See if you think what was written back in ’12 still applies to this very day.

For as long as I can remember there have been calls for a major third party to take hold. After this last election seems many are calling for the GOP to either buy a clue or just die a slow death. Time after time we say we need to stick with the GOP, we need to vote more conservatives in….and time after time this happens only now and then.

I, for one, have had my fill with the GOP…but that’s just me. I could show you three examples of just what I mean by that from various segments that happened just this morning on the Sunday political shows with some of our geniuses on the republican side of the aisle, not going to waste my time at the moment because most of you get the picture anyway. Instead, I’m going to post the platform from the American Constitution Party in it’s entirety…see what you think. – You can find the link here.


We, the members of the American Constitution Party, gratefully acknowledge the blessings of the Lord God as theCreator, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe and of our nation. We hereby appeal to Him for aid, comfort, guidance, and the protection of His Divine Providence as we work to restore and preserve this nation as a government of, by, and for the people.

Our republic is a nation governed by a constitution rooted in Biblical law and administered by representatives elected by the people to preserve, protect, and defend it against attacks by all its enemies, whether from without or within. We affirm the principles of inherent, un-a-lien-able, individual rights upon which these united States of America were founded.

The sole legitimate function of government is to secure these rights through the preservation of domestic tranquility, the maintenance of a strong national defense, and the promotion of equal justice for all.

The pre-born child, whose life begins at conception, is from that moment fully a human being created in God’s image. The first duty of the law is to prevent the taking of innocent human life. It is, therefore, the duty of all civil governments to secure and safeguard the lives of the pre-born.

Under no circumstances should government continue to subsidize activities that have the effect of encouraging perverted or promiscuous sexual conduct. In the name of “safe sex”, millions of tax dollars have been misdirected to organizations that contribute to the spread of AIDS by endorsing (implicitly or explicitly) perverse, immoral, and unhealthy sexual conduct.

Congressional Reform
Most members of Congress have become more accountable and responsive to the Beltway Establishment than to the people in their home districts. We seek to abolish federal pay and pensions for members of Congress, and restore provisions for per diem allowances.

Constitutional Convention
We oppose any attempt to call a constitutional convention for any purpose whatsoever, because it cannot be limited to any single issue, and such a convention has the potential to seriously erode the constitutional protections of our unalienable rights.

Cost of Big Government
The only legitimate purpose of civil government is to safeguard the God-given rights of its citizens, namely: life, liberty, and property. Only those duties, functions, and� programs explicitly assigned to the federal government by the Constitution should be funded. The American Constitution Party calls on Congress and the executive branch to disapprove and halt all federal expenditures that are not specifically authorized by the Constitution of the united States.

It is a primary obligation of the federal government to provide for the common defense, to be vigilant in dealing with significant potential threats and prospective capabilities (e.g., border security), as well as with perceived present intentions. We oppose unilateral disarmament and dismemberment of America’s defense infrastructure. The world is still a very dangerous place.

Drug Abuse
The American Constitution Party upholds the right of states and localities to restrict access to drugs. The only legitimate role of the federal government in drug control is interdiction of drug smuggling at the borders. Care must be taken to protect the rights of un-convicted and innocent suspects. Pre-conviction confiscation of private property must end.

The law of the Creator, as referenced in the Declaration of Independence, assigns to parents the authority and duty of educating their children. Education should be free from all federal government subsidies, including vouchers, tax incentives, and loans. We hold that no federal agency, department, board, or other entity should be allowed to exercise jurisdiction over any aspect of children’s rearing.

We call attention to the continuing need for a sufficient supply of energy to sustain the nation’s standard of living and its agricultural, business, and industrial activities. Private property rights must be respected, and government should not interfere with the development of potential energy sources, including ANWR oil, natural gas, hydroelectric power, solar and nuclear energy, wind-driven generators, or hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

It is a primary responsibility of mankind to be prudently productive and efficient stewards of God’s natural resources. In that role, man is commanded to be fruitful, to multiply, to replenish the earth and develop it; to turn deserts into farms and wastelands into groves. This requires a proper and continuing dynamic balance between development and conservation, between use and preservation. The proper exercise of stewardship demands that we avoid the extremes; that we escape the deadly hand of government confiscations; that we recognize and preserve the right of the individual to acquire, own, and use his property in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others to do likewise.

The American Constitution Party is on record as recognizing and putting first the sanctity of human life. Just as we oppose abortion (the taking of an innocent, pre-born life), so we adamantly oppose assisted suicide.

