After the recent elections, fiscal conservatives (read: responsible people) and their emotions have been all over the board concerning the hope for a promising future for America. Many see Obama’s reelection as the end of the America we have known and have given up hope while others continue to rally the troops to fight until the last penny and liberty evaporates trying to right the wrongs.

The question is, are you a Dagny Taggart or a John Galt?

In the book Atlas Shrugged, Dagny Taggart was a railroad magnate who could not give up hope that a corrupt government and an America populated with moochers could be redeemed if she kept working and fighting the moochers and looters in society and government. John Galt was a productive genius who believed the country could not be saved because of corruption and decay and actively sought the destruction of the government by convincing producers to quit working and go on strike. Galt convinced producers the fruits of their labors would only be forcefully taken by looters in government (moochers with guns) and, moreover, their labors and production were not even appreciated by the masses they sustained.

The book Atlas Shrugged is popular among conservatives because the story parallels America in 2012, even though the book was written 54 years ago. As in the book, we see an overpowering government consistently limiting individual liberties while calling the country’s producers “greedy” while taking more and more from them. We see traditional values being ridiculed and scorned in today’s America, just as it was in Atlas. We also see the country collapsing due to corrupt politicians, overwhelming business regulations, and the intellectual cesspool that can only come from academia.

Obama today revealed he wants to massively increase taxes with virtually no spending cuts to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that is rapidly approaching. Oh, he also wants the ability to raise the debt limit without having to bother with going to Congress. That’s like letting Michael Moore guard your Twinkies. America has a fifth year of a trillion-plus dollar deficit and a Senate that hasn’t produced a budget in four years. We see a record number of Americans living off of welfare and food stamps paid for by the dwindling number of producers. The poison of political correctness infects the country to the point where no criticism of liberals is allowed without one being dismissed as the liberal intelligentsia as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

It gets worse. We have to depend on the Republicans to save America! lol.

There are a lot of Dagny’s and John’s in America right now. AWD has had several conversations with friends about where I and they stand on what’s the best course of action to take. I know friends who share the Pollyanna attitude of Dagny Taggart and believe they can save America if they work harder and don’t give up hope. They believe in miracles and the good people in America will once again restore the sanity that has been lost in America. AWD has others who are John Galt waiting for the collapse and the ensuing anarchy when the federal government collapses under the weight of corruption and bankruptcy. After the dirt settles, then, they believe, and only then, can producers once again establish government according to Constitutional limits that have been abandoned over the past 50 years. Once that occurs, producers will once again begin producing unprecedented wealth without the shackles of a corrupt government dedicated to the redistribution of their income. They will no longer be forced at gunpoint by the looters in government to unwillingly give up their treasure for the benefit of lazy moochers.

So who are you? Dagny or John? Who is AWD? Who is John Galt?

For you who haven’t read Atlas, you should listen to the “Money Speech” by Francisco D’Anconia from the book to get a taste. For those who have, you’ll once again nod your head at the wisdom.

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  1. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    I am Dagney Galt.

    • KGG, not one of the choices! Don’t be cute!


      • Kansas Gun Girl says:

        I’m being serious! For a long time I was Dagney Taggart. I was the Polly Anna who though she could work enough and fix things and we would live happily ever after. I’m still an optimist who will not give up the fight, but I’m beginning to believe that we must fail and rebuilt. If we are going to fail, I would rather it be sooner rather than later, so I can do what I can to make our country a great place for my children. I don’t believe any amount of work with fix the federal government. They have gone to hell and will not return. I do think we can strengthen our states and lessen the impact so it will be easier to return to sanity. So, I keep my answer. I am Dagney Galt!

        • KGG…I’m with ya. I’m of the same mind as well. I didn’t know quite how to put how I felt late last night…you did it for me.

    • That’s OK KGG… we all know you’re probably cute.

      • Paul B
        I bet she’s got a pair of ruby red slippers too.

        • GA,

          At least KGG gave us all a laugh… and AWD’s response got me laughing too.

          • Kansas Gun Girl says:

            You guys are sweet! Of course KGG is cute! She is a girl, she has guns. I don’t have ruby red slippers – but I do sport a pair of red cowboy boots! And, I possess those secret, super powers that only us gun girls have.

  2. i see hopeless corruption…i see the world crumble …

  3. At this point in time AWD… I’m John Galt.

    • Waiting to see where Bigtimer stands on the issue… by the way, where is she??? Do we let America fall and tell all the stinking moochers to find another source for ass wiping, or do we try to save a sinking ship???

