President Sharia said today in his message:

“I have made it clear that the United States has a profound respect for people of all faiths. We stand for religious freedom. And we reject the denigration of any religion — including Islam.”

Funny how Obama and Clinton, with their deep and profound respect for religion, haven’t shown any! Think Obama’s little stone-cold heart is bleeding because the musical “The Book Of Mormon” ridicules the Mormon Church? When will he denounce the creators of the show’s producers to stop “the denigration” of Mormonism? Has he requested YouTube review the videos of the musical to verify if it meets YouTube’s high standards of conduct? Nahhhhhh!

Sure, Obama rejects the denigration of religion. Especially Islam. In fact, exclusively Islam. Two reasons. First, Obama looooves himself some Islam and hates him some America. Second, Islam is the only “religion” in the world that goes ape-sh*t at the drop of an infidel hat. That and they want to use America’s poison of political correctness against us to make America weaker still. So every time Muslims kill American soldiers or blow up embassies, our “leaders” fall all over themselves apologizing to savages and encouraging more violence by constantly referring to Islam as the “religion of peace.” What they must hear are two simple words….”no more!”

Now the call from America’s leaders is to limit the criticism of religion (read: Islam). And don’t think that is too far down the road, either. Unless Americans show the world we will never submit to limits on freedom of speech, you can see where all this is headed. Because limits on criticism of religion can easily be expanded to restrictions on criticizing the government or elected officials. And so on.

Political correctness is an ad hoc, self-imposed restriction on the First Amendment the vast majority of Americans do not dare to violate. The ridicule and consequences can be too great for most to bear.

Remember in the movie Animal House when Otter said, “it’s time a really stupid gesture be done on someone’s part?” Well, now is the time that a really stupid gesture be done on Islam’s part. Muslims around the world must learn and accept Americans have freedom of speech and if Islam is to play a part in the West (which it cannot and should not), it has to get used to the idea of our First Amendment. Of course, we know that too many Muslims in the Middle East are basically savage, brutal thugs brainwashed by a backwards ideology so Islam adapting to Western freedoms can never be. No, Muslims much prefer to conquer. What’s the stupid gesture to be done on Islam’s part? I don’t know but am willing to listen to ideas. But it needs to be massive and one where millions of Americans can participate. Americans cannot submit to a forced respect of a brutal “religion” that considers murder and destruction as a virtue.

So what’s left? Either Muslims embrace our freedoms or America must completely pull out of the Middle East and other Muslim countries. Completely. We then institute the AWD “Kill Them Dead” foreign policy which basically states this:

“America will have nothing to do with any Muslim country. You will not come to this country. No students, tourists…nada. You are free to kill and rape every living thing in your hell-hole country. However, if any American or American interest is attacked anywhere worldwide and the attack is found to have been organized from any Muslim country, America will launch a massive nuclear attack on that country without warning or mercy.”

Nuke one Muslim country and you’ll never have another problem with any other. We’ve tried liberating them. We’ve pumped trillions into their countries. We’ve tried to deal with them diplomatically. In the past four years, we have crawled and apologized to them. Nothing has worked. It’s time to give the “Kill Them Dead” policy a chance to work….along with a very stupid gesture!

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  1. What I want to know is, when are Muslims going to get serious about jihad?

  2. I am in total agreement with AWD’s “Kill ’em Dead” policy. Pull the embassies out, pull our oil-field workers out, and any and all other Americans who think they can live with those thugs, and bomb the place back into the Stone Age, which is not too far from where they are now. If we can’t muster the will it takes to win the War on Terror, then wipe the terrorists out where they live and breed. And no more foreign aid, to any Muslim country. No more. This American has had it with those people. And while we’re at it, we can deport that Sharia crowd back to the hell-holes they came from, what’s left of it.

  3. AWD, excellent article and I agree 100%!

  4. I just want to say that we should all recognize that Yomamma and his despotic cronies will definitely try to limit our 1st Amendment rights instead of pointing at the true culprits- the filthy moooooslim scum. If we allow them to do it, then we deserve to go down hard. I will use violent force to protect my free speech- will anyone else? I should hope so.
    At this juncture I would just like to restate my humble, but common sense 4-step plan for dealing with the mooooooslim scum.
    Step 1- Stop importing terrorists as legitimate “immigrants”.
    Step 2- Bomb all hostile, jihade islamic nations into the stone age.
    Step 3- Appropriate all oil reserves and militarize them.
    Step 4- Recycle all surplus korans as ass wipe for our troops.
    I hope that you have all enjoyed and support my simple four step plan.
    Have a nice day.
    I keep this plan on a sign loud and clear up in the back window of my jeep whenever I drive through town- I just love going by the local state university with all of their imported “students” and seeing their mouths gap when they read it.

  5. The “”Kill Them Dead”” policy is the right way to go……….

    After pulling out of the Middle East these savages will implode from within…..or they will allow the Russians and the Chicoms to come in and make a 50 year mistake of thinking they will now control the area……..

    The Russians with their own large populations of Muslims will have more trouble than they can handle…..keeping control of their own lands and territory will be next to impossible…….there own Muslim populations will tear them apart…….

    The Chicoms will find controlling the Muslims impossible….they can barely control their own people let alone any others……moving in on the Middle East will prove to be a fallacy that the Chicoms will soon regret……..

    Lets get the hell out of the Middle East and let these savage mother fu@king towel-heads fight, kill, and rape their own…..they will destroy themselves…..and implode from within………

    As far as I am concerned the Middle East can “”Go to Hell””


    We need to start burning their flags and ripping up their flags when these pigs do this

  7. What are we supposed to do,just let these savages take over our country because the gov’t thinks if we are nice and accept their blasphemy bullshite law, all will be wonderful? Civilized people cannot live with a law that claims the savage rules. “WE RULE”!! “KILL THEM DEAD”. I agree with AWD 100%

  8. As crazy as it sounds, if I thought it were possible to nuke the Middle East and send Islam into the history books and America to avoid being attacked by nuclear weapons via our rivals then I would be all for it. It is high time that we start dealing with those people in the most effective method possible: total annihilation. Whether you like it or not, the Middle East will be reduced to glass by the end of this century (or decade) by someone. If it were not for the oil, and the radiactive fallout, I would wager that most countries would not give a shit, and we should not either.

  9. This morning Col.David Hunt said,”the military is facing massive spending cuts,we have trained these people for 10 years,who are now killing us.We should terminate funds to ME countries,suspend training,and…Sec.of State to blame for this”.

  10. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    I’m a lifelong Mormon a lifelong conservative and a proud Texan. I’m also a US Army vet who recieved my Combat Infantryman’s Badge by getting shot at and blown up by our peaceful Muslim friends in the middle east. I just want to say that if Mormons acted like Muslims, there would be riots all over the country every day. Anti-Mormon propaganda is a cottage industry in this country. I’ve heard more ridiculous made up things about what I supposedly believe in and the supposed history of my faith the last six months then you can possibly imagine, even from conservative sources. That doesn’t even include all the regular anti-Christian propaganda the rest of you endure as well (yes, despite what many protestants will tell you, we ARE Christians).

    For some reason though, Muslims are our special friends that get the kid glove treatment at every turn. It’s like someone with a bratty, obnoxious four year old who keeps talking nice and offering to buy them candy if they’ll just behave. At some point the only thing that’s going to work is to take the kid over your knee.

    I’ve also spent a lot of time in the middle east as both a civilian and a soldier, and I can tell you the ONLY thing these nuts understand is overwhelming force. You can’t reason with a fanatic, it just doesn’t work. You either kill them or beat them into submission, but you absolutely teach them that ANY attack on us will result in a response with EXTREME prejudice. I wonder how long these people would protest if we told them the next time they attack Americans, we turn Mecca into a glowing glass crater.

    I can’t wait until adults are in charge of this country again. The writing is on the wall for Dear Reader and all the cooked polls and made up stories in the state run media are not going to save their brown god. November can’t come soon enough.

  11. Kill em dead ! That is a policy we can live with,,, No more monies in foreign aid,no more immigration here to the US, no contact whatsoever except for a multi megaton gift if they so much as look at an American funny…..

  12. I’ve been espousing the “Kill ’em Dead” policy for years!

    As the ol’ WWII song goes, you’ve got to speak in a language they understand!

  13. Kill em until they quit……..

    if they don’t quit kill em all.


    If someone should catch some muslim or islamic radical placing SHARIA LAW signs then take the signs and shove them down their throat

  15. Biggie

    An author who cites Bachmann and the issue of Muslims in government.

    Let us hope that more Americans wake, but I don’t see it. One of my liberal friends sent me a link to a “Ryan is a douchebag” newsletter.

    I am deeply concerned that there are many white voters still in Obama’s camp and their issues do not even begin to enter the realms of foreign policy– only gay marriage , abortion and the social issues and they swing for Obama.

  16. Fear Not……..

    The philosophy that Ronald Reagan “the man who defeated Communism and won the Cold War” had as his motto for America will prevail with our present day president and “hero”…..Barack Obongo……

    Peace through strength has been Barack Obongo’s motto and will be for the next four year term as well……

    So, Fear Not America…..Barack Obongo will save us from the Muslim Savages………

  17. If it were Christians burning our embassies, we would see massive protests in the U.S. Posters of Jesus posed in some ungodly manner would be all over the place. Christians and their Bible would be burned and spat upon. But somehow when it’s Muslims burning those same embassies, we remain silent!? Suddenly, a holy hush comes over most of us. Where are the public protests with large posters depicting Muhammad in the most demeaning way? Where is the mockery of Islam and the Koran? Have we lost the will to fight? Apparently so.

    The truth is, we’re afraid of that worldwide religious bully, known as Islam. After all, we White Americans by might be called ‘racist.’ Someone might accuse us of being ‘intolerant’ – and for many guilt-ridden Whites, being labeled those things is almost worse than death itself!

    Muslims know we are weak. They know we are afraid of them. But we better start fighting back or we will find ourselves bowing to Islam at the point of a sword (or an AK-47)! The ONLY thing Muslims respect is force and strength. The interpret all forms of kindness and ‘human dignity’ concepts as evidence of weakness. Folks, it’s time to fight!!

    • I agree. I have chosen to set an example and drive around my town with a large sign in my back window declaring my opinions about moooooslims and their so-called “religion”. I carry weapons and am not afraid to use them, so if any jihadis want to take me to task, I’m ready and will defend my 1st Amendment with my 2nd Amendment.

  18. I feel better already,thanks Bluto! LOL !

  19. Because our country has been so widely duped by multi-culturalism and because we have allowed so many Muslims to immigrate here, we find ourselves almost powerless to openly oppose Islam. We have knowingly invited our enemies to live amongst us – even as they publically declare to take us over and destroy us from within!? Is this not clear evidence of our national insanity? Only a nation utterly weak, naive and blind as to the danger they’re in would allow mass immigration from the third-world – especially of the Muslim kind.

    Our nation’s love affair with multi-culturalism and political-correctness has proven time after time to be completely destructive to our cohesion and unity. We are a broken nation and we have no one else to blame but ourselves. We’ve done this to ourselves.

    We must oppose ALL immigration that is non-White. I don’t object to White, European immigrants coming here because they are able to assimilate and possess the IQs to make our country better. But they must be sponsored and prohibited from all forms of public assistance. They must be required to learn and speak English. If they commit any crimes, they should be immediately deported. But ALL non-White immigration should be stopped PERMANENTLY!! No more!!

    • 90% of all legal immigration is non caucasian.
      The globalist “powers that be” do not want a strong national identity. The plan is to fragment and breakdown the euro-centric foundation culture with mass immigration. We are to be absorbed into the North American Union. I talk like a conspiracy guy- because I am a conspiracy guy. If you don’t believe in “conspiracies”, just take a moment to realize that it was planned that the ENTIRE U.S. industrial base be moved to COMMUNIST TOTALITARIAN RED (as in Red) F….. CHINA!
      Ross Perot was right about that “giant sucking sound” when he warned us about NAFTA and outsourcing to “China” (see communist slave labor)

  20. Investigation Finds Obama Financing Mosques Worldwide With U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — A Channel 2 Action News investigation found that the State Department is sending millions of dollars to save mosques overseas. This investment has received criticism as the United States makes an effort to slash nearly $4 trillion in government spending.Plenty of outrage following the announcement made Thursday afternoon by a government commission that suggested huge cuts to the budget, including eliminating the interest education for home mortgage. This juxtaposed with the United States investing millions to refurbish mosques as a good-will effort in Muslim countries has upset many taxpayer groups.

    “We are spending money we don’t have. This is all on a gigantic credit card right now,” said Jared Thomas, a taxpayer advocate.

    Millions more dollars have been sent to places like Cyprus. The State Department displays before and after pictures of mosques refurbished with U.S. tax dollars.

  21. If the Mormons were armed and hated America, Obama would be apologizing profusely, and would send a “special envoy” to Salt Lake City to beg forgiveness for the “offensive play”.

  22. Cinnamon Girl says:

    All Christians have suffered throughout the world but not more so than in the one country where they thought they could be safe: America.

    Although I am not a religious person myself, I often point out to others, when they begin their assaults on Christians, that they’re vilifying only one faith and I wonder aloud why this is the case. They often cannot answer. But, I can: it has been an incremental, systematic build up against any and all majorities in America.

