Through the double-standard of political correctness, black racists can openly disparage white people (aka crackas) without public retribution when crackas (aka white people) are ostracized by the mere disagreement with a person of color. Remember you racist goat-ropers, the term ‘colored people’ is racist while ‘people of color’ is not. It’s so difficult to stay up with the ever changing doctrines of PC! But, then again, we don’t have PhD’s in African-American Studies like Dr. Marc Lamont Hill!

Marc Lamont Hill is a PhD in Blackness. Therefore, he has license to criticize and hate crackas without any fear of retribution. Why? Well….you know….slavery. A man of little talent other than hating crackas, Hill is a writer on PuffHo and is a regular on the O’Reilly show. There are many other ‘blackologists’ like Lamont. You have your Toure’s, Sharptons, Cornell Wests, and that stupid idiot female anchor on MSNBC whose name I’m too lazy to look up. What do they do to contribute to the political conversation? Criticize crackas while crying racism!

Hill has put together a list of the most…in his words…overrated crackas. What would be the national outcry if a known white conservative was to put together a list of the most overrated black people? They would be immediately labeled RACIST and ostracized by the left and the wussypants so-called conservatives looking to make a dime from the media. Several major “conservative” blogs come to mind.

Here are some of Lamont’s overrated crackas:

Elvis – say no more, junior! Elvis is the King and will always be. He writes “Despite being a cheap facsimile of Little Richard, he is still known as the “King of Rock ‘n Roll.” Only in America…” Well, maybe America wasn’t ready for a homosexual freak-a-zoid male who wore make-up who sang three-chord songs like Little Richard. Those racist Americans! Elvis was handsome, charming, talented and a great performer. Elvis had more talent in his hound dog than Little Richard had in his drugged-out, queer body!

Ronald Reagan – Lamont (wasn’t he the guy on Sanford and Sons?) writes this blasphemy: “How easily we forget that Reagan was largely responsible for shutting down mental hospitals, bloating the military, shrinking benefits for the needy, sparking mass incarceration, and declaring ketchup a vegetable for our children’s school lunches.”

Lamont is too stupid to realize that by “bloating the military” defeated the Soviet Union and repaired four years of presidential military malfeasance by the former worst president in history, Jimmah Carter! It’s always the same old song and dance for libs…destroy the military and raise taxes. Neither of which work! Also, Lamont, Reagan created the most prosperous time in American history that lasted years after he left office by lowering taxes and allowing businesses to operate with minimal government intrusion. Reagan had the economy humming along in 1983 at a 9.3% growth rate while Lamont’s master, Hussein Hopenchange, can barely eek out 1.3%! Barack Obama couldn’t carry Ronbo’s jock strap, you imbecilic moron!

Tim Tebow – ahhh, yes! The white Christian good kid who blacks and PC libtards on ESPN love to hate! Tebow-hatred is a perfect example of what’s wrong with America. Tebow is a quality quarterback who (if I remember) led the University of Florida to a national championship. He also led the Denver Bronco to several miracle comebacks. Clean cut and chaste, he has all of the qualities libs love to hate! No, much better Tebow had been a black thug who spreads syphilis convicted of dog-fighting. Then he’d be a real star worthy of admiration! The worst thing about Tim Tebow to libs? He represents old-fashioned, American values. Now we can’t have that, can we?

William Shakespeare – Lamont really proves his genius here. “There’s no doubt that Shakespeare has a rightful place in the Western literary canon. Unfortunately, thanks to sycophantic critics and narrow-minded educational systems, Shakespeare is the only person who seems to matter to the average person.” Would that be the same narrow-minded educational systems who endorse African American Studies as a legitimate field of study? Face it, would Dr. Lamont be known to anyone if it weren’t for “narrow-minded” academic frauds?

Dr. Lamont continues “we ignore the fact that many aspects of Shakespeare’s work — such as the writing in Hamlet or the generally narrow range of female roles in his plays — just aren’t that awesome.” Oh, so plays written in 1600 don’t carry all the prerequisite PC, womyn’s study claptrap? Of course not. Plus, Shakespeare was probably a racist!

Donald Trump – Here’s Lamont’s brilliant analysis. “The Donald was always obnoxious, but he dipped to new lows this year by jumping on the Birther train. But that alone doesn’t make him overrated. Just racist and dumb.” Racist and dumb. Brilliant, Lamont, brilliant! Amazing to hear one of the doctors of African American studies crying racism!

