Begone, ephemera; accretive word and action is the new mantra.

I am heartened to see those in prominent positions are of the same mind. E.g.:

The Conservative Insurgency

How Conservatives Can Beat Back The Progressives – A Conservative Insurgency

Nova Europa: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

What do I mean?

To understand, we must compare.

What is the one book everyone on the right has been bitching about for the past four years? Rules for Radicals, no? Highly effective work, wouldn’t you say? It (arguably) got a know-nothing affirmative-action poster child into the highest office in the world—twice.

And what was the magic of Rules for Radicals? I’d say it was the following:

  1. Discrete, concrete, achievable strategy and tactics,
  2. Written down in a single volume, and
  3. Effectively disseminated to ideological adherents.

And what do we have?

Ephemera…and ephemera all over the *@#*!# place.

And, subsequently, patriots running and firing in every which direction, no?

Or is my assessment off?

More to come. In the meantime, sound off.

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  1. Our ‘Rules for Radicals’ consist of only 2 pages, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
    The difference is, conservatives believe in freedom; these so called radicals believe in using the force of government to coerce others into ‘thinking’ (sloganeering) as they do.


    Radicals like the OWS or SEIU and the TEAMSTER,ALF/CIO the various fringe groups and the Obama adminastration

  3. Redstate,

    Schlicter’s article is point on. Keep it simple, stupid, is a key part of success for the restoration of America and the revival of the old American spirit.

    We older conservatives are mocked and a favorite argument or charge from the left is that we want to stay in the 50s. Our children have been indoctrinated since the 50s with the Howard Zinn version of the great and cruel America. They have been peppered day and night with the successful efforts of the likes of Lenny Bruce. Indeed, I leaned in Bruce’s direction for a more permissive America. Blame me and others like me. I was an instant subscriber to Playboy. Blame me.

    In essence, we opened the barn door. Now we must round up all the strays. Schlicter’s description of strategy and tactics are spot on.

    How do we restore the value of human life to our daughters and granddaughters who use abortion almost as casually as the 50s used condoms? With such a disparity of moral values, I have a hard time seeing any major changes unless we find a way to, as you suggest, condense it.

    Today’s youth has a very short attention span. I liken it to that of a man my age. If you cannot say it on or in a page, you cannot get it in people’s heads.

    So, in order to support that, I stop here.

  4. RedState,
    Read the first part ( the conservative insurgency) where the Tet Offensive is mentioned, I have a newspaper clipping of an interview my B n law gave in 1967 where he told about the success the Special Forces were having against the communist, he was optimistic we would wrap up operations and end the communist takeover within a year, then came Feb 1968 Tet, We had no idea what was taking place in secret, even though we won the battle we lost the war because of the media, they are the ones I see as our biggest enemy in this country, How do we beat the media without taking them out physically? do we band together and have a blitz against their sponsors? money talks so that might be a small start since we need to go at them any way we can.

    • GA Steve, that’s a million-dollar question. Frankly, with limited resources, I think our best hope is to do an end-run around them utilizing free alternate media (e.g., YouTube, etc.). Bottom line is we need to make alternate forms of media as easy to “surf” as regular television programming. Also, and most importantly, entertainment must be entertaining.

      That said, I haven’t really put too much thought into it. But per my email to you earlier, I’m hoping those more knowledgeable than myself can help shed some light on the subject.

    • This is what I don’t understand. Based on the GOP delegate count

      9,809,662 Romney
      3,909,460 Santorum
      2,720,135 Gingrich
      2,063,043 Paul

      That’s a potential 19 million american customers that would read a conservative News publication, watch a movie or cable show geared to their interest, listen to a conservative radio show, or read a conservative blog.

      It is 19 million parents that should have a say as to what is taught in public school.

      Maybe American Entrepreneurs should look at the RUSH model. Rush says what he wants and even Congress can’t stop him. Conservatives buy from Rush as LifeLock found out the hard way.

  5. I think your assessment is correct. Successful implementation of strategy requires solid tactics, which was the purpose of “Rules”.

    One of the main themes of “Rules” is by any means necessary. BHO was parroting Alinsky when he infamously said in 2008: “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun”. This no-holds-barred approach has been evidenced in every campaign BHO and Axelrod have ever waged. All of which they’ve won.

