Dear President Obama:

Gigs up. Nowhere left to hide. You’ve been exposed for all to see. To paraphrase a line from a movie, “You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat the American people?”

Your entire existence, including your presidency, has been nothing but a sham. Placed ahead of the pack in your education…not for any acts or accomplishments of your own…but because you possess the politically correct pigment, you enjoyed benefits given that are normally earned. Perhaps it’s not your fault. You were simply the stooge chosen to play the part. But all the same, you are a massive fraud that was forced on the gullible American people with a carefully crafted plan that involved academia, the media, political backers, and corrupt puppet masters behind the scenes.

This fraud was easy to accomplish with all that support. Especially when you had no real defined experience or career. In 2008, you spoke in vague generalities of what you would accomplish. When you did speak of defined ideas, you lied to hide your real leftist intentions. Smoke and mirrors, lies and innuendo. Now all that has changed.

You now have a record. A record of disaster. One so horrible that you’re reelection campaign strategy was forced to rely on Big Bird, sluts and negative campaigning against your opponent. Hardly a position any American President would want to find himself in. Your popularity polls have yet to reach 50% of the American people. But you do have accomplishments. Here are a few:

  • 23 million Americans unemployed
  • Gas prices have doubled while you denied drilling permits or banned offshore drilling
  • 45 million on Food Stamps
  • 43 months of 8+% unemployment
  • Food prices up 25%
  • Illegals receiving over $7 billion in social services
  • Middle class has lost 1/3 of its net worth
  • Average household income $4,300 less than when you took office
  • Health insurance rates increased 1,500 during your term
  • US credit downgraded twice during your administration
  • $6 trillion added to national debt

I’m willing to forgive those lies about healing the Earth and causing the seas to calm that you made on election night 2008.  Last week’s Hurricane Sandy give evidence of another of your grandiose lies.  I am more concerned about the shredding of the Constitution by circumventing Congress to issue Executive Orders that are powers not given to American presidents.  The Dream Act is a perfect example.  I also am concerned with your unleashing of rogue, unelected agencies like the EPA with radical agendas to destroy American energy and jobs.  I’m greatly concerned with the awarding of billions of dollars to so-called “green energy” companies that were merely fronts to reward political cronies.  Also, Fast and Furious was clearly a program launched from the White House to create public opinion that would result in tighter gun controls.  It resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least one American agent. You have yet to answer for this. Instead you chose to use Executive Privilege to hide your nefarious involvement.

More recently, I am appalled to learn more every day of the inactions and coverup of the terrorist attack in Benghazi that resulted in the murders of four Americans.  The truth now clearly shows you were forewarned of the attacks and were aware when they took place but did nothing to save the lives of those brave men.  That an American President would do nothing help fellow Americans under direct fire is unfathomable.  Yet, with you, it’s completely believable.  Even predictable. That is how little confidence the American people have in your abilities and/or loyalties.

Mr. Obama, you have shown yourself to be a petty, dishonest thug who feels little for his country except contempt.  You have humiliated the American people with your feckless foreign policy that rewards savage terrorists in the world of Islam while alienating our most steadfast allies.  Your Arab Spring resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood Winter that endangers the entire Middle East, even the world.  Experience has taught us that kowtowing or supporting radical Islam is hardly the way to achieve peace.  But you told us you would side with Muslims when times got tough, didn’t you? And you have done just that!

For four years, we have listened to you whine like a little girl about the mess you inherited from George Bush.  But you didn’t inherit the mess, Mr. Obama.  You asked for it.  You campaigned for the chance to run the country.  And you made the mess much worse.  You enjoyed lavish state dinners and White House concerts from your favorite rappers, posh vacations at taxpayer expense, and played more golf than a PGA touring professional.  It might be more believable that you really want a second term if you had actually shown up for work a little more during the first.  But, as with most of your life, you have skated by while others did the heavy lifting.

America has elected bad presidents in the past.  We have also had bad men of low character who served in that capacity.  But we have never seen the likes of you.  You bring the worst in every sense of the word.  A racist, anti-American, socialist, community organizer schooled in the thug-like politics of Chicago, you are a domestic enemy of America.  But you are not an enemy at the gate, you are a smooth talking traitor inside who was placed into the most sensitive position of his country.  Where you could to the most damage. And that is exactly what you have done.

How do you view this election?  How do you see this sacred right of voting for Americans?  To vote their consciences to select the most capable leadership for the future of the country we love?  No, that would be the American way.  You predictably see it as an opportunity for revenge:

Yes, Mr. Obama, you have been exposed for the enemy to America you are. You may have fooled the American people once. You may have bought the lazy with welfare. You may still have the monumentally stupid still on your side. After all, one would have to be monumentally stupid to still believe you had good intentions or plans that would benefit America. A second term for you will be the death of the successful, strong America we have enjoyed. A win for you Tuesday will most likely see several red states voting to secede from your corrupt America within a year or two. Hopefully, enough American patriots have seen through your smokescreens of lies and propaganda and will elect your opponent. We shall see. I believe Mitt Romney will win by 6-8 points. And he will return Americans to work,open oil fields and enforce American interests overseas. He will actually do good for his country, unlike his corrupt predecessor. He will act as an American President. But understand this.

“You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat the American people?”

In Liberty,

Angry White Dude

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    And lets not forget FAST & FURIOUS a dilberate and underhanded attempt to revoke our 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS under the UN and its SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY we need to evict the UN from america forever and even longer

  2. You said it all, thank you.

  3. Art Vandelay says:

    Extremely well written, AWD. A corrupt, racist, narcissistic, muslim marxist thug indeed.

    I am feeling confident about Romney’s chances. I think we will wake up next Wednesday morning feeling very satisfied that Dear Leader is on his way to Hawaii, Chicago, or Kenya. I don’t care where he and Chewbacca go. I despise him and what he has done to this once great country. Once he is gone, we can get down to the hard work of repairing the damage he has caused.

  4. Absolutely your best post since I started visiting your site a little over a year ago.

  5. VIRGINIA BESS says:


    • Amen! I’m pretty sure I got that one right. I will also make sure and give GOD the glory first and than my like minded PATRIOTS.

    • Getting Obama out of the White is only the beginning of the beginning, if you really want your country back.

      Voting out Obama removes the International Banking Cartel? no.
      Voting out Obama removes the Military Industrial Complex? no.
      Voting out Obama removes the Council on Foreign Relations? no.
      Voting out Obama removes the Fabian Roundtable? no.
      Voting out Obama removes the thousands of Activist Judges? no.
      Voting out Obama removes the millions of Marxist Academics? no.

      Changing the Imperial Figurehead does not change the Empire. It’s important to realize The Republic’s enemies are more than one usurper in the White House.

      This is only the first battle in what will prove to be a long war. Steel yourself and your allies for that war, and don’t pretend all is well if merely one battle can be won. The Great Restoration can begin here, but this can not be the end of it.

      • Well said Wednesday, its only the start.

      • Let's Take America Back~! says:

        Any Man who Votes for Homosexuals to have its way.. For getting us 6 Trillion Dollars in debt on top of our 10 trillion dollars in debt.. And the ONLY thing he has to show for it is GMC.. One flippen car company.. For a man that CLEARLY was NOT born here.. He clearly admits he is not an American he was born in KENYA.. Come on Americans WAKE UP.. We did not do our due diligence on this man.. Obama has to go!

  6. AWD,
    You should check into this, obama has his thugs at work in Houston.

    • Yep those are a$$holes, how ya counter that is say you want to vote Obama to get to the head of the line, then vote for Romney

  7. AWD, excellent article and I agree 100%!
    IMO, Obama needs to be prosecuted for treason for refusing to protect our men in Benghazi!

  8. One of your best Big Sexy…it’s a must read, passed it on that way in the twitter world too. ~

    Everyone…help make this go viral before Tuesday!

  9. I feel Mitt Robme is the lesser of 2 evils and I am voting for Gov Gary Johnson. I live in NJ so Obama is going to win here anyway.

  10. I was going to respond about 15 minutes ago…had some pretty good comments ready to go…but then I stopped long enough to hear Romney’s speech televised on FOX News. When he got to the part about the flag, the Boy Scouts, and the Space Shuttle I was touched by its conclusion and with that said I made my very first prediction in this horse race; ROMNEY WINS!…and with that said (as they say in the Catholic Mass), “Thanks be to God!”

  11. Hopefully the book of Obama’s presidency will be closed come tuesday. He has been the most abysmal president in recorded history. He will stand the test of time as the most incompetent leader ever elected to a high office. Every single action that the man has taken has either embarassed America as a whole or left us open for redicule on the world stage. America can ill afford another Obama term, so without further interuption, let’s get on with the election.

