AWD hates Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo (scientific name: geraldus assholius doucherous) is a douche nozzle of the first order. Remember when he got bashed by a chair in the nose on his stupid TV show in the 80’s? I loved that. Probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Possibly my life.

Also, remember when Geraldo was packing some lame little peashooter wheel gun on his gay little hip when bin Laden was supposedly holed up in some cave in Afghanistan? Rivera said he’d shoot bin Laden if he saw him. AWD was pulling for Osama bin Laden! Funny true story, the soldiers over there hated Rivera so bad that they’d wipe their hands in their butts before shaking hands with Geraldo to pass along molecular particles of assular bacteria! Bwahahaha!

Now Geraldo has brought his douche baggery to a new low level! With tens of thousands of his fellow New Yorkers freezing and without power after Hurricane Sandy, here is what Geraldo posted on Twitter today. I crap you negative!

“1st morning off since storm- scrambling to find generator to save my Koi fish in pond-“

Now, I know what you goat ropers are saying! You’re saying “what in the hell is a @#*&ing koi, AWD?” Well, it’s nothing more than a metrosexual carp! A stupid, ugly, bottom-feeder with a few licks of makeup. Just like Geraldo! Here’s a photo of them ugly suckers:

I hope his Tweet serves as an announcement to NY’s hungry that the Rivera domicile has lots of fancified, faggy fish ready for immediate consumption! And I hope somebody eats every damn one of them sumbitches in front of Geraldo and his big homo mustache while he weeps softly into his tissue!

Hey, Geraldo, maybe there’s a generator hiding for you in Al Capone’s secret room! Douche bag! Next thing, he’ll be complaining he’s out of tampons!

Amazing the difference between conservatives and liberals when it comes to natural disasters. Conservatives band together and help the less fortunate. Greedy libtards buy up all the generators so their gay fish don’t suffer! I imagine Geraldo doesn’t live in a small place. Wonder how many unfortunates he’s allowed to sleep or rest at his house. What am I thinking? He’s too busy petting his precious koi! Who has time for the suffering masses he normally weeps for…as long as someone else takes care of them! After Hurricane Katrina, Geraldo was saddened by the destruction of his favorite beignet restaurant in the French Quarter! He cares. He really cares.

But the Big Sexy cares even more! That’s why AWD is posting Tex Wasabi’s Koi Fish Tacos Recipe for all the starving masses in New York City. If it’s me, I’m frying up a few them suckers and having me a big ol’ fish sammich! And, hey, I heard there’s a whole pool full of them colorful bastids at one douche tard Geraldo Rivera’s crib! It’s located on the koi-keeping side of town! You know, the side of town where the males do a lot of moisturizing. Hell, you “sensitive guys” can probably gorge yourself on koi while rummaging through Geraldo’s extensive collection of lavendar-scented bubble baths and emollients! (AWD had to look up how to spell emollients)

Nothing like that damn Geraldo Rivera to harsh the Big Sexy’s mellow over here! So he’s being awarded the lowly Libtard of the Week award. Geraldo’s such a douche he should have his own award named after him. The Koi Gay Mustache Douche Bag Award! I hate that guy and his fag fish! Bon apetit, New Yorkers!

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  1. AWD, LMAO!…..I despise that “sumbitch too,…..always have!

    I wish someone would give that greasy l’il bastid a “chingaso”!

  2. Hilarious…and pathetic when it comes to Geraldo and the depths this low-life scumbag will sink too. – His true colors always come shining thru!

  3. AWD,
    Another one I can’t stand is Matt Lauer, I thought it funny as hell when the buck deer attacked him on his bicycle and busted him up, must have been the doe pee colon he was wearing.

  4. I don’t understand FOX News…….why would they give this piece-of-sh!t his own show in the first place……everyone that watches FOX can’t stand this guy…….He is nothing more than a libtard….and his show stinks….

    I know damn well good ole Geraldo probably voted for Obongo in 2007 and will vote for Obongo again Nov 6th…..don’t doubt me on this……. Geraldo is a god damn freak’n libtard …….and yes, his true colors do come shining through for everyone to see….what a piece-of-sh!t he is………..

    I do have some advice for this asshole……….


  5. AWD

    My sentiments exactly! Geraldo should have been booted off from Fox News after threatening to spit on Michelle Malkin for voicing her honest opinions in regards to our nation’s dreadful border fiasco!

    This clown is taken seriously due primarily because of his friendship with the Spinmeister extraordiaire, Bill oreilly!

    • True ! Fox is going downhill quickly and I watch it less and less. You notice what they did to Judge Andrew and Glenn Beck. I watched the Judge regularly. Matt Drudge used to be a regular on Fox and they ran him off. If I’m watching and $2 million for three years Juan the loser Williams comes on the screen, I hit the changer. BORe is crummy, also. Fox needs some competition. The only reason many watch it is the others are even worse. Someone needs to start a 30-minute TV show of the type Rush Limbaugh used to have. That was a good satirical and funny show.

  6. Cinnamon Girl says:

    AWD, just as I was thinking about how plenty of New Yorkers, especially Rockaway Beach and Staten Island residents, would be happy to fry up those koi fish for a meal, you wrote it. Kudos!

    Rivera’s sentiments are utterly representative of how the REAL 1% thinks. They’d rather put on a marathon, have an Obama rally, and water their koi fish than assist their fellow state inhabitants.

    Without a doubt, the stupidest tweets I’ve ever seen have come from so-called celebrities during these last few months. From Cher to Eva Longoria to Bill Maher, their stupidity is on display for all to see and I’m lovin’ it!

