Raise taxes through the roof on billionaires! Now, I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking, “AWD, you is so damn sexy, baybah!” Oh, you aren’t thinking that? You’re thinking, “AWD, have you been smoking the diggity dang to make you say something so libtarded?” Well, citizens of Dudelandia, AWD or President Duderino (if you’re not into the brevity thing) will say it onced again….Raise taxes through the roof on those evil rich billionaires! And, while you’re at it, raise them to the ceiling on multi-millionaires! Render unto Hussein what is Hussein’s! Obama and the Dims want to tax the supa-wealthy to give to the supa-moochers? Knock youselves out! See if I care!

Why such blasphemy from a dude who has called for low taxes for years? Obama made it clear the rich are greedy and evil during his first term. He ran on that and sluts during the recent election. His people are the moochers too stupid to know how wealth is created in America. They love something for nothing. Welfare moochers have their hand halfway up the butt of the golden goose. Let them now cram it further up there and strangle that poor sumbitch! Or, in the words of Francisco in Atlas Shrugged when the country crumbled after the producers quit working, “Brother, you asked for it!”

A former Soviet economist told me, “it’s easy to be a socialist in America. There’s always food on the shelves in the grocery store. The Soviet Union stretched 8 time zones but couldn’t produce a light bulb.” The moochers don’t care to understand that it is capitalism that produces everything they have and consume. AWD thought it was a sure sign of the death of America when Obama’s campaign chair Stephanie Cutter said of Mitt Romney, “it’s clear that while Romney was at Bain, he was only concerned with profits rather than creating jobs.” I crap you negative. The campaign chair of a sitting US President has zero idea about how wealth is created in America. But neither does her boss. Because neither has ever nor will they create one penny of wealth in their miserable lives! Academics and community organizers…professional moochers who live off of the wealth of others!

So who are these billionaires that we should tax the hell out of? Mostly, they are Democrats. Of the richest 10 counties in America, 8 of them voted for Obama in the last election. What should their reward be for their votes and millions in Obama campaign contributions? Pay up, you greedy suckas! There’s lots of redistribution of wealth to be done!

Raise taxes to the 91% tax rate on the super wealthy that moron who writes for the NY Times called for last week! Make it where douche bag Warren Buffet (who always complains about not paying enough taxes) has to siphon gas from his neighbor’s plane to leave Omaha! No left-wing Hollyweird movie star needs more than one house, the greedy bastids! And they won’t be able to afford it with a 90% tax rate! But think of all the ObamaPhones that can be put into the hands of poor chirren and Democrat voters in Cleveland and Detroilet! Make these big-mouth socialists finally put their money (and lots of it) where their pie-holes are!

Oh, sure. Some good conservative rich people will be hit too. But it’s necessary to teach the spoiled mooching classes a lesson. By paying mucho taxes, the wealthy won’t be able to hire or expand their businesses. Even though they pay more taxes, they will take their money elsewhere to hide it from Uncle Hussein. As always, revenues to the government will fall because the working wealth-builders will have no incentive to produce. And Stephanie Cutter will learn the hard way she is simply just a stupid idiot.

Maybe if the looters in Washington can stick it to the billionaires, they’ll leave the middle class alone. After all, isn’t the middle class the group Obama wants to save? If Republicans had any cojones (which they don’t), they would jump all over jacking up taxes on the super rich and leaving those making $250,000 alone. If Republicans were smart (which they’re not), they would lock Obama into taxing the bejeezus out of his libtarded billionaire friends on Wall Street and Hollyweird!

Take the socialism Obama and the Dims want to its logical conclusion. No socialist state has ever come close to being as successful and wealthy as America. That’s because America traditionally was populated with responsible, thrifty, hard-working people who didn’t look to their neighbor for sustenance. All that has changed with the 50 year welfare state experiment. Now we have half the country content to not pay federal taxes and/or live off of welfare and food stamps. Hell, the Dims are even importing illegal moochers! So why not play along and bring this whole rotten house of cards crashing down?

