Angry White Dude wishes everyone today a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your day and reflect on the fact that America is still the greatest country in the world and our way of living leaves those fuzzy foreigners of the world in the dust. America might be hurting due to the moronic hands it has been entrusted over the past 25 years, but we’ll be back. One way or another, America will be back.

Although AWD has been known to bitch every once and a while, I know I am blessed. There are starving people living in squalor and cardboard boxes surrounded by corruption and violence. And I feel terrible for those residents of Detroit and hope they will one day not act and live as animals. Until then, I am thankful for Michigan because it gives the people from Detroit a place to stay the hell out of Texas!

That aside, there are a whole hell of a lot of other things the Big Sexy is grateful for:

  • My parents – AWD is blessed with the best parents in the world.  As my dad passed either years ago, I’m so lucky to have daily contact with my beautiful mother.  I have never ever doubted their love for me.  (However, I will never forgive that old woman for selling my Deep Purple tickets when I was in the 8th grade because I made a D+ on a @#&* stupid math test!)  Love you, Mama!!
  • My beautiful wife – as AWD writes, the filly is doing an inventory and organizing my ammo (I crap you negative).  Hard to find a womern that will do that!  We’ve been married 5 years now (I think) and I’m happy I found her.
  • My incredible kids – AWD has three of my own (I think) and a step-daughter that I love as my own.  My kids are all pretty much grown but are all doing well in their lives.  AWD has always been in love with his children.  They are the reason Allah put me on Earth!
  • My friends – AWD knows just about everybody.  I have friends in nearly every ‘burg in the country.  Except pockets of Yankee-land. Friends and families are what it’s all about!
  • Angry White Dude.com – what the hell happened when the deranged rantings of a Texas goat roper rank in at as the 126th largest conservative website in the world?  When Foxnews.com is #1 and Wall Street Journal is #2?  Oh, yeah, it’s the quality writings from Bigtimer and Redstater!  Sh*t!  I love our small community where like minded, freedom loving patriots can join together to discuss what’s on our minds.  I hope we’ll always have that freedom. Until then, I promise to have fun, fun, fun til Obama daddy takes our 1st Amendment away!
  • Guns – most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on.  Hell!  Maybe with them off, too..in some occasions!  Guns are the last protection Americans have against the tyrannical federal government.  If you don’t have any guns…get some!  So when the bad guys comes after yours, you can say….”get some!”  Rifles, handguns, shotguns….I believe in diversity!  I especially love my newest member of the family – the Remington R1 Enhanced 1911 .45 ACP.  It brightens my day.
  • Freedom – what a great country that allows people to voice their opinions freely.  What a great country that allows you to do pretty much as you please!  We can live without luxury, we cannot live without freedom.
  • The US Military – always ready to kill the hell out of America’s enemies without asking questions!  Our soldiers and their families are in my thoughts and prayers this day.
  • American way of life – big cars and trucks, great affordable big houses, good people (for the most part), and our undying love of liberty and country. What’s not to like? Except stupid liberals?
  • Music – I can’t imagine life without having music that doesn’t suck to bring enjoyment to us.  Question:  What is music that doesn’t suck?  Answer:  Music that AWD likes.  Especially Texas honky-tonk.
  • Flashlights – I don’t know what it is about those sumbitches, but AWD loves him some flashlights.  Bought another 6 LEDs with 200 lumens yesterday.  When the lights go out, AWD will have enough candlelight power to power DFW airport, baybah!
  • Knives – like flashlights, can’t have too many!
  • Great food – whether grilling out or going to a fun restaurant, America and its variety of great food rules!  Especially Hooters.
  • My F-150 – Four-doors, leather air-conditioned and heated seats (how do it know?), 8 bad ass cylinders of squash-bicycle-riders-like-a-bug power, Dale Watson blasting out the stereo, sitting up high, sheee-ut!  I love being me!
  • Hunting – going tomorrow and Saturday.  I love getting away from cell phones and carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders in the woods for a few hours of peace peppered with a few seconds of heart-thumping excitement when that buck finally appears.  Then I love watching the little filly gut and skin it while I take a nap.
  • Cowboy boots – most comfortable manly footwear in the world.  And lets those around you know you’re a real man and won’t take any guff off of Mezcans.  Unless you live in NYC, then everyone assumes you’re a member of the Village People.
  • Sexiness – I know it’s a gift for the Big Sexy but I believe it’s much better to be a supa-sexy real man with guns and knives driving a big-ass pickup than a moisturizing, poofterish metrosexual with a cat named Mr. Mittens.  America wasn’t built by modern dancers.