  4. Just Another Random Thought says:

    Gonna have to choose Galt myself. I’ll do what I can to keep America up, but I Gobi it might be too late.

  5. Just Another Random Thought says:

    Somehow my phone turned think into Gobi….it’s a smart phone.

  6. AWD
    Haven’t read Atlas Shrugged yet, but I’ve read a great deal of the Reconstruction era in the South, a very brutal time that required the Southern people to ban together for their own defense against an oppressive government, having heard story’s passed down by relatives about the hardship’s that were endured I can tell you a lot of today’s people will not survive, But that was only the Southern states where now it’s the whole nation that will feel the boot of the tyrant, as RedState has said we’re all Southerners now.

    • 79firebirdman says:

      You must read Atlas Shrugged. I need to re-read it myself. I haven’t seen seen part two of the movie. I wasn’t all that impressed with part one of the movie.

  7. Taggart to the end, can’t wait for Galt.

  8. 79Firebirdman says:

    I’m John Galt. The country, as envisioned by the founders, is gone forever without conflict to take it back. The tipping point has been passed. King nothing is no longer answerable to the electorate and now has the “flexibility” he promised Putin. He will likely get three, maybe four, more appointments to SCOTUS, permanently altering the political landscape for at least the next two generations, while most of the decisions and precedents that a radical activist left wing majority SCOTUS will hand down will be next to impossible to change without bloodshed. As for Obama, I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol? (It’s that time of year, gotta watch that movie again!)

  9. When it comes to the two I am definently John Galt. I do not see any other way for this moocher enduced big government conglomerate to exist much longer. With the dwindling number of wealth producers that pay large sums of taxes decreasing by the days the fragile network of big government and mass consumption of other people’s wealth will come to a close. An economic storm is brewing. A storm that will make hurricane Katrina and Sandy pail in comparison.

    The few remaining self-sufficient Americans will see what is left of their wealth either confiscated by government to maintain stability, or lose it all together from the fall of the dollar, and ultimately the collapse of the house built around Wall Street and Washington DC. Look for large numbers of disgruntled people storming the gates of wealthy communities in an attempt to find some form of scape goat because their entitlements have ceased to function in their favor.

    The United States has accumulated the largest mountain of debt in human history. For the last five decades its people have enjoyed an artificial bubble of false prosperity. The moral fiber of our society is eroding at break kneck speed. A civilization can not function if its citizens trample each other for ten dollar cell phones.

    Here is a good article about the decline of America:


    I would like to finish with a quote from the late British historian Arnold Toynbee.

    “The US will set the record for the rise and fall of an empire. Between wide open borders, and the fall of the dollar, and a growing population against a declining resources base. The US will be defeated from within. Mobs will rule the street in a nation that is now the third largest in world. It will ultimately be unable to sustain itself except by taking resources from weaker countries.”

    Toynbee dies in the early 1970s, so was he a prophet of some kind?

    • KYtim

      Until about 5 years ago, I thought Toynbee to be wrong.

      I have seen just about every moral, decent precept I learned in my life to be challenged, changed or erased. I have seen God removed from our daily lives by the decision of a minority of people aided and abetted by the apathy of the rest of us. I see conduct in videos in public places that would never have been thought of before the 60s.

      If this be freedom , then enslave me again with the chains of decency, morality and love of God, for we are in a jungle of evil with no hope in sight.

      We come to this site because we find like minded folk whose values are those we would hope that our descendants will carry and practice. The growing talk of secession is nothing more than the ability to see the evil as it grows and to seek to escape it for us and our families.

      If we do not escape it, those of you who are younger will live to see your grandchildren living as the people in “Clockwork Orange”.

      With our moral compass pressed to the magnet of corruption and immorality, no one will be able to find the way to save our country.

      • Misterbill, amen!…Everything you said is true, like you, I’ve been around for many years and have seen nothing but de-generation since the hippy infestation in the “60s”,…I witnessed the scumbags at Bezerkley and now they are in control of academia and government!
        I’ll have to be John Galt,….let it all go to hell, then rebuild.
        America is waaay overdue for a massive enema to purge it of this cancerous disease!

  10. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I am John Galt. If our problems were only as deep as our Marxist-Socialist President, a host of Democrats in the Senate, and a few wishy-washy Republicans, I wouldn’t sense our impending doom.