We affirm that the law of the Creator establishes and defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman, and that same law establishes and defines a family. We further hold that no government has the authority to establish marriage or family relations in any manner contrary to that law.

Foreign Aid
The Congress and the President have a Constitutional duty to provide for the defense of this country, but the American people have no duty to provide for the defense of any foreign nation.

Furthermore, the U.S. Government has no Constitutional authority to tax the American people to provide aid of any kind to foreign governments.

Therefore, we will support every effort to terminate all foreign aid programs, whether military or non-military, whether to a foreign state or to an international organization, including the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, and every other similar institution.

Foreign Policy
The only constitutional basis and purpose of foreign policy is to serve the interests of this nation. We should not be the world’s police-man. We pledge our only allegiance to the American Republic. We shout a resounding “NO!” to any one-world government or so-called New World Order. Not one whit of American autonomy may be surrendered to any international organization or cartel of nations. We oppose entangling foreign alliances. The united States should withdraw from the UN and NATO and bring home our overseas forces. We should review all existing treaties to determine which go beyond constitutional limits. Those that do should be rescinded.

Gun Control
The right to bear arms is inherent in the right of self-defense, defense of family and property, and defense against tyranny. It is part of the Creator’s endowment to ensure the security of the life, liberty, and property of the individual and his family, as well as to pre-serve the independence of the nation. The only acceptable gun control is one’s ability to hit the target with the first shot, every time! The only government that fears the guns of its citizens is a tyranny.

Government Health Care
The American Constitution Party opposes the takeover of the American medical system by government bureaucracies. Government subsidy leads inevitably to government regulation and rationing of services and constitutes a present danger to the quality and availability of patient-centered care and treatment. Hospitals, doctors, and other health-care providers should be accountable to their patients not to politicians.

We affirm the integrity of the borders of the united States and the right and constitutional authority and obligation of the federal government, under the law of nations, to guard and protect those borders, including the regulation of the number and qualifications of immigrants.

Individual Rights
Human dignity is a basic right recognized in the Constitution by our founders. Each and every citizen shall be free to choose his friends and associates; to offer, seek, or refuse employment; to rent or sell property without interference from the state; and to expect honorable laws and justice from government.

Money and Banking
The American Constitution Party calls for a return to the monetary and banking provisions set forth in the Constitution. We seek to restore the nation’s medium of exchange the type of money the world has historically favored commodity money: money capable of being coined or tendered as coin. We will re-establish the quality of money which the inter-national markets recognize as preeminent exclusively silver and gold as the standard for the money of the united States.

Security of Persons and Property
We affirm the Fourth Amendment right of the People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, including general, unwarranted electronic surveillance, national computer data banks, and ID cards or chips.

The American Constitution Party calls for all levels of government to sell off to private parties those operations which are not authorized by their respective constitutions and/or which compete with private, free-enterprise business on a tax-advantaged basis.

Religious Freedom
We call upon all three branches of the federal government to cease attacks on the religious liberties of the people and to stop all attempts to interfere with the encouragement of religious and moral principles among their peoples by state and local governments. We assert that any form of taxation or coercion (including incorporation and 501(c)(3) status) of churches and other religious organizations is a direct and dangerous step toward state control of the activities of the church. Such intrusion is prohibited by the Constitution and must be halted.

Social Security
We support legislation to require the federal government to protect Social Security funds as an insurance trust to be used only to fulfill its obligations to those who have paid their premiums. The Constitution grants no authority to the federal government to require individuals to participate in the Social Security system. Indeed, the implementing act clearly establishes voluntary participation.

Taxes, Tariffs, and Trade
We oppose the unconstitutional transfer of Congress’ authority over trade, copyright, and patent policy to any agency, whether domestic, foreign, or international. The same is true for any “fast-track” trading authority Congress may attempt to bestow on the executive branch.

We will propose legislation to abolish the IRS and will veto any authorization which contains funding of any kind for that illicit and unconstitutional agency. Moreover, it is our intention to replace entirely the current tax system of the U.S. Government (including income, FICA, estate & inheritance, corporate, and fuel taxes) with a new approach based on the original design of our founding fathers.

First, cut federal spending that is outside Constitutional limits.

Second, impose reason-able revenue tariffs (not protective) on all imported products and limited excise taxes on non-essential goods while eliminating all direct federal taxes.

