Dudes and Dudettes…this eye-opening interview today with Neil Cavuto is a must watch! You really need to hear every single word Staten Island resident John Tabacco had to say this morning regarding FEMA and Janet Napolitiano. I caught this while having my coffee, waited until I had the time to post this here today. After you listen to this…see if you think FEMA needs to be privatized…as Romney himself has suggested as well.

Here’s one report, make sure and click on link for other highlighted links as well. – This is via GWP:

Staten Island resident John Tabacco told Neil Cavuto this morning that Staten Island is still alone.
** There is no federal help.
** The feds just drive by with their clipboards.
** We just found three more dead people in the pile this morning.

John Tabacco on the situation in Staten Island:

“This morning we’re distributing stuff here and we’re helping people dig out and we hear the sanitation guys scream out that there are bodies in the pile. Everybody jumps on the pile and starts pulling away debris. And, unfortunately, probably not reported right now, it was probably an hour and a half ago, certainly three more people deceased. God bless them… We keep seeing these huge convoys of FEMA and Janet Napolitano and Homeland Security driving by with clipboards writing things down. But there’s not a single soul in the street. We have volunteers and other people coming out giving water from their own homes. People need gloves. People need blankets and you can get to these homes. The question is, where is the government assistance?“

But this is not really important according to the liberal media since Obama is the president.

‘It’s like the Wild West’: Lawlessness and fear take over the outer boroughs as they enter sixth day without power
** Residents claim they are the ‘forgotten victims’ of Sandy
** Also say that lack of power and law enforcement means more looting and violent crime
** Those in stricken areas stockpiling weapons like kitchen knives, machetes, and bats to protect themselves
** Coney Island residents say they are forced to ‘scavenge for food like animals’
** Power unlikely to be returned to Brooklyn, Queen’s and Staten Island until sometime next week

Now, here’s one of many articles about Romney and the privatization of FEMA. –

Is Romney right that FEMA duties should be shifted to states?’

Personally….this gal thinks FEMA needs to go, along with many other federal departments. Let the states take care of much of this, along with privatization in various ways within those states. Businesses, charities and regular folks can and do always help others in need, here and abroad…always have, always will! Our bloated government bureaucracy just get’s in the way more often than not! – What say you?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Its never worked well it should be shut down. Spend the $$$ on the national guard and private operations that work.

  2. Check this out…Nanny Bloomberg and his logic.


  3. Here’s some more from Staten Island residents. ~


  4. Cinnamon Girl says:

    While I am in support of privatization of most federal and even state agencies, it might come to nothing more than the government contracting services and equipment a la Lockheed-Martin or Halliburton, and it might wind up costing American taxpayers as much as it already does. Remember those $300 wrenches and $8,000 toilets?

    However, if done right, privatization is the way to go.

    As for FEMA currently driving right by on Staten Island, it’s disgusting. Yet, we won’t hear a word of it being blamed on this administration because a Dem and in particular Dear Leader, is commander-in-chief.

    For years we have heard how Bush and FEMA blew it with Katrina. It has never and will never end.

    My apologies to everyone who might be tired today of my rant-like posts. I’m fired up!

    • No apologies necessary…I love it when you’re fired up! Methinks many of us are getting to that point as well…I know I am, and have been, especially the last month or more since Benghazi happened and the msm cover-up for their messiah. It’s been beneath contempt to say the least.

  5. I was sitting at a long stop light yesterday, minding my own business,
    patiently waiting for it to turn green even though there was no on-coming

    A carload of bearded, young, loud Muslims, shouting anti-American slogans,
    with a half-burned American Flag duct-taped on the trunk off their car and a
    “Remember 9-11” slogan spray painted on the side, was stopped next to me.

    Suddenly they yelled, “Aqbar Allah! Praise Allah!” and took off before the
    light changed. Out of nowhere an 18-wheeler came speeding through the
    intersection and ran directly over their car, crushing it completely and
    killing every occupant of the car.

    For several minutes I sat in my car thinking to myself, “Man…that could
    have been me!”

    So today, bright and early, I went out and got a job as a truck driver.


    FENA needs to be to be totaly abolished along with the DEPT of ENERGY,EPA and EEOC and the DEPT of HOMELAND SECURATY and BATFE as well

  7. e.e. hilbert says:

    FEMA, along with Home security, and so many government agencies, should all be disbanded. What the devil are we paying for that isn’t already in the mill from private charitable non-profit organization.

    It is also about time to get the hell out of the foreign aid business and concentrate on the home front and stay within our secured borders. Isn’t it time to take care of the tax paying citizens?