AWD could probably go into much greater detail about all the stuff I love about being an American (‘merican, man) and all the blessings I personally enjoy, but I have to get in the kitchen and start rattling the pots and pans. It’s a tradition here at the Casa del Amor that AWD cooks Thanksgiving and Christmas (excuse me, Winter Holiday Festival) dinners. It’s what a loving, benevolent dude does for his family. Noblesse oblige! Besides, I have the filly up putting a new roof on the house today.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope this country can draw closer one day. It doesn’t seem like it will be anytime soon. So I hope God blesses us to have the strength to do what me must when and if the time comes. However, for today let’s enjoy the blessings and privileges of being Americans.

Feel free to list the things for which you’re thankful. I hope your day is as happy as mine!

The Big Sexy

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  1. From our neck of the woods to everyone here…hope your day is great one!

    …now I have to get back in the kitchen too. ~

    Catch ya’ll when I can.

  2. Angry White Dudette says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to AWD and family living there in Texas. Wish we could be together on Holidays. You are in my thoughts and prayers today as every day. I have so much to be thankful for as I review my life. I have a great place to live in Arizona, where it’s 80 degrees today. Just beautiful. I have a great family, a dependable car, food on the table, great health, wonderful Grandchildren, wonderful family members and friends. I am truly blessed.
    I am thankful for AWD blog page. It lifts my spirits and makes me laugh (most of the days). I must speak to AWD about cleaning up his language. He wasn’t raised to use bad language. His dad would pop him beside his big mellon for sure.
    Love you, AWD and family
    Your Mama

  3. Just had a great dinner with some people in the neighborhood…..going to visit with more friends later this evening and stuff myself again……

    to everyone here at awd have a great Thanksgiving holiday………

  4. Enjoy your day, Dude!


    Happt Thanksgiving from this old shorebird and tell the revionists,PC crowd and PETA to GO TAKE A HIKE and the macys big big turkey is smarter then the PC crowd of dweebs

  6. Morsi the Don of Israel.


    This is no different than a Mafia don having some guys rough up a local business man and then offering him protection. The advance of the Middle East Islamic Caliphate marches on. We will have Morsi trying to dictate to Israel. God be with the Jewish people

    • Yeah, I heard about this. A Muslim Brotherhoodlum in charge of peace — who sides openly with Hamas and “[won’t] meet or speak directly with any Israelis,” or even say the name of the country.

      God save Israel — and God have mercy on America for our part in this imminent disaster.

  7. No friends from Yankee-land? Au contraire, Mon frere…

    • Silberfuchs, I have good friends in Yankee-land but not as many as down here. AWD also loves his yankee friends! Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all and keep fighting ! There seems to be no place to hide. I’m about to flush overrated Fox News with the rest of them.
    Avoid network news and your blood pressure will improve.

  9. I am thankful for having lived to see the best of America — before the descent into madness. Lots of other things, too, but that sums it up.

    BTW, for anyone who’s never read it, here is the original proclamation for a day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer issued by George Washington, January 1795: http://www.wallbuilders.com/LI.....p?id=17901

  10. As much as we gripe about the direction this country has taken… I agree that we are blessed to live in a country such as the USA. I am thankful for it, and will still fight for it. Against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    I too am planning on doing some shooting this weekend. Though I unfortunately will be limited to paper targets, instead of deer and birds. But it’ll still be fun. Especially with the new Mossberg. 😀

  11. I put all my worry’s away as I prepared a feast for my family and friends. I enjoyed the day . Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    • I put all my worries away for the day after I stuffed that turkey and put him in to bake on a slow roast. – Ir was pleasurable.



    The symbol of peace is a dove Obamas symbol is a vulture

  13. Nice post, Dude. Although it’s still extremely difficult to accept the upcoming four-year “leadership” this country voted in, it has made me recognize what’s important in my life… namely, family. Just spent the holiday with my mom and dad… (Dad’s a WWII vet.)
    I should also let you know, Dude, that I am thankful for this blog, which keeps me reminded that there are other kindred Americans out there like me.

  14. Wishing everyone here a late Happy Thanksgiving!

    And to show what is right in the world, and in particular the great state of Montana, I offer this: