More is starting to emerge about the little Lebanese (not gay) filly in Tampa who was given top access to the US military command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. MacDill is home to the US military Central Command and lots of generals office there. We are now learning that Jill Khawam Kelley, the filly who started the email investigation of General David Penetratus’ email files with her cat-fight emails, had near unlimited access to the highest levels of our military and is also well-connected in the Muslim world of the Middle East.

It has also come to light that Kelley had mucho access to the lower levels of General Allen, who replaced Penetratus in Afghanistan. You remember General Allen. He was the one who cried wussypants tears when a Koran accidentally was burned while Afghan soldiers shoot our soldiers in the back. Between all his crawling and apologies to our enemies, General Allen actually found the time to write between 20,000-30,000 emails to Kelley talking nasty talk. 20,000 emails? When did that horny sumbitch have any time for General-ing or crawling? When AWD was a single dude looking for some supa-hot lovin’, I’d only send one email and it was always effective. All Allen had to do is use this time-proven gem and he could have actually done some military work: “Hey baby, want me to show you some tricks I learned in prison?” Checkmate! Lock and load!

No wonder our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan when our leaders are more interested in reeling in the biscuit rather than blowing the Taliban and Al Qaeda to the moon! While Colonels are calling for putting more boots on the ground, Generals are laying more boo-tay on the ground.

Now it’s being reported that Kelley was the go-between for US military brass and military leaders in the Middle East. The Washington Post reported:

‘Kelley was a self-appointed go-between for Central Command officers with Lebanese and other Middle Eastern officials.

At the parties Jill Kelley hosted at her Tampa mansion, guests were frequently treated to the indulgences of celebrity life: valet parking, string quartets on the lawn, premium cigars and champagne, and caviar-laden buffets. The main recipients of the largess were military brass -including some of the nation’s most senior commanders – based at nearby MacDill Air Force Base. Kelley flaunted her access to these military VIPs.

The investigations of Petraeus’s and Allen’s actions, nonetheless, have raised questions about how Kelley, a woman with no formal military role, cultivated such close ties to two of the nation’s most revered generals…’

Here’s the deal. I can’t quite get my arms around this. I’m automatically suspicious when I see Muslims. Why? Because so many of them continually say they want to kill me and take over my country. When I see a Muslim in Costco, my eyes are on them the whole time we are in close proximity. Experience teaches us Muslims have a propensity to blow up people and things. Experience also teaches us Muslims hate our guts. So anytime I see a Muslim, my Angry White Dudey-sense starts tingling and I’m immediately grateful for the Second Amendment and concealed carry. I know, I’m a racist (even though Islam isn’t a race, it still falls into “racism” with the PC Ruling Elite). Like I give a rat!

So doesn’t a Lebanese (not gay) womern who is $3 million in debt and is known to have close ties to the Middle East in close cahoots with the top US General officers raise just a little speck of concern? To AWD, this is clearly a WTF situation! I guess we next need to count the good looking Chinese fillies in the party planning bidness down in Tampa. Doesn’t seem like anyone in the military is keeping a close eye.

We also now know that Kelley has attended at least three White House dinners this year. But that’s not news. The Obama White House has been a revolving door for Muslim extremists. She’s just another one. And less hairy.

This is all adding up to showing the American government and military have been completely infiltrated at the highest levels by radical Islam. I know politicians are worthless and have the morals of drunk Mezcans but General Officers are supposed to live by a higher code. Even if they can’t uphold those standards and want a little juicy boo-tay on the side, can’t they find Brandi the pole dancer down at M.R. Bigguns? And just make sure she’s not a freaking Muslim or Chinese???

Something smells real bad about this. The American fish of government is rotting from the head down. Who would encourage their child to join the military when it’s being run by Generals more interested in getting their brass polished than protecting the lives of soldiers and protecting the Constitution?

Screw these Generals! But not with enemies of America!

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  1. Outstanding article, AWD. I am appalled at the goings on of our top military–but- more appalled by the fact that I am solidly convinced that the entire administration of Obama is comprised of Fifth Columnists whose purpose is to destroy America. I have reached thee limit of my tolerance. I do not know what to do.

    Why is it that so many people sit back and consider news such as this column to be paranoia? Clearly, almost every week something is brought to light that continues to expose the march to the end of our republic. Yet , the *^%&%ing kool aid drinkers sit and ignore it.

    I believe our Congress has a number of people who are not involved and yet they sit on their hands and do nothing.

    God should give America a couple of hundred more Peter Kings.

    • Misterbill, why pay attention to Muslim infiltration of our government when American Idol is on tonight!!!


      • celebrate homogeneity says:

        American Idol, NFL (National Felon League), and NASCAR are the bright shiny objects for far too many white people. They need to wake up.