  7. Well DANG Geraldine, I guess it just plain SUCKS TO BE YOU!


    Geraldo Riverat a #1 liberal dofuss if there ever was one always got the weirdos on his program one which hit him in his snoze with a chair

  9. Wow! I never seen that clip before. I remember the time he got wacked by the wrestler and that was on live TV.
    On another note…
    Every time I hear Geraldo defend Obama (like he did earlier this week…maybe it was thursday on FOX) and or anything to do with Hispanics his racist aura shows in his face and he loses all sense of logic as if those he defends can do no wrong.

    You mention his remarks about his fish pond…I missed that one…the one I did hear had something to do with his private pier on the Hudson River…gee, I wish that’s all I had to worry about.
    By the way, I do like his sailboat…maybe he’ll leave it to me in his will for saying all these nice things about him (LOL).

  10. Jer-raldo is a freakin libtard – always has been – a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    And, someone needs to do a study on why people (mostly libs) tweet the dumbest things. I mean, c’mon, how insensitive. But, for libtards, it’s all about them – they are so caught up in themselves they can’t help it.

  11. LIbtarded NY leftists care more about Koi fish and useless marathons than actual humans in need of assistance! Does this surprise anyone?

    Geraldo is a narcissist scumbag of the highest order!


    Screw the fish and screw him as well

  13. Art Vandelay says:

    You forgot Gerry Rivers finest TV moment: opening Al Capone’s vault! The look on Geraldo’s face was priceless, and he cemented his reputation as one of the biggest a-holes in the entertainment industry.

    One of the many reasons I’ve tuned out Fox News is frakkin’ Geraldo. I cant take Fox News seriously when this idiot is one of their talking heads.

    • Art, same here with me, I can hardly stand FAUX NEWS any more because they insist on having dirt bags like Gerry, Juan Williams, that bitch Shamu Greene and assorted negro Obama supporters, Bob Beckel and RINOs too numerous to mention!

      O’Reilly is the biggest offender and I hardly ever watch him anymore because of his arrogant bloviating.

  14. I just heard that Geraldo is NOT being considered for Secretary of Crowd Control in anyone’s administration.

    I also believe whoever broke Geraldo’s nose should get a Golden Glove award.

  15. PS Please do not forget Geraldo’s MOST golden moment when he was on camera drawing maps in the dirt about where the American troops were moving.On Friday nights when O’Reilly has his “Geraldo on Friday” part of the show, I leave the room.

  16. AWD,
    “The Koi Gay Mustache Douche Bag Award”

    There is nothing more to say,Priceless.

  17. I like the name Cheech and Chong gave him years ago, ‘Horrendo Revolver’.

  18. Jerry Rivers is his “real name”.
    He changed it so he could “pose” an a Latino and not a Jew.

  19. Was that video from the Jerry Rivers show or the Jerry Springer show?

  20. I have a new name for him………Lets just call him RETARDO.

  21. I would like to hit him in the nose with a chair too!!!

  22. Those fish cost $500 to $750 a piece. You would be nuts to keep them.

  23. Snake Oiler says:

    Tremendous! The best and most on-target broadside ever fired at the lowlife racist crackpot scumbag! Via Ace of Spades…

    Koi are Carp and Carp are notorious for surviving harsh conditions…I
    bet the dumb-ass doesn’t even realize that you can buy 2 battery powered
    aerators to get the job done…

    Or he could just sit in the pool, and fart.

  24. Did anyone catch him on Fox this last week (one of the evening shows – don’t remember which) where when asked about the Benghazi time-line that was now looking VERY bad for dear leader, he kept repeating that the troops did NOT blame Obambi and that “I’m a war correspondent!! I’m a war correspondent!!” Over and over – like that will make me believe him more??? Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot??? He needs to take a nap with his little fishie buddies!!

  25. WHY is he a REGULAR on FOX and PAT BUCHANAN without his own show????

  26. WhiteFalcon1 says:

    “…It’s located on the koi-keeping side of town! You know, the side of town where the males do a lot of moisturizing….”!

    He he…”moisterizing”…LOL…1 (ONE) more f***ing day and a wake-up and barry IS fired!!!!

  27. Damn ugly, annoying mustached clown wants Obama to win. He’s hurt that Benghazi’s being investigated. Whatever kind of brain he had he left in Al Capone’s vault. He makes his core image into a white hating pro amnesty professional Mexican who plays the race card at the drop of the hat and tries to make himself into the go-to professional Hispanic talking about how racist the white man is but guess what? He’s at least half white. He’s half Russian Jew AKA white. His other half is Puerto Rican but actually straight from Spain AKA European. So by all means, he’s white! And he’s all idiot.

  28. RedStaterNYC says:

    I wonder if geraldo likes fishsticks. (must be a gay fish then.)

  29. HILARIOUS!!! I laughed so hard, I cried.

  30. I’m hispanic from South America, and I also dislike Geraldo. He does not in any way represent the latinos. We do love this beautiful Country and the AWD that have been so generous and trusting with everyone that has come to the land of oportunity where if you work hard and respect the laws of the land you are respected and protected as any other US citizen. Geraldo and Eva Langordia only represent the Mexicans.

  31. Marcia Varela says:

    I’m hispanic from South America, and I also dislike Geraldo. He does not in any way represent the latinos. We do love this beautiful Country and the AWD that have been so generous and trusting with everyone that has come to the land of oportunity where if you work hard and respect the laws of the land you are respected and protected as any other US citizen. Geraldo and Eva Langordia only represent the Mexicans.

  32. Marcus Magnumus says:

    FOX is starting to smell like yesterdays quiche. This is always a sure sign of bacterius liberalus contamination . Just to the left of Geraldos undecended middle teste is Shepard Smith. Head of Fox’s Department of Gayness, Misinformation and tongue upyerazz. Yup time for a change.

  33. Geraldo Rivera..the only time I have ever rooted for skinheads