When in the world will the republicans quit eating their own? Time and again we’ve seen example after example of this over the years…I don’t know about all of you, but this gal has had her fill of this. When will they ever learn…or is that now a complete impossibility? Seems to me too many republicans are afraid of their own shadows when it comes to political correctness and the media…in the the long run they are defeating themselves by doing what they do time and again. You can be sure the democrats are pleased as punch about this, their mission has been accomplished!

I’m going to post two examples of what I’m talking about, both have happened recently. – See what you think.

First up we have this via Mediaite:

An official in the Virginia Republican Party, Bob FitzSimmonds, is garnering some attention for remarks he posted on Facebook. When President Barack Obama “goes to Hell,” he wrote, he’ll still be placing the blame on his predecessor, President George W. Bush.

FitzSimmonds’ post, published on Wednesday, read: “When Obama is 90 years old and he dies and goes to Hell, he is going to say ‘This is all Bush’s fault.’”

He currently serves as chief deputy clerk for Prince William Circuit Court and treasurer of the Virginia Republican Party’s State Central Committee — and is also a close ally of the state’s attorney general, and gubernatorial candidate, Ken Cuccinelli.

On Thursday, FitzSimmonds gave a comment to the Hampton Roads Pilot. In an email, he said, “My Facebook post was not about Obama going to Hell. It was about his obsession with blame shifting and I don’t really see anything inappropriate about it.”

Meanwhile, Cuccinelli distanced himself from the remark, via spokesman Noah Wall, who said, “Mr. FitzSimmonds does not speak for our campaign, and we don’t agree with his assessment.”

Virginia Democratic Party chairman Brian Moran also released a statement. The state GOP needs to condemn the remarks, he said, and FitzSimmonds needs to apologize:

“Taking to Facebook to muse on the death of the President of the United States and whether or not he will go to hell is well below the standard of conduct Virginians set for their public officials and political leaders.

“Mr. Fitzsimmonds should apologize and his close allies like Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins should condemn his inflammatory remarks immediately,” he added. “As leaders in Washington put the elections behind them and try to solve the enormous challenges we face as a country, this type of rhetoric raises serious questions about whether certain factions of the Republican party are capable of putting Virginia families ahead of ugly partisan rancor.”

What did this guy say that’s so terrible…my gosh, we’ve gone past the point of political correctness, I call the call for an apology and such as ‘Stuck on Stupid!’ How ’bout you?

Next up we have this…please tell me what part of what Romney said was wrong? – You can read this in full here.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Friday distanced himself from former presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s “gifts” remarks, making him the latest in a growing list of Republican leaders to do so.

“You can’t expect to be a leader of all the people and be divisive,” said Gov. Christie when asked by the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” whether he agreed with Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.), who was the first to push back against Romney’s comments.

“You have to talk about themes, policies that unite people. And play to their aspirations and their goals and their hopes for their family and their neighbors. And I always think this is scapegoating after elections. When you lose, you lost,” said the New Jersey governor.

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Now here’s what Romney had to say…this is what all the brouhaha is about when it comes to some republicans that have distanced themselves from the comments, for the life of me I don’t understand why that is…seems to me Romney hit the nail on the head! Cradle to Grave comes to mind!

Romney during a conference call with top donors accused young voters, women, and minorities of voting for Barack Obama because he offered them “gifts.”

“It’s a proven political strategy, which is give a bunch of money to a group and, guess what, they’ll vote for you,” said Romney.

“What I would do if I were a Democrat running four years from now — I’d say dental care ought to be included in Obamacare,” Romney told donors,” he added.

What the president did is he gave them two things. One, he gave them a big gift on immigration with the DREAM Act amnesty program, which was obviously very, very popular with Hispanic voters, and then number two was Obamacare … For a home earning — let’s say $30,000 a year — free health care, which is worth about $10,000 a year, I mean it’s massive, it’s huge. So this — he did two very popular things for the Hispanic community.

When asked about these comment, Gov. Bobby Jindal said that they were absolutely wrong” and that “we have got to stop dividing American voters.”

Leftists keep fighting for their agenda…yet the GOP hides from it’s own shadow and constantly cave!

So friends…what do you think about all of this, will the republican party ever learn, or will things remain the same with what has become a marching band of the clueless…known as the GOP?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. It is time to re-evaluate the Republican Party………I am getting really tired of the “”all inclusive bullsh!t”” that I am now hearing…….

    We are not Democrats……..We are not all inclusive……

    It’s time to re-evaluate the Republican Party……I am getting the feeling I am not represented in this party……It seems to be leaving it’s conservative values and adopting the values of the the liberal democrats………….

    It may be time to let the Republican Party implode……scrap this party and begin all a new……….

    • Bluto…

      I’m with ya…it’s time to start the ball rolling for a new party, we are not going to get rid of the weak-knees in this party in congress or elsewhere…I’ve past had my fill. I may not vote again if we don’t change things soon. We need a conservative party of some sorts…period!

      • I am with ya all the way…….I whole heartily concur………

        That Chris Christie is really pissing me off too……..

        • Same here when it comes to Christie…constantly being a guest on msDNC should be telling enough!

          • When and why exactly did we allow the GOP to abduct the TEA Party?
            Why has the TEA Party not become a political force of its own?
            I plan to push for it, although it is too little and too late at this point.
            Maybe when a new Free Nation is founded in North America, we will see something done right for once.

          • I think we lost something like 16 Tea Party candidates in the House this last election…at least I do know it was 16 new faces that were elected last time on our side of the aisle. Don’t have the link anymore…but the link was an excellent one.

          • I said right here on AWD.com that the GOP would co-opt the Tea Party, and guess what? They did. I love being right.

          • Are you meaning the GOP is working their will against those as they see as threats?

            …sorry I’m kind of confused Swamp, don’t know which way you mean this. Who co-opted whom in the way you mean?

          • The GOP co-opted the Tea Party. Palin was among the first with the “Tea Party Express”. TPE is/was a PAC. Dude pointed that out here a long time ago.

          • Thanks…I knew the rest beforehand as well, when it comes to Palin and the TPE etc. – Just wanted to know which way you meant your original post…which, by the way…I agree with since you clarified for this tired ol’ gal.

          • FuriousFatMan says:

            *gloating brofist*


            *jazz hands*


    • FuriousFatMan says:

      you had a chance in the primaries. shoulda voted for Paul.




    As soon as they put the needs of this nations and its citzens ahead of party politics

  3. As I told AWD in Dallas, I had it wrong before when I said it should be the Republican Party vs. the Libertarian Party going forward.

    We obviously can’t kill the Democrat Party that easily, not now that they’ve established their bottom-feeding, “gibme gibme” underclass majority.

    But we can kill the Republican party. We all just must agree to vote third-party until the Republicans just go away.

    It won’t make any difference anymore. The 2012 elections proved the Republicans are dead to us. Either they constantly lose by running milquetoast “centrists”, or they simply become Democrats in all but name (which they pretty much are these days anyway). In either case, we lose.

    So eff ’em. High time to put the Republitards out to pasture. It’s high time we have a choice between liberty and tyranny (instead of insta-tyranny and slow-mo tyranny). And there’s simply no denying anymore that the Republicans are incapable of providing us that choice. To hell with them.

    We’re all third-partiers now.

    • Yep…I wished the American Constitution Party was bigger…maybe we can help it grow.

      Read about their platform.


      It’s right up my aisle…always has been.

      I may post about this in the near future. ~

    • I couldn’t agree with you more… Third party is the only answer. We will be in a long fight to eliminate the establishment status quo but its a fight that is necessary to save the Republic.. Hopefully we are not to late.

      We all know that Democrats are the enemy but we need to realize that Republicans are the worst kind of enemy because they are not honest about who they REALLY are.. at least Democrats are honest about their anti-American, anti- Constitution, anti-Captialist, anti-traditional values bias. Repugs talk the conservative game then behind closed doors they are complicit in the destruction that is happening to our country.

      For the record.. I knew the election was going to Obama for sure when that fat ass SOB Gov Christie was smoking the “O” sausage during their little love fest walk about in New Jersey.. I was on the fence about Christie for a while because his rhetoric was so aggressive ( and we all loved it ) but his record suggested he was someone else.. now their should be no doubts who he is. Christie is a perfect example of what has been happening to our party for years.. don’t listen to a damn word they say.. their record and associations are ALL that matter.

