Friends, for a change of pace just for the heck of it, thought I’d share a few things with you on completely different subjects.These could be some fun for you depending on how you view the matters that will be posted here.

See what you think. – First up, we’ll start with good ol’ Tingles. This woman calls things as she sees them, he isn’t liking this…at all! I sure as heck did!

This is via Mediaite:

As MSNBC host Chris Matthews talked to people in the crowd outside the Danville, Kentucky location for tonight’s vice presidential debate, he was interrupted by an older woman who insisted President Barack Obama is a communist and un-American. The host then confronted the random woman over what led her to believe such a thing.

While talking to a woman about why she supports President Obama for his health care policy, Matthews heard another woman shout “Communist!” and sought her out.

“What did you mean by that?” Matthews asked the lady.

“All you have to do is study it out. Just study it out. And you’ll see,” she said. “You haven’t done your homework, buddy,” she then accused of Matthews.

“What do I need to study?” he asked.

“He’s a communist,” she replied, “and those of us who are not voting for him know it.”

“And what do you mean by ‘communist’?” Matthews then asked.

“You don’t know?”

“Just tell me. Help me out here.”

“You don’t know?” she said again.

“I just want to know what you mean,” Matthews pressed.

“Oh, I know what I mean,” she shot back.

“Well, help us out. You’re on national television,” the host said. He then asked her if she believes the president is an American.

“No,” she flatly said. “Just because he was born here doesn’t mean he thinks like us.”

“He’s a communist, buddy,” she concluded as the crowd booed.

Next we have a report here with two congress-critters from California about ready to come to blows, or something like that. – This is via GWP:

The LA Weekly reported:

Congressman Brad Sherman put his arm around rival Congressman Howard Berman and challenged him to a fight, saying “Do you want to get into this?”

A sheriff’s deputy had to separate the two. The video is after the jump.

The pair squared off at a forum at Pierce College this afternoon. According to the Berman campaign, the confrontation arose when the two were discussing the Dream Act.

Sherman disputed that Berman had authored the legislation, at which point Berman called Sherman “delusional.”

Sherman rose to his feet — as the crowd cheered — and loudly confronted Berman. At that point, Berman took a step toward Sherman. Sherman warned him not to “get in my face,” and then moved even closer, grabbing Berman around the shoulder and saying, “You want to get into this?”

Of course the democrats present loved this brouhaha dontcha know!

Now friends, here’s the cherry on top. This is from the RNC, they were on top of things last night. They had this out immediately after the VP Debate! – Enjoy!

Dudes and Dudettes…add any stories you want to share with us on the thread too, it could get interesting!

Like I always say…Throw in your two-cents. Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Cinnamon Girl says:

    These are fun (in only a way politics CAN be fun), and a welcome thing for this Friday!

    The first video is awesome. I wish the woman claiming O is a communist would have been more prepared but the fact that she was there and was outspoken is fun enough. Chris Matthews is toooo easy. If I were the woman I would’ve been tempted to take jabs at him, too.

    The second video—well, if people want to come to blows or even fake that they will, I say it’s worth it since our country’s future direction is at stake.

    Finally, I missed the debate last night but everything I’ve read about it says Biden was disrespectful, audacious, and pompous. The fact that he constantly interrupted Ryan was to be expected and the fact that he was not corrected by the moderator was also to be expected. Even the incessant and inappropriate laughter. The fact is that Biden is a whack job, and I am saying that though I loathe using name-calling. Ryan came across as professional, cultured, serious, and responsible. Honestly, I find Ryan quite presidential and can see him running against Shrillary and winning.

    • Howdy CG…

      When it came to the debate last night…the bottom video summed it up in a nutshell! – I wished I would have missed it myself.

      Glad you enjoyed these…at times we all need a break. 😉

    • CG, I agree with everything you said.

  2. Speaking of the debate as CG was, here’s some more fun.

    Check these out. ~

    and this…

    and finally Jim Carney, what he said today speaks volumes.

