Where oh where to start with this post…so many things have happened when it comes to the machinations of the GOP that’s gone on behind the scenes over time it’s hard to know where to begin. So…I’ll just begin with this report first, this is where congress-critter Allen West finally concedes today, there were so many factions that happened from the GOP, along with the dems on election day that one party is as bad as the other as far as I’m concerned, but that’s just my opinion.

Whether you liked West or not…he is, and always will be a great patriot. Here’s what he had to say today…this is via FN:

Rep. Allen West on Tuesday conceded in his re-election effort in Florida’s 18th Congressional District, but suggested he will still be active in politics or public office.

The Tea Party favorite and first-term congressman made the statement Tuesday, following two weeks of court battles and ballot recounts in his race against Democratic challenger and political newcomer Patrick Murphy.

“Leaders don’t need a title to be able to lead,” West told Fox News. “I will continue to be servant of this nation.”

The West campaign called for a recount after a wild swing in votes on election night in which West led by roughly 2,000 votes, then trailed by more than 1,500 about 35 minutes later.

State election officials said Murphy had won by enough votes to avoid an automatic recount, but St. Lucie County still allowed a recount of early ballots because some votes had been double counted.

The newly redrawn district also includes Martin and Palm Beach counties.

West leaves Washington as one of the best-known figures of the Tea Party wave elected to Congress in 2010. He made national headlines with fiery speeches and off-the-cuff comments that roused people of all political persuasions.

He said his campaign concluded after doing an analysis of the partial recount that he still wouldn’t have enough votes to win a second term.

GONE- Conservative stalwarts Sandy Adams and Allen West

Now this is going to be just one major example of what the good ol’ ‘Grand Old Party’ did behind the scenes long before the election…they do not like real conservatives fighting the good fight, especially if they were Tea Party supported. The GOP does not want any of those who came into congress during the ’10 midterm sweep to remain in office…they must control all they can, many that were ousted could not be controlled by the big-wig leaders in the House or Senate…so the best solution is to get rid of them one way or the other…and that they did.

Follow this report closely…this is via GWP:

Nice work, Republicans.
The GOP managed to gerrymander two top Florida conservatives right out of Congress:

The Florida House and Senate went overwhelmingly GOP in 2010…it was darn near a clean sweep. I believe the House went approximately 80/20 in our favor. The resulting redistricting not only screwed Allen West, but they also set up the primary battle between Sandy Adams and John Mica. Mica is the consummate DC insider. He’s the chair of the transportation committee, champion of high-speed rail spending, etc.

Adams won her seat in 2010 over Suzan Kosmas who was literally one of those final ‘blue dog’ votes that helped pass Obamacare in the final vote. Adams would have had that seat locked up for as long as she wanted it, and she was a real grassroots champion. She was going after the EPA on their horrific regulations, etc.

The FL GOP set up the ugly primary, where Mica had all the resources and took her out. We lost a true conservative for a guy with stage 4 beltway-itis.

We lost two of the best people in congress due to GOP shenanigans… And a woman and black man on top of it. This stuff is maddening.

As Levin put it last night, if these brilliant consultants like Steve Schmitt and Mike Murphy want to keep throwing conservatives under the bus, they are just asking for a third party. We are getting screwed by both parties.

The example above, along with the details regarding what the GOP has done last go ’round is just the tip of the iceberg…they have been doing this time and again over the decades, this gal has a long memory. Newt Gingrich and ilk did the same thing to some republican conservatives that didn’t bow to their wishes as well in the past, too long to get into…but this is prove power corrupts, I’ve had my fill…how ’bout you?

Just another reason yours truly had this ‘Question of the Day‘ posted just a few days back. ~


What Say You?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Allen West loses his congressional seat to a blonde haired white woman?


  2. bigtimer
    Don’t have a thank you for them just a middle finger, the Rep will destroy this country and their own party just so they can get their way,NEPOTISM in giant capital letters, it’s who you know not what you know that counts for this crop of losers, if the country fall’s they will twist along side the Dem’s.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    I would like to see a conservative revolution in 2014 and see the liberal journalists slimeballs fall all over themselves I hope NEWSREEKS liberal writters are selling pencils on the street cornner along with its chief editor

    • Heck Spur…I expected to see that a few weeks back! – We didn’t. Not holding my breath for that to happen anytime soon in the future either.

      Hope I’m wrong. ~

  4. We had an election. The people have spoken. The STUPID BASTARDS.

  5. yeah.. Thanks for nothing assholes.

  6. Rep. Allen West is no patriot. He may be the latest face of today’s “(R)” party but who cares? That doesn’t mean squat. So was RINO “Mittens” Obamney. He’s just part of the problem. The GOP needs a major overhaul and getting rid of the phony ‘conservatives’ like the fraud West is the first step.

    Col. West may have held a patriotic platform at one time, a platform that was music to my ears back then, but as Jim Morrison said, “When the music’s over……turn out the lights.”

    As a co-writer of the NDAA and his “aye” vote in Congress for it, Allen West is no patriot, nor is he a friend of liberty or freedom by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Well…you should be happy as heck he’s gone and we have someone like Patrick Murphy in place now…and be sure and thank the GOP for gerrymandering his district, they helped you out there.

      Btw…a lot of us were and still are disappointed in his vote on that, well hells bells, if I counted on all the votes supposed conservatives have voted on that I disagreed with…nobody would be there. – Which would be a good thing in the long run I suppose. 😉

      • There’s a question in your comment? I don’t see one there. Care to ask it again?

        • Are you happy with Murphy in place now vs that evil non-patriotic West?

          How much more simple than that do you need it?

          • bigtimer-
            That will do. Now that you’ve actually asked me a question, I’ll be more than happy to answer it:

            Like I said before, I don’t know anything about Murphy so I can’t say whether or not I like him. The fact that he’s a democRAT doesn’t help his chances of getting any support from me. Chances are, he’s another scumbag liberal but I try not to prejudge people without knowing a little about them first. Most of you in this thread apparently can’t relate to that.

            I was a full supporter of West up until learning of his NDAA association, endorsement, and ultimately his vote. I was really hoping he would take back the GOP from the RINO’s that have hijacked the party in the last couple decades. I loved his strong words and stance against the death cult known as islam. I loved his strong words and stance against the demotards. He’s a very well spoken man and he seemed like the perfect person to change things around in this country for the better. I had hope for the man. I had faith in the man.

            That being said, am I happy West is gone? You bet you’re ass I am! At least it’s a start. And by that I mean that it’s a start for letting these so-called “tea party” or “conservative” politicians that claim they’re all for freedom and liberty and have the best intentions for The People know in advance that if they ignore the Constitution (West has done much worse than just ignore the Constitution with the NDAA by the way) they will be ignored come election time. By supporting West and the other frauds just like him, you’re rewarding them for stealing more of my (and your) liberty and freedom; more of our rights. Do you really not care about losing those things? It’s okay because it’s an (R) doing the stealing instead of a (D)? Are you so wrapped up in the (D)s against the (R)s that you can’t see that they both are screwing us?

            I don’t subscribe to the theory that someone is a “patriot” just for serving his country like you apparently do. Especially when that someone flat out takes a steamer on the Bill of Rights like West did with his endorsement, contribution, and vote for NDAA. Did you folks also support John Murtha? Do you support John Kerry, and Charlie Rangel too? They served. Combat veterans too. Are they “patriots” as well in your one-track minds? Maybe you and your angry and illiterate pal Vincent, along with the retarded team insult thrower Michael and captain of the Cheer Squad ga steve (go team) wave your pom-poms and blindly support someone just because they served in the military but I don’t. That’s just ridiculous. Are you people for real?

            You do know what NDAA is don’t you? Yannow, it’s just that little trashing of the Bill of Rights worse than any in recent history, but it’s okay because West is a “patriot” of some kind in your little minds. Don’t make me puke. How can you and the rest of the pom-pom cheer squad here call West a “patriot” with a straight face? Do you give carte blanche to any and all politicians that served in the military just for serving in the military? Are you serious? Are you that simple-minded?

            Last I checked, ignoring the constitution is not a patriotic thing to do. I’ll even go further and say that any politician that disregards their sworn oath to the Constitution is not patriotic, is un-American, and is guilty of treason. Maybe I missed the memo, but robbing Americans of more liberty and freedom for any reason kinda disqualifies someone from wearing the over-used title of “patriot” on their sleeve. Most Americans I know like having liberty and freedom. West’s honorable service to this country doesn’t mean a damn thing when he dishonors and disregards his oath and robs us of more rights as he did with this NDAA tyranny. It’s as simple as that.