    • FuriousFatMan says:

      ahh, redstater. you were always the one w/ the level head. 😀

      it is lose lose.

      be socially liberal, you lose the jesus vote.

      be fiscally conservative, you lose the Mexican/black/woman vote.

      be a constitutionalist, you lose both sides.

      we need an asshole for president that will bend the American people over his knee and spank the stupid out of them.

      Fatty 2016!


  4. Cinnamon Girl says:

    As far as existing parties go, the American Constitution party is the only one with any decency left. Sure, we can all give it a go and support them but like Bluto and Redstater said, maybe the best thing is to kill the Republican party by not supporting them anymore in any way.

    The day after the election I went ahead and posted on the most popular social network site that I was giving up on the GOP and was going to support a new party or find an existing one that was truer to America. I received a few comments and a LOT of “likes” from my conservative friends. Many more than I expected.

    We are all fed up. And because of that, we must all, in my opinion, abandon the Republican party and work toward getting what we want: true freedom, independence, liberty, opportunity, and justice. The only other choice is to let the country completely collapse under its own weight. Of course, that’s not a bad idea, either….

    • Agree about the American Constitution Party CG…I have their platform link posted above your post.

      I can’t just vote straight Libertarian…there are also too many kooks in various places that I just will never agree with either. I’ve always been registered Independent…unfortunately, we haven’t had much choice over my lifetime but to vote for anybody else that wasn’t a repub if we thought we had a chance to win. – I truly hope things change before I exit this planet.

      One other thing to mention about this, even in my state we lost a good conservative for Senator (Denny Rehberg) to a Libertarian that the union goons supported and backed from day one. For all I know, the commie unions put him on the ticket in the first place…they succeeded, we ended up with fake farmer John Tester again being in the Senate. This has happened time and again in Big Sky Country. It’s infuriating!

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        Why can’t people see that unions are simply another group that is using their power, money, and threats to control what Americans get? The idea of unions was a good one way back when…but now, and for decades, they’ve been completely corrupt. From what I’ve read and from what I know about both members and leaders, all they want to do is as little as humanly possible while getting paid exorbitant amounts of money. This is NOT the American way that I know and love!

        To me, it seems that no one truly represents the people of this country. Not a person, not a party, not any entity. It’s sadly understandable why honest, hard-working Americans don’t wish to run for office: they’ll either be lambasted or corrupted. One must be ruthless, dishonest, and without scruples to play the game. I’m SICK. OF. IT. Uuuughghgh!

      • FuriousFatMan says:

        big, don’t let the media slandering of libertarians fool you. both Fox & the liberal media are guilty of this.

        youtube these people, they will explain to you the basics of libertarian principles & that the main focus is liberty above all else, based on the constitution of course. 😀

        Judge Napolitano – used to be a real judge. my pick for a supreme court justice.

        John Stossel – liberal turned libertarian. his episodes about how he saw through all the fear mongering bullshit at ABC are some of the best. his debate w/ ann coulter is great too.

        Penn Jillete – really bridges the gap between atheist libertarians and traditional conservatives through very thought out points of view.

        Milton Friedman – Economics. THE Economist. Peroid. Everything in essence is economics, and if you don’t understand economics, you will not get the total picture on issues.

        i’ll give ya some more if ya like, but those are some of the best ones.

        Judge Nap is the 2nd greatest man alive right now, and was supposed to be Ron Paul’s VP. Watch his vids and tell me that a Paul/Napolitano ticket wouldn’t have been sexy as hell.

        meh, back to trolling feminists. tee-hee!


  5. One other major item to mention…no matter if we eventually succeed in gaining in some other party, until the rampant cheating from the democrats stops in all states and precincts is halted…nothing is going to change…period! – Something has to be done about this once and for all.

    Long prison time for those that commit voting fraud is the only answer via my viewfinder in life.

    • Speaking of voter fraud…don’t know if many of you have been keeping up with what’s been happening to Allen West since election, if you haven’t…here’s some of the latest.


