Here we go again…just another ho-hum day in bizarro-world when it comes to the Master-of-Disaster’s administration! That’s right folks….step right up, this time the head of the CIA just happened to resign shortly before he was to testify in congress this coming week…surely that’s just a coincidence dontcha know! Oh yes….and another coincidence coincided with being withheld days before the election as well, that being the Iranian strike on a US drone.

Friends…please remember that when Petraeus did testify before congress he threw his fellow CIA officers on the field in Benghazi under the bus by testifying that it was a video that started the mess…while the CIA officials stated two days earlier it was not, that it was a coordinated attack on our consulate by terrorists.

Nevertheless…this mess, this cover-up is getting deeper and deeper, you can be sure that it will continue to do so the more time goes on.

There are many reports out there…I found one earlier today that sums-up some of what’s happened today. – This is via TB:

Fox News analyst Ralph Peters on Friday called the timing of Gen. David Petraeus’ sudden resignation as CIA director “just too perfect for the Obama administration” and speculated that “tough Chicago guys” held onto knowledge of the affair until they needed to push the spy chief out.

Peters, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, said on Fox News that just as the administration initially called the assault on the Benghazi consulate on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks “purely coincidence,” it’s again “purely coincidence” for the affair to surface after the election but before Petraeus went to Capitol Hill for questioning about Benghazi. CIA Acting Director Michael Morell will now testify instead of Petraeus.

“As an old intelligence analyst, the way I read this — and I could be totally wrong, this is my interpretation — is that the administration was unhappy with Petraeus not playing ball 100 percent on their party line story,” Peters said. “I think he was getting cold feet about testifying under oath about their party line story, and I suspect that these tough Chicago guys knew of this affair for a while, held it in their back pocket until they needed to play the card.”

He added, “Right after the election and right before Petraeus is supposed to get grilled on Capitol Hill, it just really smells.”

Make sure and watch this…Peters minced no words, he never does!

But Fox News’ Bret Baier reported shortly after the news of the resignation broke that a source close to Petraeus insisted it had nothing to do with what happened in Libya.

The source said Petraeus’ message was “tell the truth, it was my request, the White House did not pressure me to do this, this had nothing to do with Benghazi, nothing at all, this was my request, this had nothing to do with it. I want to testify about Benghazi, there was nothing to do with the White House pressuring to leave this job.”

Glenn Beck last month speculated that Petraeus would ultimately take the fall on Benghazi.

“Who have they tried to sell down the river every step of the way? The intelligence,” Beck said. “You watch. Petraeus is going to be the fall guy. They’re going to have him step down. They’re going to point all fingers to him.”

For a quick sum up of what’s to come in the hearings when it comes to Patraeus testifying or not, here’s what congressman Trey Gowdy had to say tonight on Fox.

Gowdy to Greta Van Susteren:

“The fact that he’s resigned and had an affair has nothing to do with whether he will be subpoenaed to Congress. I hope we don’t have to subpoena a four star general and a former CIA director. I would hope he would come voluntarily but if he won’t he will be subpoenaed. And none of what happened today is an offense to a subpoena… He’s either a witness in our case in chief or he’s gonna be a rebuttal witness if Susan Rice and others blame him for their failure of intelligence and failure of information. But there is no way we can get to the bottom of Benghazi without David Petraeus.”

Friends…there are a lot more reports out there concerning this issue, please share yours as well, along with your thoughts about this mess. We have murder, mayhem and one huge passing of the the buck cover-up going on with this administration, you do have to wonder how this is all going to play out before it’s over.

One other major issue…do any of you think Dear Leader’s msm will cover this story whatsoever, let alone start digging into this issue with their own investigations…or not? Don’t know about any of you…but this gal isn’t holding her breath anytime soon for that to take place.