    I dont suppose theyll allow for any christians to do the same or is this more of the two faced hypocrcy of our elected dictator

  3. Not only would I not encourage my teenage sons to join up, they’ve been told for four years they’ll get Shanghai’d to a cabin in the deep Canadian woods before they’ll serve under the Muslim in chief.

  4. She is a Christian Maronite not a Muslim. Big difference.

    • They were dhimmis of the Druze, a Muslim sect in the time of the Crusades. Maybe not Muslim, but willing to bow down to them.

    • How do you know what she is? I suppose you still think ovomit is a Christian too, huh? Because he “says” so?

    • Shhhhh Coleman, don’t tell them she’s a Christian. It would ruin their rant, and then we’d have to resort to Fox News for our daily chuckle.
      Then again, on second thought, it probably wouldn’t matter since they probably think Maronite Christians are just self-hating Muslims (like that commie-socialist dictator who bought still another election) who pretend to believe in Himself in order to ingratiate themselves into the upper echelons of The Establishment. Once arrived, they do their best to establish a New World Order — a caliphate, replace the Constitution with Sharia law, substitute halal for kosher, goat for pork, burkas for bikinis, and grape juice for alcohol.
      Can you imagine Jill Kelley in a burka? I can’t either, but THEY can.

  5. What kind of government welcomes, with open arms, peoples from foreign countries whose intent is to change America to the ways of their native countries, while they are leaving those countries due to socialism or lack of opportunity to rise to the level of their labor and their skills?

    We, the people, do not. Then why do those who are supposed to represent our interests do so??

    Why is someone like Valerie Jarret allowed to represent our country to the Mideast?

  6. PS I looked in at the Ulsterman Report and they discussed Petraus testimony. The insider sees the testimony as opening a can of worms. I saw it as a weasely way of helping Obama. I welcome any enlightenment.

    • I believe Obama used this affair to blackmail Petraeus to go along with the bullshit story blaming some movie that hardly anybody knew about (until they brought it up themselves) on the Benghazi attack until after election.Personally I lost respect for the General because of this.

      • guy,

        When I got drafted back in 1971, we were taught all the necessary tactics to keep us alive in Vietnam… the military also stressed honesty and integrity back then. Guess that all got flushed down the drain when the PC world started to evolve.

        I’m with you… lost all respect for Patraeus and Allen – they have compromised the security of this country.

    • Ulsterman is a BS fantasyland tale.

  7. All-time best ever Dude! :)

  8. Here’s some more…


    Plus, don’t forget that Kelly also held a fund-raiser for cancer at her mansion…she spent all that money on herself. Not one cent went to any cancer charity.

    • BT,

      If that is true… spending cancer money on herself… then someone needs to take a baseball bat to her kneecaps… plus, Patraeus and Allen need to have their asses kicked and then they should not receive a single dime of military retirement pay.

      • Oh, it’s true…their were facts and figures included in the detailed report I read, just don’t have the link now. May look later for it. This gal has gotten away with a lot over the years.

    • yes,info at EMSnews and elsewhere…..

  9. Both Patraeus and Allen should be stripped of their ranks and lose all military retirement pay.

    • Yeah, exactly five minutes before being sent for life terms in Ft. Leavenworth.
      Like That will happen…

      • Yeah T.B.,

        Only happens to the enlisted men or low grade officers.

        • your right about that… over 300K servicemen soon to be forced out of the military to a jobless economical eviroment so Obama can feed his welfare voters and these worthless generals are partying like rockstars… take their pay and benefits and feed an out of work soldier.

  10. The past events involving ‘bootay’ have shown the obvious; women can get into places and get info that a man cannot. This is why women make good spies if they can keep from getting attached to the subject they are sleeping with…um…I mean spying on. I don’t know if these two women were spies…, I doubt it. However..it goes to show how easy these things can happen and if they were spies, how easy info could be gathered. The obama regime knew of the Petraeous affair and let it go on for months before they pulled the plug because they wanted to blackmail him. That means they were willing to let information pass beween these people to the possible detriment of the country just to be able to blackmail a general when they wanted to. Obama is a treasonous SOB and runs a very loose ship.

  11. They would have put me under investigation for using my military email for personal contacts……

    and for adultery…..brig, court martial, and a dishonorable discharge (not to be confused with the actions of Peteraus and Broadwell)

    ;- )

  12. Just as Great Britain slid into second class world status, America is head long on it’s way following in Britain’s footsteps……..

    The system is coming apart at the seems…….the country is without a doubt sliding over the cliff into a state mediocrity…….mediocrity is becoming the norm….and the entire world is recognizing it….and so do
    are our enemies…..and yet they party…….

