Hear ye, hear ye, sexy citizens of Dudeville! AWD is changing servers tonight. We are making the change to the Super Sucky Model to the Fast and Supa-Sexy Model 69. This crap of being shut down every other day has gone too far and the Big Sexy said e-@#*&ing-nuff!

Or maybe it was our hosting service that sucked. I don’t know. Maybe I should have listened to my techie when he said to steer away from the Clinton-Garofalo Conservative Blog Hosting Company. Either way, we should have ZERO interruptions from here on out or AWD’s gonna have some techie’s ass!

The change over could take 5 minutes or hours. So if you’re up watching infomercials and feasting on that Sara Lee frozen pie and are having AWD withdrawals, you might just have to go it alone for a few hours.

AWD threw the houlihan with one Red Stater last night in the Friendliest City in Northern Mexico formerly known as Dallas. Oh, we had us a time! AWD is about to jet off to Washington for a few days to kick some RINO boo-tay. Tomorrow night, it’s a fandango with one Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like. I’ll try to keep y’all up to speed with what I hear as I’m going to be talking with some wussypants Republican Congresswussies and Senators. Hopefully, my big sexy ass will have some time to write! I’ve been too lax the past few weeks and Big Timer has had to do the heavy lifting!

That’s all I have. See y’all on the other server side!

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up about this…heck, thought you already did that when the site came back on yesterday.

    Have a good time in DC….looking forward to what you have to report to us when you get back in your Captain’s Chair.

    …but darn, wished the change was happening at midnight mountain time. Oh well…sure hope this fixes the problem once and for all Big Sexy. – Safe travels.

  2. AWD, good for you and all of us!…Yesterday I was having trouble getting on line for my “daily fix”and it’s been happening every “whip stitch”!
    Hopefully, that will fix the problem.

  3. Thanks for trekking across town (which, in Texas terms, means about 100 miles) to pay me a visit, your Dudeness. Was great seeing you and the little filly–had a great time, per usual. And great to hear about the new server. Looking forward to no more downtime. That’s BS!

  4. thats great news… been having a hard time getting on the last two days 🙂

  5. I will still be around to read Angry White Dude, only you may not recognize me in my Che Guevara disguise.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    We will not allow the UN or Big Brother to stop our free speech and that gose for Obama and Annan especialy

  7. Good deal Dude. I get cranky when I can’t get on here. That stupid little arrow going around at the top left of the page followed by ‘server timed out’ message throws me into a fit of rage. Then I have to go to other lesser blogs, like WZ, AT, Drudge, and Moonbattery. It just ain’t the same. And yes, you need to write more or start paying Bigtimer. I would write some stuff, but I can’t write, I’m not the sharpest tool in the box you know.

    Anyway we’ll give ’em hell while we can.


  8. sounds great to me……I won’t have to email you and ask dumb questions like “is the site down”

  9. Tell the Republican congresswussies and senators to fight this sorry ass prez every step of the way… and send the stinking illegals back to the hell hole they came from.

  10. AWD.
    Tell the wussie repugs that even though we didn’t get the victory, the battle line pretty much held in place, we were not over run and now we must prepare for the onslaught to come.

  11. Ole Miss didn’t take o’s reelection lying down, gota love those Reb’s.

  12. Strange……..

    the last few days all my conservative blog sites have been slow or shut down…..

    while other sites have been okay-dok.

  13. You going to be here in DC? How long and can I buy you a drink?

    Blistered, over!



  15. AWD

    Wonderful decision. Hussein and his media cohorts have intergrated their intrusive peering eyes even within the area of the internet!

    Now our states are making their voices heard as well in response to Hussein’s abysmal presidential presence! They are determined to secede from the union rather than give this con man yet another opportunity to further demolish our once democratic nation!

  16. Angry White Dudette says:

    Don’t get your sexiness arrested in DC. Remember, I’ll be watching you – even from lovely downtown Mesa, AZ.
    Your mama!