      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        I know a lot of people from Palm Beach county and they are NOT liberals. In fact, they’ve been vehemently opposed to Murphy, who ran the dirtiest campaign I have personally ever seen. Yet, a judge just uses their power and POOF! denies the people once again. Fed. Up.

        • Yep…West only has until tomorrow before the day Murphy is certified/declared the winner…or something like that.

          Btw…I’ve been following what’s been happening to West from day one…I’m glad he’s fighting the right fight…too bad we didn’t have others in past and present that didn’t do the same. Instead…they fold like cheap tents. And of course those that don’t and didn’t fold get no support from the RNC/GOP, I’ve seen that happen for decades.

  6. Christie’s a lawyer and jindal is just another usurper. Dump ’em both, too many lawyers and I’m over any guilt for persons of color.

  7. Enoch Powell says:

    As of right now, the GOP is completely irrelevant. Judging by Romney’s insipid campaign, the GOP’s official policy is to agree with the Democrats on everything except a couple of little details that most people find extremely obscure. The GOP is so cowardly that they couldn’t point out during the election that Obama is quite literally a common criminal and affirmative-action parasite. They were too afraid to even hint at those horrible facts.

    For the GOP to become relevant again, it will have to wake up to the reality that its constituency is WHITE. Even the Black and Hispanic middle classes, such as they are, are artificial, affirmative-action creations who will always vote for the Democrats. Asians are also natural Leftists who apparently prefer living in a politically-correct tyranny.

    The GOP must stop its stupid, cowardly pandering to nonWhites, who will NEVER vote for them, and actually start to represent the interests of the White people who DO vote for them – or would vote for them if the GOP wasn’t so full of disgusting cowards and imbeciles like Bush, Rove, Ryan, Romney, McCain, etc.

    Romney vs. Obama should have been an easy victory for Romney, but it is obvious that the GOP is too frightened to actually point out the crimes and failures of its Black opponent. That is simple cowardice. Obama is a common criminal, liar, thief and traitor. Not once did Romney even allude to these facts.

    Not once did Romney attack Obama for his illegal amnesty of illegal aliens. Not once did Romney point out the destructive Leftist horror that is ObamaCare. In fact Romney’s only problem with Obama’s illegal amnesty was that it “didn’t go far enough for a permanent solution.”

    That means Romney is as big a traitor as Obama – or a bigger fool. I can’t decide which.

    If the GOP wants to become at all relevant again, it must reject polite moderation, self censorship and all politically-correct boilerplate. The GOP must stop being the whipping boy of the Democrats and stand on its hind legs.

    At the very least the GOP needs to advocate a moratorium on immigration, sealing the borders, a moratorium on new citizenships and a program to forcibly deport ALL illegal aliens. Along with that should be the actual outlawing of affirmative action. Then we might have a small chance of saving the U.S. as a civilized country.

    As long as the GOP is led by politically-correct “realist” cowards, the GOP is irrelevant. White people will have to find other leaders.

  8. Hey Meg…nobody in real life gives a rats rear what the hell you do!


    You can be sure msDNC will be proud of her. ~

  9. I’m born and bred here in Louisiana.I was a big supporter of Governor
    Jindal. Now after this, to me he is on the same level in my eyes as democrats
    are.If a democrat lies he can always count on other democrats to back
    up his lie.With the republicans, they are actually opposite of democrats.By this
    I mean,when a republican tells a politically incorrect truth all the other
    republicans turn their backs on him instead of them backing him and the truth up.
    The republicans are dead in my eyes actually I now hold them on the same level
    as I do democrats.I don’t know why I have stuck with republicans for so long because
    they sure as hell don’t represent any of my conservatives values anymore.

    • I just added Jindal to my list of ‘Forget About It!’…when I heard him say this the other day.