            If you want to give West a free pass for the massive Constitutional damage he’s done, well then that’s your business. This is America after all. At least for the time being. If voting for the loser put forward by the GOP (your ‘lesser of two evils’ loser) makes you feel all warm and fuzzy because as you say it’s your ‘only choice’ then fine; do what you gotta do.

            Tell me one thing though, how in the hell do you expect the GOP to hear the message loud and clear that The People are sick of the ‘lesser of two evils’ bullsh*t? What message are they getting when you just go to the polls, plug your noses when you pull the lever for that so-called “patriot” with an (R) next to his/her name like good little republicans, and then go home feeling good about yourselves for swallowing another GOP load?

            If ‘keeping a democrat out’ is your only reason for voting to keep the status quo in, then good job sheeple. Now pat yourselves on the backs and throw yourselves a big “patriotic” party because you’ve earned it. After all, you’ve changed absolutely nothing about the way things are done in the circus called Washington DeCeit. Bravo to you all.

          • LOL believe it or not I agree with you said… I have been saying for over two years on this site that BOTH parties are corrupt. Have you been here that long to see that?

            However, what do you suggest? We stay at home and pout since the perfect candidate is not in the race? People who think that way helped Obama to stay in office.

            We are in a political climate that were we are stuck picking the one who we think will do the least amount of damage to the Republic YES the lessor of two evils. I hated Romney as a candidate… but I held my nose and voted for him hoping to slow down the destruction to our country..

            Nobody here is saying that LTC West is Jesus or that he is perfect… nobody. My default position is not to trust anyone who wants to run for office… some have honor even though they may be misguided at times and others are simply are thieves with no honor

            Where you and I part ways is when you try to project West as being more dangerous than Obama or Romney.. I’m not buying that and neither are most on this site. We will just have to agree to disagree

          • LOL now you see CD.. I tried to stick with the issues while you resorted to pejoratives and insults because we dare to disagree with you. I hope that my prose was articulate enough for you to understand since I’m so illiterate.. oh, and angry LOL

            Dude, stop pontificating and get a grasp on reality.. your seething hatred for LTC West makes you appear unhinged at best.. or do you simply suffer from cranium anus interface? NO ONE here has said that he walks on water.. he disappointed me personally on many occasions but like it or not.. we are stuck voting for the lessor of two evils. Tell me what you think the alternative is? Really.. I want to know? Do we sit at home and pout because the perfect candidate is not on the ballot? ( redundancy alert! ) or do we try to pick the one who will do the least amount of damage? All insults and jokes aside… what do YOU think we should do?

          • LOL now you see CD.. I tried to stick with the issues while you resorted to pejoratives and insults because we dare to disagree with you. I hope that my prose was articulate enough for you to understand since I’m so illiterate.. oh, and angry LOL

            Dude, stop pontificating and get a grasp on reality.. your seething hatred for LTC West makes you appear unhinged at best.. or do you simply suffer from cranium anus interface? NO ONE here has said that he walks on water.. he disappointed me personally on many occasions but like it or not.. we are stuck voting for the lessor of two evils. Tell me what you think the alternative is? Really.. I want to know? Do we sit at home and pout because the perfect candidate is not on the ballot? ( redundancy alert! ) or do we try to pick the one who will do the least amount of damage? All insults and jokes aside… what do YOU think we should do?

          • I don’t think I was projecting that West is somehow more dangerous than RObamney, or at least wasn’t trying to. I never said that or even hinted at it. My point the entire time was that West is no patriot after the damage he’s done and the carnage he’s inflicted upon the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and ultimately the future of our republic.

            The communist Kenyan national at the helm right now, the crooked SOB that’s determined to keep this country in a decline, the first affirmative action President in US History, aka TOTUS, aka The Commie in Chief, aka Presizent ZerO? Well, he’s a no brainer – literally. I want bad things to happen to him.

            If I said what I really feel about the POS I would be getting visits from the SS, and I don’t want the hassle of indefinite incarceration without reason or trial under NDAA. Instead, I take comfort in knowing that one day down the line he’s going to have to answer for his actions just as we all will.

