Dudes and Dudettes…we’ve finally reached the teens when it comes to kicking out the worst president this nation has ever seen! Are any of you excited? Do any of you doubt Mitt Romney won’t be the next president of the United States? Yours truly is excited and has stated months and months ago we’re going to win in a landslide…the democrats know it’s coming too! You can tell that by the desperation mode they’re now in. Some of the tactics they’ve using now have sunk to a new low, they’ve been on display for all to see…starting with the Head of the Snake on down to the leftist cretin talking heads on the Boob-Tube that get their daily talking-points and marching orders from the team of Chicago Thugs that work for Dear Leader!

I’ve been around quite awhile on the planet…I’ve never seen anything like what’s happening now in various venues. The leftist-loons have sunk to levels that have become so low now with their cheap shots that it’s become laughable! It’s become nothing but ‘Comedy Central!’ – Desperation is a wonderful thing to watch in this case!

Now, back to the main point of this blog post…check out some of the latest news and polls. – Everyone better be ready to start practicing two words…’President Romney!’

Here’s a report via FNI:

Gallup’s Daily Tracking Poll, released yesterday, showed Gov. Mitt Romney leading President Obama 51% to 45% in a survey taken in the week leading up to the second presidential debate.

Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, joined Martha MacCallum on America’s Newsroom to talk about the surprising turnaround in the race for the White House.

Wallace pointed out that, according to a Gallup poll of swing state voters, Obama has just a one-point lead among women, down from double digits in previous months. Wallace said if that number doesn’t improve for Obama, he cannot win re-election.

The discussion then moved to Libya question at Tuesday’s town hall debate, and next week’s foreign policy showdown.

Watch the interview in full. ~

Keep in mind this Gallup poll was pre-debate that was held on Tuesday! Why Wallace and others are surprised is beyond me…but that’s just me.

By the way…anyone wonder if David Axelrod is going to threaten Gallup again?

Check these two reports out…see what you think.

Obama Camp Conceding FL, NC, VA, CO?

This has to do with Rasmussen etc.

Romney edge expands post-debate in Rasmussen tracking poll

Okay friends…don’t know about you, but this gal can’t wait to see leftist-loons everywhere in meltdown mode come Nov. 6th and 7th…especially the Boob-Tube Talking-Heads! – Pass them the Kleenex and open your champagne bottles when we win in a landslide! – What say you?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away- Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Friends…

    Sidenote: Our power went out on a bright sunny day, I about had this ready to go about an hour ago when things went dark…I searched everywhere to find this blog post again when power was restored. Finally figured out where it was…so I’m wasting no time now to get this to you in case our power goes out again! 😉

  2. bigtimer;

    I had quite a busy day but am always looking forward to take the time out to read your latest column as well as AWD.

    Dick Morris has been alerting several Fox News pundits from the very synical O’Reilly to the overhyped, Hannity that this years election will end up in a landslide.

    El Rushbo conceded that the Obama camp is losing in a number of key swing states. Let’s hope that Romney continues on with his consistent momentum and encourages these “undecided voters” in helping him to send Hussein his walking papers!

    • Right you are renee…I’ve heard Morris as well in the past.

      I cannot wait until Monday night’s debate!

      • renee and BT,

        I am trying not to project. I have been disappointed so many times since the GOP picked butt kiss McCain and gave us Obama.

        Romney, as you know, was not my first pick, but I believe him to be an honorable man, (and if so, is one of the few left in American politics). His private sector experience is sorely needed in our country today. He needs to surround himself with women and men of high legal knowledge to combat the forces of the socialistic people in our country.

        Jobs can be brought back to America and illegal immigrants can be deported. Many other issues can be resolved if Romney gets a conservative Senate along with his win.

        Among others, I hope he selects Bolton and, believe it or not Gingrich. A nice kick in the slats would be to appoint Bachmann to head some committees.

  3. BT,

    As I started reading I immediately wondered if administration would threaten Gallup again, but then you covered that in post. This is indeed good news for the entire group at AWD… very amazed administration would concede the four states above, especially Florida.

    I think Monday nights final debate will be an absolute disaster for Obummer.

    • Howdy Paul…

      Methinks you’re absolutely correct when it comes to what’s going to happen to the Master of Disaster after Monday night…I’m sooo looking forward to watching it!

      Btw….this time they’ll be seated at a table in the debate setting. – That ought to be interesting…eh?

      • BT,

        I personally don’t like them seated… especially if Obummer starts throwing daggers again as he glares at Romney. Then again, Romney is not afraid to look Obummer squarely in the eyes… hell, we might see Obummer hang his head again like a scolded little school girl… OK!!! gals, scolded adolescent school boy. I figured Ryan/Biden was a seated debate due to Biden’s age, after all, everyone knew ol’ Joe would need all the help he could get.

