Intellectual Buffoon!

Breitbart’s goal was to destroy the mainstream propaganda media. AWD’s purpose is to destroy political correctness. Political Correctness is the weapon conservatives give liberals to use against us to stifle discussion of issues liberals do not want to be discussed. Why allow our ideological enemies to define the rules of engagement? And, really, do you care what Al Sharpton or Tingles Matthews thinks about you? Here’s a hint to all those wussypants conservatives on our side that continually tuck tail and run when accused of racism: Nothing you do…NOTHING…will ever result in a liberal saying you are correct on any issue.

The term racist is thrown around so often by liberals and blacks these days that it has lost any relevance. Liberals insult the intelligence of any reasonable person (read: conservative) by dropping the race card at every instance. It’s been said the definition of a racist is a conservative winning an argument with a lib. There’s a lot of truth in that. Conservatives win political arguments with liberals because liberals cannot debate. Liberals are long on name-calling, short on facts, reason and logic. They are intellectual and ideological bullies.

The term ‘racist’ is now officially joke status. Last week, James Clyburn, a black Congressman from a gerrymandered district in South Carolina created to give blacks a political advantage, informed us the entire English language is (horrors!) ‘racist.’

“The entire English language was created by slaveowners as a means of oppression. You can’t just say that one word is a racist code word or another. The whole language, every single word, letter and apostrophe in it is racist. It’s a fact. If you speak English, you’re a racist.”

Is Clyburn not delivering this indictment of the English language in English? Ergo, is he not himself, by his own admission, racist? Clyburn is not only mentally challenged, he is also historically challenged by this statement. English was used long before white devils brought slaves to America (after buying said slaves from black slave owners in Africa). I guess the genius Clyburn didn’t show up to school the day they taught history.

Here’s another example of the lunacy of the left in throwing around the race card. Here is the new chair of the Congressional Black Caucus (is not a Black Caucus in itself racist as it excludes other races?) opining on criticism of UN Ambassador Susan Rice:

“If the language is being used to criticize a black person then we must deem such language to be irreparably and irrevocably racist. Every word that is used to disguise the racist intentions of a racist political movement must be deemed a racist code word disguising the true racist intentions of the racists who make use of them.”

So according to the chair of a caucus that includes and excludes membership based on race says any criticism of anyone with melanin in their pigment to be racist. The question is why do intelligent people of all races tolerate such lunacy?

If black people are to hold positions of authority, they must be willing to accept criticism based upon their actions and performance. The criticism against Susan Rice is not that she is a black person who lied to the American public about what happened in Benghazi. The criticism, and rightfully so, is that Susan Rice appeared on the Sunday morning talk shows and lied to the American people about what happened in Benghazi. Nothing more, nothing less. But nothing of the criticism leveled against her is based on her skin color.

This week, Nicki Minaj (whoever that is) accused AeroSmith singer Steven Tyler of racism because he made the comment that the current judges on American Idol (of which she is one) would have “sent Bob Dylan to the cornfield.” Minaj answered:

“Steven Tyler said I would have sent Bob Dylan to a cornfield??? Steven, you haven’t seen me judge one single solitary contestant yet!

“I understand you really wanted to keep your job but take that up with the producers. I haven’t done anything to you. That’s a racist comment.”

Steven Tyler’s comment in no way comes close to being a statement about Minaj being a bad judge because she is a black woman (I think she is). His comment, at best, can be construed to say she wouldn’t recognize talent. A racist statement would have been:

“Nicki Minaj wouldn’t recognize the quality of a performer like Bob Dylan because she is a black woman and, as such, cannot adequately judge music of quality.”

Minaj, in keeping with the poison of political correctness, accused Tyler of racism when his comment had nothing to do with her pigment. Again, if you’re going to be in the public eye and happen to be black, you must be prepared to accept criticism without dropping the over-used, ubiquitous race card.

AWD has been accused of being racist for daring to have the audacity of criticizing poor black behavior. Why does AWD criticize bad black behavior? Because I believe that blacks doing such things as leading the nation in murders by percentage of population or taking part in violent flash mobs that beat unsuspecting white people, or participating in the game “Knockout” where blacks try to knock out innocent white people in one unprovoked punch, should be ashamed of themselves and should be castigated for such behavior. I am guilty, not of racism, but of believing and demanding that black people act and perform better in a civil society. AWD is accused of being racist for daring to believe that blacks can and should perform as well as other races. Where is the racism in that belief?