    • As long as he gets a pension the book will never be closed! Why should he be rewarded for failure? I would also go after Michelle Obama and make her pay back every red-dirt cent to the American taxpayers for what she spent on her lavish vacations. Like John Murtha and Ted Kennedy, I wish he never dies an early death (that would be to good for him)…I would have liked to see them spend some time pounding rocks in a federal prison. As for Obama, I envision a traveling jail cell for all the people to see as they tour the country from coast to coast with Eric Holder and Hilary Clinton as cell mates.
      …no I’m not a mean guy…everybody loves me!

      • Sadly, I have a strong feeling that Obama might get elected again. Let’s not fol ourselves here because there are powerful forces at work and they are at Obama’s disposal. While I would prefer that Obama leave the White House, it would not surprise me that he actually wins the election through some form of cheating.

      • I think Obama will lose but he isn’t going away. Every time he reads a telepromter, we will know of it from the fawning media. I’ve long figured that once he is booted from office, he’ll be offered the head UN job. Finally! The worlds money! Still most of it ours. You are so right- they all need to be in jail. Seriously, what does a president have to do to be charged with treason? How can average citizens bring up treason charges? . I’d sure like to see those college transcripts. I’ll bet they won’t release them because they are loaded with anti-American vitriol and hatred.

  12. A very well written article indeed. As my father always taught me when I tried to deny fault…A man of excuses…is a poor excuse for a man!!! Live by that.


    I see those in the Gay Bay area are filling his money bin I hope Obama loses i want to see these fools throw their money away on a loser

  14. “In what world could you possibly beat the American people ?” He can’t,that’s why he is bringing bus loads of Somalians to Ohio. I don’t know how they can get away with this,but,they will cheat every way imaginable.This “absentee “voting is a scam, they send it in, and, still go to the polls. Most get caught,but,there’s 10–20% that doesn’t. I loved this post ,AWD speaks the truth ,the jigs up.

  15. An honorable leader would have resigned over such a dismal record. But when has Obama ever displayed the slightest semblance of “honor”?

  16. Best damn post I’ve read – EVER!!!

  17. I hope Mitt wipes the floor with Barry on Tuesday.

    But, even if that happens, I’m afraid we’ll still be left with, punk-ass, Harry Reid as the Senate’s majority leader. If O goes down, you know Dingy will feel that he’s their last hope (with Nanny P ousted in 2010) to perpetuate their plan of a Socialist Amerika. He’ll be dangerous, even more than normal.

  18. Obongo’s transformation of America is not complete……he needs another four years to cement his his radical transformation into the hearts and minds of 51% of the American people…………

    But, the truth be told, Obongo is a despot that has cloaked himself in hopeful rhetoric that has ignited a socialist firestorm in our country…….they no longer hide their true identities from us…..the societal moochers and radical left wing communists now have their hands wrapped around the throat of Uncle Sam and are doing every thing they can to murder him…………

    We are in the last gasps of trying to save our country from Obongo’s radical communist transformation……this election is going to tell if we will survive as a free nation or if we will become the victims of the totalitarian left…………

    Without a doubt, Obongo’s radical transformation presents more danger to our country than anything we have faced in the past 150 years…….

    Obongo is the most dangerous man in the country…..far more dangerous than Jimmah Carter ever thought of being……….

    This is Obongo’s legacy………………..

  19. Jack Daniels says:

    Added a link to this post in the comment section on iOTW.

    Excellent letter AWD!!

  20. Absolutely brilliant! I will be passing it along!

  21. and here is another thing I can’t wait for……to get rid of that stink-ass wife “Chewbaca” that Obongo is married to…..she can stick her lavish parties, social gatherings, and million dollar vacations up her fat ass………

    Can’t wait to kick her god damn fat ass out of the white house….go back to Kenya and take your stink-ass husband with you… fat ass bitch…….

    Then you can gorge yourself on the wonderful Kenyan cuisine……….

    bon appetite………

  22. Well said, AWD!

    Of course, here in the D.C. area where I live, there are Obama-Biden signs everywhere. Those houses likely belong to federal bureaucrats.

  23. Here in Florida the commie democrats have filed a law suit against the state of Florida and Governor Rick Scott……….Florida had 8 straight days set aside for early voting……this is a service that no state has to do but does this to allow voters the courtesy of going and voting early to avoid long lines on election day……….

    early voting ended Saturday 11/03/2012……the snotty complaining democrats have called this voter suppression….what bullsh!t…….they are complaining the blacks could not vote this Sunday and have filed a saw suit to force Florida to extend early voting beyond 8 days……..