  8. Walmart, UPS, FedEx and any number of companies could run this. It is about logistics. FEMA is just a bureaucratic layer of ineptitude that actually hinders operations. We can send our Military to all the other countries around the world that are hit with disasters, and we are unable to help our own. Somethings wrong. We also need to do a better job at being prepared to help ourselves in an emergency. I know I am going to buy a few extra items at the store from now on. We have seen too many times that the government is not capable to help in an emergency.

  9. David in SC says:

    Well, if people had money they’d help themselves but most of if goes to the gubmint.

  10. Every hurricane season June 1st through Nov. 30th people were advised by disaster preparedness authorities to get supplies. Everyone in South Florida knew what those items were to be. Yet there were always those who did not prepare. After Hurricane Andrew we didn’t have power for a long time. After Hurricane Georges in 1998 US 1 in the Keys was impassable. There were minor hurricanes in between until Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Half of the island I lived on was under several feet of water.

    I know these folks are suffering, but you need to be responsible for yourself, and not wait for the government to come and save you. Forcasters have been saying for years that a major storm could threaten the Northeast, it looks like it has happened.

    The message here is don’t rely on the government, they will not help you. Praying for folks is good, but it’s worthless without action.

    God can move a mountain, but you need to bring a shovel.

  11. Sounds like those Staten Islanders are rising to the challenge and bootstrapping it. Good on ’em, waiting on bureaucrats just reduces their chances for getting back to normal.

    • Exactly right. I heard some gal yesterday, or the day before, begging Senator Up-Chuck Schumer to please not leave them…she pleaded and pleaded for help, saying they were dying there etc etc…of course Schumer told her he wouldn’t leave, which of course he promptly did as soon as the cameras were off of his no-good face.

      Never depend on the government should be the first lesson all learn…but many seem to do the opposite, time and again.

      • up-chuck is a name he certainly deserves……..POS

        • That he do…he’s worked hard for that title. I’ve been calling him that from way back when on another site I used to blog on for years and years. – I detest the slimy, lying, bastid!

      • Hi bigtimer,I am 4 miles from destruction that is beyond belief.My town suffered the least damage. Would you believe there has been looting by scumbags in boats!!!!!!!!! They should be shot on sight.

      • They are just there for the photo ops. I don’t remember a single politician showing up in the Keys after a storm. We were always on our own. I don’t even think Hurricane Wilma made national news. After the storm passed the Yucatan Peninsula, winds were clocked at 185 miles per hour sustained as it headed for South Florida, with higher gusts over 200.

        Category 5 is 155+ thats what we were looking at. It weakened to Cat 3 before it hit, but thats still a major storm. I noticed that most of the homes on the Eastern Seaboard are built at ground level. Thats insane! After Andrew, all of the building codes were dramatically revised. Wood frame houses built right next to the ocean at ground level is a recipe for disaster.

        When these homes are rebuilt, which they will be because people want to live near the ocean, they should be built on concrete columns to much tougher standards. Even then, the ocean will have her way.

        • I recall Wilma making national news…not like they do today.

          One other fact to add to your post…there was a full moon to-boot with Sandy, that sure added to the power of the storm tide as well.

          You can’t change ‘Mother Nature!’…although ‘Planetary Emergency’ algore thinks he can.

        • Michale T
          What storm blew away Homestead Florida? was it Hugo? a nephew Of mine had moved back to Ga from Key West a few weeks before the storm and had put all his belongings in a storage facility, after the storm he found out his stuff was still there so the wife and I drove him down to get it, we went through the Keys at night and all you could see was great fires burning everywhere, we got to K West about 4am and rented a u haul, got his stuff and headed back, I could not believe what my eyes were seeing, from horizon to horizon was totally destruction mile after mile, How could anything live through that? At Homestead the wife told me I needed to find a bath room, I told her you picked a fine time to go cause there’s nothing here, We came up to a National Guard camp where there were a couple hundred porta jon’s and I pull over and told her to take her pick. As I was standing there waiting I could look down the street of a destroyed town when a chopper swooped over my head and touched down about 300 ft in front of me and soldiers piled out, almost at the same time the looters came running out of what was left of the homes, the Guardsman were beating the holy hell out of them and taking them prisoners, I guess they didn’t have live ammo, It take’s scum of the earth to steal from people that have lost everything but a few cloths and cheap trinket’s.

          • That would have been Hurricane Andrew in 1992 that destroyed Homestead and Florida City. Hugo happened before Andrew, and hit Charleston SC.

  12. bigtimer
    Never depend on the government is right, I have lived through some tough situations when we had no power for 2 weeks and couldn’t get to town either, It’s not really a big problem, we can still heat and cook, on the wood stove still draw water from the well still have lights as long as the kerosene last and the pantry is always stocked with the stuff to last at least a month, I kind of enjoy those situations knowing that I am prepared so I don’t need FEMA or any other gov bunch, I am glad to see the local electrical utility co get power back on but other than that I’m fine so go take care of the old and sick cause me and mine are gonna make it, thanks but no thanks.