Racism is defined in the dictionary as:

1.a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2.a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3.hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Racism is not defined as criticism of a public official who happens to be black lying to the American people. It is not defined as criticism of violent acts that occur at the hands of black people. No, those are the leftist, politically correct definitions that seek to prohibit me from criticizing black people for acts clearly wrong by every definition.

I am putting leftist and race-baiters on notice. The term ‘racism’ means nothing to me. You can call me a racist. You can call me a hater. You can call me the man in the moon. It all means the same to me. But I will not allow you to stifle me from expressing my Constitutionally-protected right to express my opinions and beliefs freely. Especially when your attempts to quiet me play into your diseased political ideology.

Although the man had many personal flaws, AWD believes in the dream Martin Luther King had of a colorblind society where people would be judged on their actions and not the color of their skin. I believe most white people do just that. Liberals, on the other hand, hide behind the race card to prohibit criticism of poor black behavior because they want to isolate blacks from any reasonable criticism.

Blacks should ask themselves if MLK would be proud to know that black males, while making up less than 6% of the US population, commit 51% of violent crimes and murder? Would he be pleased to know that in 2012 over than 70% of black children are born to single mothers? Or that blacks lead other races in dropout rates in school? Is this the struggle for which he gave his life?

White people who voted for black candidates like Mia Love, Allen West, Herman Cain, Tim Scott and many other blacks cannot be rationally or reasonably be called racist for opposing Barack Obama. After all, we didn’t support the liberal politics or low ethics of Bill Clinton, either. Hell, AWD didn’t support George Bush in the area of fiscal responsibility!

I am not a racist. I believe all races can achieve equally if they make quality life decisions, work hard, and don’t engage in stupid behavior. I readily admit that I am a trashist. I don’t like trashy people…of any race. That includes white, brown, yellow, black, and any mixture thereof. Act like you have sense and I will welcome you as a friend. Act like a violent, uneducated fool and I will judge you accordingly.

When white people turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to liberals dropping the race card every time a black cloud passes overhead (that would be racist according to liberals), we can, as Americans, reasonably discuss the problems and issues that plague America.

I will no longer entertain the liberal interpretation of ‘racism’ into the equation. Liberals and black apologists who continuously drop the race card should be criticized and ridiculed as the intellectual buffoons they are.

I refuse to allow Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton do define what I can think, say, do, or write. They and their pathetic ilk mean less than nothing to me. Nor should their opinions matter to anyone of intelligence of any race. I know who and what I am and what I believe and do not seek the sanction of my ideological enemies! Wake up, decent people of America!

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  1. Amen, Amen and Amen!

    Excellent read, no words truer spoken…nuff said!

  2. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I have racism fatigue.

  3. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Fantabulous piece! So sick of the overused (now meaningless) term of racism.

  4. Who cares what Nikki says or does…
    wanna know about Music ‘videos’ and the satanic links?:

  5. ‘Blacks should ask themselves if MLK would be proud to know that black males, while making up less than 6% of the US population, commit 51% of violent crimes and murder’

    Actually it goes deeper than that.
    With a million + black men in jail, they still do most of the murders..
    and its not 6% it is 3%, the young black males are 3% of USA and do most of the killings.

    • This is the people we turned over power to through affirmative action. The data says it all, but you know it’s not their fault. All this is the result of racism in America; even if there is a black president. Oh, I’m sorry, African American president…I don’t want to sound racist, you know.

  6. They don’t make them any denser than Clyburn (though Maxine Waters runs about even). I heard him babbling on the radio the other day – ‘dose ah code wuds wit raciss ovatones’ – or some equivalent nonsense. Heard about four sentences, and each one mentioned ‘code wuds’. This tool must have some sort of unfulfilled dream of being a spy or secret agent. Or maybe he just lost his secret decoder ring.

  7. Helz ya!! You’re absolutely correct, that you can’t fix these people.

  8. I’m afraid you don’t understand; Blacks DEFINE themselves in Amerika in terms of their relationship vis-a-vis whitey. That’s why even in the most innocuous Black-oriented movies, you almost invariably hear a reference to their “Blackness.” Cancel their race card and what will they have left? What will the value of their hard-won (!) degree or minor in “African-American” studies be if you laugh at their weaponized accusations? Zilch, that’s what. Laughing at the Black repertoire of “awful whitey” accusations will diminish their impact to nothingness.