            RINO Romney? Geez, where to start. Let’s just say I think he’s a conservative as much as RINO John “Amnesty for illegals” McShame is, which isn’t much. I am disgusted with the GOP right now and have been since about ’06, and am beginning to wonder if they will ever be a viable choice again. After the ’08 GOP ticket was announced I immediately re-registered as Independent to send them a message. The message was FU! Lots of folks left the GOP that year. Four years later they try the same thing with RObamny? WTF! I don’t know if it’s because the old timers in the GOP are senile or if they’ve all sold out in their geezer years, but I’m afraid the GOP is a thing of the past. Just a guess, but I don’t see how they can ever recover from this one. Only time will tell I guess…

            I would never suggest anyone staying at home on election day and pouting about the sh*tty choice of candidate, but I also don’t agree with just voting for the a*shole that the GOP expects us to be satisfied with and excited about. How many times do they have to lose elections to finally get it? How many times to We The People have to get f*cked over in the electoral scam before we’ve had enough? It’s only gonna get worse before it gets any better, and I’m tired of the anticipation.

            I look at it like the sooner The People have had enough of government intrusion and interference, or the sooner there is total system collapse and an all out 2nd American Revolution the better off we will be as a republic. The longer it takes, the bigger the government gets and the more control they will already have over us. At a certain point, The People aren’t going to stand a chance.

            As cliche’ as it might sound, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees, and I will not just give up the fight. They will have to literally snuff the fight out of me when the time comes. I don’t know, man. My brain hurts from all of this political strife and bickering in general. United we stand, divided we fall. The government knows this and is using it to their own advantage no matter if it’s wrapped in a (D) or an (R).

            One thing’s for certain, if this country is still intact in 2016, and the next round of Presidential elections is anywhere close to the ridiculous NON-CHOICE most Americans had in 2012, I can guarantee my vote will be going to the (L) again.

            I’ve only been vising AWD’s site for about a year, but my visits are infrequent and to be honest, they’re quick visits unless I see something that sticks out at me like this post of his did. I’ve only made a few comments on here in that year, so to answer your question, no; I haven’t read any of your comments in the past, and didn’t/don’t know where you’re coming from so thanks for kinda clearing that up.

            And please allow me to apologize for my insults in my previous comments. I’ve been trying to get away from using ad hominem attacks because it solves absolutely nothing and gets us nowhere. Sometimes I succeed, others not so much. For the most part I think we’re in agreement on things. The other stuff, like you said, we can agree to disagree. We’re Americans for cryin’ out loud!


          • Yeah, its time for a truce brother… I totally agree with everything that you just said… lets not split hairs. I extend an apology as well for my thinly veiled sarcasm.

            The subject of LTC West is a sore spot with me.. yes he wasnt perfect and left me wondering WTF? on more than one occasion during his term in DC, but I resented the unwarranted smear campaign and personal attacks by liberals and the MSM against him simply because he refuses to be part of the plantation party where THEY think that ALL blacks belong. Anyone that the “left” feels so much contempt for cant be all that bad.. LOL hell, even some of the RINO’s hated him and threw him under the bus. It has been said you can tell alot about a man by the friends he keeps but I would counter in these poltical times you can tell more about a man by who his enemies are…

            I am just as furious and disgusted as you are.. I am so sick of the status quo. The bottom line.. NONE of these asshats believe in the Constitution.. ALL of them are arrogant enough to think that THEY are wiser than the founding fathers… THAT I think we can agree on.

            I would love to flush to whole lot of them and start over ( with term limits and a pay scale that directly reflects the performance of the economy ) We have elected our own “royal” class of career politicians. How stupid can we get.. life long benefits for corruption and a distorted sense of entitlement and superiority? Is that what we are voting for?

          • charlie delta-

            No challenge here, a question

            why did 86 Senators vote for it?

            I admit, I did not dig into it as I have others. Both my Senators voted for it. My Rep who is a true conservative voted against it. I stopped looking into it when an amendment was added that said the bill did not pertain to US citizens.
            he little I knew about it

          • misterbill-
            I don’t have an answer for you why any self-proclaimed “conservatives” or anyone with half a brain voted for NDAA. It’s the biggest assault on our constitutional rights that come to mind. It’s mind boggling to think that ANY American citizen would find it acceptable. Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves over what we have let become of the treasures they left us.

            Why would they vote for it? The only conclusion I come to is that they are all in on and in favor of big government, the police state, and ultimately the NWO. In other words, it’s greed rearing its ugly head in the ugliest fashions and in different forms. Money, power, control, etc. What other explanation could there possibly be? Greed is the reason this country is in the sorry state it’s in IMHO.

            I’ve lived in Commieforia for over 40 years and I’ve seen first hand what democRATS do when they’re in charge of things. To put it mildly, they f*ck everything up and destroy everything that’s good about a city, state, and now an entire country. We as a country have lost our way. We have forgotten how great we can be when we stick to the Constitution and to God’s laws. The only senator worth a damn in this God forsaken state is Duncan Hunter, Jr. Whenever I hear someone say the Constitution is out dated or irrelevant in the 21st century I want to jump through the TV, radio, monitor and punch them in the f*ckin’ throat! The Constitution is what made this country the greatest the world has ever seen for over 230 years, and standing by watching it being shredded more every day will be our downfall. The apathy in this country disgusts me to the core and it only gets worse as time passes. Four more years of a straight up communist in the White House doesn’t help to reverse the current trend of increasing apathy either.

            All I can do is follow my heart, be true to myself and to God, and have faith that everything is part of a bigger plan; God’s master plan. Anything else is out of my control and would be ridiculous to think I can change.

            And I hope I don’t come off like I’m trying to be some kind of know-it-all smart-ass or anything like that, because I’m not trying to and don’t mean to. Only the Lord can do that with any conviction.

            So………..after all my drunken babble trying to answer your question I don’t really have an answer for you. I don’t know why is the only answer I have. But I will leave you with a few of my favorite quotes from the Founding Fathers:

            “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine

            “The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits.” – Thomas Jefferson

            And this from Edmund Burke:
            “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

            God help us…

          • charliedelta–

            You do not come off a a wisw ass or anything like it. I have followed your discourse here. In brief , I will tell you how you come off-you come off as a knowledgeable American who is as pissed off as many here. You come off as someone who knows what America was and what America is to day and where it is heading.

            And, I am sure, many here could say that you write like me and some others here. It is comforting to me, and I am sure to others to know that our numbers are growing. It is nice to know we are not a disgruntled few, malcontents, Occupy equivalents.

            I am an older man who was oblivious to the changes until they bit me. I try not to get too depressed. I sometimes go away for a day or two because I am so sad that as an American of 79 years , I see my great country turning into a septic tank.

            I see no return, but I do hold hope reading AWD,you, Swamp and Vince, BT, gasteve and all the rest, those whose names i did not list, I know who you are too.

            I can claim two small victories over the past couple of years. I got my BF to start reading what is happening and becoming aware and angry, and I have , in a small way, gotten my son to change a bit.

            Nathna Hale said, ” only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”. I feel that way too. I would rather not lose it in spite of my advanced years, but I am willing to do so to save our country.

    • LOL yeah, and Patrick Murphy is more patriotic right?

      • What’s the matter Vince? Are you a staunch supporter of Col. West and can’t handle the brutal truth about his patriotism being half-ass’d at best? That he is a fraud; part of the problem?

        Sorry to piss on your parade kid, but if you’re going to support and/or vote for someone, and try and justify it based solely on the “lesser of two evils” route, you’ve got a lot of learning to do.

        Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil no matter how you try and package it.

        LOL yeah, and I am perfectly capable of speaking for myself so go put words in someone else’s mouth…

        • having served with LTC West.. YES I do support him.. don’t agree with ALL of his actions/votes but if we have to agree on everything then NO ONE will be fit to serve in congress…ALL of them are part of the problem
          heck I held my nose and voted for Romney… West was faaaarr better than him

          and if I am a kid… you must be farting dust old fella LOL

          • oh.. as for the lessor of two evils.. it’s a shame but that is all that is ever offered.. so I guess you think we should stay home and just hand the country over to the Demonrats.. since we shouldnt vote for the lessor of two evils… right?

          • vince
            Well done sir, well done.

          • ga steve.. LOL sometimes I don’t know why I bother

            This nut actually called me a liberal in one of his posts.. wow talk about uninformed and temperamental.. EVERYONE here knows that I am far from liberal.