Third, bill any revenue short-falls to the states’ legislatures in proportion to their congressional representation, thereby rein-stating the Doctrine of Interposition and creating legislative pressures on states’ congressional delegations to control federal spending.

Charity and provision of welfare to those in need is not a responsibility of the federal government. The message of Christian charity is at fundamental odds with the concept of welfare rights. In many cases, government welfare is not only misdirected, but also morally destructive of motivation, resulting in dependency on the state and the creation of a permanent slave class. When net tax recipients discover that they can vote to profit themselves the largess of the public treasury, the process will not stop until the last bone of the last taxpayer is picked bare. We encourage individuals and families to fulfill their personal responsibility to help those in need by tithes, offerings, and other charitable contributions.

Throw in your two-cents, what do you think the pros and cons are when it comes to a major third party movement before the next presidential election? What do you think of the American Constitution Party’s platform…any major disagreements?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Where do I sign up?

    • Swamp…

      If you go the link there is a link for someone to contact…plus, for anyone that wants to donate is also on the page at the top of the piece.


    A CONSERVATIVE PARTY that stands up for the US.S. CONSTITUTION that would call for a end to americas continued memebership in this wretched UN and call for end to tax payers financing of ABORTIONS and abolish the DHS,EPA,EEOC,DEPT of ENERGY and to have these Black Panthers tried and convicted and to bring all our troops home to guard our borders end all illegal imagration deport all illegal aliens end bilingiual education support home schooling and have OBAMA and HOLDER and the rest of them prosicted for their crimes against america and its citizens

  3. Just some initial thoughts: The “pro” is that it is right on the money with how many people want to see the country turn: to aggressive restoration of its economy, morality and culture of freedom based on personal responsibility and limited government. The “con” is that it will never gain a majority vote and will be accused of “splitting the vote” for the GOP. However, an official party, unlike the loosely-knit tea party organizations, would have a more forceful presence on the political scene. It is conceivable that the Constitution Party could turn the tables on the GOP next time, and pressure it (the GOP) to stand with it (the CP) rather than “split the vote.”

    • We gotta start somewhere….I’ve had my fill with the repub party and their big-wigs behind the scenes and the talking heads on the Boob-Tube, period. 😉

    • “The “con” is that it will never gain a majority vote and will be accused of “splitting the vote” for the GOP.”

      The GOP needs to be destroyed, completely. As for splitting the vote, that didn’t happen this time. The Democrats just stole the election. The normal political discourse in my opinion, does not work the way it used to. Things have changed.

      • I agree that the GOP needs to be destroyed, and in reality, they are already absorbed into the Democrat/Socialist party. True, the Democrat/Socialists will steal the election again anyway, (if we, in fact, have another election) but the GOP (who will still be posturing as the opposition) will blame the Constitution Party for splitting the vote. That’s all I meant.

        You are absolutely right, it won’t mean a thing in terms of election results, which will continue to be the victory of the Demon/Sociopaths. Just as in the old the Soviet Union and the so-called “Palestinian territories,” for example, the charade of free elections will continue. For a time.

  4. What’s it matter? All votes will go for the Dems from now on anyway…take a look at the massive voter fraud that just happened. The election was blatantly stolen, and the GOP doesn’t really seem to care.

    The time to change things by voting has passed us by. This third party bit may have worked 20 years ago, but now it’s far too little, far too late. :(

    • That’s the problem…and another reason I’ve had my fill with the GOP, they just DON’T CARE! – It’s been outrageous from these weak-kneed bastids…gutless wonders all.

      Btw…Allen West is the only that’s been fighting the good fight against blatant election/voter fraud in his district.

    • The FIX was in on this election a long time ago. The whole thing was a scam. Voter fraud was rampant………nothing was done about it. My once great country is in shambles. God help us.

    • So what do you suggest? That we all crawl under a rock and mope because we’ll never win? We have a moral imperative to make ourselves known and heard, no matter what the odds are. If there is another election, I’m voting American Constitution Party even if I’m the only one. To back down to the socialists is to be one of them.

      • Same here..I hope they get someone with fire in their belly, they’ve got my vote. I am not wasting another vote on the namby-pamby wussuified wonders on our side of the aisle…we must start somewhere…better late than NEVER!

        • BT,

          I expect total outrage when 2014 elections get here… flush our sorry ass party down the toilet… they no longer stand for what I believe in.