    The blacks have had 8 days to early vote….Since when are the blacks more special than anyone else and they get extra time to early vote…..who the hell are they that they get extra time……. you can’t get your ass out to the polls during the early voting time period then you get to vote on election day…….blacks are not special that they get extra time because the democrats think of the blacks as their own special constituency base……

    you don’t get your ass to the polls on time then you lose…stick it up your ass……….blacks should stay home and not vote at all…….

  24. there should be a voting test to see if you have the capacity to understand what is at stake when you vote…….what voting is all about……

    somehow I think that the black moocher class doesn’t understand what true freedom is about because they continue to vote for enslavement to the democrat party plantation…..and continue their 400 year enslavement….. but they do this voluntarily and then blame it on us……

    many of these blacks have the IQ of a fish and yet they have the right to vote……….this needs to change…………..those with the IQ of a fish should not be allowed to vote……..and if you choose to remain enslaved voluntarily then as a slave you have no say and should not be allowed to have a vote………since you have chosen slavery over freedom…slaves do not get to vote…………..

    Choose ye this day blacks…………freedom or slavery on the democrat plantation……….

    • Bluto,you’re really on a roll today,I agree 100% with everything you said and wish I could communicate my feelings as well as you.


  25. Watching Mitt Lose says:

    I can’t wait to read all the whining and bitching Weds… your guy has a less then 20% chance to win. His convention’s keynote speaker has all but endorsed Obama. It’s over guys… 4 more years!

    • 4 more years of what?, more unemployment, more debt, more people on food stamps, more decline in income. What the hell planet are you from? Wake the hell up to what this socialist, incompetent, inept jerk has done to this Country. You are nothing more than a mindless Obama following robot.

      Wake the hell up to reality.

    • “…your guy has a less then 20% chance to win…” Haha, Romney is over 50% in just about every poll there is. Obama is polling in the 40’s, you don’t win with those numbers. Romney is drawing crowds in the 50,000 range, POTUS has all he can do to draw a breath.

      Romney will win on Tuesday in a landslide with a mandate. We’ve seen what Obama has done the last four years. All that hope and change is bullshit. He has all but ignored black America, and they won’t forget it. Sure, folks like you will knock over little old ladies to vote for the Manchurian Moonbat, but it will take massive voter fraud to put Chicago Jeebus back in for four more years.

      Check your bait troll, nothing is hitting here.

      • Watching Mitt Lose says:

        You obviously don’t pay attention to polls. Out of 20 swing state polls out this weekend Obama won 18, tied 2 and Romney won 1. Take a look at RCP or if you’re interested in any kind of reliable information. Drudge picks and chooses the polls it reports and since most right wing news sites get their stories via drudge people like you don’t know they exist.


        • Watching
          The left gets exposed mon- Fri from 12- 3pm by Rush Limbaugh, you struck out, you use the new york times for reference, are you serious?

          • Watching Mitt Lose says:

            Rush Limbaugh is about as full of shit as it gets. Proof is the fact that he flip-flopped on Gov. Christie the moment the hurricane hit. Rush is a joke and if he is what you rely on to get your news/information then you are a fool.

            And yes I cited the NY Times. Not the editorial page which has a liberal bias but the news section. The links I provided are not opinion pieces and if you had any kind of integrity you would check the info before dismissing it.

          • Watching,
            I can always strike a nerve just by mentioning Rush Limbaugh, it always brings the same response when dealing with the ignorant, Christie is a RINO that deserved to be turned on, he kissed ass for his own gain and he will lose the next election because of it, pandering to the enemy, a turncoat, a man with no character, He didn’t buy a single vote from the liberal’s by his actions but he lost any credibility he had by standing up to the school unions, he’s sold his soul and his future and will end up in the dust bin of history. and your N.Y. Times not the opinion pieces but the editorial page, well hell’s bell’s what the damn is the difference? You sir are the fool not I because I have eyes and can see.

          • We’re dismissing you, jackass!

        • Take your smug smartass trolling and shove it up your ass motherfu*ker, pinche huevon liberal shit for brains. Nobody gives a shit what you think or your links or your websites.

          • Michael T,
            It’s been a while since we’ve had anyone come to this site and disparage us for our beliefs and our opinions and this might be a teachable opportunity even though it is probably a waste of time, Watching tells me that if I had any integrity I would check out the N.Y. Times, It is obvious watching has no idea what integrity is, It’s doing the right thing when no one is looking, It’s telling the bank teller she gave you too much money back when you cashed your check, It’s going to your foreman and telling them your time is not right and they payed you for more than you worked, same with the kid at the convenience store that can’t count money because of the education standards we have in this country. It’s standing up for someone that has been wrongly accused of something and being bold enough to say something instead of keeping quite, It’s telling the truth even though it might cost you your job, It’s using the conscience God gave you to do what you should do no matter what. Reading the N.Y. Times is not an act of Integrity.

  26. Former National Security Adiviser Bud McFarlane: For Obama to Do Nothing is Dereliction of Duty

  27. Despicable democrats go even lower than a snake to deceive inbreds and the mentally incapable to vote for Obongo…….the mentally deficient are now being targeted by democrats for votes…….

    democrats have the morals and integrity of diseased rodents scurrying around in a dump to satisfy their need to garner votes for their ghetto jesus………..what won’t these democrats do to get votes…nothing….

    the democrats have prostituted their integrity and sold themselves just like a street hooker would on a street corner for what amounts to something that is little more than spare change……..dirty ass democrats….filthy-ass and rotten to the core……..

    this is as about as low as you can get…..leave it to the dirty democrats……why am I not surprised…….

    • Hey Bluto…

      Our power just came back on, but I mentioned late last night if you didn’t catch what I posted to you on the Dumb and Dumber thread I would tell you about it today…check it out, I think you’re gonna love it. It’s about Warren. 😉

      • I did get it last night…….it’s the only poll that has Brown in the lead…..I certainly am not a Brown fan but Warren is a complete disaster…….I can’t believe that anyone with half a brain would vote for that idiot

  28. Let's Take America Back~! says:

    Ok we finally found out about this smooth talking deceiver enough has been said.. Now its up to us America to do something about it.. Which for you who voted for him in the first term..Should have done your homework.. America its not only this mans fault but Our fault for not doing due diligence on this man.. But Now the ball is back in our court.. Let’s take America Back.. And do the right thing at the Polls! Let’s say goodbye to Mr. Obama!!!..

  29. Very well written. But here is the deal.

    Obama has not been exposed, revealed, or anything else remotely close to it. Obama has the complicit media on his side along with Eric Holder who in concert has been able to handily cover up who Obama is and the awful things he done to America.

    At least half of America still believes he is a messiah, the one last hope. Most people I talk to out in the public have no idea of most of the things we talk about on Conservative sites. The general public is still painfully ignorant, and yes, some just plain stupid.

    It is for this reason that I think there is a very good chance Obama is going to win this election. If he does, I am going to be sick. Literally physically ill.

    I think at this point the only thing we can do is vote, and pray. We are gonna need it.

    • I agree completely and I will be physically sick right along with you. Hopefully we will be very happy people here on AWD on Wednesday morning.

      • I have the same hope. Right now its all I am clinging to. The good thing is lots of experts are voicing a Romney landslide. I pray this is true.

    • My main hope is that we win back the senate and yank Harry Reeds’ worthless ass off of majority leader!

      No matter who’s president, we can expect nothing without the senate!

    • Is,
      I agree with you 100%, I sit in a sunday class with teachers, city managers, corporate salesmen, state senators , high school football coaches, I am the only unemployed uneducated one in the room yet I am dumbfounded at the ignorance of those around me, Now they are all Romney supporters which is good but I can mention something that is happening in the world and I get the strange look (this guys a nut) only to be proven right in a couple weeks, I try to tell them not to get their information from the msm but they all seem to think Conservative sites are conspiracy sites, I told them about Fast and Furious months before it was news and they all laughed and told me I spent too much time on the internet, sometimes I feel like I’m on a ship of fool’s. My family is not much better. I guess thats why AWD is my anchor in the storm.

      • @ga steve

        Hang in there. My BF and I exercise 2-3 times a week. Been doing it for years. I retired in ’06. Started studying the political side . Tried to share with my friend. He assumed that everyone on the net was just some schmo venting. I told him that a lot of my data came from Buchanan, etc as well as a whole bunch of folks who are really into it.
        Well, now he is telling me stuff, most of which I already know. But, it seems by playing dumb, I achieve more than I did in the past while sharing.

        PS, I also get a big silent chuckle when I throw at him==”Where’d you get that, from some clown on the internet?”

        It has been a two year effort.

        Heading out to the Falcons/Cowboys game in about 10.

      • AWD is an anchor indeed. Not only the writers help me feel grounded, but the comments section rocks!

  30. Dismas In Wonderland says:

    That should be on a t-shirt – The “O” will be the typical Obama circle emblem – Obama/Biden 2012 “Forwarned! Obama says, “God Damn America!”” . . .

    Daniel 5:5 In the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaister of the wall of the king’s palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote . . .

    . . . 24 Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written. 25 And this is the writing that was written, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.
    26 This is the interpretation of the thing: Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. 27 Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. 28 Peres; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

  31. Well Done !!Bravo !!!!!!!

  32. Solid gold. Sharing.

    I think this letter expresses how many, many, many of us feel.

  33. caitlan o'neill says:

    woww did he lay it on the line. good for him and I sure hope it gets thru to everyone that was planning on voting for Obama and they change their mind. if he were to be re-elected, you might as well kiss it all goodbye. for one thing we will muslim by next year, and I will not kiss up to them ever. hell with that stuff. now I read that they are threatening people to get them to vote for Obama.don’t think they can really do that. guess they can try but no way will that happen.
    all that is wrong with this country now will triple by next year.
    Hope this means something to somebody.

  34. I love your website and your articles but ““You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting,” did not first appear in a movie. It originated in the book of Daniel in the Bible, THEN it was used in a movie a few thousand years later. I hope Hussein loses in disgrace! Thanks for the great stuff on this site.

  35. Chris Matthews late Tuesday night.


  36. Sums up Obama, perfectly! I came across this letter via a link, and I’ve shared with email list and told them this would be a good one to share with anyone they know who is still voting Obama. From reading a few of the comments, it sounds like it is making the rounds in America:o)

    My only criticism is that I wish I could have forwarded the letter from an “Angry American Dude.” Color doesn’t matter.

    • Paula, color does matter. To liberals. If you read Who and What is the Angry White Dude, you’ll see the name of this blog is a jab at libs who labeled white males who didn’t vote for Clinton “angry white males.”


  37. This website and people who share these feelings are people who have no dignity, class, and respect for mankind. Just realize you will forever be seen as pity of skin to those in power.

    Believe it

    Email me @ Onedayyou’

    • People Like You, aren’t you embarrassed with such a pathetic comment? Your second sentence makes no sense at all. Please don’t waste our valuable time with such nonsense. If you have some concrete evidence to show that we at AWD have no dignity, class, and respect for mankind, please give evidence. I suggest you take an English class.


  38. Heather Jackson says:

    Wonderful letter! The damage he has done, the mess he has created, the division he has created, etc, etc, just baffles me. America was not meant to have Obama as president… EVER. If we weren’t awake then, we certainly are now. Freedom is the most important gift we can have.

  39. cool hand luke says:

    what now crackers? what now? LOL
    p.s. i did not support or vote for obama. but your woman did. cant get enough of that big black ****

  40. Hey guys . . . I’m back . . . did you miss me! How about that election last night! 4 more glorious years with President Barack Hussein Obama. Victory is sweeter the 2nd time around . . . . See ya . . . love ya! Smooches!

    • Kynnie, have the last four years been glorious? I haven’t noticed.


      • I don’t know about you . . . but it’s been really good for me . . . it was change I could believe in and still believe in!

        Maybe if the Karl Roves, Rush Limbaughs, Bill O’Reillys, Donald Trumps, Ann Coulters, and Sarah Palins of the world had not been in his ear . . . the outcome may have been different. If he had not let the Koch Brothers dictate his campaign with lies and more lies, the outcome may have been different.

        Hopefully now both sides will come together and work for the common cause — the good of all the American citizens . . . not the 1%, not the 53%, not the 47% . . . but 100% of the United States citizens. That’s the only way we can get the country moving FORWARD!

  41. I see a bunch of moronic obamabots have posted. Obviously their IQ does not allow them to understand or see what damage has just been done. Well they are sure going to have a surprise pretty soon when they find their job gone and that healthcare is not free. Poor little suckers.

  42. Gee AWD, your not very good at predicting election results. President Obama won because a majority of your fellow Americans believe he will do a better job than Romney. So why don’t you grow up, put your big pistol away and act like a real American. This country has a two hundred plus year tradition of free elections. When one side loses, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and move on to the next election. You on the other hand want to quite the game, it would be like the losing NFL team quitting the league.
    I suggest you and the other right wing nuts out there follow the advice of the more moderate right wingers and look around for candidates that don’t scare the hell out of the rest of America and then maybe you will start winning some elections. I would also suggest that you ratchet down the name calling it makes you look very immature.

  43. Obama didn’t win the election. It was stolen .How many times did you vote? As usual your side has to cheat to win,and, you are too stupid to know what you’ve done. What were you doing here anyway , aren’t you late for a drive-by ?