Self-professed slut and female Democrat icon Sandra Fluke, who became known for demanding the American taxpayer pay for her birth control because she has a lot of sex, made a campaign stop yesterday to share her charms for Obama in Reno, Nevada. The event was held in a parking lot of the local Sak-n-Save grocery store attended by only 10 people.

Fluke and her fellow-Democrats with the morals of drunk Mezcans became incensed when Fluke was called a “slut” by Rush Limbaugh after her appearance at a Congressional committee hearing where she made the demand for taxpayer-paid birth control and admitted thousands of troops had marched through the gates.

While yesterday’s turnout was dismal, the attendees left satisfied after hearing inspiring words from Fluke. She said:

“I’m trying to do everything I can…and I mean EVERYTHING…for an election that I feel is very important. I have a unique opportunity for how I get to do that. So after this event, I will use my well-used talents to help continue President Obama’s vision of hope and change over in that van across the parking lot. I want all of you behind me!” b

Campaign event attendee Richard Long said:

“I just was going to the Sak-n-Save to pick up some beer for the 49’ers game when I saw a small crowd gather. I thought it was a fight so I went over to check it out. Some guy told me that there was some slut who was going to sleep with everyone who listened to her speech and said they’d vote for Obama…so I said, “Hell yeah!”

Asked if Ms. Fluke’s services will alter his vote in the election, Mr. Long said:

“Look…I’m horny, not stupid! I just wanted to get laid, not end up broke living in a socialist country. Yeah, I screwed Sandra Fluke…I mean, who hasn’t? But screw Obama! Ain’t no way I’m voting for that clown!”

Truck driver Mike Koch said after exiting the rear of the 1972 EconoVan where Fluke had just performed her Get Out The Vote services said:

“I have to hand it to them Democrats! They really have taken campaigning to a new level. Maybe they could get more than 10 people to show up if they could get one of those hot Hollywood liberal babes to show up and Fluke us! I mean, that Eva Longoria could draw a crowd…and I wouldn’t mind wearing her little stupid, liberal ass for a hat, but it was nice to spend a little time with Sandra. It wasn’t a bad experience. I just believe a lot of voters had already cast their ballot with Sandra long before I got there!”

Also appearing at the campaign event was none other than former President Bill Clinton. He said to a reporter while climbing out of the van:

“I have been a fan of Sandra Fluke for some time. But, I did not have sex with that slut…err…woman, Ms. Fluke. I did stop by the van after the campaign event where she gave me a very long oral argument on the penal code, if you know what I mean. Luckily, I had stopped by the local cigar store beside the Pik-n-Poke…I mean Sak-n-Save…and Ms. Fluke did enjoy learning how to improperly use a cigar!”

Sandra Fluke has become a hero to slutty, liberal women across America. She is scheduled to speak and have sex in Carson City tomorrow. Reportedly, 12 homeless men are already waiting for her appearance, two more people than attended her event today. The NY Times reported:

“Sandra Fluke’s support of President Obama is paying off. Her enthusiasm is resulting in crowds at her campaign events growing by 20% each day!”

While Fluke was not satisfied by the turnout of only ten people, she can take pride that her crowd exceeded that of President Obama in Ohio by four people.

In other news, conservative women are foolishly stating they don’t need the government to pay for their birth control and are not Flukes! Teabagging racists! Here is a group of so-called Women Warriors flapping their gums about self-reliance or some other foolish, antiquated belief!

If only some of those babes cared as much as Sandra! Yeah, baby!! You can visit their website at Woman Warrior.

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  1. Howdy AWD…I don’t have much to add since I posted about Fluke the Flake earlier as well.

    Btw…did you know you have that in the Question of the Day line…just curious. ~

    Are ya finally back home now?

  2. Wouldn’t touch her for free Lone Star.


    Wait for the headlines wait for the feeding frenzie of the media,wait for demands for her retirement Meanwhile folks just listen to the crickets

  4. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Like Like Love!

  5. Flaky Fluke loves Obama and so do Putin, Chavez and Raul Castro, three dictator/mass killers, all of whom have endorsed O for reelection. Raul’s famous older brother Fidel also adores O. A couple of Fluke’s fans (comprising twenty percent of the attendees) were interviewed by a reporter. Both were airheads. Only an idiot would vote to reelect that creep. Imagine being undecided this late in the campaign. Bring back literacy tests.

  6. Snake Oiler says:

    Nevada – home of the renowned Douche Bag Harry™. Remember this one?