    The country is drowning……drowning in debt, drowning in debauchery, and yet they party as if nothing is going to happen…..the barbarians in the Middle East and the Chinese horde are watching and waiting for their moment in the sun……all of whom are looking to divvy up America when it finally falls apart…waiting to snatch up the spoils…….

    We have traitors running the country that are more interested in vaginas than in serving their country…………….we have a damn liar for a president…….this president, all of his conspiratorial cohorts, and generals are partying hard with their favorite celebrities while America drowns……

    Those in the T.E.A. Party have sounded the alarm, yet America is refusing to hear the pleas for help…stop the bullsh!t….wake up…..

    and still they party……..

    America is drowning and no one is listening but our enemies……..


  13. LOL, you should probably change the site name to Angry White Losers. I’ve never seen so much whining, LOL!

    Here’s a thought, stop whining, and start competing! Stop looking for Affirmative action like Mitt, and start doing something.

    Over 80% of the jobs in America don’t require much education, and basically only require that you’re breathing, and guess who gets those jobs? We do, White Americans!

    That my friend is affirmative action. We need to grow the economy and stop cheating! Let the best person win!

    Work on Conservative values and stop the race crap, we’re better than that!

    • Oracle, I believe your understanding of affirmative action is quite different from reality.


      • ‘reality’..what dat?

      • Not really! Affirmative action is where you don’t have to compete for a job, you just get it because somebody gives it to you.

        Where’s the competition when a relative recommends you, or a friend tells you about a job and shuts out the competition.

        Where’s the competition when a business moves to, or locates in certain areas where non-whites don’t exist?

        Look at rural America, how did the jobs go there? What did they do to deserve those jobs? Nothing, they happen to be the people the company feels more comfortable GIVING jobs to.

        We feel entitled to stuff without competition, and fear Democrats because we would have to compete with non-whites.

        We need to level the playing field and simply compete, because we can’t keep cheating!

        China, India, Brazil and others are catching up, and in some cases passing us! We can’t cheat them the way we’ve cheated minorities in this country, and we need the best of all of us to win.

        IMO, it’s simply against conservative values to behave as we’ve done. I’m conservative like real Republicans, but can’t stand the religous right and the racist wing of the party, it’s counter productive.

        I was going to vote for Romney until the primaries exposed his total lack of any real convictions on anything. I had buyers remorse on Obama, but with no real alternative, I wnet with him again.

        I’m hoping we get some intelligent people running next time, I’m a big Jeb Bush fan, but he’s going to have some stiff competition, and may not survive the primaries… we’ll see.

        • Oracle, the difference from when a relative or friend helps you get a job and Affirmative Action is that a friend’s recommendation is not government mandated. China, Brazil and other countries are catching us in terms of manufacturing jobs because of the shackles put on American businesses by the US government. Do you think China has ADA, FMLA, HIPAA, COBRA, FUI, SUI, and the plethora of BS programs you probably love but refuse to acknowledge the costs they add to American goods and services?

          If you support Jeb Bush, you are no conservative. The Bush family is made up of big-government moderates. Want proof? Look at the performance of the Bush presidents! Hardly conservative!

          You are entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.


        • Oracle, stuff your PC BS where the sun doesn’t shine!…You wouldn’t make a pimple on a conservative’s a$$!

    • If over 80% don’t require much education, I’ll bet you have a job.

    • lol “Oracle”…with a picture of “Neo”. Narcissistic much?

    • Another stinking brain washed lib… and you certainly do not show wisdom as the name would indicate. If you had an ounce of intelligence you would know affirmative action has been killing this country for years. You say let the best person win… I’m all for it, but hire a white person over a black and they scream racism at the top of their lungs.

      Sure glad you voted for Obummer again… must have taken a lot of guilt off your shoulders.

  14. Betraus has already been caught up in a bald faced lie because he changed his story about Benghazi……He’s a pos apologist for ObungHole and he never was a conservative, imo, or he never would have taken the job at CIA.
    General Allen is another pos apologist who doesn’t deserve to command our troops in Afghanistan.


    Just as bad as a few years ago where that liberal rag TIME rana big article about this new age wiccan who regularly gose to military bases and leads the GIs on a big time pagan rant fest while her pet wolf howls to add more pagan craziness into it all

    • Indeed, I read in LA Times how wiccan is now recognized and…details are understandably fuzzy, GIs can be buried in VA cemeteries, with ‘wiccan’ on headstone as ‘their religion’.

  16. Moral: the Military is not so smart nor are all its members patriotic.
    Those who truly are Patriots dont put us in harms way, they think before they act.

    Also there are plenty of infiltrators [mu-slime] in our ‘Diverse’ military.
    Did you know that Purdue pays its ‘diversity officer’ 200k a f–king year?

  17. Is Kelly the one with the fake charity, married to an MD, or is that slut #2?

  18. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Oh hell, till you find an reasonable alternative to cooz this is going to happen.