    • Evening ga steve…

      In our neck of the woods we’ve been without power for about the same amount of time, just a little over two weeks…this was years back now. But we melted snow on the stove for everything, including bathing…cooked on it, plus the keeping the house warm and such as well. Kerosene lamps and candles are a must too.

      Never depend on Washington DCm for anything…and where we live, we sure as heck didn’t make national news either. There were was a lot of damage done to many businesses, schools, homes etc widespread…of course we didn’t know that until the power was finally restored etc.

      Btw…we have a well too…but we can’t draw from it like you can.

      • bigtimer
        Several yr’s back during hurricane season the local utility co sent most of the employees to Fla thinking they would get hit hard, the ones left here were pretty incompetent to do the job, I and several senior citizen neighbors live about 500 ft from the main power line, one small broken wire would have put us back on line but the affirmative action engineer refused to do a one hr job and all the food the fixed income seniors had in their freezers ruined, I called the local Electric co op president at his home one evening and left a message, I told him that we had been without power for 2 weeks and that the wife and I and all the kids were coming to his house the next afternoon to take a hot shower and wash some clothes and I hung up, As I was heading out the door at 6am the next morning the co op pres called me and assured me my power would be on by 8am, and it was, sometimes I’m an a–hole and sometimes you have to be.

    • Exactly ga steve… don’t count on help from the government… you’ll get more help from neighbors and just being prepared for a disaster.

  13. Here’s a gripping, horrifying story from one family.


    • Thats pretty bad. If one is not actively involved in public safety like I was, Fire Department, then you should always evacuate. All of our members, well some, were given the option of evacuating. But some had to stay.

      • Wow…thinking of some of what you posted last night here and there about this subject, I saw a great picture and report about Hurricane Sandy, wanted to share it with you and others and see what you thought as well. – Then our power went out twice today…for quite awhile. I will look around and see if I can find it, you may have seen it…but still, in case you didn’t I’ll put it here somewhere below this post if and when I find it in a bit.

        The picture alone was awesome.

  14. The video should tell you one thing… don’t rely on the stinking government for anything.

  15. I live here in New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy should be the case study of the failure of big Government. After the storm people called Amazon and had generators delivered the next day, yet our useless mayor couldn’t coordinate ice,food,shelter,information, and water deliverys with FEMA or anyone else. Wake up people big Government Doesn’t Work.

    • Thanks so much for your information. What you say speaks volumes, it always has been companies in this country that are the first to respond in anyway possible…yet, the msm always omits that fact. We all know why too…they no longer control us, we have algores Amazing Internet to spread the word, and that we do by the millions!

  16. Has everyone been keeping up with this outrageous BS from the Unions?


    and this. ~


    Last but not least…


  17. Anybody know who the director of FEMA is and what he’s been doing about this mess. I remember during Katrina, Michael Brown was all over the news and being regularly skewered. As I recall they were airdropping food and water by the third day after the Katrina even though the whole damn city was underwater. Red Cross would not even go into the city.

    Speaking of the Red Cross, I saw some actor asking for $10 donations and thought he’s going to need a lot of those since he needs 95,000 donors just to pay the Director’s salary.

    I have seen a lot of criticism for those who neither left nor prepared but one thing you have to keep in mind is that a lot of people up there don’t own cars and have very little space for a lot of food storage. I don’t know if that is true throughout tha area but I have met people from up there who tell me that they buy what they are going to cook for dinner on the way home from work.

    One of the big problems during Katrina was that the storm occurred two days before the gubmint checks came out so most of the government dependents were broke.

  18. This story fits right in with Dear Leader and FEMA.


    Shh…don’t tell the leftist msm!

  19. This has to do with the mess in Staten Island and Cavuto etc…


  20. Romney speaks strongly of either eliminating or cutting down on all those worthless govt “alphabet agencies” and he being a business man, knows what a waste they are. I believe Romney would yank the rug out from under all those useless, wasteful beaureaucrat, self perpetuating bastards!….This has been needed action on our bloated govt for decades and that is the only way we will EVER get to a balanced budget.
    I long to see the day when thousands of useless beaureaucrats are forced to search for work in the private sector!

    I would like to see 99% of the worthless “alphabet agencies” shut down,….also, a law stating that those who are on the govt dole, {welfare, foodstamps, etc.}, cannot vote, because it IS a “conflict of interest”.

    • I’d like those that are on the govt. dole programs you mention have to be drug tested, if they fail…no check.

      Oh well…we know that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

  21. Anyone happen to see what happened to Nanny Bloomie?