    Huh? Just what/who does he think the administration is?

  3. Here’s the real Joe Biden without the mask!

  4. All the political idiocy makes me feel like Indiana Jones when he’s confronted by a scimitar swordsman who threatens him during a chase:

    He sighs. Draws his pistol. Shoots the obnoxious bastard and continues to run…

    Question is: where do I go to escape this insanity?

    • I’m hoping the insanity ends about the end of January, after this administration is OUT OF OUR HAIR…once and for all!

  5. A funny to start the weekend! I have had it with campaign ads, politics, debates, etc.

    Yesterday, I wore a ” Vietnam Veteran” cap when I went to Walmart. Other than a battery for a cheap calculator (the battery probably cost more than the calculator is worth), there was nothing in particular that I needed at the world’s largest retailer but, since I retired, trips to Wally World to look at the Walmartians are always good for some comic relief.

    Besides, I always feel pretty normal after seeing some of the people who frequent the establishment. But, I digress…enough of my psychological fixations.

    While standing in line to check out, the guy in front of me, probably in his early thirties, asked, “Are you a Vietnam Vet?”

    “No,” I replied.

    “Then why are you wearing that cap?”

    “Because I couldn’t find the one from the War of 1812.”

    I thought it was a snappy retort.

    “The War of 1812, huh?” the Walmartian queried, “When was that?”

    God forgive me, but I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity.

    “1936,” I answered as straight-faced as possible.

    He pondered my response for a moment and responded,

    “Why do they call it the War of 1812 if it was in 1936?”

    “It was a Black Op. No one is supposed to know about it.”

    This was beginning to be way fun!

    “Dude! Really?” he exclaimed. “How did you get to do something that COOOOL?”

    I glanced furtively around me for effect, leaned toward the guy and in a low voice said,

    “I’m not sure. I was the only Caucasian on the mission.”

    “Dude,” he was really getting excited about what he was hearing, “That is seriously awesome! But, didn’t you kind of stand out?”

    “Not really. The other guys were wearing white camouflage.”

    The moron nodded knowingly.

    “Listen man,” I said in a very serious tone, “You can’t tell anyone about this. It’s still ‘top secret’ and I shouldn’t have said anything.”

    “Oh yeah?” he gave me the “don’t threaten me look.” “Like, what’s gonna happen if I do?”

    With a really hard look I said, “You have a family don’t you? We wouldn’t want anything to happen to them, would we?”

    The guy gulped, left his basket where it was and fled through the door.

    By this time, the lady behind me was about to have a heart attack, she was laughing so hard. I just grinned at her.

    After checking out and going to the parking lot I saw Dimwit leaning in a car window, talking to a young woman. Upon catching sight of me, he started pointing excitedly in my direction.

    Giving him another deadly serious look, I made the “I’m watching you” gesture.

    He turned kind of pale, jumped in the car and sped out of the parking lot.

    What a great time ! Tomorrow I’m going back with a Homeland Security cap.

    Whoever said retirement is boring just needs the right kind of cap.

    • MTP…

      That’s absolutely hilarious. I starting laughing about the start of the ‘War of 1812’ and didn’t stop until the end and thereafter. I had to wait to post this to quit laughing first.

      That post made my day my friend…hope others take the time to read it!

      If they don’t…they’ll never know what the missed. 😉

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Takea look at the commie giving their commie salute. becuase CHRIS MATHEEWS you liberal ignoramus OBAMA has been endorsed by the CPUSA and You Matheews are idiot for working for A-MESS-NBC

  7. Here’s some more fun with the SS hard at work!

    I guess even some of them can’t take this administration anymore…or something like that. 😉

    • After a stressful day of wearing sunglasses and an earphone, even a hardened veteran needs to get totally bombed and pass out. It’s a grueling job!