      Agree with the rest of what you had to say as well. ~

  10. Repos will continue their circular firing squad tactics forever. Its time for a third party that is based on classic Conservatism. Demos have exposed exactly who they are and what they stand for, National Socialist Party. The New Conservative Party needs to start forming now before “O” gets to place new SCOTUS members. “O” is not going to waste any time trying to destroy America and the Repo leadership are lost in the wilderness of NRO and Weakly Standard land. Our military leadership is being replaced by wimps and whiners and will soon be under “O”s thumb. Look whats going on now. When we get a Fag in as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff it will be over. Fascism moves fast into place when its started and the Repos will be standing around in the FEMA camps wondering what happened. People seem to forget the book Bill Ayers wrote when he was young or the video of the FBI infiltrator into their group talking about Ayers and his bunch offing about 25 million Americans in re education camps. They were serious then and Ayers stooge is now POTUS and he is moving fast now. If anyone thinks “O”s going to just give up power and leave in 4 years they are delusional. The CPUSA, Socialist Workers Party and The American Nazi Party have too much time and energy invested to let it all go bye bye in a few years. The Tea Party or what ever the Movement will be called had damn well get it together and fast, just dump the Repos and Paulians. Get an Independent Conservative movement up and running ASAP. Its now or never.


    Answer, when they are full.

  12. Abandoning the GOP means an even faster-track to complete takeover by the Left.

    The Marxists took over the donkey party with a cunning long-term strategy of first fitting in, conniving their way into positions of power, and then manipulating a parade of like-minded radicals into power. While simultaneously implementing the same long-march strategy through our other institutions, culminating in their ability to get a BLT (Black Liberation Theology) elected POTUS. And last Tuesday, affirmation of their evermore brazen agenda with BHO’s re-election.

    Those reading this blog know these things, but I think it bears review because the red-diaper babies succeeded by working from within the Democrat establishment. It took 40 years, but these zealots successfully twisted a party of working-class patriots into a phalynx of lobotomized apparatchiks – in one generation. Their pragmatists thought it smarter to commandeer the wheel than to re-invent it.

    IMHO, our only chance is to take a similar approach to get more Tea Party types in power, not abandon the GOP.

    • What an excellent pice of pertinent prose!

      I agree Boehner and his GOP Yankee clique needs to be smashed. But we need to address the clear voter fraud. 199 counties where Romney did not get one vote? Perfect record by a perfect turn out. Not ONE mistake.

      The Tea Party is the correct path!

      Again, well written…..

      Sir T

  13. I totally agree,We need to kill off the republican party.They haven’t represented conservatives since Reagan.They won’t even stand up for themselves and they bend whatever way the political winds blow.I believe if all conservatives and people that truly want our government to respects our values to look to a party that will return our constitutional rights and limited government.I’ll bet you the next 4 years we will see the GOP sell everyone of us down the river for for their political careers.I for one won’t vote for anymore republicans.they are liars and sell outs they will say anything to get our vote.If there is a party or candidate that represents my views I will vote if not I will stay home.No more of the lessor of two evils.

  14. Glad to see West is still fighting the good fight…too bad we didn’t have more like him that do just that.


  15. Braindead country club republican pussies. Romney was dead on with what he said about obambie winning because of gifts. The parasites receiving from the gubmint out number those of us paying into the gubmint. Parasites will not willingly vote for someone who preaches fiscal responsibility and restraint. You cannot sell the message of smaller government to those who have their hands out. Not ever, and the republicans like Bobby Jindal need to come to grips with this fact. It is as true as the son coming up in the morning.

  16. I heard a day or two ago that my governor, Suzanna Martinez is going to push for a health care exchange here in New Mexico. I voted for her. Guess she won’t get my vote next time. Thats the way it is with
    Republitards, when they get what they want they stab you in the back.

  17. FuriousFatMan says:

    just my input on those mentioning the constitution party…

    Everything you hated about Ron Paul is based on the Constitution: non-interventionist foreign policy, ending the fed, 11 departments, ending the welfare state which includes social security, ending drug prohibition, balanced budget for domestic and foreign spending including military cuts, ending affirmative action and the civil rights act….

    oh it goes on and on.

    but on the bright side, if Romney would have won, it would have taken most of you 4 years to see through the bullshit and start being as grumpy as you are.


    any questions from a former neo-con turned libertarian?

    I have 1 answer for everyone of them: “it will be difficult.”


  18. We’re screwed. Not much left of the GOP or any fiscal responsibility. Where is that island Tom Hanks was stuck on?

  19. Here’s another example of ‘Stuck on Stupid!’


  20. Here are two who agree with Romney’s statement.


    …and one of my favorites, Steve King.