    Go ahead and mock the Black attacks because now that The Great and Powerful Obama is in control, they MUST be now answer for their never ending incompetence and moral failings.

  9. Blacks should be less concerned with hating the White People they share a country with. And more concerned about the 1.3 Billion racist sneaking up behind them stealing their basketball.

    Just a little nourishment for thought.

  10. These folks need to check into the hospital where Jesse Jackson Jr went. Though somehow I doubt it will be much help.

    And of course, “You can’t fix stupid. Stupid is fo-evah.”

  11. I’m a racist, your a racist, we’re all racist NOW. Meh…

  12. I coined a saying a while back: “Trash is trash, no matter what color bag it’s in.”

    I must say, I can’t find a damn thing here that’s objectively wrong in the slightest. Unfortunately, you’re attempting to use logic and reason to persuade Leftist idiots, which is on the level of trying to shove a wet noodle up a wildcat’s ass.

    (Cue PeTA calling me a ‘speciesist’ in 3…2…1…)


    More of this liberal PC nonsense I mean this is unending the way liberals have things to whine about 365 days a year

  14. The word ‘racist’ is itself racist, therefore anyone who uses it is himself racist, unless he uses it to point out that the word ‘racist’ is itself racist and that anyone who uses it is himself racist, in which case he is himself racist not because he has just used the word ‘racist’ but because he may be questioning the nomination of Susan Rice to SOS, or something.

  15. bluffcreek1967 says:

    DWLs and Black liberals like to turn any word or phrase used by Conservatives into some hidden, racist ‘code word’ as a means of nullifying any criticism directed at them from the Right.

    Blacks have learned well over the years that Whites will turn red with shame and cower by merely sugggesting the dreaded “R” word – and they use it against us all the time. This causes Whites to go into a defense mode and do their best to explain how they’re not ‘racist,’ that some of their best friends are Black, that they give each year to the NAACP, and so on.

    Whites need to stop allowing themselves from being so easily manipulated by Blacks who, by and large, are not only more racist than Whites, but they don’t even try to conceal it. Blacks are allowed to openly express their hatred and contempt for Whites while we, in turn, are expected to politely nod and quietly receive their indignation. Good Lord, have we lost our minds?!

    Want the truth? Many Whites don’t dislike Blacks because of the color of their skin. They dislike them because the vast majority of Blacks have earned a reputation of being thuggish, ignorant and uneducated, prone to crime and violence, continually dependent on welfare, unable to keep their families in tact, and on it goes. This reputation isn’t a misguided stereotype, it’s based on the White man’s many contacts and experiences with Blacks over a period of several centuries.

    MLK wanted Blacks to be judged by the ‘content of their character.’ We have.

    It’s time for Whites to stop ‘reaching out’ and ‘saving’ the Black man (or any other so-called ‘minority’ for that matter). It’s done nothing but get us into further problems and increase hatred toward us by the very people we sought to ‘help.’ Whites need to now care for themselves, get their own house in order (so to speak), and start doing things for their own racial interests. Times have changed, and we must begin to think and act differently.

  16. Great Article & it’s just so true. I for one have been on the brink of ripping my hair out over these psychotic liberal accusations.
    I found it amusing that the Black Caucus was accusing the Republicans of basing attacks on Rice on her race. Because, you know, those racist Republicans wouldn’t want a black woman to get the Secretary of State job…. Except that the first black woman serve as US Secretary of State was appointed by who?? That evil racist George W that’s who!
    Truly the left has totally lost it’s mind at this point. Everything they say is opposite of truth & I’ve actually had to ask a few I’ve encountered online how they can keep a straight face while asserting the things they spew lately because it’s just so damn ridiculous! (Kind of like the ‘voter id is racist meme).
    Anyhow thanks for the great read & may the party of the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King remain evil racists! (/sarc) LMAO 😉

    • excellent point… but liberals and the black racist of the Congressional black caucus suffer from “selective memory” so when you show them the facts don’t expect much more than a blank stare… followed by rage and more accusations of racism once they realize that you have them cornered

  17. I’m a racist, what of it? I’m confronted everyday, I tell them the truth. They get a stupid look on their face and walk away. Smart thing to do.
    I tell them being a racist is not illegal. But being an armed racist in the south is just good judgement.
    I’m proud of being Irish, white, affluent and articulate.

  18. Oh, what to do….I’m just so upset……how will I ever live this down…….the blacks think I’m a racist…..On no…please don’t think I’m a racist…….