  7. Probably nobody will watch this, but maybe some will.

    7 Strange Coincidences

  8. Cooter Brown says:

    Now now AWD all this stuff about Sandra is kind of Fluke-ed up don’t you think…

  9. inagadadavida says:

    Sak-n-Save? Shoulda been called the wrap-n-romp… Oh wait, though, you don’t have to wrap because she’s on BC! Or is she, since we taxpayers aren’t providing it? So many questions! Life is so confusing…

    Side note, the tax job thing looks really promising! 2d interview this coming week. Y’all pray for me.

  10. Hell send her to a Mexican Bar!

  11. what a freak’n jack-off………

    this is another “”bitch”” that needs to be slapped down……….

  12. I wish ms flukes mom had gotten fixed, so that sandra would not have arrived.

  13. America First says:

    Maybe if she has a younger more sensitive brother to bring the sensitive dems may show up.Well the dems and Lindsay Graham.I thank my red blooded caucasian God everyday thatconservative women are usually much prettier.My girl recently disowned a mutual friend due to his support of Bathhouse Barry.

  14. Bet she would Love me! “HarryNutts” LOL!

  15. it might just be me, but a few of those “10” people look like they were just shopping at the Sak and Save and just walking by.

    seeing Fluke is probably like looking at a trainwreck. it’s so horrible you can’t look away

  16. AWD posts on Sandra Flake er Fluke and there are 22 comments
    BigTimer posts on the same topic and there are only 15 comments.
    This is proof positive of the “War on women.”
    This must stop. We have to celebrate the rise of the Distaff Side of th..What? it is? Oh Well carry on.

  17. Dear Angry White Dude~

    I have been a great fan of your site for several years. It was a nice stress reliever when the site was new and small. But it has grown and it might be time to oh- I don’t know: EVOLVE!

    For example: I am shocked and saddened by this article. I think it is insulting to ALL women (not just Sandra Fluke) and beyond sexist. I still consider myself a Conservative Republican but an article like this makes me wonder if maybe I have chosen the wrong side. It is very mean spirited and you are losing a lot of credibility (at least in my eyes).

    Males get erectile dysfunction pills covered by their insurance- why can’t females get birth control? If a female is married and monogamous- then can she qualify (in your eyes)? Why is her number of sex partners a factor in any of this? As a Republican Conservative I am a big fan of our Constitutional right to privacy- so there should be no meters on anyone’s bed. Can we all, as conservatives, agree on that?

    Furthermore~ saying she had sex with the 10 people that showed up to the event. Really? This is obviously fake and I’m absolutely horrified that you would spew such nonsense. Your web site is growing in popularity. It’s time to sound a little more educated. If you want to further the cause of conservatism I would also tone down the racist remarks if you can. Just a suggestion~


    • evargvk, lighten up! Obviously (to everyone except you) the post was purely satirical. As for AWD making racist statements, please show me ONE statement that I have made that is “racist.” Remember, politically incorrect does not equal racist. Go ahead, make my day. I’ll be here waiting!


      • AWD~

        #oly Sh!t you actually posted my comment and responded, WOW! You have more b@lls then I ever gave you credit for. The racist comment was referring to Mexicans as Mezcans in the article above. Thank you for posting my comment! I’m still a fan of your site- but this particular article hit close to home (I’m both female and Mexican).


        anyway thx again for posting,


        • Eva, el Sexy Grande esta casado con una bizcocha Colombiana. Todo lo que digo aca esta en serio! Tranquila, Mezcana! 😉


    • Crystal Mangum Fanclub says:

      The treatment that Fluke was saying was not paid for is paid for by health insurance so her entire testimony was based on a lie. Democrats continue their war on truth.

  18. Cooter Brown says:

    Sandra said she spends 38 hundred dollars a year for her unhummmm sex supplies and contrastive and wants we the people pay for it. When I was first married me and the little women went at it like two drunk monkeys for the first two years of our marriage. We could have never spent that amount Sandra said she does for birth control or other marital aids. So how active does one need to be to have that kind of expenses. And by the way she is not married so the slut term is not applicable? I said all along she is lying through her underwear and is a pawn used by the Democrat party. Also I bet her Daddy is real proud of her going on national TV calming she is the poster child for government birth control. Now if the moniker slut does not fit this young lady what do we call her? The patron Saint of Sex….. Just having fun but gee take a break and see the real issue. WE THE PEOPLE do not paying for this kind of crap. This is one of the reasons this country is in the shape that it is and next you will be telling me the government is giving out free phones..

    • Crystal Mangum Fanclub says:

      She was describing a medical condition which she does not have which needs birth control proscribed to help alleviate the conditions. It has nothing to do to what she was lying about but luckily our well informed media realized her mistake and pointed it out to her.