him type of thing. (Sure hope I don’t catch the flu he seems to have.)

          • Well, take care of your priorities, and get Mr. Bigtimer back to feeling well.

          • Btw…whether you believe me or not, I thought of you today when Rush was calling Dear Leader a ‘Serial Liar’…and you mentioning you had better start leaving your ear phones in your tool box…so thought in case you missed it…you might enjoy what he said too.

          • Hehe. I heard the whole show today. What I’ve been doing the last couple of days only requires half my brain. ‘El Jeffe’ has gone to Spain for a month, his country of origin. So things around the shop will be a bit more relaxed for a while. And of course I believe you, it’s nice to be thought of. :)

          • Hey, that’s good news for you for a month…happy for ya. Also glad you got to catch what he said as well.

    • It’s funny in a gallows humor sort of way that the ‘intelligence officials’ describe it as a fire fight when the Marines had no ammunition in their weapons.

  4. Rushbo laid it all out straight and simple today. We can sum it all up by saying this: If Obama stays, then the American way of life goes.

  5. Here you go. This VJ’s connection to Iran.

    • I caught that a day or two ago. The alledged $40,000 in student debt could be easily faked. The Saudis put Empty Chair-man Zero into the white house.

  6. America has never seen calcultaed propaganda like we are seeing on this level. Non-stop disinformation, misinformation, attacks, slander and inuendo, lies, twist, and on and on add nauseum. They are now pushing for sensory imput overload. This is designed to break down the psyche of the American public.

    • Exactly right…but they’re making a huge mistake, we won’t be broken at all! They all seem to want to forget what happened in the ’10 midterms…hell, they ain’t seen nothing yet!

      • I agree. I think this election is going to resemble Reagan’s defeat of Carter in 1980. I also think that Romney is going to govern much the same as President Reagan did, he is going to smooth out our economy and unite with Israel against these islamic scum and if it leads to war then we will show the world just what it means to awaken the sleeping giant- again!

        • Totally agree with you as well skull…glad to see this from someone else. I refuse to be so skeptical and pessimistic. Granted, Romney is going to be left a mess the likes of which this country hasn’t seen since her beginning in many respects…and we all know what the msm will do to him from Day One…but I feel we have a man that is going to toil to bring this country back off the cliff we’re hanging on now. We must elect all the conservatives we can in election after election to save this great nation once and for all…we need a strong, determined leader at the helm to guide us along the way, I do feel Romney is that man at this stage of the game.

        • Gawd, I hope you are right….Im so sick of Obama and his ilk

          • Sick of ‘O’ is right…when in the heck hasn’t he been stuffed in our faces via the Boob-Tube etc…enough already! I’ve never seen anything like what the msm had done for their messiah…ever.

  7. CYA time…Shrillary blathered this today.

    How dumb do the left really think we all are?

    I cannot wait until we are rid of these destructive enemies within once and for all come Nov. – What a mess they’ve left…the likes of which this nation has never seen.

  8. Check this out!

    They think we’d never know…what a bunch of clueless leftist destroyers!