            He must be foaming at the mouth and kicking his dog in impotent rage right now… geeesh, he hates LTC West.. I get it already.. hates him so much that he applauds his loss of his congressional seat to a liberal democrat… wonder who really is the liberal here?

        • Charlie Delta,
          And Jesus ate with the sinner’s and was condemned by the scribes and pharisees.

    • Dude, your as full of crap as a Christmas Turkey and about as smart. Troll offf Demo.

  7. CharlieDelta
    you still didnt answer my question internet tough guy…

    • Didn’t answer mine either that I asked first off…is he happy with Murphy now? – A real great patriot…as if West isn’t and wasn’t.

    • @Vince

      ‘Charlie Delta sounds like Bravo Sierra.’

    • Internet tough guy? Look up “projection” in the dictionary Vincent, you might learn something about yourself. If you’re hoping to have some kind of pissing contest in AWD’s comment section, try someone else. I’ve got more important things to do with my time than waste it on a cheerleader for the fraud Allen f***ing West.

      Your question? What question? Oh…..that cute little “LOL” thing you did in response to my original comment? Was that supposed to be a question? Or was that more of a immature way of pushing the facts to the side because you don’t agree with them and can’t handle the truth. How liberal of you.

      Reading comprehension must not be one of your stronger skills either, because I don’t remember mentioning, or even hinting that I think Patrick Murphy is somehow “more patriotic” as you put it. I don’t know a thing about Murphy, so that would be lying to say that I do. BUT I do know that Col. West is no patriot, as I stated in my original comment. If you can’t understand or comprehend what I write then that’s your problem Vincent, not mine.

      This internet tough guy is done with you, Vincent. You’re a gotdamn bore and your ignorance shows more with every comment you make. Go hump someone else’s leg for a while, kid.

      • LMAO… prozac.. you should try it so you can quit throwing tantrums. Typical response from a fraud. Your self promoting avatar says it all for me.. LOL poser!

        “go hump someone elses leg for a while, kid”
        is that you waving the white flag because you lack the mental capacity for debate?

        • Vince, I think this guy is really John Kerry, you know the one who served in Nam and threw his medals over the fence, Reporting For Duty. Lot of them out there and they ain’t good enough to shine Wests shoes.

          • not sure what his deal was.. but he was easily provoked

            his diatribe about LTC West is typical of the left… West disappointed me on a few occasions while in DC but he was a damn good soldier and far better than most in DC and better than Romney for damn sure..

            ALL we have is the choice of the lessor of two evils.. Hell the only perfect person to put in the whitehouse IMHO..is ME!!! LOL
            There is no perfect candidate… simple as that. This nut just has an axe to grind with LTC West..

            Gawd I need a drink

          • Well done Vince, well done.

          • Vince, if you click on CD’s screen name, he has some sort of website. I don’t really think he is a troll, there’s some stuff on there that is kind of funny. I think the guy just has a hard-on for Col. West that’s all. And maybe his interpersonal skills are not that developed, I can kind of relate to that. As for the Avatar, I won’t hazard a guess on that one.

          • I think we’re seeing another incarnation of “Coldsoldier”.



  9. Maybe we should have run a Cain West ticket,

  10. I’d like to see Palin back in the mix, over 1/2 the candidates backed by her got in. She is a damn sight more qualified than “O”. I think on her own you’d see a different persona. McCains Rinos kept her down and out, actually he had a Demo as a campaign consultant, they smelled the money and blood in the water.



    • None of that is going to halt anytime soon…those of us left on this planet that agree with you what you wish can wish our way to the moon, but…it will never be so. ~ Know what I mean?

      • Beam me up L-rd there is little to no intelligent life down here.
        No blasphemy intended,just mixing a little star trek with the Word. You get my drift. Winky thingy.

        • I get your drift..agree and a big Amen to your sentiments as well.

          Just got dome buttonin’ up my nest in Bugtussle…got to find my favorite pillow to lay my redneck on…catch ya on the other side.

        • I think HE has a sense of humor Dirty Al… if not we would all be dead LOL

  12. Lets just call them what they are the RINO party. They sold us down the river. We need two new parties like the libertarian and independent.

  13. Let’s see here…seems I haven’t heard a word about this from our side of the aisle.


    Have any of you?

    Too bad they got rid of Joe Walsh from Illinois last election…he would be speaking out about this, loud and clear!