    But since our once great country has had about 45 years of liberal indoctrination (the long Communist march through the institutions), that has slowly eroded everything Americans took pride in – AND – since we have at least two generations of Americans who have been dumbed-down via the public schools – AND – since our nation has actively invited the entire third-world into our country, most of whom refuse to assimilate (aren’t those Muslims wonderful?), and thereby guaranteed to displace the White population – AND – since both Democrats and Republicans are on the verge of granting a nation-wide amnesty to all the illegal Hispanics (and who knows what other groups?) – AND -since the majority of Americans gladly gave Obama another four more years, in spite of our ruined economy and his failed presidency – AND – since gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgender folks have all been practically given the moral equivalency of Mother Teresa – AND – since our MSM has been complicit in every possible way for the past several decades in helping to undermine American traditions and values – AND – since the Welfare state has grown to enormous proportions making much of our country utterly dependent on the government for its essentials – AND – since most Americans have been lulled to sleep and apathetic to anything beyond the bounds of entertainment, sports and pop-culture . . . . you can bet we are a people who have already been defeated, ready to be taken over.

    Ever heard the story about the frog in the kettle?

    • What Bluff said – and I thank him for saving me some time. 🙂

    • Bluff,

      I already posted above, but wish I would have stated my feelings exactly like your post… well said… we’re toast!!!

    • Ditto what Paul said. – Excellent post.

      • BT,

        Felt bad because I hogged the comments/reply column last night… I swear, I thought God returned and took all AWD regulars except myself because no one was posting. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

        Found AWD’s post interesting and especially if people align with taggart or galt.

        • Lol…I’ve had same experiences at night here as well Paul. – Everything is okay as can be in my neck of the woods…I just went to bed when I didn’t see that many around, plus I had a few things to take care of before bed anyway.

    • Amen Bluffcreek!….Everything you said!

  11. Fed Up Texan says:

    I am John Galt. I have been John Galt since I read Atlas Shrugged when I was in college, nearly fify years ago. This country will crash, and likely in the not too distant future. Too many moochers and not enough producers, mixed with massive incompetence in government. The recovery may take longer than we have…someone could land an army and do us in pretty quickly.

  12. John Galt. The middle class is gone, teachers that I work with continue each day to dumb down their courses, and concentrate on PC lessons and counseling students not to be mean to each other and to accept all people. These people have no idea that each day they get up and go to work they are one day closer to poverty. Inflation is silently destroying any middle class wealth, not to mention the tax burden coming in April. Very stupid people, and oh yes they all voted for Zero.

  13. John Galt. The America of nearly 50 years in which Hussein Hope Change publicly rebuked with his snarky & arrogant response was a force of good, economically, spiritually & politically for our nation & the entire world as well!

    Nefarious activities like abortion, homosexual acceptance & affirmative action were not woven into the fabric of American life!Most Americans were growing up in safe neighborhoods headed by a married father & mother. Our dads went to work, supported their families while contributing to the betterment of society. The government didn’t provide morally corrosive handouts like welfare, medicaid & urban housing nor did it produce lazy and unproductive people who don’t want to work while encouraging them to sleep around and produce a handful of liabilities!

    Ameircan children were not taught in school to despise God, Christianity, chastity nor the genius of white men while celebrating the mediocrity of so-called unsung “minorities & women who merely existed! Immigrants who entered this country were processed dutifully while encouraged to assimilate to the morally upstanding, Chrisitan based standards of our country. Christmas wasn’t ridiculed by a small minority of atheist, the ADL and their heavily jewish support group of ACLU attorneys!

    We didn’t have sitting presidents who accomplished little to nothing in their political backgrounds while lecturing society on ridiculing the wealthy whom they felt needed to “pay their fair share”! The only way in which our crumbling nation will get back on track is by supporting principled minded individuals like those in the Tea Party movement who are willing to vigorously challenge the evilness of liberalism up front and personally!

    We can no longer afford to support weak & ineffective “moderate” mouthpieces like Rience Priebus & his fellow RINO constituents in the Republican party. We can no longer continue to dismiss the blatantly irresponsible actions of turncoat RINO’s such as the “three John’s” Boener, Roberts, McCain & a Christie”, “Crispy Cream Chris”!

    Nor can we rely on the opinions of the steady stream of pseudo conservative mouthpieces on Fox News like Karl Rove, Dick Morris & others like Sean Hannity whose opinions no longer carry any type of weight whatsoever! All these characters and many more who think & behave like them have done is enabling the evilness of liberalism to permeate all throughout our culture with their sickening adoption of compromise & self defeat!

  14. RidinShotgun says:

    John Galt, period. Don’t mean to ruffle any feathers here, but for every Taggart out there, there are at least 100,000 salivating moochers saying to themsleves, “Yeah Pollyanna, whatever you say just fork over what you got.” and at least 100 people in positions of power saying to themselves, “Oh God Barnum was right, there realy is one born every minute!”

  15. You folks can be anyone you want, however, I don’t see this nation returning to its roots of conception without armed conflict. The country is too corrupt, as both the Islamo/Marxists and the GOP are at fault. Can’t see things being solved in a civil manner. “The Art of War” may be more appropriate reading.


    We,ll always have liberals they have been around for eons only in bibical times they were called ROMANS and PHILLASTINES

  17. I was both Galt and Taggart (wavering back and forth) until this election. Now I’m solidly Galt. And in two more years when I can tap my IRA I may decide to stop renting apartments. I wish more landlords joined me in that decision. Let the damn gubbermint find homes for all the displaced tenants.

    Not that Obama cares, he’s going to Hawaii…

    • Hank,

      I hope your IRA is still around in two more years. Rumors are starting about our wonderful government considering taking over 401’s and IRA’s and rolling them into your SS benefits… how nice!!!

      Also, got a good buddy who owns about twenty homes renting them out… fairly good money but the headaches and trying to evict deadbeats have overwhelmed him. He is now trying to sell all his homes… only problem, the market is dead.

      • That’s right…and if Dear Leader doesn’t get his way via congress, he’ll just deem it so. While the repubs do nothing about it…just like they have done the previous four years.

  18. I’m speaking from a point of naivete – I haven’t read AS [I can’t seem to make the time to read 1000+ pages telling me Collectivism fails, always. I already know this!]. It doesn’t seem to have to be a Galt/ Taggert dichotomy – an either/or proposition but a third choice exists: fight, fight hard, violently if neccessary. Refuse to obey. Bring back tar & feathers. I dunno. We can’t roll over & pee on ourselves and we can’t run away either.

    Really, where can you go? Idaho, Montana? Do you really think Big Brother will leave you alone there? As President Reagan said: “…If we lost freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.”

    • Grey Mobius–

      I never finished AS and I am an avid reader. Many may be shocked, but it bored me. Fountainhead put me to sleep, (the movie), and had me stop reading the book.

      I like your third choice- fight, fight, fight.

      We need a leader. Someone to rise, to shine, to speak to the people in words they understand, to further understand what our country is going through. I had thought that leader might have been Allen West, but he has been successfully throttled and removed from the public eye.

      I know of few in Congress. The great capitulators of the GOP.

      As for me, I confess, my will is not as strong as it was. I see the large numbers of American so satisfied with bread and circuses, that I feel complete collapse will happen and may be the only possible way the country can be rebuilt.

      Too many dismiss a third party or secession as either impossible or unrealistic to support it. So then, how do we fight? How many times in life have you seen someone propose a solution only to hear the naysayers tell us that the idea was impossible, if not unattainable.

      • misterb…

        We’re both avid readers in this home too. Neither one of us could get thru that book, glad to see others have kind of said the same so we don’t feel so alone.

        Btw…I’m still going to keep my eye on the ACP when it comes to third parties that I posted about just awhile back. I’ve had my fill of the majority of the GOP.

        • Here is a great column by Daren Jonescu. I know Big may have read it but it is spot on–except I still believe two things:
          1> Change BACK will not happen without some violence
          2> Secession is a valid solution to escape the totalitarianism of the urbs where the concept of liberty is tainted with the ideas of the welfare state. The recipients know no other way. Just as they see no wrong in drug use, and a number of other immoral activities, they have no qualms about living at others expense. In fact, they quite like the stance taken by some illegal immigrants, are convinced that a “free” way of life is their “right”.

        • bigtimer
          Maybe we should all read the U.S.Army Ranger Handbook 2011 and Sun Tsu’s Art of War.

  19. I don’t believe secession is the answer – this would be a band aid. This would only delay the inevitable. A third party has a lot of merit though.

    I think WE need to lead. Even in our own small way, locally, hell in our own households. Do not let our children be brainwashed. Speak up in our lukewarm churches that turn a blind eye to immorality. Go to our local and county level meetings – listen, learn, then speak out against the growing socialism. Get involved with like minded individuals. We cannot rely on the career politicians to provide our leadership – they just don’t have it [Col. West and a few others aside]

    Sadly, we have slid so far down. It won’t be an easy battle; there are many fronts to be manned. So much ground has been lost.

    • Grey Mobius-

      I am not trying to be contentious as you could see by my initial post of agreement. But, there always is a but,:
      “Do not let our children be brainwashed.”
      Takes a reversal of the minds of most teachers of the progressive sense. They, themselves are so deep in it–you would have to replace most of them. They already believe all the socialist, union ideas.

      “Speak up in our lukewarm churches that turn a blind eye to immorality.”
      It is not just morality. Remember , the churches are where the greatest support of illegal immigration comes from. No job=no industry, no industry=idle minds, idle minds=immorality.
      If I were an illegal immigrant, I would support any and all programs and ideas that would leave me alone and support me.

      “Go to our local and county level meetings – listen, learn, then speak out against the growing socialism.”
      I like it BUT the latest vote shows that approximately50% even if they agree with you will not go for t since it imperils their life style. Good luck with that.

      PS Not trying to be contentious,but I have been watching the scene and I am convinced that the illness has settled in and the damage to the human spirit is such a part of many as to never be be to recover.

      Sorry to be so pessimistic, but those trains left the station a long time go. I see it everywhere, even in my own family. One of today’s buzzwords is DISABILITY.

      • In a secessionist “Constitutional States of America”, there are many things that could be done to stop and reverse the bad things happening. That will not happen for many years, if at all, in the United States of America that is where it is today.

        The GOP’s time has come and gone. The corruption of which I speak is deep that even those who declare themselves to b supporters of the Constitution will “Capitulate” to changes to it to appease the
        other side and call it “COMPROMISE” It is happening today.

        The “good guys ” of the GOP will, I believe join a third party if some leader rises to head it. Otherwise, I stand by secession.

        • Compromise – HEH. Funny thing about all the establishment Republicans is their typical comment about reaching across the aisle to the Libtards. My humble opinion is that the only reason to reach across the aisle is to rip the arm off the Marxist bastard and beat him to death with it. Yes, the GOP is effectively dead. I mean who are they going to run…who’s next in line? Boehner? NFW!

      • Misterbill,
        I agree…I’m deeply pessimistic about this at heart too but I just can’t let go of that small spark of hope. Maybe a remnant of the Founding Father Ideal still burns in many of us and will flare again into a full blown blaze.

        Otherwise it’s time to suck the naughty end of a .45.

  20. Keeping up to speed on Obamacare:


  21. Howard Roark through and through.

    But for the purpose of this thread- John Galt 😀

  22. Off topic here but the congress has the power and authority to stop “Obama care” dead in its’ tracks by defunding it.

    However, with cowardly sobs like John Boner leading the pack, this will never be done.

  23. Galt. Stoke the fires full steam ahead, the sooner we hit the bottom the better off we will all be. If we decide to linger, its going to be a long, very painful fall.

  24. Hmm… I’m kind of with KGG. I think collapse is damn near inevitable at this point–and we should welcome it as a means of purging the federal gubmint and their dependents–but I don’t think disengaging from the fight with the libtards is the answer either. In the vacuum that will exist when the collapse comes, we’ll still need a citizenry capable of rebuilding. For the past 50 years, we’ve been losing the fight–badly–of maintaining such a citizenry. We need to crack that nut otherwise the pattern will just repeat itself.

  25. Galt.

  26. Steve Sybert says:

    Galt. Lock and Load!!

  27. Galt. The sooner the better as far as the collapse goes. I’m ready for it. The more people I talk to all agree, something is going to happen, I hope it’s quick.

  28. Probably John Galt. The tipping point is already past even though the Taggart in me is hard to let go. Fed up Texan brought up a point that I’ve been worried about myself. After the fall and during rebuilding w, what is to stop an army from landing on our shores and taking over? America is filled with natural resources that Russia and China would love to get their hands on. I guess they’ll have to fight the hispanics for it. Or me if I’m still around.

  29. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    I am Ragnar Danneskjöld. Galt is a pussy.

  30. This thread is funny!

  31. I wish I had the stones to be Guy Fawkes…

  32. captainmike says:

    Everything that is happening now is in the book. It is almost as if Atlas Shrugged is the script.

    We are headed to rock bottom. Quit fighting it and start planning your survival.