Shama lama ding dong and death to America, infidels! The Imam comes to you to tell you Islam stands with your American group Code Pink in their brave effort to stop the government of the Great Satan from drone attacks on the innocent Taliban and Al Qaeda members of the religion of peace! Code Pink has brought their vaginas to Pok-ee-stahn to protest. Normally, being in possession of a vagina is against Islamic code and the owner of said vagina is immediately put to death. Why, you infidels might ask? Because Allah likes it that way! Must be something that reminds Allah about his ex-wife.

But praised be the name of Code Pink! Blessed are these brave American women who speak out against their corrupt Zionist-controlled government and call for an end to cowardly drone attacks in Pok-eee-stahn! Praise be their names and their vaginas. Shama lama be unto all members of Code Pink! We will kill and eat them, of course, but praised be the name of Code Pink!

American women dress like whores and act worse! The beautiful daughters of Allah in Code Pink are sensitive to Muslim culture, unlike the rest of your Western women dogs! When the members of Code Pink landed in Islamamammamamabad, they entered the country not in their traditional clothing that resembles the tingly parts of females. They had designed fully Islamic-approved burqas that resemble the part of the female body known as the vagina. The Imam isn’t really sure what that looks like, however. I’ve never been able to figure out how to get any of my wives out of their burqas to get a look! Here is the Code Pink burqa:

The Imam must admit it is a pretty frightening sight! Perhaps the Imam should not try to look under the burqas of any of my wives if that is what is awaiting! The Imam must admit that all this scary vagina stuff from Code Pink is enough to scare off drone attacks by itself! Maybe the scary nature of the vagina is why Allah has banned vaginas from all Islamic lands.

But none of that matters, infidels! Because all your Code Pink vaginas are belong to us in Pok-eee-stahn! And you can’t have them back! So there! Especially, this fine, little American flower below. This one might become the Imam’s ninth wife….oops….eighth wife. Forgot about last week’s stoning!


Great Satan! Hear the words of the Angry White Imam! Keep your drones or we will keep your lovely Code Pink women!

The Imam shall prepare for his wedding night by playing my favorite romantic song to shama lama my ding dong! The Dance of the 1000 Imams! Sing along…you know the words by now!


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  1. “Peace Takes Brains” Is that a real picture of a Code Pink follower? Oh my thats just……I hung some garlic over it. Mail that picture to the DNC.

    • michael.
      Should be load pink, that’s one of the grossest pictures I’ve ever seen, who let the dog out.


    Forget it you fool liberals these muslims dont want PEACE they have already wounded the dove

  3. “As a dog returns to its vomit,so a fool repeats his(in this case,her)folly.” Proverbs 26;17

  4. David in SC says:

    When I saw these nuts were going over there I thought, let’em get a load of THOSE laws and 3rd world behaviours, none of them may come back, I read that the pakistinky armpit turned them back before they could enter the no mans land of swarzirstantants or something. The natives would’ve cooked the fat ones, killed the ugly ones and, oh well, none of them are “lookers” if ya know what I mean…


    If peace takes brains then they need to revoke JIMMY CARTERS Peace prize becuase Carter is a total baffoon

  6. Defending one’s self and country is what brings people to war. Code Pink has nothing to defend, and if they had a functional brain, they would know they are the enemy of this country, thus causing WAR!

  7. “Hands off my vagina.” I wouldn’t touch that fetid hairy roast beef sammich with haz-mat gloves.

  8. It’s too bad they wouldn’t let them in,they deserve whatever happened to them,but even the savages took a pass. lol!

  9. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    I’ve gotta say, I don’t understand feminist. They say one thing – but then go against what they say. They have reduced themselves to a body part or two and seem to care about one thing and one thing only. PAY FOR MY BIRTH CONTROL! Stay out of my bedroom – but, PAY FOR MY BIRTH CONTROL. They don’t care about what has happened the last four years, but PAY FOR MY BIRTH CONTROL.

    IMHO, they are a bunch of whiney ass losers who refuse to be responsible for themselves.

    I prefer to take care of myself, thank you very much!

  10. Holy Shari’ah is God’s answer to feminism, and it can’t come soon enough for me.

  11. I’ve been having difficulty logging into the site for the psat two days. It’s nice to have you back AWD.

    Off topic, Sean Hannity did a wonderful segment last night tapping in on one of a handful of Hussein’s latest campaign shenanigans. It seems that “Dear Leader” is so desperate to remain in office for an additional 4 years to fully complete his sinister plans in transforming our once Christian and democratic nation into a third world commune with the assistance of illegal foreign funds!

  12. The most dangerous creature on the planet is the middle aged- Obama voting- liberal femanazi on Prozac. The Liger of the bunch would be the “butch” femanazi.

  13. Bloodless Coup says:

    Andrew Klavan: How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre