Remember 2004 when the presidential election came down to a few hundred votes? Are you going to let that happen again? Just think, a few hundred dead voters could give us a second Obama term! Ohio and a few other swing states will decide the future of America. A second Obama term is too frightening to think about! More frightening than being between Michael Moore and a Sara Lee cheesecake during his midnight grazing. Even more frightening than rolling over first thing in the morning and seeing Rosie O’Donnell beside you! Even more frightening than Joe Biden, the first openly retarded vice president, from being one heartbeat away from escaping his cage. A second Obama term is THAT scary!

Tea Party Patriots is doing something about it and have asked for help from top-tier bloggers. I don’t know how they got a hold of the Big Sexy but AWD is happy to help them in their valiant effort to win this election!

Tea Party Patriots needs YOUR help making phone calls into crucial swing states before the election. Their Call From Home program is simple to use and has proven to be very effective. Each person you dial will be an independent voter in a swing state who has received the excellent Tea Party Patriots film called The Determinators. The movie layeth the smacketh down on the dangers of ObamaCare.

To sweeten the pot, Tea Party Patriots will give each volunteer who makes only 60 phone calls a supa-groovy t shirt. Even more groovy, each call you make will give you one ticket for a drawing for one of two Apple iPads! If you make a billion calls, dude, I can tell you that you’re pretty much going to win that iPad. Even more important, that phone call you make may be to the person who casts the winning vote November 6th for our side!

Listen, I do and I do and I do for you goat ropers. Has AWD ever asked you to do anything? Well, other than to buy an AWD t shirt or 6…but besides that? OK, well, just forget about me whining about you not hitting the tip jar, ya cheap bastids. But has there been any other damn thing AWD has ever asked of you?

Here’s the deal. AWD was in Philadelphia last weekend knocking yankee doors of Obama voters trying to talk some sense into them about the election! And I would rather sell my children for medical experiments than ever travel to Philadelphia and try to talk some sense into yankee libs! Can’t you make 25 phone calls on a system that gives you a script and automatically dials the next number when you get a shirt and can win an iPad?

Click HERE to get started saving America! Think about it…a second Obama term might see the AWD locked up in a FEMA camp and your only news source will be MSNBC! It’s time for you to stop thinking only about yourselves and think about me….and America!

Here’s the excellent Tea Party Patriot movie The Determinators. YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS AND SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES!

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  1. The way Romney let himeself get rolled over by Obama at last night’s debate gives me a sick feeling that Obama might get a second term. He just displayed an attitude of ineptness, which is something that no president should express. Do not get me wrong, Obama is inept as anyone can be, but Romney showed too much weakness for Obama and his cohorts to exploit. I hope Obama does not get a second term, but one can only hope.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Remind them of who wants to raise their taxes

  3. Cooter Brown says:

    kytim89 don’t act like a troll. It’s time to vote the Obummer out. I early voted up here in North Texas and Mitt got my vote because I did build my business. And have a nice day…

    • I apologize if I am trolling, but I am simply trying to point out that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between Obama or Romney. This is a free country and people are free to support and vote for either candidate their deem fit for the oval office. However, Romney’s plans are nothing more than fuel to the big governent fire. Taxes will not be lowered on anything.

  4. Greta just did a show that said that 0bama, biden, and panetta watched the attack in real time……while getting phone and email updates from the scene……..with the terrorist claiming responsibility for the attacks………



    • Good catch Ed. I just read it on another source. This information should end the Obama administration except for black racists, communists and liberal a&&holes.


    No More taxes to the UN war mongers,no more taxes for killing babies,no more UN WORLD HERRATAGE SITES,No more BIOSPHEAR RESERVES and NO MORE UNITED NATIONS and NO MORE OBAMA

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  7. Billy the Kidder says:

    I can’t understand why there is no link between death records and electoral roles. If someone dies, the rolls should be updated.

    If not done by the government then surely Tea Partiers could collect death records each month or quarter and forward them for electoral expungement! In a year or so, the Demofrauds would lose the dead voter advantage!

  8. Suicide is one of the ways most die today. Yes, a sad truth that people are giving up on more than this election. Hope is for the beholder?

    Our gift of Love is forever. Live it, and be well.