Dr. Lamont, one thing Trump has done that you’ll never do. Create wealth. You’re an academic amoeba who has a degree in a worthless, pseudo-major whose entire curriculum consists of crying racism and hating crackas for their accomplishments.

Bill Clinton – no argument here.

What is truly amazing about Dr. Lamont Hill is he is allowed to spew his small-minded, anti-cracka venom anywhere except some PC bastion waste of taxpayer dollars called academia. Even the small-minded O’Reilly lets him on occasionally. Maybe to just show the world how stupid and racist these black “academics” are.

Want to name the most over-rated black people next, Lamont? Here’s a few suggestions:

Barrack Hussein Obama – any explanation needed here?

Congressional Black Caucus – any explanation needed here?

Every rapper in the world – any explanation needed here?

Whoopi Goldberg – combines a unique combination of utter stupidity and physical hideousness. Any further explanation here?

Eric Holder – any explanation here?

Al Sharpton – any explanation here?

Hell, we could do this all night…but that would be racist, wouldn’t it? Because in the PC States of the Offended, any criticism of black people by crackas is off limits. Only in deteriorating America could such lunacy exist!

Here’s Lamont’s article for your reading pleasure.

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    Elvis wasnt a draft dodger like BILL CLINTON and in his hollywood days RONALD REAGAN played along side a monkey(BEDTIME FOR BONZO)and SHAKESPEAR wrote a little peice about LAWYERS and TIM TEBOW isa good clean player

  2. Heywood Broun says:

    You are getting your black commie morons mixed up.

    The photo above is of Tavis “Cabbage” Smiley, who “works” for NPR, so not only is he a commie moron, but we taxpayers (the 53%) are directly paying his salary.

    Marc Lamont Hill, the author of the drivel you quote, “works” for Columbia University and is also a black commie moron, but since Columbia is a private college, we taxpayers are only partially paying his salary.

    Hill and Smiley are pretty much indistinguishable in many ways — blackness, communism, profound stupidity, thoroughgoing unoriginality, low IQ, chattel slavishness to the Democrat party — but they are, despite appearances, different people.

    • Heywood, you caught that, huh? 😉


      • American Infidel #1 says:

        Blacks all look alike anyway.

      • I guess he knows his kneegrows huh?

      • Dude, I may be late getting here, but your Smiley joke made me laugh. Haywood evidently is new around here, and welcome of course.

        As to why we let blacks get away with this racist behavior more than other colored people. It just may be what a wise man once taught us. Turn the other cheek, don’t sweat the small stuff, thick skin, let them hang themselves with their own words and actions, let their true colors shine through, etc.

    • I agree…they are both two fast talking peas in a pod.

      AWD does need to change the picture tho.

    • Okay AWD,first of all,great article,one of your best that only you can describe.
      Now,I’m really confused about the naming of the guy in the picture,I googled all 3 names,Marc Lamont Hill,Tavis Smiley and Demond Wilson (the guy who played Lamont in Sanford and Sons)and IMO the picture sure looks like Demond Wilson back when all the brothas sported their afros.

      • I agree with you, he sure looks like Sanfords’ son in that picture!
        However, lots of negros do look alike to me.

        AWD sure knocked it out of the park in his statement about “Whoopi Cushion” Goldberg——-What an ignorant and ugly excuse for a human being!…She must be the result of Sanfords’ “gorilla cookies”!

    • Heywood…that ain’t right. That’s Lamont Sanford, Fred’s son, Ont’ Esther’s nephew, you know, Rollo’s buddy. Don’t disparage him. I think he’s dead too, but I could be wrong.

  3. So basically… Everyone in history that’s ever been productive, and has ever offered anything to the world at large, is an “overrated crackah…”

    Like Shakespeare, a guy who could write REAL poetry, that spoke to everybody (at least, everybody at the time). And could complete a sentence without using four-letter words.

    And Elvis, who took probably upwards of a 90% pay cut when he left the music industry to join the Army and fight for his country. What was Little Richard doing during the war? Wait, don’t answer! I probably don’t EVEN wanna know!

    But anyway… sure speaks volumes about the accuser, doesn’t it?

  4. Heywood Broun says:

    Thanks AWD for the great site. Maybe I missed the point of the photo. :)

    Hill, Smiley, Cornel West, Skip Gates, Juan Williams, Keith Boykin, Toure “Douche’ Niblets, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson… What’s the difference? They are all happy slaves on the Democrat party plantation.

    The only free blacks are people like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Shelby Steele, Ward Connerly, et al.

    • Heywood, fret not, and welcome to I found this page not long after it was started, and was thrown for a loop when AWD was describing a ‘lebanese’ girl who was complaining about not being allowed to go to her prom because she was gay. When I questioned the Dude about her not ‘looking’ Lebanese I finally got the joke after a few more posts.

      You see, ‘lebanese’ is the word Dude uses for lesbian. Once you’ve been around for a while, and seen a few of the ‘Music That Doesn’t Suck’ posts you will see that AWD is a different sort of fellow.

      Welcome to the AWD family, hope you stick around.

      Michael T

  5. And I wonder what Elvis would now think of the area where Graceland resides. Back in the 50’s, Whitehaven( yes, that is the name of the area) was pretty much in the country. Now its a crime ridden shithole.
    My wife’s family has lived in that area for three generations, and watched it turn to shit. What caused this? Urban sprawl and a large shift in demographics.

  6. Columbia gets mucho $$$ from Government grants, its one of the biggest boosters of their “Private ” school. I spent 23 years at a major university, 13 getting two degrees, I really liked school. My real education started when I worked for the same university in one of the science depts as a technician. Grant money is what drives our University systems. I worked for a person who brought in several million dollars in federal grant money. The University take of this funding was 50% for overhead and lab space for this guy. 10% of that 50% was sent back to the chairman of this persons dept. for use as he saw fit. I was there as the Ethnic studies and women’s studies programs were being put in place. Most of these programs were instituted by the left and were run by some of the most malcontent misfits I have ever seen. If they had to meet the same standards of most other depts. they would have failed miserably, but as grant moneys started to flow in these areas they rapidly expanded and and standards that others had to meet were kinda brushed aside. Money talks, its the Viagra of the universities.
    There were a lot of dumb bunnies out of these programs and on the street as community organizers. As long as the money flowed the universities just just kinda yawned, looked the other way and produced more and more malcontents and misfits who needed work so the universities hired them as faculty to get more $$$ for them.
    Student loans are a whole other way of funding universities. You will note tuition rises when student loans get bigger, and they are so big now we have a student loan bubble about to burst as few can pay them back. They are one more entitlement program. In big universities if your on faculty you better get grant money flowing in yearly to see advancement and the all coveted Tenure. You get to teach 3 classes each year, that is year! If you are real lucky you can create graduate independent study classes with one or two of your own graduate students bypassing teaching of mass populations of students. In some schools now these ethnic study and women’s study classes rival athletic and even some scientific programs in monies brought in. Very little history or Govt. study classes are required but ethnic study classes are. I could go for hours but its late… Want a real education? Go to Hillsdale College, they take no Govt Monies, none never have. Sorry if I ran off topic and drooled some.

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      Michael, I am glad someone told it like it is about universities these days. I worked for one for seven years and saw it turn from a “college” to a “university”, hungry as the president of the school was for federal money, and they almost lost their accreditation.

      When they became a U, instantly the sports teams got better—so much better they began competing on a national level for the first time. But then, various scandals broke out and like I said, we nearly all lost our positions.

      A particularly telling and embarrassing moment came when the president of the school actually admitted to a gym full of students, staff, and faculty that he grew the school into a U so he could get more blacks there and not be considered a racist and to better the athletic department. Luckily, there was no press around and somehow word didn’t get out to them.

      I finally left the place and went on to better things. I also never had finished college myself, when I was enrolled at another school years before, because of my shock and upset that it was so extremely liberal. And that was in the mid-80s!

      It is a good thing I never had children because I’d be killing myself to ensure they never attended public school and especially not the usual American colleges and universities. They are indoctrination centers of the worst kind and yes, they are all about the money and destroying the mind in the process.

  7. David in SC says:

    I saw this today, they should take a lesson from Yamamoto, don’t frack with the sleeping giant. I suspect a major backlash is coming for “people of color”. And when they realize that they are the racists, that they never had it so good, and that their leaders are racist morons, they will regret it, but frack ’em, I hope they get everything they deserve and the DWLs that created them too. Each one brought down will be a future crime avoided and tax moneys saved. These two racist negroes should be forcibly deported and then let them live in a real african country where they eat each other and kill with wild abandon. I’ve always said they will kill each other off if we let them.

  8. Hill is described, or describes himself, as a “hip-hop intellectual”. Talk about your oxymoron.

  9. Sandusky,Obama and NAMBLA: The “Gay” Agenda

    Speaking of SICKENING double standards: On a tangentially related note- seeing as how this horrific story has slipped under the semi omniscient AWD radar-Jerry Sandusky has been sentenced to decades in prison for molesting boys. Our managed media describes it as “underage boys”- as if it would be admirable had the boys been born a little earlier. Why does our media do that? When the late JOE PATERNO was forced out of Penn State after decades of excellence as the Nittany Lions Head Coach.

    Why was “JoPa” fired? Because he allowed the weakest, most defenseless in our society to be exploited for the degenerate pleasure of rich and powerful homosexuals.

    Sandusky is a male, and he forced young males to have sexual relations with him — that is by definition same-sex or homo(same) sexual. Why does our media mask the fact by calling him a “pedophile”? He engaged in homosexual pederasty.

    What our media is hiding from you is the fact that Paterno was simply following the PC dogma. Paterno refused to be “HOMOPHOBIC.” After all, Sandusky just did what LGBT media push- same sex sodomy.

    Children in kindergarten in California are now being forced to learn about homosexual “heroes.” Why?

    Homosexuals are using so-called anti-bullying codes to impose pro homosexual propaganda in teh classroom.

    “Gays” have already lowered the age of consent in Canada to 12 years old.

    Sandusky is a protected “minority” as a “gay” man.

    When homosexual predators start doing this in our post-Obama military, look for cases like this to increase exponentially.

    This is highly reminiscent Ft Hood jihadi Nidal Hasan. The Muslim murderer should have been removed from the Army years ago, but fear of being called “Islamophobic” lead to those in authority willfully turning a blind eye to the potential for ghastly crimes. After all “Diversity is Strength” is the mantra that our media brainwashed us to believe.

    Make no mistake, Harvey Milk himself marched in San Francisco’s “gay” parades along with NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association)

    The fact that the homosexual Coach Sandusky was allowed to rape young boys for years and years is a statement about our society’s refusal to face the facts about the “gay” agenda.

    An even more horrifying possibility :

    “Back in April, Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden wrote a story revealing Penn State for much of the cover-up of Jerry Sandusky’s alleged child rape that has been exposed in the past week. While it didn’t raise many eyebrows back then, six months later it looks to be incredibly accurate

    Madden was asked on The Dennis and Callahan Show what he believes the next piece of news will be.
    What he said was twice as shocking as anything that’s been released thus far.

    “I hear there’s a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the Second Mile Foundation — and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross, I will use the only language I can — that Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors. That was being investigated by two prominent columnists even as I speak.”

    “My opinion is when Sandusky quit, everybody knew — not just at Penn State,” Madden added. “I think it was a very poorly kept secret about college football in general, and that is why he never coached in college football again and retired at the relatively young age of 55. [That’s] young for a coach, certainly.”

    This is what people like Obama and his supporters are ultimately all about. The weak being exploited by the powerful.

    America has forgotten: the moral law is the ONLY thing that protects the weak.

  10. 3rd AF Crew Chief says:

    This doesn’t require a long comment cause this is just another black far leftist commie. Do or would you expect any other commments out of his pie hole.


    All the memeber of the NBPP need to be rounded up and deported back to africa

  12. Lamont Hill is that speed talking hustler who made his claim to fame by appearing regularly on the O’Reilly factor. Tavis Smiley (photo) peddles just about the same racial rhetoric but in a more subtle manner.

    How is it possible that our universities have merrited these coonish clowns like Hill, Michael Eric Dyson & Cornell West with accredited degrees? Their speech patterns and overall cadence is synonymous to that of a corner street thug or petty drug dealer! None of these men contribute anything remotely constructive to society, yet why are they routinely afforded so much air time on a number of television stations including Fox? Do they really need a stable of Affirmative Action black intellectual empty heads that badly on their payroll?

    CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the left wing media often book these fools regularly while allowing them the opportunity to tackle on the all too important issues of “race”! These buffoons have nothing intelligent to share with the general populace. It’s time for Fox to tune them out and avoid giving them anymore credibility than they deserve!

    • Keith Blackwell says:

      Wow, I wish I saw you response sooner, because you response is a open book of cowardice insecurity. It’s funny how you try to incorporate negative black stereotypes into your description of a black man who obviously is a very accomplished intellectual. I noticed how you say “fast talking.” Sometimes if you lack the intellectual capacity you may only deduce that he is talking to fast. Yes, he does speak fast at times because he has a lot to say withing a short amount of time (oftentimes on Fox he only has perhaps a 10 minute time slot). Also, to keep ignorant serial interrupters like O’Reily from interrupting, you have to speak fast before you say something that O’Reily doesn’t want to hear and face. You see the last thing racist white America wants to deal with is a highly educated black man. You know he may end up understanding the truth and deciphering schemes an such. Then he will be reduced to being merely a demagogue or a rabble-rouser upsetting good black folks.
      As a result, people like you question the need and or the validity of a young handsome highly educated black man,PhD on TV. Try swallowing your racist insecurities and understand that black folks are an important and essential part of America and always will be.

  13. My blood boils when I hear these subversives. If they aren’t PC leftist, they’re Islamotards!

    There was a dream once and that was to send the slaves back to Africa.Take a look at what they have going in the “motherland” now that “white rule” has been eliminated.


    The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary)

    • They are one of the few races in world history that simply cannot be assimilated or be expected to pitch in and work like everyone else. They’re slovenly, corrupt, basically ignorant unless their black bloodline has been interrupted by a non black ancestor and they’re violent. In a sense they’re just humanoid retards and because of American cheapness after the Civil War they weren’t repatriated to their beloved Africa.

      I’m so sorry that their ancestors were ever permitted to set foot on this nation’s soil. It’s been a bad deal all the way around for everyone.

  14. RidinShotgun says:

    I would add MLK, the only official American “saint” to that list as well.
    I know, I know all,the claptrap about “civil rights” If one reads about his womanizing, the fact that he liked them young and enjoyed smacking them around, would serve to tarnish his image. Thus, it is never spoken about.
    A friend of my fathers is retired FBI and worked a few cases in which MLK was involved in, only in a roundabout way. He spoke of one stake out he sat on where MLK was speaking to one of the many churches he was always being invited to and at one point began to wax eloquently about how voting rights was only the beginning.
    He then went on about how communism was God’s “answer” to the conditions created for his people by white America and how it would help white America “atone” for their past sins vis-a-vis wealth transfer.
    He told me that up until this point, he regarded MLK as just another person that someone in Washington had a bug up their ass about and he didn’t give it another thought, until he heard him say that. He described the moment he heard it as on of those, “Oh really?” times in his life. When Sharpton first appeared on the scene back in late 80’s, I remember this guy chuckling out loud, saying, “Well, well here’s the latest incarnation of the race hustler, the new MLK.” Being young and naive (fed the crap at public school) I gave him a quizzical look. he explained that MLK was very adept at presenting one face to the throngs he represented and another, more acceptable one to the rest of America. “Sharpton” he said, “Was the face that the honorable reverend reserved for his followers when the cameras weren’t rolling, or he thought no one else was looking.”
    As for Hill, a degree in black “studies” ok, so you have a degree in being black? That’s what it sounds like. Without academia to support him this oxygen thief would be saying the following to you and I, “Would you like that to go, or eat here?”

  15. michael mach says:

    This asshats opinion means absolutely nothing,contributes nothing to society but ignorant biased opinion,that is why the msm has him and the other race hustlers on,it fits in with them,fog the issues of the day with this kind of garbage,with the current msm facts are no longer the rule,it is all opinion news,the show the view has a idiot black woman on their panel who does not know that the earth is round and is still on spouting her ignorant opinion,unfortunately the morons think they are getting the news from these corrupt one sided silly leftists,just look at Libya and the trayvon martin cases,facts were no where to be seen,until they were investigated.

  16. Racist professor Marc Lamont Hill is a professor at Columbia University and is affiliated with the Afro-American Studies department…….In other words he is a professor of that which does not matter in the real world of work………

    Interview with one of Marc Lamont Hill’s graduates………

    What was your major in college little black boy …..I majored in Afro-American Studies…….Oh!!!!!!!! Afro-American Studies with an emphasis on Hip Hop you say……..Well, very good………

    Thank you for coming in and applying with our company…..I am sure that if we have a position open up in your area of expertise you will be the first we get in touch with……….I’ll keep your resume over here in this special circular file……thank you for coming in now……..

    Naturally, when Marc Lamont Hill’s special graduate with his degree in Afro-American Studies doesn’t get the job we wii be called racists…..

    Lets make this perfectly clear, Marc Lamont Hill is the racist…..there is no way around as to how to accurately describe this black race baiting hustler trying to make himself relevant in today’s society……..Marc Lamont Hill “is” a professional racist………His area of expertise has absolutely no relevance in a modern technological setting………The only area that Marc Lamont Hill is suited for with his Afro-American Studies degree is “race hustling”…………

    Marc Lamont Hill is only relevant to inner city streets thugs like those in Chicago or Newark…… and only those inner city streets being run by those extremely violent types we know as black street gang-bangers……Marc Lamont Hill’s his true core hip-hop constituents…………

    Dr. Marc Lamont Hill sees racism under every rock and around every corner…….if he doesn’t find racism there he will make their be racism there…….he will invent the racism and pass it off as truth….

    Dr. Marc Lamont Hill professional race baiter………………

    I say to you…..””Racist Heal Thyself””


    I,ll bet he hero worships the infamous MALCOM X

    • We have a lot of people with that tag here in the Detroited land of the third world nation of Wayne County, Michigan. Road signs, schools, and public buildings too! Being one county separated from the third world nation, the overflow is bad.

      Today the local Fox2 reported that a large portion of the remaining population of Detroit are planing to move out of the city within the next five years. This is due to the city police force of one or two officers per precinct out responding to the grid lock of crime, and “This city isn’t safe anymore, our city government is fully corrupted, and there is no money!”

      The predators will be searching out new prey. The job is done, Detroit is dead.

  18. The photo of DeMOND WILSON who played the part of LAMONT SANFORD is pretty fly BUT let us not confuse the actor- Mr Wilson- with the racist professor

    DeMond Wilson is a Christian Minister who does outreach to those involved in drug abuse etc… a far cry from the leftist Prof

  19. Video…………typical Obongo supporter………

    Romney….A Ni**er

  20. Anytime this holier-than-thou, so called “Professor”, racist, white-hating, Obongo loving (and sucking) ass shows up on O’Reilly etc. I immediately change the channel. This jerk is as repulsive as they come.

  21. Enoch Powell says:

    Elvis overrated. Ha ha. Black music used to be adequate to pretty good back when they were trying to imitate White people. At the same time, White people were influenced by some of the things Black people were doing. And then White people proceeded to do those things several degrees better. As always. Of course we can’t tell the truth about that.

    Now Blacks have decided to stop being influenced by Whites since about 1980. The result? Loud, obscene jumprope ditties exclusive. That’s all Blacks do now is primitive, juvenile rants. Back into the jungle.

  22. Negro culture will always be behind the 8 ball of Western European culture, and therefore, blacks will always be insecure and defensive when talking race. In my mind, it all comes down to history and culture. Indeed, which is the higher, nobler accomplishment: a Gothic stone cathedral or an African mud hut?

    The long-winded explanation was given by Charles Darwin:

    “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the
    continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s
    fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare
    black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust
    until a white man showed to him its glittering
    light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile
    animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or
    sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe,
    spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the
    moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to
    graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he
    never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or
    built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With
    league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland
    seas, for four thousand years he watched their
    surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of
    the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over
    his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him
    to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed
    a sail.”

    Star with clinton, our first Ni@@@ president.

    add to the list:
    Over rated people
    Clintons ..3

    All the jacksons…jesse, michael
    Chris Brown
    Lil Wayne
    Nicki Minaj
    • rhianna
    Trayvon martin
    Ralph Bunche
    Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr.
    Minnie Joycelyn Elders

    Jesse Jackson
    Daniel “Chappie” James
    Thurgood Marshall
    Kwesi Mfume
    Rosa Parks
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Malcom “X”
    Whoppi goldberg
    Stokely Carmichael
    Angela davis
    Tookie Williams
    Elijah Muhammad
    Shirley Chisholm
    joan chesmire
    Maxine waters
    Bobby Seale
    Van Williams
    Jonny cockran
    Oj simpson
    Nyere [Tanzania]


    • Did you just make a list of as many black people you could Google? WTF do Tookie Williams and “Whoppi” Goldberg have in common?

  24. Cooter Brown says:

    Whitney Houston… Does she count?

  25. Cooter Brown says:

    Chita from Tarzan.