  19. daiky caller:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The two women at the center of the David Petraeus scandal — the biographer with whom he had an extramarital affair and the socialite who received worrisome emails that led investigators to uncover the illicit relationship — visited the White House on separate and apparently unrelated occasions. Neither woman met with President Barack Obama during their visits.

    Petraeus resigned as CIA director last week after acknowledging an affair with writer Paula Broadwell. In briefings Friday with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the retired four-star general was apologetic and regretful and insisted that his resignation was related only to his personal behavior.

    Paula Broadwell, who was writing a book about Petraeus and eventually became his paramour, attended meetings in June 2009 and June 2011 on Afghanistan-Pakistan policy in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is located in the White House complex, a White House official said.

    Jill Kelley, the Tampa, Fla., socialite who initiated the investigation that revealed the affair, and her twin sister had two “courtesy” meals at the White House mess as guests of a midlevel White House aide in September and October, the official said. Kelley and her family also received a White House tour on the weekend before the Nov. 6 election.

    The White House visits by Broadwell and Kelley illustrate the wide-ranging access both women enjoyed because of their ties with Petraeus, Gen. John Allen and others in the close-knit military community. The White House official discussed their visits on condition of anonymity because the visitors logs being cited have yet to be made public.

    The FBI began an investigation after Kelley turned over anonymous emails that had been sent to her and Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Kelley was a friend of both Petraeus and Allen and had become a social liaison between the Tampa civilian community and the military at MacDill Air Force Base.

    One anonymous email traced to Broadwell warned Allen to stay away from Kelley. FBI agents ultimately found emails between Petraeus and Broadwell that led them to believe the two were having an affair.

    Kelley did not meet with any senior White House officials during any of her visits, the White House official said. The midlevel aide who hosted Kelley had met the Kelley family at MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa, said the White House official, who would not identify the aide.

    Kelley boasted about her White House visits in emails to acquaintances. In an email to a Tampa Bay Times reporter on Sept. 28, published by the ne

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/11.....z2CYESlrOo

  20. To the Generals and their mis-guided missiles:

    Keep it in the tent.
    Man up.
    Watch “Sands of Iwo Jima” for pointers.


    Read Anne Barnhardt’s take on this issue that shows what a scumbag Petraeus is. Night of the Long Knives part one and two. They have all sold their souls to the devil!

    • Knock me over with a feather. The next thing you’re going to tell me is that the Rule of Law no longer exists and that the Republic is dead – overthrown in a neo-Stalinist putsch.

  22. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    C’mon, do you really believe that? The press would have been all over that in a heartbeat. Makes Barhardt look like an idiot.


      All over that? Just like they covered the Benghazi screwup they have been so diligent in covering.
      I can take the Barnhardt view with a grain of salt but you’re talking about these “generals” who have been “yes boys” their entire careers to gain stars on their hats. No true leaders now in today’s army…sorry.

      Norman Schwarzkopf comes to mind as the last of the true generals in this country. IMHO

  23. Steve Sybert says:

    Disgusting.It’s a scene right out of a James Bond movie. She’s a modern-day Mata Hari. My kid is in the Army, been in a long time, and it scares me, the idea of him serving under these people. Scares the hell out of me.

  24. Actually when I see rag-heads- camel jockeys-rug pilots I have this urge to dent some primers on their asses- as in kill a rag head for god.. Actually it would appear that she could suck start a Kenworth !

  25. WOW, people put too much faith in these Generals… by the time they pin on their first star they are nothing more than politicians in uniform. The majority of them are ambitious, ass kissing sellouts and are as corrupt and elitist as the congressmen who approved their selections..

    I served under a lot of good officers in 22 years but I saw my share of ambitious sellouts as leaders who were more concerned with the privileges of their rank and their next promotion than the welfare of their troops…these were the ones you generally heard rumors about. Never met General Petraeus.. never heard anything about him.. just saying as a retired vet it doesn’t surprise me

    I know that the military is one of Americas most admired institutions ( well, at least by conservative Americans ) but it is not blasphemy to say that it is not perfect… cases like this should remind us all of that.

  26. This is what happens when a General takes orders from his Privates.

  27. I’m still a firm believer that the current administration and the state rune liberal media want us to believe the generals are to blame for everything! They want to take our eye’s and ear’s off of benghazi so the soros commie-in-charge can move forward with his take over and destruction of AMERICA!
    Looks like these generals (fell for the lure) and now the commie in charge will change out all the military leaders he needs to too move forward with the commie take over.
    Maybe REVOLUTION is a good way to eliminate our problem & reboot AMERICA!

  28. Yes they are! I was a detailed recruiter and towards the end of my tour we had a Muslim US Soldier recruiter assigned to our office. I’ll just let you folks think about that.