Oh sure, there will be riots and looting when the first welfare check bounces. And the police won’t be able to protect us. But who needs them to? Just who do the moochers think have been buying up all those guns over the past four years?

After the dust settles, the federal government will be forced to return to Constitutional limits or the union will rightfully dissolve. Every able-bodied American will have the right to succeed or starve. Welfare will be once again returned to private hands where it can be efficiently and effectively managed. Americans will have no need of wealth-sucking Departments of Education, Agriculture, Energy, etc to pay for with their legions of overpaid government employees with fat pensions. Any of those needs will be decided at the state level, as our Founding Fathers intended.

None of this will happen until the federal government collapses. And none of the professionals in the mooching industry will peacefully give up their free ride. So a “reckoning,” for lack of a better word must take place for America to continue as a republic.

Personally, I have little interest in what takes place in California, New Jersey, Illinois, or the rest of the blue states. They can keep their socialist, broke paradises. I’ll choose freedom. I choose Texas.

So raise ’em to the roof, Hussein! No loop holes, no exemptions, no exclusions! Time for the uber-wealthy to…as you like to say…pay their fair share! And what better place to start than the wealthiest counties in America that voted for you!

Lock and load, dudes and dudettes!

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  1. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Just who do the moochers think have been buying up all those guns over the past four years?

    Well …

    Yesterday, the entire, national background checking system for buying guns was shut down from overload. That’s right, so many of us middle class patriots were buying guns and buying a lot of them that it totally brought down the entire system. There were over 300 buyers at the time I was in my store and I was told it was a lull. Those of us with conceal carry permits were moved to the front of the line and we left with our guns.

    Let the ‘reckoning’ begin. Locked and loaded.

    • The Cabelas In Indiana had a Black Friday special on 5.56mm NATO (500 rds in a .50 ammo can @ $160); their ENTIRE inventory was gone by 8:30AM!

      Yeah, da Federales are buying millions of rounds of .40 S&W to perforate US citizens who will not knuckle under but yoose low-life “civilians” also preparing for Obama’s “The Day!”

      Keep buying munitions; remember, even your children and grandchildren should be trained and efficiently armed as any US Army soldier.

  2. ‘The Democrat War against Success’ should have been Mitten’s campaign theme.

  3. We should raise taxes. That way the economy will go ahead and die and we can get people off their buts to start doing what is necessary.

  4. Prez Duderino…you forgot to add gals at the bottom of your blog post. 😉

  5. bluffcreek1967 says:

    In other words, run it into the ground (economically speaking)! Let the Dems and their fellow moochers really feel what their economic policies really lead to. I agree. It isn’t a bad idea anyways for the simple reason that, for all intents and purposes, our country has already been run into the ground. But because we’re still living on the residuals of capitalism, we haven’t yet felt its full effects . . . . but we will . . . . soon.

    • bluffcreek1967, give Hussein what he wants! Exactly!


      • Quartier LeBlanc says:

        Won’t happen AWD. The liberal rich have long ago protected their assets in offshore accounts or in tax exempt foundations where they shuffle money from foundation to foundation like an inbred group of whores which is exactly what they are. They’ll pay enough taxes as to not draw attention to themselves, but they’ll never pay. However they want you to. Why do you think Jerry Lewis gave up show business?

    • You all truly are angry! Let it go, you’ll be so much happier . . . dang! You all are a bunch of whiners . . . maybe you should get in line to get you some gubmint cheese to go with the whine . . . I’ll throw in some crackers (LOL . . . pun intended) so that y’all can STHU!

  6. Hopefully, things will stay solvent long enough for me to get one of these little gems.

    Then I can disappear, maybe to Texas.

  7. A military coup?


    H/T Angrymike

  8. There might be ONE SMALL PROBLEM with this plan…

    If our economy does in fact collapse, then Hussein could plausibly point the finger at others. Like us. If we don’t “help” things along… then when the SHTF, we CAN say to Obama that “he built that.”

    And while he’s busy futiliy trying to explain that one away, we’ll have spent the time beforehand preparing for it. So we’ll only be MORE prepared.

    Anyone agree?

  9. I never could figure out why a household of 200 grand a year was considered RICH. When Soros and Friends spend that much on toilet paper per year.

    I hope those rich billionaires have so much skin in the game, they get road rash on 91% of their bodies.

    Do it, go after them, but start at the very top, and eat the really rich first.

  10. I’ve had this same ideas for years, but first saw someone else write about it last year.

    However, I’ve recently found several articles on this subject posted within the last couple of days. I’ve reposted several to them to a forum that I Admin.

    Here’s the links to the original articles:

    Taxes And The Distribution Of Political Power

    Defunding The Left

    What A Future American Right Party Can Do

  11. And let’s not forget the target list:

    Discover The Networks – Funders of the Political Left

  12. On a side note

    Why do you have to purchase Microsoft operating systems?

    Why is Bill Gates charging for licences even for outdated software, I mean he has made so much money, that shit should be in the public domain by now.

    I mean cell phones are so Y2K, everyone has an inalienable right to be connected to a social network with a tablet running windows 8

    I got a feeling that asshole is a 1 percenter; Tax off his head.


    The demacraps only care for Bigger Goverment and less freedom,liberty and indepenence just like KARL MARX wanted

  14. Normally, I wouldn’t cite anything from Mother Jones, but I did find this interesting…

    Princeton political scientist Larry Bartels studied the voting behavior of US senators in the early ’90s and discovered that they respond far more to the desires of high-income groups than to anyone else. By itself, that’s not a surprise. He also found that Republicans don’t respond at all to the desires of voters with modest incomes. Maybe that’s not a surprise, either. But this should be: Bartels found that Democratic senators don’t respond to the desires of these voters, either. At all.

    If you feel compelled to check the link, bring plenty of disinfectant.

  15. Got to find a way to confiscate the wealth of the Kennedy clan.

  16. And Soros, Buffet and Gates as well. There’s a lot of these people that need their assets stripped.

  17. Tax the rich. Did I miss something here?

  18. cranky.white.woman says:

    That’s great writing AWD!

  19. Why do billionaires fund the Democrats’ fascist economic policies?

    Many people are expressing puzzlement at the spectacle of the uber rich lavishing “soak-the-rich” Democrats with money and other means of support. And who are these rich people? There is Warren Buffett who seems to think that his accumulation of billions has made him into a superior human being. We have George Soros whose financial success convinced him that he is an intellectual giant. One need only give his writings on politics and economics a cursory look to see how ignorant this man really is.

    From an older article, but probably still applicable.

  20. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I wish that Jerry Jones entire wealth would be consficated because of that stadium and the abomination of a team which I now call the Dallas Cowgirls.

  21. Like.

  22. Captain Bill says:

    Put the bite on John “Another scratch, another Purple Heart” Kerry. I hear he’s got a pretty big pile of chips.


    And dose that also include starry eyed little simpletons like him and his fellow liberal demacRATS as well?

  24. Fed Up Texan says:

    Yes, AWD you are right about taxing the rich. There are three really rotten scum billionaire bastards running the country: Soros, Buffet and Gates. They are the guys who are telling the Puke Sack In Chief how to ruin the economy. Gotta be them because that worthless turd and his fat ugly wife are way to dumb to know what to do. All they know is how to hate white middle class working Americans.

  25. the rich do not create jobs they just live on interest. average people who start businesses create jobs, gues how they get money to start jobs by getting paid enough money to save on a minimum wage job. the minimum wage now does not even cover food and rent. so how is anyone gonna have extra money to save and start businesses. the young have no future because the rich will not share or pay their fair share they need to pay a minimum of 35% like everyone else and 90% if they pay minimum wage to any employees. look at wall mart largest employer in the world but also their employees collect more welfare food stamps and healthcare than any other employed people. they should pay more taxes because the taxes they pay feed their employee’s. Exxon the most prophitable company in the world collects billions in tax subsidies from the government what you see as the moochers are not the real moochers its corporate welfare that’s the real drain