        Were getting close to voting BT… I’m with you, can’t wait to see the media in meltdown mode.

        • I don’t like them seated at a table either…it’s definitely not my cup of tea.

          Did you notice last debate Dear Leader still never looked Romney directly in the eyes? – That’s very telling about a person via my viewfinder in life.

  4. bigtimer,
    obama declared worst president and carter has got to be secretly smiling,
    Have stated in the past that I tried to always have a positive attitude of what was going to happen, what with all the people finding that hope and change was not what they expected and with people honestly praying for God to heal our nation I see history being made on Nov 6th. We were warned that as election got closer that the vile filth of the democrats would increase but it’s all backfired on them, I believe this country knows how important this election is and the scales have fallen from their eyes. We told them 4 yr’s ago didn’t we Bigtimer but they had to find our for themselves which is a good thing cause we will be more aware as a united people against such tyranny.

    • Right you are…we did try to tell tons of people to wake up about O with tons of information and links provided as well…they decided to look the other way like the fools they were. – When regulations strangle you or your job, when gas and groceries are too much to bear price wise, when your insurance rated double or triple….then the walking dead awaken…don’t they?

      Plus…let’s remember what happened in the 2012 midterms, that alone should have given all a wake-up call!

      Dear Leader and Crew are DONE!

    • Hey GA,

      My mom will be voting Republican ticket for the first time in her life… she said Democrats no longer champion her beliefs.

      • Paul…

        WOW! – Know you weren’t talking to me, but that’s great news! Ya just gotta know there are tons of others like your mom! 😉

        • BT,

          You know you can always comment to me… I value your thoughts.

          Btw… I was way out of line with Semper Fi.

          • Paul…

            Thank you my friend.

            Btw…as to Semper Fi etc…

            This gal is glad you all worked it out. I like each and every one of you guys. …a lot. 😉

      • RidinShotgun says:

        Glad to hear that, perhaps she could persuade my Great-Aunt. I mentioned her in another posting around two weeks ago and it had to do with racism (What doesn’t these days.) I mentioned that she hails from the Bronx and was in her late teens when the depression hit. Anyway, she’s been a lifelong dyed-in-the-wool FDR democrat for her recorded history.
        Having said that, she’s stated openly for years that she hates; blacks, hispanics & jews (For those of you getting your hackles up, relax, like I said, she’s from a different era.) yet she constantly casts her vote for a party that gives those three groups carte blanche. She also rails at what those groups have done not only to the Bronx (Ok, two of those groups) but to the country as well. And yet, she can’t wait to cast her ballot for Obunghole! Why? Well, apparently the 70 + years of class warfare hatred against the rich that she’s devoured her entire life has been too well ingrained.
        She sounds like a walking DNC ad, “Oh that Romney, all he cares about are the rich, just like all the rest of the Republicans!”
        Yes folks THAT is her rationale for wanting to give the most America-hating president ever to set foot in the oval office another shot at COMPLETELY wrecking the country – she hates Romney because he’s wealthy and successful! God help us, how many more are out there!

        • There are plenty more like your Great-aunt…but, that’s growing less and less this election.

          Scroll down to the bottom of the thread and check out the latest link/polls…very interesting, especially the last one. You’ll see what I mean. 😉

          Hope Springs Eternal!

  5. 19 days until hell breaks loose, I suspect we are being set up for another adjudicated election. We may not know until the end of December. I just dont think they, the other side, is going to take their toys and go home peacefully. Hope so, but hope in one hand and &^$ in the other and what do you have?

    • I’ve seen what you’re talking about taking place repeatedly on msDNC today…they’re praying that happens now. They are desperate…as they should be.

      It won’t happen though…these people are all toast with Dear Leader…and they all know it!


    19 days to go will the Black Panthers instigate riots if Obama is voted out? I say round them savages all up and return them to africa where they came from and screw the UNITED NATIONS


    Even Bill Clinton agrees with Mitt Romney and the rest of America that the economy is in the tank and The President was wrong during the debates. Liberals are seen wondering what is going on and why even democrats are now turning on their dear comrade leader, Obama. Bill to Obama: “You throw Hillary under the bus because of your failure at Benghazi and I will now hammer you on your next biggest failure”!


  8. I have been waiting for four long god damn years to get rid of Obongo…..

    There hasn’t been a single day go by when I haven’t thought about how to get rid of Obongo and I can’t wait for November 6th to get here…..

    I remember the night this piece-of-sh!t won in 2007 and how long four years seem to be away to vote him out of office…..it seemed like the four year wait was an eternity to wait to get rid of this bastard….and now it’s here…..wow…..I am ecstatic over the chance to get rid of this communist bastard………..

