We have four dead Americans that were murdered in Benghazi by radical, Islamic terrorists and our side of the aisle want answers, they want the truth about what happened, who in the White House knew exactly what happened and when, who gave the stand down order…etc etc. We also want to know why Susan Rice was sent out there to make appearances of five different political shows on the same day repeating the White House talking-points provided for her by the White House itself. Obama stated as such himself during his presser not that long ago…he told others to take him on….so why are the democrat congress-critters as well some of the msm talking-heads pulling out the race card…again?! It do get tiring…but it is what it is, the propaganda never ends. – Agenda…agenda…agenda!

I’m going to start with one main report that sums up this whole situation well. – This is via Mediaite:

On Wednesday’s Fox & Friends, Sen. Lindsey Graham was asked to respond to the assertion that his and Sen. John McCain‘s criticism of Ambassador Susan Rice — following the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi — has been based in part on a sexist or racist view. Graham readily dismissed the charge, noting that the only color he’s concerned with is “blood red.”

Steve Doocy noted that Rice went on television and said what “clearly was not true,” and that Graham’s and McCain’s ensuing criticism has some saying they “are sexist and racist.”

“Well, when you can’t answer the question you attack the questioner,” Graham replied. “The only color I’m worried about when it comes to Benghazi is red, blood red. The death of four Americans.”

“What motivates Sen. McCain and myself is that we were in Libya last September, we came back and wrote an op-ed piece that if we don’t form a national army to replace these militias, Libya’s going to break apart,” Graham elaborated. “And the sad story is not just the four dead Americans, which is heartbreaking, the Libya people want to move forward. And this leading from behind by Obama, we’ve done nothing to help them form an army to replace the militias.”

The senators have caught heat from some members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who have asserted that the criticism directed at Rice stems from her being an African-American women. Chair of the caucus, Rep. Marcia Fudge, recently said, “It is a shame that any time anything goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities.”

Rep. James Clyburn was more blunt in his assessment, saying that the charge that Rice “either willfully or incompetently misled the American public” was racially loaded. “These are code words,” he said. “We heard them during the campaign…especially those of us who were grown and raised in the South, we would hear these little words and phrases all of our lives and we’d get insulted by them.”

Now friends…next I’m going to post videos along with links of many people mentioned above and one other as well from the msDNC Funny Farm! All of them should frost your flakes in more ways than one…some of you may have read about them and seen them previously too.

First we’ll start with good ol’ James Clyburn….he never tires of playing the race-card. You can read the story in full here and watch what he says below.

Dem Congressman: Republicans Are Using Racial ‘Code Words’ To Attack Susan Rice

Next we have this miniature twit from msDNC…that being Richard Wolffe. This should really frost your flakes as well.

MSNBC vice president: Racism motivating conservative attacks against Susan Rice, Eric Holder

Last but not least we have congress-critter Marcia Fudge…she’s from the CBC too. Her wisdom is awesome dontcha know!

Rep. Marcia Fudge defends UN Ambassador Susan Rice from attacks by Senator John McCain

No truer words were spoken than what Sen. Graham said here: The only color I’m worried about when it comes to Benghazi is red, blood red. The death of four Americans.”

I fear we will never find the real truth out regarding what really happened when it comes to the White House and participants that were involved in this horrific incidence in the near future…but I do hope the republicans in charge of various committees do all the can to seek and expose the truth they do get…the race-card game be damned!

Throw in your thoughts about all of this…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Liberalism… truly is… a mental disorder…

  2. Yeah, racism and sexism and every other ism there is. Luckily for the Dems, Susan Rice is black and female. It’s no accident they chose her to ‘walk point’ on this one. They knew they would catch hell when this all came out. So the racism and sexism thing is carefully constructed to divert attention from the real issue, that four Americans were murdered, and the Regime did nothing to help them.

    Stupid Democrats.

    • Excellent deductions Swamp…I, too, agree. And we know the msm knows this too…yet too their horn for their messiah, it’s sickening!

      Four Americans dead…who cares? – Move along girls and boys….nothing to see!

    • When they yell racism you know your hitting a nerve, they are hiding something. Democrats are not stupid, thats letting them off easy. Liberal Democrats are Mentally
      Disabled, remember Howies scream! There ya go, nuttier than fruit cakes. I doubt most would be smart enough to truly define racism, they just parrot what they have been told to say…no thinking required or wanted. It must be truly insulting to Rice to be used and abused like this.

