AWD doesn’t think we’ve had an open post in a month of Sundays. Plus, I’ve been a little lazy about posting Music That Doesn’t Suck. And you know that ain’t right! So tonight, we’re having both.

Thirty five years ago tonight, the plane carrying Lynyrd Skynyrd went down in Mississippi. The singer, Ronnie Van Zandt and five others were killed. The plane crashed because it ran out of gas. It was a terrible tragedy that shocked us Southern-fried rock fans. AWD was fortunate to see Skynyrd with the original lineup in his youth. Rest in peace, Ronnie and the others lost that terrible night twenty short years ago.

Open post time. Well, lookie here! Obama is going to get Iran to give up their nuke-u-lar weapons right in time for the election! He’s so good! He’s a real statesman! I think I would like for him to take my sister to the prom! I’m just going to forget all that other failed sh*t over the past four years and call it even-Steven if he gets those Iranian camel-humpers to give up their nukes! Hey, look how well it worked for Bubba Clintoon and the North Koreans!

Democrats really do believe we all are as stupid as their constituents! Him putting together some BS “agreement” with his Muslim buddy Ahmadinejad at 11:59 pm of his presidency? Maybe he’ll finally close Gitmo and heal the Earth too! What a maroon!

Since it’s Open Post, I guess that means you can choose your own topics. Good! These yankees up here in PA have worn my Texas ass out with all their liberal claptrap BS!

As for Music That Doesn’t Suck, you know it’s Skynyrd tonight. AWD will post some of his fave-o-rite tunes from the boys from Florida.

Here’s The Ballad of Curtis Lowe. Love the dobro because my old Yamaha has the action of a @#&* dobro! I’ve got to quit buying AR-15s and get me a real six string!

Here’s “The Needle and the Spoon”

And, here’s “Don’t Ask Me No Questions”

And their signature song, “Freebird”

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  1. I have a beef. The liberal media will not discuss the reality of this issue!

    The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in “what’s left of America”

    These cities are f….g war zones and we have to put up with dead silence from the bleeding hearts club!

    • Oh you mean there’s a problem with another 15 or so shot, at least 2 dead as of late Saturday afternoon for this weekend in Chi-town? And where is the mayor as they’ve already surpassed the number of homicides from last year? Fundraising and partying in Florida for his best bud.

      While my new homestate was reeling from the theater mass-shooting in Aurora, I couldn’t help but think -“heck, that’s just your typical weekend in Chicago”. No worries though because Rahm says ‘Crime is Down’!! Good thing they’re keeping everyone safe with those restrictive gun control laws…

      • Instead of focusing on this glaring issue, the liberals would wrather focus on “gun control” and restricting our ability to protect ourselves from the Obama street soldiers ( the welfare minions).
        Rahm never really stays focused on the GANG CRISIS, nor does he ask for a Federal anti-gang task force. The Mexican Cartels now operate freely in Chicago. They use the welfare underclass gangs to push their product.

        • No worries, they’re proposing a new tax on guns and ammo. That’s sure to help curtail the violence. Right up there with “let’s starting treating the gang members with respect” or the $1M of taxpayer money to Ceasefire.

  2. I was always a bit partial to “That smell”, myself. Was always my favorite of their long list of great songs.

  3. KennakaKeeper says:

    Gawd AWD, You’re funnier than a one legged cat trying to cover she’t on linoleum. I love reading your posts (and yes to you other folks also)

  4. I’m enjoying the music, thank ya, thank ya, thank ya! Some of the best ever written.
    Wished I’d seen them live.

  5. Col. Sanders says:

    Twenty years ago? This happened in 1977. It seems like yesterday though because at the time Skynyrd was at the top of their game. The loss was much more profound than that of Elvis a couple of months earlier…

    • Col, don’t know what I was thinking. I made the correction to 35 years ago. My math is as good as Tim Geithner’s!


      • ronnie was the john lennon of southern rock. That was a huge loss when that plane went down…he was just one of those people who was born to write music like ted williams was born to hit. RIP to all the late members of a great american rock band

  6. uh, just so you know, it was 35 years ago, not 20.

  7. It was 1977, that’s 35 years ago.

    I was 17 and remember hearing the story break on the

    local rock radio station up here in Toronto.

    A very sad day for a Great White Northern fan of Southern Rock.

  8. For my brother Keith…

    “If I leave here tomorrow
    Would you still remember me?
    For I must be traveling on, now,
    ‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see….”


  9. I was ridng in a brown Ford Pinto one day skipping school with a fat girl and some other kids and Sweet Home Alabama came on the radio. We were knocked the f*** out. Wow!

    Another great song from ‘Second Helping’.

    Swamp, swamp, swamp, swamp Music

  10. ‘Travelin’ Man’ live.

  11. Sandra Slut……I mean Sandra Fluke spoke in Reno, Nevada recently…….she felt that it was important to speak at a rally for Obongo………

    Sandra “slut” Fluke drew an amazing crowd of 10 people…….that’s right 10 people came out to hear the slut talk about the issues important to her

  12. Video……the “slut” draws less than a dozen for get out the vote for democrat rally in Reno Nevada………….


    Back when they thought they were holdibg a revival of WOODTOCK and it fell though the dove was on vacation

  14. Gloria Allred has crawled back out of the sewer to plan an “October Surprise”, a damaging revelation about Mitt Romney……or Paul Ryan.

  15. A declaration of war from the youth of France: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot......taire.html

    • My heart goes out to these young people in France. My ancestors left the Poitou region of France in the 17th century for Canada. But watching the video I was touched by their conviction and desire to be free. I don’t know what plagues the French government. France will lose her national identity if the Muslims are allowed to continue as they have been.

      Multiculturalism does not work. Political correctness will kill France and her people. The same thing is happening here in the USA. If the French youth are willing to put themselves out there for the world to see, then why don’t we do the same thing? When the Muz block streets in NYC to pray five times a day, why don’t people respond to that? Why don’t they say ‘we’re not going take this shit anymore’?

      Why are there not massive protests when Mosques are proposed? The goddammed tree huggers do it to prevent trees from being cut down. Our forces are scattered and disorganized. We do not have a strong and united front. Instead we are forced to prop up Mitt Romney and try to get excited about him becoming POTUS because that’s all we have. ABO, right?

      We run and hide when we get called names. Our ‘would be’ leaders would rather be anything than accused of being racist.

      We need to get angry! And we need to let everyone know without a doubt that we are f***ing pissed and we are not going to take it anymore!

      If we wait until the hordes come down our streets it will be too late.

      • In the 1960’s ,”anti racist’s” forced all and only white countries to open their borders to non white immigration. Then “anti racist’s” forced all and only white people to integrate or face consequences. Now,”anti racist’s” are calculating that all and only white children will become minorities, and ,eventually extinct. If “anti racist’s” did this to all and only black countries,it would be called a “genocide”.

  16. Here’s whats on my mind,that lousy 1.7% COLA increase in S/S.Every person out there knows that the cost of everything has gone up 3,4,5 times more than that COLA. That department in Washington that figures out the formula for that is in dream land.

    • Don’t go spending that raise all in one place!

      (I was going to say don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but the raise wouldn’t even cover the cost of a dozen eggs)

  17. It really is a shame that the original line of the lynyrd skynyrd died like that, though I think they would be proud of the songs the remaining members have gone on to create in their name.

    songs like



  19. Does anyone, other than me, have any hope that Romney will really nail ObungHole on all his lies about Libya?

    Romney has a good opportunity to really expose ObungHole for the fraud and liar that he is,…but I wonder if he has the balls to do so!

    One can only hope.

    • tazz,

      Romney is a changed man over four years ago… much different than lame McCain. Just look at the Catholic fund raising dinner (damn, already forget name… Al something) the other night; Romney threw zingers with twelve inch knife blades attached… sure the hell surprised me.

      I think all would agree that Obummer did much better in the second debate, but Romney still won by a slight edge in my opinion. Also, Romney got Obummer to go on record and lie about Benghazi the other night when Crowley agreed Obummer called Benghazi an act of terror in the Rose Garden speech and Romney will open that can of worms Monday night.

      Tomorrow night, I’ll settle down with a cup of coffee and expect to see Romney win his third debate over the smartest man to ever enter the W.H. according to the media… what say you???

      • We’ll see if Romney even gets any time to speak of those things as they have to allot Obama all that extra time… because you know, he speaks slower and all

        “the smartest man ever…” My usual favorite way to annoy libs is when they say how Obama’s so smart…I say “really? You think someone with a C-/D+ average is smart?” I’m willing to amend my statement when one of them can prove me wrong. Of course they’re usually too drunk on kool-aid to appreciate my point.

  20. tazzmax…..He got in Obama’s face before ,and Obama “joked” his way out of it, I hope Romney is being sent secret information about Benghazi,and,what really happened,and ,SLAMS Obama ,Hillary,Susan (tweeter)Rice,and,the rest of the liars so hard they’ll miss their parole hearing.They’re over due,should have been arrested long ago. They get away with murder,and,never bat an eye. WHO in their right mind sends a gay guy to the middle east? Was he really set up to be kidnapped so “Hero” Obama could negociate a trade for the blind sheik ? Something is not right.

  21. Would this information surprise anyone??????????????????

  22. David in SC says:

    I was getting ready for school when my mother came and told me they had crashed. Damn good music, never saw then but have seen the two brothers play.