Also keep in mind the sequence of timing that’s taking place is more than suspicious! This was leaked by this administration today…purposely. That’s right…another leak from them on a Friday night. Plus, Shrillary also was supposed to testify next week before the House committee along with Petraeus in a closed House setting, now reports are saying she says she won’t be available either…how convenient!

How long does this administration think they can continue to stall..until after the next election?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. The head of the CIA makes death calls and people are taken out covertly and overtly. He has not been knitting doilies at the ladies club. This is grist for the mill and swill for the Obamunist sheeple.
    He resigned for “poor judgement” my arse! Every major General and politico we have had in this country has committed adultry. Ike, Patton, JFK etc etc

  2. Yes this is a cover up, no doubt about it. Timing is just too convenient.

  3. Patraeus was their fall back guy. The affair was known and held for use at an appropriate time, the Chicago way. They will throw so much chaff in the air we will never find the truth.

  4. Here’s another report about this…it covers more as well.

    Including the FBI investigation along with the gal Patraeus had an affair with, Paula Broadwell, ect.

    Very weird to me…why was the FBI looking into this in the first place? This will get much deeper before it’s over…I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime. – Watergate is child’s play compared to Fast and Furious…and especially this one!

    • She supposedly was trying to get into his “classified” e-mails.

    • i see texas and la have petitions to secede. I live in NH and i am disgusted by northeast and N.E. …the red states own 80% of the land, at least half the population, lower unemployment and 1/6 the murder rate of immoral democrap states. let the blue states have the atheist-islamo-communist manifesto and we will keep Declaration, US Constitution and God

    • Sounds like the old days with J Edgar and his secret files.


    The all around putrid stench of Obama and his cabnet and his dirty secrets he has hidden from americans what else will that batsard be hiding from us in the future?

  6. As a civilian,he can’t reveal any classified info from his former position due to his non-disclosure requirements,he would go to jail. This is a way to insulate him from having to testify.

    • Howdy Doris….

      It’s going to be interesting to see how this is all played out before it’s over. You can be sure Patraeus is lawyerin’ up, you can bet Shrillary’s already done the same as well.

      I wished like heck we would have won the Senate…for more reasons than one. This is another major one. If these scandals go by the wayside…especially when it comes to the death of other Americans…it will be another national disgrace since the Empty-Suit took office.

      • bigtimer, I’m interested in what happens when Obama’s “firewall ,”Eric Holder”resigns. Lots of scandals waiting to be revealed,he protected Obama. Hillary knows she’d better lawyer up,but usually the Clintons add to their “list”. I’m still in shock over the election,and, we’re being bombarded with distractions already. We can’t get past Harry Reid,til that bastard dies.

        • Yeah…I heard right before the election took place that Holder may not be staying on either after this was over, I’m telling ya’ things are getting weird, dirtier…and everyone covering their rear-ends in whatever way possible. – Sad thing is…as long as they are dems they will be protected and the msm will ensure that now…and in the future to come.


          • bigtimer, Have you been listening to Glenn? He is going to do something new. He wants to be back on tv. Going to get the uninformed to pay attention. Should be good! Worried about scotus picks and,who replaces people who are leaving.

          • I’ve been watching him on our TV via his own network…is what you’re talking about something more than that?

          • Something more ,he has been asking for help. Oh, and I heard 43 trillion missing from US treasury,a money laundering scheme involving Hillary Clinton,Eric Holder,and,Tim Geitner thats why they are jumping ship. All we can do is hope the whole adm goes down.

          • Thanks Doris for the information. ~ Will be interesting all the way ’round!

  7. i hope petraeus shoves it up obamas fairy A like reggie love does every night but i am not counting on it

  8. leo…..Petraeus wont shove anything. Remember Terry Jones ?

  9. BT,

    I’ll simply wait it out before commenting… only thing I’m grateful for right now is the two big balls between Gowdy’s legs.

    • Yep…love that guy!

      Btw…that’s why I tried to wait ’til later tonight to post about this subject. We all know much more is going to come out.