  8. Mr. Mittens says:

    The two Democrats in L.A. what were they fighting about?

    Communism > Socialism


    Socialism > Communism

    Either way Freedom loses

    • Right you are…and it’s to bad the sheriff restrained them, let the gutless wonders have a go at each other! (if they really would)

      • Mr. Mittens says:

        Hey big I had to have Mr. Mittens post for me, seems I can’t post from Waspish.

        Did the Dude ban me for being too competitively sexy? Or did Brid steal my wasp tag and say something ignorant?

      • No, one of them might have gotten scratched and infected with HIV.

  9. Bus driver suspended……one vicious upper-cut…..

    Wow…..really threw a good punch…….

  10. Here’s a classic:

    Libtards and minorities protest the theft of America from indigenous peoples

  11. This is what Ryan should have done to Biden every time Biden interrupted him during last night’s debate…………

  12. Will The Election Results Cause Massive Riots To Erupt All Over America?

    The election is nearly four weeks away, and many Obama supporters are already threatening to riot if Obama loses. The following are some very disturbing messages that were posted on Twitter recently that have been reposted on….

    “If Romney wins I’m Starting a Riot….Who’s WIT ME???”

    “I Hope The USA Is Well Aware That If In The Event This Character Romney Wins The Election, The People Will Start A Country Wide Riot! #Power”

    “If Romney is elected president, its gon be a riot its gon be a riot.”


    “If Romney became President and took away welfare Downtown Cincinnati would become a riot”

    “If Romney takes away food stamps 2 Chainzz in this bit IMMA START A RIOT”

    “If Romney wins. (which i highly doubt) THERE WILL BE A RIOT—”

    The following are a few more tweets that I found which threaten a potential riot if Obama loses the election….

    From @joecools_world….

    “Need 2 come up wit a game plan if Romney win…. Riot all thru Newark”

    From @killacate….

    “I swear on everything I love if Romney wins ima riot. I don’t even care if its just me.”

  13. This should make you roar with laughter!

  14. Will Chris Matthews have a nervous breakdown if Romney wins?

    Funny Farm Music Video lyrics!!!

    • Lol…we should all send that viral to Tingles on or after election day when we’re sure we know his messiah lost.

  15. It’s the funniest thing I’ve read in probably the last ten years. If you don’t follow college football, then it might not make a lot of sense. However, this was on the Kansas State board and it is a real gasser


    ‘…you’re adorable. you edit and still speak in tongues. did you graduate from nu?’

    • Okay friend…I don’t get it, obviously…I don’t follow. – All I saw there were a few comments from some.

      Help…I’m lost!

      Must be time for me to call it a night and hit my head on my favorite pillow. 😉

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Here’s how it breaks down. The drunk Cornhusker fan makes a rambling comment expressing support for Kansas State. The first Wildcat fan responds with ‘come back any time. Even when you’re sober’. The Cornhusker retorts with ‘shit, you be drunk to if Bo (Pelini) was your coach’. Second Wildcat fan responds with ‘you’re adorable. you edit and still speak in tongues. did you graduate from nu (Nebraska)?’ Drunk Cornhusker ‘no, want (went) to K-State’.

        • Okay…thanks for the explanation. At least I’m grinning big time as I post this. I kid ya not. 😉

          Now, I sure hope you and others that say this, please scroll above to MTPatriot’s post and see what you think of that joke this guy pulled on a customer at Wally World. – It’s truly priceless. I hate for anyone to miss this.

  16. The Sherman-Berman Hollywood Slugfest! Put in on Pay-Per-View and tell the cops to mind their own business. Quite frankly, these California lefties are creating a “Climate of Violence and Incivility” that threatens all Americans.

  17. Florida school creates race based performance goals for Asians, Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks…………..

    The goals set for Asians, Whites, and Hispanics are OK and should remain as they are, but the goals for Blacks should be revised down to a realistic figure… maybe 2 or 3 percent……..