Football fans in Philly have been criticized for years for once having booed Santa Claus at a game. Democrats booed God at their national convention! Dims are setting new lows daily for scumbaggerous, extreme beliefs and behavior. Watching current trends, Democrats will be using machetes to hack to death entire populations from neighboring cities in a few years. They already endorse butchering babies outside the womb that were not fortunate enough to have been aborted correctly. Taxpayer-funded sex changes for murderers, homosexual marriage, support for Muslim terrorists, hatred for God and his chosen people, the Democrats have a platform that appears to have been written by Beelzebub. No, not Beelzebubba Clinton….the real one. After watching the Democrat National Convention from Charlotte, it’s pretty clear the Democrats are on the fast train to Hell.

Liberals, at their core, are vicious thugs. And thugs always resort to violence. Oh, they’ll try to verbally bully their political opponents to get their way but the closed fist or club is never far away. While demanding diversity (total acceptance of all anti-American, wacko practices and beliefs), liberals never accept the right of anyone to share any alternative view. They are ideological brutes incapable of defending their twisted ideology through debate. That is why name-calling, ridicule, lies and violence are the only weapons in their arsenal.

Here’s an example of the hypocrisy of liberals. Warning: these people are not bright.

The Daily Show
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AWD has a difficult time believing some of those weren’t set up. If they weren’t, Dims are more stupid than I thought, if that’s even possible. This video once again proves the AWD Theory of Relativity of Liberal Intelligence: Liberals Depend On Stupid!

So it’s no surprise Obama has been endorsed by some of the lowest, most despicable in the world. There’s an old saying that goes “you can tell a lot about someone by their friends.” The same can be said of politicians and those who endorse them. Here’s a few of Obama’s endorsers:

  • The Communist Party of America
  • Hamas
  • China
  • Russia – Vladimir Putin
  • Fidel Castro
  • Charlie Crist
  • Sean Penn
  • Rahm Emanuel
  • Sandra Fluke
  • Al Sharpton
  • Congressional Black Caucus
  • Barbara Streisand
  • Cher
  • And a whole hell of a lot other highly proficient in douche-baggery

Here’s a complete list from Wikipedia.

Would anyone ever dreamed a US President would be endorsed by a Muslim terrorist group, Russia, Fidel Castro and China? That should be the kiss of death for a politician in America. For Dims, it’s a badge of honor!

I must tell you that there’s a very large part of that list of Obama endorsers that I would not want in my house! The names of people, groups and countries that endorse Obama tell you pretty much that he’s not worth a damn. A socialist, racist con-man. And the proof is in the pudding! We’ve had four years of deep recession where Obama has added $5.4 TRILLION to the national debt. NOTHING he has done has worked for the benefit of America or Americans…unless they are mooching Americans or illegal aliens. They, along with communists and Muslim terrorists, love Obama! Democrats are indeed the party of evil.

Notice how most of the libtards in the Jon Steward criticized guns? If Obama is reelected, look for stringent new gun control executive orders on day one of Obama’s second term. Until liberals can disarm their political opponents, they can never truly rule. Once they do, then the brute force comes out to destroy patriotic Americans. This is nothing new. Look to any communist country present and past. It’s always the same thing. Somebody always ends up on the wrong side of the gun…and it’s never the brutes!

As for the morons in the Stewart video….AWD is proud to be a redneck, hillbilly gun-toting teabagger! And I’ll eviscerate your weak ass in political debate with logic and reason (that you won’t understand). And if you decide to release your inner-thug? Well, I’m more than prepared for that, junior.

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  1. Simple answer – NO!

  2. No I wouldn’t want any of these ‘people’ in my house. Unfortunately I live in a city full of them. I’m considering looking for job opportunities in Texas. I hear Texas is a great place to live. But not in the big city, I like the quiet, more rural life, something I don’t have here.

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      Texas…I’d consider going there, too, if it were not so hot, prone to flooding, prone to drought, prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, tarantulas, scorpions, and snakes…I’m a big chicken when it comes to those things.

      BUT, I’d be there in a New York second if it looks as if Texas, along with Arizona, are the last holdouts of freedom in this country. My s.o., who lived a few years in El Paso, will just have to suck it up!

      • Michael and Cinnamon Girl, Texas is a great place to live. Plenty of opportunities for those willing to work. Especially in West Texas. The oil field is booming now. West Texas Intermediate Crude oil closed at $96 a barrel on Friday, Sept. 7.

        South Texas is HOT in the summer but pleasant in the winter. Same for the Gulf Coast. East and Central Texas is Hot and humid in the summer, but pleasant in the winter. West Texas is hot and dry in the summer, and relatively pleasant in the winter, a cold spell will last two to four days, and then pleasant weather returns. El Paso is an arm pit. I don’t even like driving through El Paso. I would avoid it.

        You’ll only see snakes in rural areas, and then not often at that. And we are a solid red state.

        Come on down. Just don’t let liberals know where you’re going. We don’t want libtards coming in and screwing our State up.

  3. Scumbaggerous……I love it…..I’ve got a new adjective to add to my list of democrats that make up their constituency base….the scumbaggerous types……

  4. They couldn’t come over, anyway, I have dogs, many guns, I don’t serve vegan or halal, and I insist upon deodorant.

    I read the story about Putin endorsing Obama and disparaging Romney… I though that anyone with two brain cells to rub together should be running, not walking away from Obama, particularly after that little hot mic incident with Medeved.

    But then, leftists are two brain cells short of that.

  5. NO!!!!!! I would find a bed bug less repugnant. No Commie Scum please.

  6. from

    Video of “Scumbaggerous Elizabeth Warren”……runs away when asked about being a woman of color…….

    The tweets are hilarious….you gotta read these tweets….they are spot on

  7. Steve Sybert says:

    I sure as hell wouldn’t want any of Obama’s endorsers in my house. I promise not to use my guns to protect any gun-hating liberals in my neighborhood.
    They simply don’t deserve it. Definitely don’t want Commies, Muslims, terror groups in my house, or even on my street. Or any friends of Putin. You know, I just thought of something. Putin can drive a Mig-29. We need a President that can shoot one down. That man will get my vote. Dubya used to drive Phantoms. And he got my vote.

  8. As taxpayer I agree to pay for Sandra Fluke’s Vasectomy

  9. Here’s two more I didn’t see on the list……

    Snoopy dog dog

    “They need to give Obama four more years, man,” Snoop told an audience of mostly amused reporters. Referring to Obama’s predecessor, President George W. Bush, who started two wars and left office during a financial crisis, he added, “I mean, Bush f&#@ed up for eight years, so you gotta at least give [Obama] eight years. He cleaned half the shit up in four years, realistically. It ain’t like y’all gave him a clean house. Y’all gave him a house where the TV didn’t’ work, the toilet was stuffed up — everything was wrong with the house.”

    and the lovely Madonna has a big (temporary) tattoo of Barry on her skanky, shriveled up, putrid, has-been arse.


    2012 Body Counts
    L.A.: 174 Chicago: 362
    NYC: 246 Baltimore: 128
    St. Louis: 79 Philly: 223
    NOLA: 120 Detroit: 220
    Body counts updated

  11. Hell No! I dont like them living in the same country as me much less let them come into my home…. My rotties and my friend Sig Sauer would give them one hell of a greeting though LOL

  12. Here’s some more of Obama’s base.

    These people are crawling with AIDS, Hep C, and every sexually transmitted disease known to man.

    Can you even imagine living in NYC? The place is packed with these urban vermin!

  13. I saw the spot at the DNC where the camera was on some Muslim asswipe and he was throwing a coniption fit over the word God being included… NO I wouldn;t let any of them on my property .let alone in my home…

  14. Fluck (or whatever it is) looks like Chum Lee on Pawn Stars.

  15. I came to the conclusion this past week reading the antics of the freak show in Charlotte, NC that although very apropos, the democrat party needs to change the iconic symbol of their party from a jackass to one of the following:
    – Female genitalia (they are men haters, so male genitalia would be VERBOTEN!)

    – a condom

    – a single birth control pill. They could even make give it a face like Speedy Alka-Seltzer.

    – instruments for performing abortions (they seem to obsess over that particular procedure).

    I personally like the first choice, female “naughty bits” as the Brits would say. Think about it, the crazies from code pink could even load the “naughty bit” costumes they wore in Tampa at the GOP convention to the dnc.

    • LOL nicely put!

      I agree that the first choice would be the best… but it may get MOST of the female delegates in the DNC a bit too excited.. and the male delegates would puke or run away screaming in terror..

      as for the condom, save that for the presidential seal if Obama should win again.. you know.. since its used for pricks

  16. As a huge fan and supporter of Al Sharpton, I would delighted if both he and Tawana Brawley could come to my home for a repast of freshly squeezed dogshit with dog vomit gravy.