    Think about it. Whites have traditionally been a majority. So, immigration is now mostly non-white and any non-liberal whites who are left are made out as guilt-ridden, lucky, greedy, hateful redneck racists. They’re made to live next door to non-working non-whites who hate them. They’re made to keep their children in schools where they and all children are taught to hate whites—indeed, themselves.

    Christians have historically been the majority. So, vilify Christianity as a whole since at this point no one can yet control thoughts. Portray Christians as one of many things: ignorant, Southern followers giving their money to white suit wearing, Bible-thumping Protestant evangelists, all of whom are apparently secretly gay or at least money-grubbing philanderers. All Catholic priests are portrayed as child molesters. Mormons are seen as delusional nut jobs.

    The middle class and their good ethics were a majority. Eliminate them and their ways will disappear, too. What right do they have to the nice homes, cars, jobs, and schools for which they worked hard and honestly? Let’s deify professional athletes, Hollywood actors, union leaders, liberal politicians, AND welfare moms. Anyone but the middle class!

    My s.o. speculates that when we are in the minority, we will then technically qualify for the affirmative action and other minority goodies that are doled out. He’s wrong.

    This country and even Australia, France, the UK, and others wish to become so awash with diversity that there is no white, Christian, independent identity anymore. The world is getting what they desire and it’s much, much worse off for it.

    • You nailed it, these slimy pieces of toilet flush are not interested in ‘diversity’ at all. It is all about conquest. It is all about the genocide of the caucasian race. Pure and simple.

      Too angry to write more.

      • Perhaps one should consult with the wife of Anthony Peckerhead Weiner, Huma Abedin (check those buck teeth – looks like she should be out in a forest somewhere gnawing down some trees) on this thorny subject.

    • And as slaves, we will build a utopian world full of nice things, so they can take the credit for their new world. Sound like Egypt a few thousand years ago? History has a way of repeating itself.

  23. Good post AWD; I think I recommended Thomas Chittum’s Civil War Two elsewhere, but this all fits nicely into the ‘tiered state’ he warns of.

    Just look at how the nation is divided up; Black or hispanic trumps white or asian; being sexually perverted trumps being a normal heterosexual; being of a particular flavor of religious nutcase trumps others, etc. etc.

    The government may as well issue an official chart, so we can figure out where people stand anymore “-oh, she’s a female black lesbian, we should hire her before this guy here…but he’s a muslim and enjoys raping little boys from his wheelchair… Susan, will you look this up for me on the government hiring policy chart please…?”

    Can you imagine anything more unAmerican?
    Wait ’till next week.

  24. What about THIS:

    Obviously; do I need to warn you of crude language?

    Arm thyselves and thy people; for are the barbarians not upon your very doorstep?

    • Sounds like there’s a lot of potential for at least a good old-fashioned race riot. Them Ko-rean liquor store owners better keep their powder dry.


    Why do you think Obama and his fellow reptiles wants to confiscate all our guns so these camel jockeys can come right in a take over and enforce the sharia laws on all of us With our firearms we can resist them

  26. I dont relate to the religion, Mormonism..but they are white and decent people.

  27. AWD,

    Spot on, as usual. I might suggest one small revision to the comment that Islam is the only religion in the world that “goes apesh*t at the drop of an infidel hat”. Maybe something like “goes orgasmic at the drop of an infidel head”.

  28. I am totally in agreement with the KILL THEM DEAD policiy.. too bad the sellouts in our government are controled by a cabal of global elitist who wish to destroy all white nations with a strong national identity in order to achieve thier goals of a new world order of a ONE world government….

  29. Fifty years of left wing indoctrination in our schools . This all happened because we were just to complacent to open our eyes . Sadly they are doing everything possible to pussify our great military from the top down . I personally put the liberals on a equal footing with the Jhidi vermin . No distinguishing characteristics whatsoever .

  30. WSJ, Profile of Wayne Clough, the head of the Smithsonian:
    “Mr. Clough has fumbled once, though. Two years ago, he became persona non grata in some art circles after he removed an artwork from a National Portrait Gallery exhibit called “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture.” The work, a 1987 video called “Fire in My Belly” by David Wojnarowicz, showed ants crawling on a crucifix and drew complaints from Christian religious leaders.”

    Here’a a great idea for the next Smithsonian show: How about a video showing ants crawling on the Holy Quran? That might stir up some controversy among “Muslim religious leaders”.

  31. Here’a a good take on blasphemy: