With two weeks to go before election day, and all three presidential debates finally done and over after last night…do you think anything that did or didn’t happen during last night’s debate will matter one way or the other for the majority of those of us voting across this land? If so, how?

I’ve heard on the news that the strategy Romney used last night was all his own, which I tend to believe…some saying he was trying to appeal to women and the undecided voters. Many talking-heads saying women don’t like confrontation…well, I totally disagree with that, as a woman I was wanting to see some hammering on Dear Leader from Romney, he had plenty of opportunities to do so…and he didn’t! – Now, we’re hearing from many on the right-side of the aisle claiming Romney’s strategy was brilliant…brilliant I tell ya! – Maybe so…time will tell.

I’m going to post an article from the American Thinker…see if you agree or disagree.

A Most Pathetic ‘Debate’
Michael Filozof

The best word I can come up with to describe the final presidential debate is “pathetic.” No matter who wins, we’ve had it. What you just witnessed was the bipartisan abdication of American global leadership.

Obama certainly “won” on style and personal attacks — insofar as such things actually matter. Romney gave his worst performance of the three debates, Obama his best. But if Obama “won” anything, he won the title of America’s Clement Attlee — the British Prime Minister who defeated Winston Churchill in 1945 and transitioned Britain from the greatest world empire since Rome into a second-tier socialist welfare state.

A month after the American ambassador to Libya was murdered by Islamic terrorists he helped put into power — via an illegal war clearly in violation of the War Powers Resolution of 1973 — the President of the United States was talking about “roads and bridges” and “class sizes” in a foreign policy debate – and his Republican challenger talked about promoting “small businesses.” (If I hear Obama say “roads and bridges” one more time, I’m going to scream).

On the crucial matter of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, both candidates gushed over “sanctions” that have proven utterly ineffective. Both candidates refused to give the mullahs a clear deadline to halt nuclear enrichment — after which they’d get the opportunity to personally greet Allah, courtesy of a Tomahawk missile. You can bet money they’re laughing their butts off in Tehran at the American paper tiger and high-fiving each other after watching the debate. Clearly, Iran is pretty much guaranteed to get nuclear weapons nuclear weapons at this point.

Sickeningly, Romney spent most of this time talking about how much he agreed with Obama. Rather than humiliating Obama for blowing off Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Letterman, Romney actually stole a line from Obama by saying he’d “have Israel’s back.” And rather than calling out Obama’s lousy performance as commander-in-chief in Afghanistan, where our troops (that Obama professes so much ersatz concern for) are getting shot in the back by our supposed Afghan “partners,” Romney genially agreed with Obama’s 2014 deadline and unconvincingly professed that everything in Afghanistan was going just swell.

The whole sordid affair ended with Romney professing his love of teachers, and moderator Bob Schieffer mockingly replying “Well, I guess we all love teachers, don’t we?”

This presidential campaign has devolved into a plastic, synthetic, insincere, focus-grouped attempt to pry defined constituencies — blacks, women, autoworkers, teachers, what have you — away from their iPhones long enough to put one party or the other into power. Nothing more, nothing less. There’s no serious contemplation of the real issues here, no honesty, and no ability on either side to unify the American public to meet the crises that surely and predictably lie ahead.

Here’s what a CBS Focus group thought after the debate…they gave it to Romney!

Dean Reynolds held a focus group in Ohio on CBS News, which Mitt Romney won with a clear majority

Now, the majority of us don’t care for BOR…still the same, see if you agree or disagree with what he had to say regarding the debate as well. – He speaks of the women voters in this segment too.

‘Bill O’Reilly: Final Presidential Debate Was ‘Most Boring’ He’s Ever Seen

Okay friends, your turn now…throw in your two-cents! – Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Since nobody is around, I’ll start this off.

    Krauthammer thought Romney hit it out of the park.


    Here’s some fun…


  2. Good Golly Miss Molly…I don’t know where everyone is hiding today…but I’m still going to put a few more links here.

    First off, here’s good ol’ Gloria Borger…she always defends Dear Leader, not so here.


    Then we have Tingles playing the race-card again…he’s insane.


    Sure hope someone shows up around these parts…it’s getting lonely here. 😉

    • Hey BT,,,,

      Me be here lurking and wading through that white garbage that fell last night!

      Good topic and links, Thanks

      • Lol…thanks MTP. Wished those of you lurking would post! 😉

        Btw friend…have you had snow lately? – We’ve had the lousy white stuff for three days now…still coming down. The older I get, the more I don’t like winter. ~

        • Hiya BT

          Yeah, that is what I was referring to about the “white garbage” from last night….about 4″ at my house this morning! YUCK! (me no likey snow) Sorry to hear you have had so much this season so far, hope it is not a sign of the winter to come.

          And, like you, the older I get the worse the winters are on me.

          • Oh stupid me….I should have known that’s what you were referring to regarding the white garbage…sometimes my brain just doesn’t click in. 😉

          • MTPatriot and bigtimer:
            Snow??? Hate the stuff myself, too, but thankfully I don’t deal with it very much living here in Tennessee. The high today was 79 degrees and we’re having a glorious Indian Summer. Come on down, y’all! 🙂

          • Oh sis…don’t make me jealous! 😉

          • Oh sure, rub it in! 😉

          • Lol…she can’t help herself. 😉

          • MTPatriot and Big:
            Would LOVE to have you and your families move here! I grew up in Ohio and haven’t lived there in many years. I don’t miss those winters AT ALL. Can’t imagine what it’s like in MT, though I’m sure it’s beautiful in Big Sky Country. Just not a fan of cold weather…..

          • BT and all you northern folks. I am sitting at the PC in gym shorts and polo shirt(short sleeve). I went walking in 72 degree weather at the Y. I get hobbled when cold weather hits.I got an OK on arteries , so it is not circulation,. It must be that old greek guy, Arthur Itis. My hands hurt like blazes when they get cold. Can’t hold a tool, etc, etc. Have to go in house and get warm before I continue.

            That is why I will stay in the south.

            But, down memory lane, I remember looking out the window and watching the white stuff fall and cover everything in a clean white blanket. It is a good memory. If I ever want to firm it up, I will look at videos and not freeze my buns off.

          • Hey Vixen….

            Thanks for the invite!

            Would love to do some exploring around your area, spent a few weeks there back, way back, in the late ’60’s and went to a little camp called Campbell…..lovely area there! Was there for a night a couple of years ago too, just not long enough to do much though.

            It still isn’t right that you and Mr. Bill are enjoying short shirt sleeve weather tho!

          • Vixen,
            Nice weather here in Ga also, was in the Smokey Mts 2 wks ago and the leaves had not turned yet, what area of Tenn do you live, I’m west of Atlanta.

          • You’re leaves haven’t turned yet? – Oh my gosh…even in my old home state of Ca. I know they’ve turned by now. – You lucky duck!

          • Nashville! And we’re having a gorgeous Autumn.

          • vixen.
            I bet a road trip down the Natchez Trace PKY this time of year would be beautiful, rode it from Jackson Miss to just over the Tenn line a few yr’s back, I was amazed at all the Indian Mounds along the way,

          • ga steve:
            I expect you’re right. Haven’t been on the Natchez Trace in a long time. It’s gonna be a very colorful autumn this year, so it would definitely be a spectacular drive!

          • misterb…since there isn’t a reply function in your post, I hope you get this. – The idea of watching the memories of the snow covering the land via video would work just fine for this gal at this stage of the game in my life!

    • Big,
      I posted this earlier under AWD’s Open Post question, but it answers yours here, too, I guess:

      While I find it absurd that ANYONE could be “undecided,” it’s my understanding from one of the Romney campaign advisors that Romney himself chose the demeanor he used last night to appeal to those voters. I kept wanting him to bitch slap The Kenyan and was frustrated at Romney, even though he did offer a few zingers. Unfortunately, I think they may have gone over the heads of those “undecideds”/more ignorant voters since they don’t seem to be paying that much attention to what’s actually been going on for the last 4 years. At any rate, Romney did seem infinitely more Presidential than the lying, petulant, spoiled brat who’s currently occupying the White House.
      With that being said, here’s what Ann Coulter tweeted last night:
      ”I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.”

      RE: Filozof’s article. Excellent points and I agree with virtually every one.

      • Thanks so much Vix…

        I agreed with every word Filozof posted as well…that’s another reason I just had to put it here.

        As to Coulter…I saw that as well.

        For those that didn’t…they can check it out here. ~


        Now sis…as to the debate, I was mad as heck that Mitt didn’t do as you stated, I also posted my disgust about all of this last night too.

        Oh well…guess this morning all’s well that end well it’s looking like. ~

        • Big,
          I still think Romney will win and win big, but I’d hoped we had a potential Reagan after the first debate. After the last one? Sadly, it doesn’t appear so… unless conditions press him into it. With the rate of revelations that are coming out about The Regime and what seems to be the Benghazi Fast ‘n Furious? This could be a mighty interesting couple weeks and it has the potential to finally damage Hillary Clintoon once and for all as well. It’s about damn time.

          • Totally agree with all you stated…especially your summation. It may get mighty interesting indeed. Methinks Shrillary is over and out too.

            Btw…speaking of over and out. Can you believe Dear Leader was using his five year old maturity once again today?


            It’s simply unbelievable when it comes to how damned stupid the empty-suit is! – He’s insane!

  3. My first thought after the debate was Romney is one shrewd sob. This guy has grown on me. Especially once I heard he got his mba and law degree concurrently from Harvard. I hate the Ivy League, but that is impressive. And his parents were both pols. He knows what he’s doing. His style completely shocked Odrama in the first debate and doing a 180 style wise last night left O looking petty. Krauthammer got it right last night. From what I’ve heard from Rush today, he is thinking along the same lines. Maybe Ann is right about this guy.

    • Hrderb…

      You must be on to something. I’ve listened to what I could catch of El Rushbo today as well.

      This was rather surprising to me…this comes from Politico of all places!


      And I may as well throw this in too. ~


      • Wow! Nice Politico vid BT. Could be a good sign. Here’s more. The wife and I voted early this morning. This is the second day for early voting in Texas. At 10:15 we had to wait 20 minutes. When we left at 10:50 the line was twice as long. The poll watcher guy said turn out was up 20% yesterday from 2008’s first day. That’s got to be almost all an increase in white turn out. In ’04 whites were 79% of the total turn out, in ’08 76%. If we can get that up 5% to 81% it should mean a win.

        • Glad you liked that as much as I did…especially since it’s from the Politico of all places.

          The news you’re reporting about the lines and turn out in Texas gives me much more hope my friend…sure puts a smile on my face.

          Btw…you and others may want to check this out. Rubio summed it up well at the end of the post.


      • good vids. I am just about caught up now. I saw the Luntz tape. I was astounded by the black lady saying that Obama was well rounded and poor old Mitt had only private sector skills. To me that was as racist as anything that I have heard. (Except the AH Matthews.)

        • Thanks misterb…

          I had a hard time staying caught up this morning too…just wanted to share with all. ~

          I will be so glad when the last two weeks speed by and we kick O and his team back to where they came from!


    Well Shazam sgt Carter just look at all them there bored listeners for obama and sawin up more wood then a lumberyard

  5. Watching the debate live, I thought Romney hammered Obama based on Romney’s cool demeanor and Obama’s almost desperate attempts to “one-up” him. Romney most certainly could have drilled Barry on several issues–to include Benghazi–but stayed above accusations, mud-slinging, and petty smart-arse comments. By doing so, he made Obama look like the inexperienced, community organizing P.O.S. that he is. Romney did have a couple of zingers, the best of which I thought was calling O out on his promise to work with Medvedev after the election, but he largely conducted himself in a very presidential manner. Even though most conservatives (myself included) would have liked to have seen Romney dismantle Hussein’s lies one by one, I think Romney’s cool, collected performance resonated loudly with the independents and undecideds and went much further to help him than a few “gotcha” moments.

    • Seems good ol’ RINO David Gergen from CNN agrees with your summation.


      The hits just keep on coming for the good for Romney. It’s been very interesting to see what a difference a night makes the next day from others on both sides of the aisle. Personally, I never thought I’d see what I have today after the debate was over…glad things are turning differently than I thought they would. ~

  6. Here’s some more arrogance and desperation in two different links.

    Here’s the arrogance…


    Here’s the desperation. ~


    You’ve got to love this coming from msDNC!

  7. I will reiterate, don’t think much of polls. Don’t put much stock in debates, who’s ever won an argument, that’s basically what debates are.

    Obama looked forceful and on his game, doesn’t matter that his game is deceitful.

    Romney was passively pandering for votes, doesn’t matter that Obama needs to be “set free” by the truth, and our republic vindicated.

    Obama was given a chance to prove his worth and he produced nothing of value for the majority of Americans over the last four years.

    Now give the Mormon a chance for the next four years, and if he doesn’t do any better throw him out too.

    When a nuclear suitcase bomb detonates in New York, or Los Angeles and kills a couple hundred thousand Liberals and their “Occupy children”.

    You will hear a blood curdling scream rise from their collective throats, and demand we unleash the dogs of war.

    Neither of these two guys get a plus mark in my book for their Foreign policy based off that debate.

    • Although Romney is getting praise for “looking presidential” I wish he played the dozens with the nitwit and finished him off.

      Romney’s fans were not thrilled with a “gloves on” style. It reminded me a little of “hands across the aisle”, McCain.

      Romney also told folks the things he agreed with Obama about to show those who like Obama, “See we stand for the same in a lot of issues”.
      So if you agree with O why replace him???

  8. Here are two more links that may or may not interest some of you.


    ..and this ~


  9. One thing about 4 more years of Obama, it’ll be exciting for sure.
    Things will start with an economic collapse and end with riots. Things will probably go nuclear in the middle east and we may have some sort of nuclear winter event even if they keep it regional. That means adding to the food and fuel supply. If it escaltes and Russia comes in…

    “Well, we didn’t get dressed up for nothin” –Braveheart

  10. captainmike says:

    I see where a lot of the brothas and sistas are threatening to riot if Romney wins. I would like to go ahead and invite them to my neighborhood first.

  11. bigtimer:

    Hey bigtimer, I had a pretty busy day running in and out the doctor’s office and trying to forget about last nights sleeper debates!

    This should have been an easy win for Romney to send that Saul Alinskey-lite community-organizer right back to the South side of Chicago! Instead, the talking heads including O’Reilly are peddling this nonsense about Romney holding back during last nights final debates in order to appeal to women voters!

    The Democrat party holds women up generically as some kind of inclusive voting bloc who consider the issues of “abortion” & “Contraceptives” as the most critical issues affecting the state of “womynhood”! It doesn’t help to hear someone like O’reilly suggesting that Romney was trying to appeal to women voters by avoiding “confrontation”.

    Please! Romney wont appeal to clear headed voters like myself and many other conservative minded individuals who would have enjoyed watching him exhibit blow after blow while demolishing that big-eared, inflatable-liberal punching clown wind-bag deflate right before our very eyes!

    • Oops…I meant Renee here, still including CG below with this post…

      First off…hope you’re feeling better gal health wise. I finally have a doc’s appt. too come Thursday and Monday. Cant’ take much more of being sick.

      Second…I was really irritated by the mention of women this and that numerous times by both candidates…enough already! – We can and do see thru this…big time!

      I, like you…will be glad when this over with once and for all!

      Win We Much come Nov. 6th!

  12. Cinnamon Girl says:

    For one, I’ve been working and being present around town due to a huge 11 day long Halloween celebration our merchant’s association decided to schedule. Whew.

    For another, I’m fatigued by that and by the coverage. Not many of our locals are talking much about Romney or Obama anymore, including me. A few people say they are still undecided but these people were once Obama supporters, so that makes me feel a bit better!

    O is coming to Tampa again and his staunch supporters have been crowing about it—they’ve got their tickets in hand, waiting for their Dear Leader to say something that will make them feel 100% okay with voting for him. I know this because I have spoken with them and I see nothing but blind obedience. But….I do think I made them wonder even for just a second as to whether they want more failure, broken promises, or government interference or not.

    We are merely two weeks away from the election and I’ll just be glad when it’s over. If O gets re-elected perhaps a chance for impeachment will save us. If Romney gets elected I know that many, even those who claim to support O but won’t even vote, will breathe a sigh of relief.

  13. I think people are too accustomed to a ‘Jerry Springer’ like showing. Or a bad sit-com in which there are zingers one after the other. I saw Romney as the adult in the room, and Obama as the petulant man-child that he is. I also agree with Rush Limbaughs take on the debate that he expressed on today’s show.

    Folks expected Romney to beat up on the Anointed One over Libya and were disappointed when he didn’t. There may be things that are better left unsaid. Rush eluded to the Reagan/Carter debate and noted that Iran was still holding the hostages, and that to talk about it openly as a Carter failure might have further endangered them.

    Those of us old enough to remember, know what happened after Reagan won the election. I’m not going to be so quick to dump Romney just yet.

    He’s not perfect, and we’re not going to get everything we want, but he is an honest man and I believe what you see is what you get.

    The good news about Romney is, he ain’t Obama.

    • I heard the same thing on Rush as well; he played the audio clip from the Reagan/Carter debate and Reagan could’ve laid into Carter on Iran but held back.

      I am more worried about what a second Obama term could do to this country rather than look for another Reagan in Romney. We simply need the Obama’s out of the WH.

    • Michael T
      The Iranians didn’t wast any time in releasing the hostages after Reagan was elected, think he scared the crap out of them.

  14. We were told the candidates didn’t know what questions would be asked,but, when Obama needed “proof”of something he said……Candy Crowley magically had the right paper….Last night ,he tried to pull the same game,yelling “check the record “,to Bob Schieffer, expecting him to do the same,but, Schieffer knew they would look like the liars they are if he did. This was when they were talking about GM bailout.

  15. He has had a “get out of jail free card” his entire presidency. It has to expire on Nov 6. I am so tired of this con man playah, I can’t stand any more.

  16. bigtimer This is off topic,but,have you ever seen a picture of Michelle Obama pregnant ,or of the family when girls were babies ? Just a thought.

    • Doris…(don’t know where your post went that I was replying to but…)

      No…never thought about it, never cared to. – Did you google to see if there are any yourself?

      I’ve heard about what Trump’s big news may be tomorrow when it comes to the divorce papers of the Obamas’….don’t know that this is going to be any big deal, unless they are really divorced now….or some scandal about the divorce itself. – Is that what you’re getting at? – Just curious.

  17. bt, No,I don’t know what Trump is going to say. I never saw Michelle Obama pregnant or her kids when babies…I decided to google it,and deleted my comment!

    • Uh-Oh..no worries gal, your comment was in the waiting to be approved stack, so I did. I hope ya leave it now…so others don’t think I was answering to thin air….know what I mean? 😉

  18. bt….LOL I;m leaving it!

    • Thanks gal….you’ve got me chuckin’ too. – Btw, you didn’t hear that news about about what Trump may be announcing about the divorce papers between Mooch and Barry eh? – Should have saved the link, but oh well…we’ll know in a matter of hours anyway if that indeed is what it is. ~

  19. I just heard people were making bets on what it might be,Trump only says its about Obama .He will announce around noon tomorrow. Allred has old story on Mitt she wants to come out with too.

    • Saw that as well….a year old story from some gal who was an ex-mormon who turned activist vs Romney about abortion…that will go NOWHERE as well. ~

      I’ll pop back in after a few, got to get some spuds and steak fried for my hubby. ~ Catch ya in a bit.

  20. I tend to agree with this…anyone else?


  21. Vix and all…

    Check this out…if you read this short summary you can read more at the Washington Times by clicking the link at the bottom. ~

    Watch the vid too.


    You betcha he is…sinking without a life-raft!

  22. Here’s one more I caught this morning. ~


    • bigtimer
      Off topic and I dont want to rub it in but it’s 80 degrees with very low humidity and a glorious blue sky in Ga. got to go turn on Rush and get a dose of sanity for my troubled soul.

      • You don’t want to rub it on…hahahaaaha! – Glad you’re having wonderful wonder, I’m listening to El Rushbo as well.

        Got to go stoke the fire! 😉

        • bigtimer
          I did haul up a load of firewood this morning, I do remember the story about the ant and the grasshopper.

          • Lol…I recall that story as well. Very apt here. 😉

            Btw…we have to burn wood at least nine months out of the year…it do get old!