      • We all have to stand up to this crap……….I have been a fighter my whole life………I am not a quitter!!! power to the people! Take back America

    • Wraith,

      Agree!!!… I’m just going to set back and laugh at all the college kids who voted for Obama and will continue to live in their parents basements because there is no jobs in their selected fields. Flip burgers young kids and live off the crumbs government throws your way. And for all the welfare moochers… go ahead and hate those damn rich people who provide jobs in this country – force them out of business or throw more regulations at them so they’ll take their companies overseas, and when the welfare money dries up and government is not there to wipe your asses, I’ll have a hardy laugh again you sorry miserable son of a bitches.

  5. Steve Sybert says:

    I’m ready to give it my John Henry. I like the idea of a government based on the Bible and common sense. And I REALLY like the idea of getting out of the UN and NATO and any other “entanglement”. Yeah, you can count me in. I’m sick of the current Republican Party myself. Buncha wusses.

    • Not to nit-pick, I would rather my government be based on the US Constitution and common sense. God can continue to guide my conscience.

  6. Mithrandir
    November 18, 2012 at 3:05 am


    Anyone who wants to join me to turn around the Republican Party from the pathetic failing establishment filled with RINOS (Colin Powell) boot-shakers (John Boehner) jelly-spines (McCain), democrat operative-types (Arlen Specter) ineffective / directionless losers (All RNC chiefs) ship-jumpers (Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords) and ACTUALLY HAVE A PARTY PLATFORM we can stick to, here is what we will do:

    ►FUND Republican campaigns based on A POINT SYSTEM: policy ideology, success of implementing policy, vocally towing party line.
    ►Financially supporting/educating next generation of Republicans.
    ►Recruiting avid Republicans by point/merit system.
    ►BUDGETS: withhold funding for any universities that promote radicalism in any way, any that deny the ROTC on campus.
    ►End Affirmative Action in Republican states. De-fund institutions that use Affirmative Action. Felony/imprisonment for racial favoritism by government.
    ►Eliminate welfare at the state level, move them to LIBERAL STATES to “Cloward-Piven” them.
    ►Economic-Free Zones in Republican states, depleting liberal states of their businesses, workers, and tax base.
    ►VOTE registration in Republican states. Felonies for those who register the dead, vote twice, or vote twice in other states.
    ►Prison workers for public projects like roads, fixing of public buildings depleting union power, and keeping the state budget down.
    ►Remove public sector unions.
    ►Police to protect our rights and constitution or face felony charges, prison, personal fines, immediate firing.
    ►Immediate removal of activist judges. Felony for judicial activism.
    ►DIRECT FUNDING to areas in which success can be measured.
    ►School vouchers, de-fund liberal educational cabal.
    ►Develop coalitions such as white and Asian Americans, black conservatives, Constitutionalists, conservative libertarians.
    ►Constitutional Convention to add TERM LIMITS Amendment, thereby getting rid of perpetual Nancy Pelosis of the world. Self-term limits for Republicans.
    ►Goal of balanced budget in Republican states, with “rainy day” accounts of $1 billion.
    ►2nd Amendment rights EVERYWHERE, even college campi.
    ►Free speech everywhere. Police, prosecutors, judges that lose free speech cases = immediate firing, fines, imprisonment.
    ►Education of Constitution at every educational level.
    ►BACK TO WORK initiative. All misdemeanors after 10 years are SEALED for court purposes ONLY. No need to report for ANY job applications. (Missouri did this recently)
    ►Decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana, thereby giving lawyers, courts, police, prison officials, probation officers less RED MEAT to abuse, allowing people to gain employment and work Visas.
    ►Hospitals, courts, police, schools, must VERIFY legal and illegal citizens and report illegals immediately, exactly like the child abuse system.

    This and 1000s more! Our elected leaders are far FAR too stupid to figure out even 1 of these policies, but use them as bait for the next election cycle.

    Who is with me?
    (posted in right area this time)

    • Snake…

      Good ideas as well…but is this an actual political party like the American Constitution Party is?

      …sorry if this is short and to the point, but really busy at the moment in my neck of the woods, will check back later. 😉

    • COUNT ME IN!!!

      my favorite was end welfare at the state level and move the parasites to liberal states ( like lily white Maine, Vermont, NH, etc… ) so we can “Clower Piven” them… see how long they vote blue under those conditions

      TERM LIMITS!!! Time to end our elected monarchy/royal class of elites (career politicians)

    • I agree that turning around the GOP is the least-worst choice facing us. I posted the following a couple of days ago to “When Will Conservatives Quit Eating Their Own?”

      Abandoning the GOP means an even faster-track to complete takeover by the Left.

      The Marxists took over the donkey party with a cunning long-term strategy of first fitting in, weasling their way into positions of power, and then manipulating a flood of like-minded radicals into power. While simultaneously implementing the same long-march strategy through our other institutions, culminating in their ability to get a BLT (Black Liberation Theology) elected POTUS. And last Tuesday, affirmation of their evermore brazen agenda with BHO’s re-election.

      Those reading this blog know these things, but I think it bears review because the red-diaper babies succeeded by working from within the Democrat establishment. It took 40 years, but these zealots successfully twisted a party of working-class patriots into a phalynx of lobotomized apparatchiks – in one generation. Their pragmatists thought it smarter to commandeer the wheel than to re-invent it.

      IMHO, our only chance is to take a similar approach to get more Tea Party types in power, not abandon the GOP.

      • Martel, I agree completely.


      • WOW…well said Martel

      • They started in the McGovern years and never looked back. Only Reagan put a crimp in their style for 8 years.
        Conservatives have been shoveling crap since he left.

      • I used to agree with your sentiments Martel…at this stage of the game for me in my life, I no longer do. To me we have to really eliminate the GOP once and for all…they keep eating their own, election after election. Almost 5 decades of paying attention of this over the years…I’m sick and tired of watching the spineless rule when it comes to the repub side of the aisle.

        • I’m with you Big. The GOP needs to be eliminated.

          • Thanks Swamp…

            I’m danged sick and tired of banging this ol’ head against the same ol’ wall election after election. Nothing ever changes in the long run, the GOP remain gutless politically correct shining stars…as ‘We the People’ suffer for it.

            Last I read about a week ago…(don’t have link anymore) we lost at least 16 congress-critters the Tea Party helped usher in. It’s going to take a huge movement to rid ourselves of the GOP..Tea Party included goes without saying…but it has to start somewhere!

            To me…this party (American Constitutional Party) is a good place to start doing just that. – I’ve had my fill from the GOP and ilk up to my eyebrows!

      • “Abandoning the GOP means an even faster-track to complete takeover by the Left.”

        The degree of “takeover” that’s already happened has happened with the help of the GOP. We didn’t abandon them, they abandoned us. Everything was done to bring the tea-party platform into the works to persuade the lukewarm “middle grounders” that they needed to get a spine. It didn’t work. Face it, Martel: You can’t feed oats to a dead horse.

        Time to bury the carcass and move on.

  7. How many billions were spent on the recent election?
    If there is a major 3rd party, how much $ would go to it, from the billionaires, to buy it off?
    Ergo, buying off each party costs more money.
    Why buy off 3 when it can be done with 2?

  8. Here are a couple of examples of what I was talking about in the main post….talk about idiots on our side of the aisle!

    Then there’s this simpleton…he evidently is clueless when it comes to what the T.E.A. in Tea Party stands for.

    ‘Taxed Enough Already’ Kristol…you simple twit.

  9. It starts off bad, then cleans itself up later on. The Preamble sounds as if some crazy muzzie wrote it then substituted god for allah and bible for koran. Most times when people say these sorts of things, they are really just trying to give their own prejudices more weight by claiming their deity of choice thinks their way…. It’s scary because two people can look at the same holy book and get two different opinions.
    The Abortion, Aids and Euthanasia planks are prime examples of this outlook.
    They’re flat-out wrong about the constitutional convention. Under the current constitution, there’s no way that a complete re-write could be done like in 1789.
    The rest of it sounds like a great idea though. 😉 It might be best if the Republican party was taken over from the inside by these folks and the tea parties… just like the Dems were subverted by the drooling libtards. 😉

  10. Here’s an interesting article. ~

    ‘America Will Benefit If Republicans Return To Their Conservative Roots’

    • All I saw was a rehash of the same old leftist jibber-jabber, though slightly nuanced. One look at the sidebar revealed this:

      Recommended Blogs


      Democracy Arsenal

      Ezra Klein

      Our Values

      Paul Krugman

      Talking Points Memo


      Washington Monthly

      What a lineup – those are all real bastions of conservatism.

      “…eschew the far right extremists who have taken over…” Eh? Are they defining Romney as a ‘far right extremist’ or just those that conspired to make him the nominee? I smell a red herring.

  11. I like the idea of a third party…….this Constitution Party seems to be right in line with what many of us believe……..My heart is with this effort and movement…….

    The problem is my head is not with them….my heart is, but not my head…….I think we have lost the country to the progressive commie democrats……that is not an easy thing to say, or to write, but I feel it is the truth…and we are not going to get this country back in our lifetimes…………

    The Dims have a coalition of every low life group in the country…..and the voting democrat low-lifes now out number us…..with this win they will spend the next four years strengthening their scummer group coalition of scumbags, IV drug users, blacks, illegals, college dipsh!ts, queers, bottom feeders, birth control sluts, and the totally ignorant…

    This much is for sure, our future does not lie with the RINO’s in the GOP…….we have to make that plain to the Republican party that we are not going to support them……..

    And, it doesn’t look like we are going to be able to get rid of Obongo……we can’t vote his ass out of office….we can’t impeach the piece-of-sh!t because of the Senate……and I won’t speculate on another way of getting rid of him because of being visited by Obongo’s Praetorian Guard the Secret Service………

    I am still upset about what happened Tuesday….still stunned beyond belief……and madder than hell that we lost the election and the scummers won…….

    Gonna take little time to re-evaluate…then decide what to do………

    • Hard-left zealots were fed up with the establishment Dems back in the 70s, considering them as much a part of the “problem” as the GOP. The quixotic among them did ineffectual things like forming the Peace and Freedom party. The truly committed dropped the hippie act and figured out how to stealthily work from within to move the donkey party toward a “progressive” agenda.

      I think there are members of the Tea Party with the wherewithal to move the GOP in the Right direction, but it will take both long-term vision and commitment. I hope the best and brightest don’t abandon the Republican Party in a fit of pique because it will be more effective to wrestle the wheel from the RINOs than to re-invent it.

      • Hard-left zealots is right. Forget liberals – by and large they no longer exist. The old school types like McGovern, Moynihan, and even Hubert Humphrey were basically decent folks, just somewhat misguided – nothing like the current crop which basically divides into (1) Hard core ideologues or (2) Self-serving scumbags. Even Lenin himself hated liberals – ponder that thought for a second or two.

  12. Any party that would put John Boehner in the lead is suspect.

    Who in their right mind thought Ryan was “the guy”?

  13. Constitutionman says:

    Be fruitful and multiply..

    I like the name! It directs all to that grand Document on a Republic by the people the U.S. Constitution.

  14. Big, you are right on. If we the world is going down the toilet, I want to be holding the handle.

    If it’s over, lets all go out with a bang!

    • I want to be holding that handle as well…we should all synchronize that to when we know the time is right to do just that. ~

      For me…it’s all or nothing!

  15. Could you imagine if a republican VP said words like this…that the msm wouldn’t be all over it?

    You can be sure our side will keep quiet about it…after-all, many still don’t have power after something like three weeks, but hey…Biden’s ‘Homeboy’ is all over it….and our side remains mum.


  16. Funny, funny stuff! In a macabre sort of way.

    Obama campaign asks: What do we do next?

    Here’s one of the more choice comments…

    A ‘reelection campaign machine’s’ job is to get someone reelected. You did. What to do next.? How about each one of you drink two gallons of anti-freeze?

    I sez start with a gallon of Mussolini’s castor oil – then use the anti-freeze for a chaser.

    • I enjoyed some of the recent posts…and I read a lot of them. Don’t remember who it was…but he/she said ‘Resign, Resign, Resign!’

      Couldn’t agree more…but that will never happen.

      Thanks for that link Snake…love your suggestion at the end of your post…that recommendation works for me!

  17. Chris Christie, Republican piece-of-shit………

    • Thanks for that link Bluto….

      Just another example of what we need to get out of our faces!

      • Good ol’ George Will, the token “conservative” at the hideous Washington P— newsrag back in March claimed Obama was a cinch for reelection, that we should give up and try to win the Senate instead. Than a few weeks back he was saying Mitt would win. He is very pliable and generally not worth reading. Look what the medialeft did to Sam Francis and Joe Sobran, two of the best. The good commentators usually are not in newspapers. They’re here. The Santa Claus analogy was right. Most newspapers are “get along types” who play the game,selling a lot of political advertising, just like the big networks. Fox sold us out a while back in its quest for inoffensiveness. I seldom watch it anymore and never watch big three network news.

  18. Best to change the party from within like the like the ultra lefties did to the Demos. Tea Party rules should be adopted slowly and Rinos kind of pushed aside. Its gonna take some time, decade or so. Look how long it took Reagan to get there and the establishment Rinos fought him all the way. Jesse Helms was one of the key Repos to help Reagan get in. Without Helms Reagan would not have been President. Elect more conservatives to local Govt and they will move up with the experience and ya get to measure them as they do their jobs.

  19. At least a third party would give me someone to vote for as we move forward… I’m sick and tired of the spineless Republican party and the rhino’s who constantly wring their hands over bipartisanship and vote across party lines.

  20. Glad to see more people onboard with the idea of a third party. Having been chided for admitting my third party vote by some of the same folks a few posts ago, I feel better now.
    Third party candidates CAN win, just not everything all at once. We need to start locally. If you look at the election map broken down by counties, you will see that, except in a few states, barry-o lost in a vast majority of them. Starting at the city/county/state level is the ONLY way to truly win the big prize. Local elections are almost ALWAYS under-attended. When was the last time you saw a big turn-out for your mayor? Big cities are the WORST! People have been duped into thinking that everything begins and ends with the residents of “that cesspool on the Potomac” (a term used since before the first Civil War). Our mayors, councilmen, &c. make demands to the county/district, who make demands to the state, and so it goes. If we’re not interested enough to elect conservative local politicians and vote out the panderers, we’ll NEVER elect another conservative CONSTITUTION MINDED president. Vote locally and let’s get the ball really rolling.
    By-the-way, I’ve been anti-republicrat since before it was cool. Welcome aboard.

  21. I am a conservative independent. I left the GOP about 8 years ago. In Georgia, it required no effort. I just simply became an independent.

    Almost all of today’s politicians on either side, well, SUCK, bigtime. The y are not 100% responsible. They are reacting to what it takes to get reelected. Who here was REALLY for McCain?? Bush?? Romney?? versus who here chose the lesser of two evils?

    And , on balance neither choice was a good choice for America?

    I will not go into my long argument about why there is not a successful third party. I will merely say, and BT has heard me whine about this for years now–it is because most people and even some here believe that a third party will not succeed.

    And I believe that until you believe and work on it–those who say and think that , will indeed keep us from having a successful third party.

    The closest we have come is the Tea Party. Look at the good stuff they got done. They stuck to fiscal because they are aware that if they tried to be a third party , most Americans would ignore them because of the what I wrote above.

    If the Tea Party were to grow???? Why, we might even have AWD in charge one day. I know I would sleep better at night with someone with his attitude about America running things.

    • misterb…

      I’ve finally come to the conclusion you were and are one hundred percent correct…we have to start somewhere. I’ve had it with the spineless republican congress-critters…in too many ways to count. Just have had my fill….finally reached the age where I see if something major isn’t done…things will stay the same, cycle after endless cycle. – Enough already!

  22. Check this out!

    Where are the voices from our side of the aisle about this…eh?

  23. Some of you might want to take a look at this…some of this article made me mad, but interesting is some aspects nonetheless.

  24. Here’s one more to check out if you get the time. It has to do with the repubs and the Constitution etc…you may, or may not be surprised.

  25. I’m all for an alternative to the GOP. I always thought the Libertarian Party was a good alternative, and have voted Libertarian numerous times when I could without good conscience vote for the Republican. This of course was throwing away my vote, however it was a statement against the GOP, (even if it was in my little pea brain).

    I, like so many others are sick and tired of the republicans being what they are. The establishment, “country club” republicans call the shots and pretty well hand pick the candidates. There are times it doesn’t work for them, such as was the case with Ted Cruz in Texas. But for the most part we get stuck with Casper Milquetoast candidates that will not put up a good fight. I know that some of the GOP are wetting all over themselves over what Romney said about obambie buying votes. It’s true, obambie won because of giving away free crap to the parasites.

    The republican establishment cannot handle the truth. That’s why they lose elections. Instead of getting down and dirty and actually bringing up topics and truth against their communist, I mean democrat opponents.

    Part of the reason is the fear of a route like Goldwater suffered against LBJ in 1964. That single election made them wussies, and fearful, so they roll over.

    It is time for the republic party as it exist to go away, and die. We need a party that actually has principles its willing to stand up and fight for. I had hoped for a long time that the Libertarian party would be brought into the fold of the GOP, and the GOP would adopt parts of the Libertarian platform. Stupid, delusional me for thinking that a bunch of rino pussies would do the right thing.

    The republicans are the flip side of the figging democrat coin. Both are cancer to our Republic.

  26. Blue Ridge Patriot says:

    I say our first move should be to eliminate the main stream media, by force if necessary!

  27. I would add “of the Republic” to this party name. Because after 4 more years of this administration, we are definitely going to need some CPR

  28. Mitt and Rush tell the truth about Santa Claus giveaways buying Demo votes and Repub establishment types like Newt whine about the supposed “harsh” tone of such comments. Of course, when Goldwater was running in ’64 (back when he was still sharp before he flipped his lid – he later went crazy) Newt was a college kid and was backing ultra-liberal Nelson Rockefeller instead. Newt always was a bit out of step. As Speaker, Newt continually caved in to the whining Democrats, such as paying the huge “ethics violation” fine when he had done nothing wrong. This same crowd of establishment Repubs claimed in ’76 and ’80 that Reagan couldn’t win – remember? They said he was too conservative, that we should emulate the Democrats. They’re still saying this. The LP losertarian party is now a useful tool of the Demoleft. Look at the damage the LP did to US in Montana, Arizona and Utah. They’ve been doing this for years and it’s geting worse. Don’t expect big media to mention it – they love it too. When Demos win, big “nonpartisan” media wins. The LP losertarian party tipped at least five elections to the Demos. Win by one vote and you win.

    • That’s exactly what happened in Mt….happens time and again. Union fed libertarians they insert to split the vote for the dems…sick of it.

  29. I love this! If this was in place after Reagan, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  30. If this site of conservative voters can not agree on a third party versus reforming the GOP, we will never attain the objective of a conservative government. With respect to all, I disagree with the reformation of the GOP. Y

    If I may use analogy, you are suggesting that reforming the drug addicts on a job is better than hiring non addicts to get the job done. The corruption is deep, so deep, in fact, that it is not perceived a corruption.

    Do you honestly believe that the people in Chicago recognize they are the model for corrupt government? They are inured to corruption. The spoils system is alive and growing even now, in almost all major urban areas.I could cite you actions in Boston where I grew up. I tell you from personal experience that most of what happens is not seen as corruption. It is seen as how to get things done in those cities.

    Can you change that by fine tuning those who see no corruption where there is plenty?? Those who know me know I am not a bible quoter, but did Jesus say to the money lenders, “OK, let’s reform ourselves here?”, or did he break out the rope and whip them out of the temple?

    Yeah, yeah, I know–and look what happened to Him.

    There are many honest politicians who, I think, would leave the GOP and join the third party because they too, are tired of the way things are done. I suspect either Peter King , for example.

    If you want to bet McCain will be a true conservative, you will do it without me. Boehner, McConnell, Gingrich. I will watch the jungles of Africa and when the leopards change their spots and the zebras lose their stripes, then I will know the GOP, as a party is worth saving.

    The GOP is a two party system–the conservatives and the RINOS.

    • misterb…

      Your analogy is precise and right to the point. – Couldn’t agree more…with all you posted. ~

    • misterbill,

      We all know change will not happen overnight in the GOP… I for one will be more than happy to lose a few elections in order to see a viable third party surface. After this election, I don’t think it would take as long as we might think for a third party to have some influence in our corrupt political system. Only problem… I think we are running out of time and the likes of Greece will soon be upon us.

      I’ve had it with Rhino’s who think amnesty will bring votes to our side, or more welfare handouts is the answer… truth is, the GOP is a bunch of spineless politicians taking pay checks at the expense of America and cashing in on the freebees for the taking… piss on all of them.

      • I Second that notion!

      • Ironic how things happen. I went for my exercise walk with my BFF this afternoon.. We talked about the vote. He is sold that Latinos are the answer. I told him he needs to pay attention to the voting population I also reminded him that 56% of single women voted for Obama. I reminded him that we got 27% of the L vote and G W Bush, the first time got about 33%. He got 45% the second time with Jeb’s son George on a spanish speaking campaign for his uncle. So , we lost 18% of the Latino vote. The last I looked , white voters are 71% of the electorate.

        56% of single women voted for Obama because he supports murder of infants in the womb. Every idiot union male voted for Obama.

        Steve Sailer, has been telling us for more than this election how inning the white vote can win the White House for years to come until the population change is simply too non white to overcome. Even then, if many of the once, minority voters are established, they will have many swing to the conservative side.

        I don’t think I know anyone not wearing a white collar backwards who wants her/his wages taken away and given to others. But it was NOT the Latino vote. Romney was right–giveaways and the 007 syndrome. That is “Licensed to kill”.

  31. …and then there’s this from BOR, this is one of the times I agreed with him.