    It’s true, If I were alive 200 years ago I would have been a slave driver…..the boss man in the cotton fields whipping the crap out of you…….

    or 300 years ago I would have been a slave ship captain selling your ass on the auction block……,

    Well I wasn’t around 200 or 300 years ago you assholes so stick your racist bullsh!t up your ass you stupid morons………

  19. Right on Bluto!!!

    I have those scum bags confront me every day for money or just to try and intimidate me. Well I may be 5ft 9 and 164lbs but I’m a combat vet and I don’t intimidate easy. I open carry and tell it like it is.
    Just yesterday on my way to an interview 3 approached me at the gas pump of a stop and steal. I told them a few things and ran them off. 2 minutes later a Winston Salems Finest came over and asked me what I told them to to make them tuck and run. Well Officer, I told them “I don’t want to kill anyone today, and I’m sure none of you want to die today,so have a nice day” he laughed, then we talked guns. LOL.


  21. I have found a new thing, not of this world, that has made me turn away from the things of this world. Now my life is full of the peace and understanding that will overcome man’s evil nature.

    Our leader is not a man, yet most forget. Remember, and overcome!

    We should know who gave us the idea of hate.

  22. A street scumming black negra attacks a white store clerk……

    store clerk defends himself and blacks protest him defending himself….

    • THIS is one of the main reasons we will NEVER get along with most blacks.. their sense of justice is tainted by race. They think that they should be able to assault people or bully people with their overly aggressive nature and the rest of society should just take it…

      I’m so sick of these dangerous parasites and I will not be a victim. Someone swings on me im just shooting them.. Im not going to fight and I shouldnt have too because NO ONE has the right to put thier hands on me.. double tap…end of story

      The victims father whining that “he didnt have to shoot my son” is a joke and all those black protesters calling for jail time because how dare the clerk defended himself against a poor innocent black boy who was prowling the streets at 03:25… it’s totally ridiculous. It would seem that they have a sense of entitlement to act without impulse control and without consequences.. ironically blacks shoot EACH OTHER nightly and not a peep from these so-called activist… give me a break.

      Imagine if the clerk was black and the criminal that assaulted him was white ( yes we have to use our imaginations for that despite the fact that we out number blacks 6-1 ) I would bet 99 out of 100 whites would say ” he got what he deserved” if the shooting victim was white… yet blacks never think this way.. they ALWAYS take the side of the black perpetrator when the victim is non-black and especially if the victim is white.. yeah, there is no hope for normal relations when thier bias is that racially skewed.. They dont want to get along they just want us to roll over and capitulate to thier aggression

      A war is coming.. move away from urban areas if you can and get prepared

      • right on the money……blacks seem to have some sort of entitlement mentality and as far as I am concerned they don’t……I’ll protect anyone who stands up to these Negra street scummers……..

  23. Since the root of the whole dang thing is slavery, here are some historical facts I use when debating this topic.

    • At the height of the international slave trade, what percentage of Africans were enslaved in the North American colonies/USA? Answer: 4%

    • Which countries abolished INTERNATIONAL slavery? Answer: Britain and the U.S. Particularly the Brits, under Queen Victoria, used the might of the British navy to interdict slave ships all over the globe. This undertaking came at tremendous economic cost, but, inspired by the Great Awakening, was deemed the right thing to do.

    • Which culture starting enslaving Africans nearly 750 years before the Europeans? Answer: Arab Muslims. I then ridicule, Alinsky-style, American blacks, e.g. Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who dumped their “Anglo slave names” for Islamic names.

    • In what year did Saudi Arabia abolish slavery? Answer: 1964. Yes, 1964, not 1864.

    • What is the origin of the word “slave”? Answer: From the Slavic peoples who were continually enslaved by various conquerors over many centuries, long before any Africans were hauled away.

    Not that facts should get in the way of the highly profitable race racket, but blacks worldwide should give thanks every day for the sacrifices made my Anglos on their behalf.

    • LOL careful now.. these FACTS will only enrage liberals and their ghetto pet victims.. last thing they want is to have their profitable victimhood diminished by the facts

  24. I don’t understand why anybody listens to Al notsoSharpton. Any way well written AWD you said it all

  25. I hate everybody . I am an equal opportunity hater. Just kidding.

  26. Well AWD… while I’m not racist, I will do everything possible not to cross the paths of blacks these days. Will never forget my very first job (1970) with AT&T… blacks cursed me because my quota performance was over the expected output numbers. Blacks told me to slow down because I would raise the quota performance and then they would be expected to work harder… what a crock of shit!!!