      • I don’t think Rice has been abused…she wants that State Dept. job Hillary has now badly. Check this out…she’s out there touting her same ol’ BS again tonight, playing the blame game!


        Btw…isn’t it convenient she did this Thanksgiving Eve….when nobody will pay attention.

        • They might as well give it to John Kerry (Of Viet Nam Fame), we need someone to laugh at. He fits the bill perfectly. She is not funny or smart just can’t diss her without calling racist down on yourself.

          • John Kerry is an old white man….he won’t fit the bill. (and he doesn’t for all the reasons we can say from his past) Nope…methinks Dear Leader is going to stick it in the faces of the Senate to get what he wants…that being Susan Rice.

            Disgusting all the way ’round.

          • Susan Rice’s husband is white… wonder if Obama know that?



  4. It would have been ‘racist’ to properly vet the Zero and Sonya Sotomeyer too -and look where THAT got us.
    Screw it, ‘racist’ or ‘unicorn fart’ -it all means the same to me anymore; so call me whatever makes that one lonely little brain cell rattling around in your empty head (like the bb in a spray paint can) happy.
    I will not be intimidated by your name calling or your thugs anymore.

  5. I saw something hilarious yesterday near the main Chase bank downtown on Dearborn at around 6:30PM. I saw a chubby Black woman wiping her face and yell at a white man: “You’re a racist!” The white man replied: “You’re the racist! I’m in a hurry so I’m a racist???”

    A white man with balls enough to tell a black woman to kiss off!

  6. When are the republicans and those who have power going to call these democrats on this issue…….no matter what happens the dims say everything is racism……..that we are only saying what we say becasue we are racists……..

    Question anyone who is black and you are automatically accused of racism…..your motivation is to demean blacks……what bullshit……..

    No one can question blacks, and if you do the dims will publicly hurl slurs at you to make you stop……blacks have the notion that anything we do is OK and you can’t question us about anything……….

    One black gets up in front of the entire country and lies, and the rest of the blacks all swear to it………and everyone of them knows that they are swearing to and affirming these lies………….

    And when it comes to Obongo the biggest liar of them all, he is protected by his Praetorian Guard and the MSM……..god damn lying son-of-a-bitch……….

  7. I can’t figure our how in the world these people get elected to such high offices. They are beyond silly and ridiculous.

  8. Check this out…there’s a link at the bottom of the link post as well.


  9. I’ve seen fellow Crackers with more Negroid features than Ambassador Rice. https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/2245433940/297681_10150417294436240_295915266239_10074516_1895344954_n.jpg

    I also note that Ms. Rice speaks like she was raised closer to Condi Rice’s neighborhood than to Rep. Fudge’s, if you know what I mean.

  10. bigtimer,
    Blacks are and always have been the most racist ones in America, and there are still people that can not see.

  11. Here’s a quick, interesting bio on Susan Rice. ~


  12. Vince – Speaking of cockroaches, here’s a couple for you. I find it amusing when one of their own blasts them out of the water like the renowned Henry Louis Gates did in this article:


    Southern conservatives have long been the staple of inbreeding jokes, but now, tables turned. This is no joke.


    The first is remarkable because of the source, the second because this guy actually believes what he did is quite normal.

  13. We all knew it was coming…

    Black voters look to leverage their loyalty


    The enthusiasm of black women was demonstrated in Florida when more than 250 churches marched their congregations to the polls as part of the “Souls To the Polls” early voting campaign, said Melanie Campbell, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. A large percentage of the marchers were women, Campbell said.

    “Countless women stood in line for hours to vote early so they could volunteer to work at the polls to help in the fight against voter suppression,” Campbell said.

    • Snake…doesn’t that figure! The early voting BS needs to go in my humble opinion, it should be one day and one day only…other than absentee ballots. All military members should be counted completely before we start putting numbers out there as well…but that’s just my view.

      One other thing, I’m sick to death of the cities across this country that go to court to keep polling places open long after they’re supposed to be closed, these people that are in lines in various areas are magically bussed in…mainly by unions. And lord knows where they came from.

      • Quartier LeBlanc says:

        There is a term for it. It’s called walking around money. It’s a legal payoff system for votes and is commonly used in the Black churches. Dem operative goes to Preacher A and they come to terms involving how many votes he can produce. Preach is paid and on election day there is a cookout with a boxed lunch and money in the box, plus a bus waiting to take them to the polls. All perfectly legal.

  14. Then there’s this…another twit that grazes on the msDNC Funny Farm!