  26. Ahem….I have a PHD in “Norwegian-American Studies” One of the 53%..I am also fluent in minding my own business, going to work damn near every day for 34 years, raising good kids, self responsibility, obeying the law,and taking care of my business. I own many guns, fly 2 flags at my house. NRA sticker on the F150. I am well schooled in old country music.My brother does not eat locusts and live in a dung hut. I am a “person of color” after fishing all summer as well.
    Dudes got’s nuddin on me shizzle. When do I get on TV?? Yea, I thought so.
    If these idiot race baiters ever lose the stage provided by the lunatic fringe, in a week they’d all be dealing drugs,knocking over da 7-11 in da ex po po hooptie (they feel an attachment to old police cars, as their mammy rode in they, and dad made the plates) with the 26 inch rimz.
    Good thing for him and his ilk we have affirmative action (not capitalized intentionally). Why these media cater to liberals when there is so much more success and discretionary cash is beyong my abilty to dumb down to. The buzzing of flies-nothing more.

  27. Lamont, you big dummy.

  28. Here is another black piece-of-sh!t……..

    Says white people have to pay for what we did……….

  29. I think I have one that needs to be added to the list, the famous Shelia Jackson Lee, she stays out of prison only because she’s black, loud and obnoxious.

  30. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Lacking another immediate place to post this, I’m putting it here. Toure’s latest idiocy:

    Hmm. Is this an admission? Geez.

  31. The reason blacks get away with this double-standard of slandering whites and not being called the racist they are is because whites (myself included) quit acting like white men. We should stick together like we used to. We should do anything necessary to get our rights back and make the country and even playing field again for our children. Sixty years ago our fathers and grandfathers would have picked up guns and changed things really quickly…regardless of the circumstances. Whites need to aggressively fight for their rights.

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    Please also include the following Awful Tags (TM) in your query so we can tailor your Awful Experience accordingly:

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  33. Marc Lamont Hill is a bona fide racist & bigot.Everything the guy evaluates is through the prisim of race.
    No question he is obsessed with our cultures Blackness. He is so damn tedious & obnoxious.
    Especially when he starts that smart ass rapid talking in that neurotic fashion.
    Im just sick & tired of his bullshit.

  34. Don’t you just get fatigued with the Lamont Hill’s rants? It just gets nautious after a few minutes.
    Can we all just chill when he comes around and not get worked up over all the Black racisim.
    Uuugh. Spare me of Dr Hill!!

  35. White Devil says:

    *shakes head in disgust*

    I’m so fed up with race hustlers and poverty pimps like this over educated ( with a worthless degree ) and under smart POS…

    negro fatigue.. is it terminal? Is there a cure for it?

  36. I say give him MORE AIRTIME to show how an indignant, elitist, ‘above blue collar’, hate whitey (who funded his ignorant black ass through school; while STILL hating whitey…..) Bangs WHITE women and still keeps bumpin his lips only to DIVIDE PEOPLE…… NOTHING LIKE THE MLK MODEL; a REAL MAN AND LEADER! at f+-*%$# all! lol HARD… We push em forward and they INSIST on falling right back on us!!!! It’s f’ in hilarious! Poor black man can’t get a break; please give ME one! After this model in the WH; He has set the race BACK 50 years. I know, I lived it. As long as Lamonts (lol; sorry) and Sharptons, and Wrights are out there ‘Talking crap about whitey’; we REINFORCE OUR YOUNG TO IDENTIFY AND “shun” the poor disadvantaged bruthAman…. keep shooting yourself in the foot dummy! 50 years BACK; YA BLEW IT! Get it? Wait till this Admin leaves in 2016; America will NEVER RECOVER OUR DIGNITY nor be able to be cleansed from the dirt, shame, race baiting, INCOMPETENCE we have been FORCED to endure for LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY. IF THE 14% doesn’t like it, the other 86% DO!!! Hit the “motherland” and go live with your REAL brethren for a 8years like WE HAD TOO! 14% of our pop that is RESPONSIBLE FOR A DISPROPORTIONATELY LARGE AMOUNT OF CRIME, welfare, violence, and COMPLETELY VOID of ANY form of civic responsibility, national pride, human decency, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY “violence and crime” (did I already say that? lol) inbreeding, and producing RECORD amounts of fatherless children….. Way to go “Brotherman” ! Congratuf&%$-+(lations! YOU MADE IT! Your black!!!! …..ahhhrite!… Keep trucking “Black boy”!!! (Opposite of white boy) KEEP TRUCKING COLUMBIA ALUM!!! Shame on our’learning institutions’… Racists, nonmilitary, ENTITLED, murderers teach our kidz…… GET IT? Semper Fi jackass, you made it!!!!! Lol hard…. good times this 21st century!

