Dudes and dudettes, AWD has cancelled all surgery down at the hospital to oversee tonight’s election returns. Them brain surgeries can wait! The Big Sexy is ensconced comfortably in the Captain’s Chair with a large and varied assortment of high-end, lethal firearms within easy reach. I’m here until it’s over.

First of all, don’t believe ANYTHING that comes from the propaganda media regarding exit polls. Remember, the professional liars called the election for Lurch Kerry over W and we know how that ended up. Second, we know conservatives and patriots are going to turn out for Romney like they did buying Chik-fil-A sammiches a few months back. Third, we know Hussein has lost the independent vote that elected him in 2008. Fourth, we know Hussein is a disaster zone with a proven track record of sucking. This is very different from the Hope and Change BS crap he sold America in 2008. Also, we know Romney is a smart, accomplished business man who has run a very smart campaign while Hussein has based his entire campaign on attack ads, Big Bird, and sluts.

Certainly, Obama has drastically increased the moocher class during his horrible four years. But 2010 was a huge butt-whooping for Dims and those who sent 63 of those big-spending bastids home in 2010 are even more motivated and organized than we were in 2010.

It’s quite simple, in my opinion. If Obama wins, the America we know is finished. If Romney wins, there may be a small chance America can recover from the damage done to this country under Obama and Bush.

Make no mistake, America is divided. We have a party dedicated to the destruction of America through massive debt, illegal immigration and the weakening of our military. They have the moocher welfare vote locked up. On the other hand, we have responsible, law-abiding patriots trying to hold on to the American dream and traditional American values such as responsibility, sacrifice, decency, and individual liberty. If Obama wins, he will unleash a torrent of executive orders that destroy the First Amendment and will go hard after the Second.

We’re hearing of voter fraud and intimidation from Democrats already. Nothing new here. But if Obama wins through voter fraud, it is the responsibility of every patriotic American to shut down the country. If America cannot guarantee the sacred sanctity of the honest vote, this country will not continue as a republic. Nor should it.

This will be our open post as the election results start coming in. Tonight will either be the end of the America we know or will be the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past 12 years. It’s that simple.

For four years, we have worked for the defeat of the statists. Tonight is the final judgment if we have done enough.

Sound off here. AWD will be closely monitoring the results all night. Stout hearts!


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  1. Red-

    The only people crying here are all the lemmings who voted for Romney. You should be crying that he was nominated in the first place, that is where the presidency was lost. I voted to stand by my family, I voted my values. You would have people believe that you are about freedom, but if those freedoms do not fall in line with your religion then it is an abomination. Get off your fuc&ing high horse.

    • You voted for an America-hating traitor. How you can possibly square that with voting for your values is beyond me.

      As to what you think I stand for or what I think is an abomination, you are clearly talking out of your ass.

      • Totally agree Red…saw his post earlier about voting for Obama, I’m sorry for the day I ever stood up for him to a point. ~

        Over and out. ~

        • Big,

          I thank you for standing up for me. I don’t expect you to like my vote, and it sucks that it makes you sad you stood up for me, but I understand. Half of me is sorry too, but I have my reasons and I don’t need understanding or acceptance from anybody. AWD, Paul B, and other people here have shown me a disgusting side of conservatism that is just as off putting as all of Obamas and the Dems fanaticisms and hatred. Both sides disgust me. It was shit either way, I just chose the smelliest pile to clear the room.

          • Oh puhleeze you phony SOB…save it for someone who gives a sh!t.

            ‘Fool me once’…get it asshole?

          • Wow yet another whore of the ultra right. Your true colors show. Go hide in your hole and cry about your freedom. That’s all you people seem to do. Type as if typing is fighting, you know nothing of defending freedom so how could you possibly understand sacrifice or freedom itself when you are so quick to deny others theirs. Fuc& you bitc$

          • Drop the ban-hammer on Semper Fi……

            you need to find some homosexual site where you will be more comfortable……………

    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      Hey Semper. Here are you some of your values. The party you supported re-elected Jesse Jackson Jr. You know he’s the nitwit son of the nitwit poverty pimp with the same name. As you probably don’t know Junior is a member of the US House and has been out of the office since June. Where has he been? In the looney bin for God knows what, but you can rest assured booze and drugs are likely. Of course he has a criminal investigation pending on him at this time for misappropriation as well as House Ethics investigation for charges involving attempting to purchase Obama’s Senate seat. But hey that’s Democratic values which BTW happen to be yours.

    • — clasping an asp to our bosom. Treasonous piece of 9999!

      Same conditions as a Muslim, it’s OK to,lue so long as it achieves your goals.

      –and it really bothers me that you use Semper Fi.

      Marines are usually straight up dudes.

  2. Hey Semper Fi: Change your screenname. Now! You can’t POSSIBLY be a Marine! I’ve never served in any branch of the military. And I know more about being a Marine than you.

    You are totally immature, undisciplined, selfish, and a total whiner. Out of PURE SPITE you voted for a guy that wants to totally gut the military budget (while increasing spending money we don’t have for just about everything else). And who wants to turn our country over to a global organization full of countries that hate us and everything we stand for. And who ORDERED our troops to stand down while American citizens at an American embassy were being massacred. And who has relentlessly APOLOGIZED to the very people who massacred them, while acting like he’s such a saint because he found the time between campaign stops to send out a generic form letter to the families of the victims. And who, like the U.N., would love nothing more than to unilaterally disarm the very military you claim to have served, in the face of a horde of totalitarian enemies.

    Any “vet” who supports this type of candidate, for ANY reason let alone due to hurt feelings, is not and never was a true vet. If you really “fought for our freedom,” then yesterday you would have continued to fight by voting against Obama (forget voting for Romney for now). In any case, you’re not worthy to even speak of our Marines. Let alone claim to be one of them.

    And that is all that I have to say to you. Good day, sir…

    • “I’ve never served in any branch of the military.”

      Then shut the f up and leave the guy alone. You know F-all about his brother or what he or the family have been through. Keep your big mouth closed and try some compassion for a change.

  3. Faithful to my family, faithful to my friends, faithful to my Oath, faithful to my Corps, and somehow because I participated in an American election and voted against conservatives, because they say FREEDOM and small government, just as long as the government is large enough to end abortion, end gay liberties, outlaw prostitution, outlaw and imprison drug offenders, yet you say freedom? I don’t get it. Isn’t this an experiment in man ruling himself? Who are you to say one persons expression of freedom is wrong? And you do it in the name of morality, but that to is subjective because not all people hold the same morals. So then you would say that these things should be outlawed due to our Christian founding, yet not everyone is Christian. So is freedom only for the God fearing? Or only for those who fall lock step with your agenda? I voted the way I did so this country would be brought to the point where we HAVE no chice but to come together to keep the government out of all our lives. So over the cliff we go….. But my patriotism and my dedicatin to country cannot be questioned. I figured I could hold my nose and vote for Romney, and we could continue to take small doses of poison, or I could vote for Obama and put the gun to our head and get it over with. It really is the end of America, but my one vote isn’t the cause.

    • Semper I might dissagree with you but, please do not think for one minute that I do not appreciate your service or your loyalty to your family. In fact I aplaud your faithfulness. But I do feel its misguided. And freedom is not only for the God fearing, just TRUE FREEDOM the freedom from sin. I sincerely hope that some day you will have eyes to see and ears to hear.


  4. MisterBig,

    They are referring to me when they speak of the military. It’s due to my screen name. Seems in the America they would have, only ultra conservatives should serve in the military. I you are not conservative enough then your (my) military service counts for nothing.

    This coming from a sloppy civilian who didn’t have the balls to fight for freedom, yet seems to give themselves the power and authority to strip a veteran of their military service.

    MisterBill these people have no clue. It is sad because on most issues I agree with them, but I hate it when they attack their fellow Americans because they have different morals. Democrats do the same thing, it makes me sick. I wish there was a true and effective libritarian party, most independents get it.

    • Semper Fi,
      I’ve been reading here for a while. There’s a lot of talk about freedom, but there little or no talk, ever, of compassion. And the freedom they talk about only applies to themselves — and nobody else.
      I favour smaller government and lower taxes, but not the ethos that pervades this site. It’s selfish, cruel, and full of hate, and unless you hate the same things they do, you’re not welcome here.

      You – you have the ‘freedom’ to fight – and even die – for this country, but not to vote for whoever you want, and not to stand up for your brother. Because THEY say so. I say F that.
      The self righteousness here is beyond sickening.

      “I wish there was a true and effective libritarian party, most independents get it.”

      Yes, I’d agree with you there.

  5. Hey MisterBig:

    I will not shut the F up! You want free speech, liberty, and tolerance? Then you can start by tolerating other people’s speech.

    Compassion? You act like an a$$hole to me… FORGET IT! Ain’t happening. That’s how human beings work. The sooner you learn that, the better.

    • Free speech carries responsibities. Learn that first, a**hole. Then go out and use it – AFTER you’ve considered what harm you may do.

  6. Ummm, I think he was talking to MisterBig.

  7. I could not beleive how much “WHITE TRASH” voted for that illegal “porchmonkey”. This country is shot.

  8. A man of AFRICAN heritage is ruling over you all. History has reversed itself. I pity you all. “Guns” you say?…….how’s that working for you?……..your own people are “mixing”, and you are closer to becoming the mulatto genious that you “love to hate”. Don’t you see this is the master plan. You have been warned.