    I intend to vote on the first day of early voting……wish I could vote ten thousand times against this son-of-bitch………….


  9. I don’t put much faith in poll numbers. I am hopeful Mitt Romney will be our next president, and he better start cleaning up Barracks mess on day one.

    Also I can’t get overexcited about the Dems and Libs losing, even though they deserve the derision they dished out. They represent 40 some percent of all Americans, which means Romney winning the election is just the blood transfusion we need to stay alive, America still has a gaping wound in her chest and one man with a band aide can’t fix it.

    We got a long way to go to get off life support and the communist/democrat party will continue to run candidates every four years. And their Obama test run was successful so it is just a matter of time before they win back the White House. We can expect public education, weak politicians, and partisan judges to continue their trajectory. So we the people either pull the chain, or the chain is going to pull us.

    Romney is just the first step of a long journey that many travelers will not complete. So I am not going to waste energy on pre-event excitement, Ima save it for the long fight ahead.

    • Wasp,

      Haven’t seen you around for awhile… sadly I have to agree with what you had to say. People believing in our Constitution will be fighting until the sun doesn’t shine to keep it from getting shredded.

  10. I submit that the poll numbers have been skewed all along and now the polls, ran mostly by the MSM, have had to swing back to the truth in order to retain some degree of credibility.

    Heck, Romney’s lead may very well be in the double digits at this point.

    • I agree…have thought that way for quite along time now. I had a link here awhile back that I posted that was from the dem pollsters Carville/Greenburg team…they were the internal numbers for the dems vs Romney and the Romney had a 14 pt. advantage…and that was about two months ago! 😉

    • Pollers are polling mostly people with landlines. Most people I know don’t have one. Its a buyers market right now so I called my alarm company to cancel because I couldn’t do cell and land lines. They bid me a new system w/cell phone and I canceled land line. Saved $55/ month, and no sales calls or pollsters. I’m out of the polling. Polls are way off right now. I’m thinking based on the Colorado University method, Romneys up by double digits and he knows it. Demorats are gonna be on a tear for the next 18 days or so with every Marxist trick in the book. I hope Rpmneys Rapid Reaction Team is on their feet in runnin shoes.

      • We can’t use cell phones well in our neck of the woods. We have land-line. You cannot believe the polling calls we get…especially with a new election for Gov and one Senator, as well as a new congressman.

        Plus…I got my absentee ballot today. Can’t wait to vote!

  11. If we win there will be a need for a massive purge! A Mao like purge!
    Liquidate with extreme prejudice!

    Do not hire a Democrat.
    Fire any Democrats you have.
    Drop any and all family members who voted for Obama this time around.
    Freeze friends out that voted for the treasonous O team!
    Voicemail and un returned e-mails for all Obamanators.
    Send these people to Siberia in your mind and in your heart!
    Do it for your sanity , do it for your country!
    Viva Romney!

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    I understand where even JIMMY CARTER gets better rating then Obama


  14. Bluto…. you’re one of the reasons I love this site. How far are ye from North Georgia?

  15. Friends…check these out!


    and this…


    My enthusiasm continues onward! 😉

    Here’s another one I just caught. ~


    This is the dandy of them all! ~


  16. Am I the only one who feels that Whoopi has absolutely no class… thought she would be so cute with her gotcha question and pointing out that Mitt never served during Vietnam.


    • Paul…I saw that various places. For the life of me, I don’t understand why anyone bothers to go on those shows….especially our side of the aisle. Guess I’m missing something.

  17. Some good news….this really good news…….I never would have thought but it’s a real possibility that we might take this state…….


    • Good news indeed Bluto. If you get the time scroll above a couple of posts…you’ll see some great news regarding polls that I posted about a half hour ago or so…including one about Pennsylvania too.

      The grand-daddy of them all is the last link I have there. See if ya like it? 😉

      • good news indeed……I have a hard time believing that Romney might take Pennsylvania but it is possible…..Ronald Reagan took Penn so it can be done…….

        had I read all that you posted I wouldn’t have doubled down on this post but I have been roaming all over the net looking for news articles since I haven’t been on the net for a few hours

  18. Sadly, I have to question the intelligence and/or sanity of anyone who would vote for Obama. Sorry to all friends and family who will vote for him. I still love ya’ll.

  19. Just in case you might have a little problem visualizing what packing day might be like at the White House come January 2013…..


  20. Friday morning music:

    good vid:


  21. Check this news out. ~


    And This!


    You can be sure Akin will win the senate seat too. (in Missouri)

  22. early voting in TN started 2 days ago. I was there on day 1. it was packed.

  23. This is a great read…it’s from one of my fav writers on this site. – See what you think. ~