  37. I say give him MORE AIRTIME to show how an indignant, elitist, ‘above blue collar’, hate whitey (who funded his ignorant black ass through school; while STILL hating whitey…..) Bangs WHITE women and still keeps bumpin his lips only to DIVIDE PEOPLE…… NOTHING LIKE THE MLK MODEL; a REAL MAN AND LEADER! at f+-*%$# all! lol HARD… We push em forward and they INSIST on falling right back on us!!!! It’s f’ in hilarious! Poor black man can’t get a break; please give ME one! After this model in the WH; He has set the race BACK 50 years. I know, I lived it. As long as Lamonts (lol; sorry) and Sharptons, and Wrights are out there ‘Talking crap about whitey’; we REINFORCE OUR YOUNG TO IDENTIFY AND “shun” the poor disadvantaged bruthAman…. keep shooting yourself in the foot dummy! 50 years BACK; YA BLEW IT! Get it? Wait till this Admin leaves in 2016; America will NEVER RECOVER OUR DIGNITY nor be able to be cleansed from the dirt, shame, race baiting, INCOMPETENCE we have been FORCED to endure for LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY. IF THE 14% doesn’t like it, the other 86% DO!!! Hit the “motherland” and go live with your REAL brethren for a 8years like WE HAD TOO! 14% of our pop that is RESPONSIBLE FOR A DISPROPORTIONATELY LARGE AMOUNT OF CRIME, welfare, violence, and COMPLETELY VOID of ANY form of civic responsibility, national pride, human decency, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY “violence and crime” (did I already say that? lol) inbreeding, and producing RECORD amounts of fatherless children….. Way to go “Brotherman” ! Congratuf&%$-+(lations! YOU MADE IT! Your black!!!! …..ahhhrite!… Keep trucking “Black boy”!!! (Opposite of white boy) KEEP TRUCKING COLUMBIA ALUM!!! Shame on our’learning institutions’… Racists, nonmilitary, ENTITLED, murderers teach our kidz…… GET it? Semper Fi jackass, you made it!!!!!h Lol hard…. good times this 21st century!

  38. HTown_Psych says:

    Firstly, stop putting words in people’s mouths. Hill has never used the term “cracka”. You are on that island by yourself. I have no clue what the character, Lamont, from Sanford and son has to do with anything other than a play on names. Putting those weird aspects of your blog aside, my response to you is this:

    Many (if not most) of the points Hill raised in his piece were valid. Oddly the author of this piece ignores that little fact and uses childlike retorts instead of addressing the facts. Babe Ruth did play in a segregated league when we KNOW of other great players of his day who were prohibited from competing against him. FACT. Elvis stole most of his hits. FACT. Tebow sucked at football. Who gives a flip if he was a so-called Christian? He sucked at his profession. FACT. Kate Middleton is known for absolutely nothing. FACT. And so on.

    If this author (or any white person) can compile a list of black people who have been given undue praise then feel free to discuss it. The gotcha is that you will have a hard time compiling such a list. Jackie Robinson fought for his spot in MLB and excelled. FACT. Michael Jackson was a musical genius and true innovator. He did not cover other people’s songs (rarely crediting the original artist–that is stealing) and get rewarded with the title of King of Pop. FACT. There are NO black women who are known world wide for NO reason. Black female icons (e.g. Beyonce) have to work damned hard for it. FACT.

    So… if you want to take issue with the piece, then refute the assertions therein

    • You’re an idiot.

      Hard time compelling a life of “overrated black people”? I doubt it, Miss Anti-White. MLK Jr. was a plagiarist. Whitney Houston stole from Dolley Parton. The Obama’s we’re nobodies before the White House. Oprah Winfrey started out as an affirmative action seat warmer. Let’s not even discuss Al Sharpton and Revund Jesse Jackson. Gabourey Sidibe is morbidly obese and a bad actor. Mandela was a commie terrorist. The list goes on and on and on and on. . .

      You see, that wasn’t so hard:D

  39. Omfg yes! I just saw some news segment with marc f**k-face lamont and he was crying victim for blacks just like he always does. I googled “marc lamont is an idiot” and here this was! It is disgusting how these black racists can go around saying whatever they please. All of my black friends agree with this as well. They hate the blacks that still act like America owes them anything. One of them even joked with me that if it wasn’t for slavery, he might be living in Africa wearing a loin cloth and chasing a lion with a spear! Lmao

  40. angry man says:

    I agree 100% with awd. Mark lamont hill is a waste of skin. If it wasnt for white guilt this idiot wouldnt even have a job. and oh by the way– little richard is a freak.