    Our major weaknesses (politically speaking) is the need to be dignified – to the point of absurdity with the kid-glove treatment afforded Obama. The aspirational stuff is important, but we need street fighters who are comfortable ridiculing their opponents and running aggressive attack ads against them. It’s not as if the donkeys don’t have plenty of targets worthy of ridicule.

    • I’ve often equated the political left with terrorists–i.e., they fight without any principles or rules of engagement, while we fight with essentially two hands and a foot tied behind our backs.

      Say what you will about Andrew Breitbart, but there was one guy who wasn’t afraid to fling the gloves off, pull the other guy’s jersey over his head, and start pounding away. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

      We need more like him.

      • yeah, He fought back against this corrupt administration and look what that got him. He DID NOT die of a heart attack! I will NEVER believe that… RIP A.B.

  6. Speaking of radicals…

    Hells bells…why not, seems to me they already have…year after year.

  7. The left’s tactics of besmirch, smear, and lie about their opponents seems to work for them….(aka Chris Mathews)……..but this Alinsky tactic would not be effective if it weren’t for the Democrat goody bag being doled out to every member of the underclass……..Obongo bought the underclasses…..bought their votes with false promises and our tax dollars…………

    “We” offered the underclasses a way out of poverty through hard work, a real at the chance at the American dream…..Obongo offered them food stamps and a cheap phone……….we all know how they voted……..

    Any battle plan to beat the progressives will have to include stopping the Democrat practice of street scummer handouts……Unless this practice is stopped we won’t stand a chance……..

    • Always amazed how some people want to live off crumbs… with just a little work which also brings dignity, these crumb lovers could have a nice house, new car, and spend a couple of weeks a year in the Bahama’s for a vacation if they were willing to work.

      Only real problem… remember the lady who was so excited about her Obama vote rewarding her with a cell phone; we’re talking beyond stupid, and I do mean stupid people who are allowed to vote.

  8. Remember the bogus accusations leveled at Bush after Katrina? Hmmmmmmm

    All those white folks on the Jersey shore still without power… and the federal government has been so slow to help.

    “Obama hates white people”

    See.. I can follow rules for radicals too LOL

  9. Hearts and minds Red, hearts and minds. That being said, when has it ever worked before? It’s the lefts voting base that has to be turned. And as long as there is free shit to be had, it doesn’t appear likely that it will ever happen.

    Look to the Czech Republic. Maybe we should have our own Velvet Revolution. Instead of being a student led affair, it could be anyone 65 and older, white, and male. On second thought we would be labeled as terrorists and shot on sight by Eric Holders Secret Police.

    As I said in the first paragraph of this rambling nonsense, it’s hearts and minds that have to be turned. I think in order for that to happen, the dependent class will have to be weaned from the teat.

    This will be nasty business for everyone involved. Someone will have to be the grownup, and we all know who the child will be. As Rush said, someone will have to say NO! Tantrums will ensue, cities will burn, property will be damaged, people might even be killed.

    At some point you have shorten the leash, to make the dog heel. When the dependent masses realize they will have to work in order to eat, having been turned away at gunpoint by those of us who produce what they squander, they might ‘see the light’. If not, f*** ’em.

    • They will never see the light now they are on a free ride, look at Greece, Europe in general. They will be begging for a Dictator soon. Its what California is going to be looking like soon. I’d rather have a fence between Arizona and California and Arizona and Mexico. Let Mexico move to California, its what they deserve and want.

      • They will never see the light now they are on a free ride,

        Thats my point. A person must work at being responsible, to be lazy is human nature. There are exceptions, but not many.

    • If they want to be Communists, re-institute the Conservation Corps and put them to work to get the assistance as they did under FDR. MSM constantly try to parallel Sotero with FDR anyway. That would change their tune very quickly I think.

  10. Hegel knew a social crisis was necessary before the process could shift people’s paradigm from “this is the way we have always done it,” to “what does the village or group think.” He believed that “A real state and a real government only develop when there is a difference of classes, when riches and poverty become very large and a situation arises where a great number of people can no longer satisfy its needs in the accustomed way.” This statement, and others like it, is where Karl Marx obtained his “justification” for communism. The famous Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, realized the importance of crisis if there is to be a paradigm shift or a change in the way people think. He stated “The eclipse of a way of thinking cannot take place without a crisis.” (Antonio Gramsci, Selections from the Prison Notebooks, p. 242)

    Perhaps this works in both directions – so to speak.