    • Death to Libtards says:

      The lying whore formerly known as Tawanna has joind the nation of prislam and would consider the dog dirtier than her, which is BS but…

  17. Ahh yes, that video clip only shows what I’ve known for years. And what I despise more than anything else about liberals. Their hypocrisy!

    If those people want to come into my house, they better learn some manners first. Otherwise the only freedom of choice they’ll have is how they want to get thrown out.

    Oh sorry, don’t mean to be “uninclusive” of rude people. 😉

  18. Free reproductive Organ removal for the democrates?

  19. Libtards have turned Obama into the black Jim Jones of The People’s Temple fame, and the similarities are striking.
    This is now a cult movement that may morph into a “Hitler type” phenomenon and pathology. Hypnotic cues are being used skillfully here as well as sophisticated propaganda techniques.


    I wouldnt want in my neighborhood

  21. Dick Morris on the polls between Obongo and Romney

    Obongo will lose bigtime and here is why……


    Sandra is cute, in a Butch way. She doesnt need any BC.

  23. AWD, even consider doing an expose on Facebook?
    There are pages there that get taken down THE FIRST DAY..
    But ‘Kill [white conservative , name here] …’ stay up for years.

  24. you left out ‘some of the best’ = worst:

    Al Sharpton[156]
    Gloria Steinem
    jesse, jesse junior

  25. that white queen…white male, saying no white males

  26. ‘we dont judge’
    maybe too stupid to properly judge.

  27. Enoch Powell says:

    Yes the Democrats are satanic enemies of all that is moral and decent. The problem is that we have no leaders in the fight against them. Romney is very little different from a Democrat.

    Romney is a politically-correct, cowardly White. When the criminal known as Obama gave amnesty for illegal third-world savages through illegal executive decree, all Romney could find wrong with that was that it didn’t go “far enough” to achieve a “permanent solution.” In other words Romney had no problem at all with Obama’s crime; Romney just wants to commit an even greater crime by giving massive amnesty for illegal third-world savages AND importing millions more legally. Romney is a coward and a traitor no better than Obama. We have no friends in government. There is no one to vote for in the coming election.

  28. The Overlooked Meaning of Bill Clinton’s DNC Address

    Carson Holloway at The Public Discourse nails it:

    “…What all this talk about the greatness of Clinton’s speech overlooks is the astounding fact–astounding at least from a certain perspective–that he was present to deliver any speech at all.

    The nation seems not only to have forgiven but even forgotten–or tacitly agreed to pretend to have forgotten–that Bill Clinton disgraced himself and the office of the presidency by his personal misconduct on the job. As a fifty-year-old man, in a position of the highest responsibility, he had an affair with a White House intern who was in her early twenties. This was an act not only of self-indulgence but even of exploitation, or at the very least culpable thoughtlessness.

    A young woman immature and reckless enough to seek a sexual affair with an older married man–an affair that might ruin his marriage and his career–is clearly not thinking soberly about what she is doing. A man of excellent character would have regarded such a young woman with sadness and fatherly concern. A man of ordinary decency would have stayed far away from her. A man of base character would seize the opportunity to use her as a sexual plaything. By his actions Clinton placed himself in the third category. He then lied under oath about the sordid affair in a civil case arising from his earlier alleged misbehavior. He finally admitted his wrongdoing and apologized–after every dishonest expedient had proven useless.

    There was a time in America, not too long ago, when someone exposed as such a man would not have been welcome at the national convention of either political party. His misdeeds would have gone unmentioned in our public discourse not because they were regarded as irrelevant, but because everyone on all sides would want to forget that such a character could have attained and then tainted the presidency.

    Clinton’s misdeeds set off a partisan war over whether he should be permitted to continue in the presidency. A majority of Republicans thought he should be impeached and removed from office, while a majority of Democrats disagreed. The final outcome reflected a kind of compromise: Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives but not removed by the Senate.

    This collective judgment, made through the collaboration of the relevant authoritative institutions, says something about our nation’s moral standards, about what things we take seriously and not so seriously. The presidency is not only a job but also an honor. We expect those who occupy the office to be not merely competent in the work but also of a certain character. The Clinton impeachment and non-removal, therefore, represents the nation’s judgment that a man guilty of predatory adultery and self-protective perjury is nevertheless worthy of the highest honor the republic can bestow. And, being worthy of this highest honor, he is obviously worthy of lesser honors, such as addressing a major political party’s nominating convention in the capacity of a kind of elder statesman…”