    Guess I’m just a little like Bluto… I’m sick and tired of blacks as a race. We all know some blacks work very hard and succeed in today’s society, but they are labeled “Uncle Toms” by their own community.

  27. Fed Up Texan says:

    I am not a racist. At least I do not see myself as a racist. If someone is a POS, I call him a POS. If he is black, I call him a black POS. In my oinion, the POTUS is a POS. He is also black. Clinton is a POS. He is white. Fecal matter stinks, no matter the color.

  28. MI State Senator Proposes ‘Dissolving’ Detroit

    State Senator Proposes Dissolving City Of Detroit

    November 28, 2012

    LANSING (CBS Detroit) – It would no doubt be controversial, but the idea of dissolving the fiscally struggling city of Detroit and absorbing it into Wayne County is being tossed around in Lansing.

    Sure it sounds preposterous. But a lot of things sounded preposterous a few years ago that are being implemented in Obama’s America.

    WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports some state Republicans are talking about giving the city the option to vote itself into bankruptcy. And mid-Michigan Senator Rick Jones said all options should be considered — including dissolving the city.

    “If we have to, that is one idea we have to look at. We really have to look at everything that is on the table,” Jones said. “Again, if this goes to federal bankruptcy, every employee down there will suffer, the city will suffer and the vultures will come in and take the jewels of Detroit and they will be gone.”

    Local consultant Tom Watkins has proposed this in the past, but the idea has never played well among Detroiters.

    We don’t know why. This would be a perfect way to wage war on the suburbs. And make the suburbs pay their ‘fair share’ for supporting the denizens of the inner city.

    Wait. It might also mean that these Detroit Democrats might not get re-elected automatically. — Now we understand.

    In a live interview on WWJ Newsradio 950 Wednesday morning, Gov. Rick Snyder said he wouldn’t count anything out.

    “Detroit needs to solve their problems, but they need support and we’ve been very supportive partners, I believe, in terms of offering different ideas and thoughts. And I just encourage them to work harder about working better together,” Snyder said.

    Gov. Snyder is another crazy Republican.


    Time to give the UN the boot

  30. Lawrence Ekdahl says:

    I used to teach bible in a correctiona facility [prison]. It so happened that most in my class were black. The blacks were always trying to get me to discuss racism instead of teach the bible and I constantly had to tell the I would not. One of them was so bad I called him out and told him that it was he who was racist and not me. When he continued I ordered him to leave because he was disrupting the
    teaching of the bible. Not long after I stopped teaching because of the blatent racist comments of the blacks.

  31. Actually blacks will go the way of the dodo bird and passenger pigeon – evolution removes the weak from the world !

    I have to laugh when there so many blacks that can’t carry on a conversation with anyone intelligent – fo –
    ax me – the usual black crap – gangbangers- bloods-crips – is that what you black people celebrate ?

    Hip-hop which to me sounds like a bunch of nonsense – but it is only thing the blacks have besides the NBA-NFL- or welfare !

  32. Raymond Butt says:

    I’m a black guy but I agree with you that liberals suck, (yeah i said it). Think about it, if I went around proclaiming that I voted for Romney, both blacks and liberals would look at me like I’m crazy, some blacks even got death threats…see what I mean? There’s a double standard.

    Liberals don’t believe in the truth they’re interested in making politically correct ammends.

  33. Raymond Butt says:

    Thanks I meant every word of it. It comes down to truth. Yes I know that America’s history is less than stellar, that’s part of the truth. However there’s a “collective” difference between blacks and whites. There just is. *liberals don’t read the following*

    If you took a minority of whites to evolve in the jungles of the Congo they would clearly be in the minority in terms of brute strength and physical competence, (relatively speaking). Just like blacks in a more relatively cerebral West may may not in general be as apt as their White counterparts in reasoning *gasp* and academics. I don’t want anyone yelling at me I’m being VERY general not all blacks are physical and not all whites are smart I’m just being general collectively speaking. But I would catch help just mentioning this.

    The ultimate truth is seeing the beauty in each and every human being but YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST. Honesty paves the way to help ALL contribute to ANY society minority or not.

  34. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    I had a well thought out response, but then I read RedStater’s. That says it all.