      • The whole thing stinks BT and due to dems holding the senate, not a damn thing will be done.

        • Exactly right Paul regarding the Senate…I mentioned the same in more detail somewhere just a bit ago elsewhere. – We are sooo screwed…and the O-Team knows it.

  10. Here’s one to throw in the hopper…just because!

  11. And she’s out of there…!

    Looks like the rats are abandoning the Titanic Failure.

    • I think they are clearing the deck chairs, so President Obama has the topside clear of scandal, and room to maneuver.

      The sheep are now sacrificial scapegoats and not rats.

      Rats eat Cheetos and sing in federal court.

  12. Watch for the headlines. First the subpoena, then the suicide, a few hours/days later the “recently discovered” note/e-Mail stating remorse and full responsibility.

    • My thought was “untimely death”, but your idea provides the details. Unfortunately, you’re probably right on the money. They’ll “Vince Foster” him.

  13. Amazing how these dollies show up so quickly! Let’s see Herman Cain now this! Chicago way boys.

  14. Bloodless Coup says:

    Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III (Ret.)

    Files A Formal Criminal Compliant With The FBI Against Barack Hussien Obama For The Commission Of TREASON.


  15. I’m perplexed and confused.

    I thought in the Democrat paradigm Sexually illicit affairs were at their worst, commonplace, forgivable, sleights of judgement, that really didn’t have an impact on a mans ability to hold public office. As long as he apologized and was very, very, sorry for all the lies told to all women, throughout all of history.

    And at best the breaching of one’s marriage vows could be held as a badge of honor, and your wife could get a cherry job in government administration. A job say like, I don’t know, Secretary of State.

    So why is Petraeus resigning? He has just become a full member of the Club and will always have a future endorsing Democrat Party Presidential hopefuls. Why Throw that away?

    I would think a Four Star General and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency may have over the course of his career, made some morally abhorrent decisions for a greater good.

    But sleeping with his biographer just really started eating at his conscience?

    Ummmmmm OK, I get it!

    /puts on hip Che Beret and fades back into the crowd

  16. Or….Would be irresponsible not to speculate …but …. suppose Obama wanted him gone…why…political reason …he’s a threat as a future candidate for pres…With victory in hand, dems will now try to scorch earth and burn anyone they perceive as a future threat to becoming president in 2016 ?

  17. Just as I predicted Fast and Furious would be swept under the carpet – as it has, and as I predicted Obama would be re-elected – and he was, I predict there will be no subpoena of Petraeus, and that Morell will say whatever the Obama administration tells him to say. “We didn’t know until it was already over.” “Petraeus was distracted by him being all gaga over his hoochy mama. Its his fault because that woman weakened his knees!” Benghazi will be forgotten. After all, there is more to the Benghazi story than four Americans being killed. There’s that whole silly arms to terrorists thingy that if it has light shed on it, would be very bad for Obama.

  18. Methinks Krauthammer is wrong with this speculation. ~

    What say you?

  19. Here’s some more that should frost your flakes…but heck, we’re all used to this by now. ~

  20. Thanks for keeping up the good fight, AWD, and thanks for all you did throughout the election.

    I wonder, however, how much longer you’re going to have carte blache to continue telling it like it is. With Ovomit’s re-election, I anticipate lots of new laws and executive orders banning “hate speech.” Yours and my freedom of expression will be stifled as laws against defamation become very strict. Soon it will no longer be permissible, or even legal, to critisize the Ovomit government and “politically correct” groups and agendas. What say you?

  21. Here’s some more info. for any of you interested. ~

  22. Just got done reading two more reports on this subject. ~

    The link below wondering if a letter in their paper (NYT’s) was from Paula’s hubby.

    Here’s some more about Broadwell.

  23. Here’s a couple links of more information from this evening I just saw.

    …and this ~

  24. Its all a rigged game.

    After ‘fast and furious’, Benghazi, etc. HOW COULD ANYONE BUT THE 47%