Below is a draft I’d like to get comments on. All edits will be evaluated and applied where appropriate. More on tactics, objectives, organization, communication, and leadership to follow.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence

The federal government of the United States of America is the enemy of the American people. It has abdicated its role as protector of God-given rights and has instead become totalitarian in nature, micromanaging the lives of individuals and their businesses, confiscating their earnings and property, forcibly socially reengineering the nation against the express will of the American people, and forfeiting American sovereignty to globalist hegemons.

The object of anyone who considers himself a patriot is to remake the federal government so that it fulfills its proper roles and abides by the constitutional constraints intended for it. The ultimate goal is today as it was at the nation’s founding: individual liberty via a strictly limited government that protects the God-given rights of individuals to their lives, liberty, and property…and does no more than this.

Anyone who actively opposes these goals is to be considered a traitor. Those who labor against the American model of limited government and individual liberty are asked to leave the nation for whatever country that embodies the form of governance they find preferable, or face the consequences of their treason.

For decades, the Federal Leviathan has run roughshod over the Constitution and made a mockery of the rule of law. And with the results of the 2012 elections, the “election of a new people”—the importation of a permanent underclass to keep the rulers in permanent positions of power—has demonstrably been achieved. Thus, in order to save the globe’s last bastion of freedom, patriots are left with little choice but to take more forcible action.

The forms such forcible action will take are inchoate, and doubtlessly will be ever-evolving. What can be said, however, and in the interest of full disclosure, is that the use of violence against our nation’s usurpers remains prominently on the table.

Even since the nation took a strong turn toward totalitarianism with the radical revolution of the sixties, patriots have participated actively and entirely peacefully in the political process—the most recent example being the “T.E.A. Party” protests of 2009. For this, we have been demonized, denigrated, libeled, ridiculed, bullied, and silenced as we have watched the nation we love get dismantled piece by piece.

We patriots have no doubt that now is the twilight of the American Experiment. But we will not let our beloved land, in the defense of which so many have made the ultimate sacrifice, go quietly into that dark night.

Our options have been nearly exhausted and our patience is nearing its end, but our determination to ensure an American renaissance—a rebirth of freedom, of the primacy of the individual, of civil society and equality under the law—is stronger than ever.

We are willing to fight for this cause via any means necessary. And to anyone who thinks the patriot cause is at its end, know this: We have not yet begun to fightBad Trade.



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    Obama like all tyrants want to disarm all americans then round us all up into concentration camps all those who oppose the NEW WORLD ORDER and the NORTH AMERICAN(SOVIIET)UNION just like STALIN and HITLER did

  2. Red…I replied to you on the Paul thread, just wanted to say…can’t wait to see what Bluto has to say since he’s been chomping on the bit. (I can imagine already though) 😉

    • Me too big,can’t wait to read Bluto’s eloquent comment.

    • I am trying to recompose my thoughts regarding this blog post…..original thinking is spontaneous and is difficult to get that state of mind back…….ideas were flooding into my head when I was trying to post when the blog disappeared…’s difficult to get that creativity back when it’s interrupted……..

      • I know exactly what you’re saying my friend. – Give it time…maybe it’ll come back to ya. ~

      • Bluto,

        Don’t forget… BT may have been the culprit. Just kidding Red… ya know, someone has to occasionally stir the pot.


        How do we get things headed in the right direction when 50% of America is just plain ignorant and will vote for anyone promising the most handouts. I’m not a rocket scientist by any means, but I have love for country and see the Constitution being trampled on while our rights are slowly being taken away.

  3. Red, that’s an excellent article and it describes my feelings all along!
    I’ve thought for many years that our nation is headed for a violent confrontation with our imperial rulers in DC.

    These rulers have ignored the will of the American people for many years,…one clear fact is their refusal to secure our borders and deport illegal invaders plus bringing in hordes of savages from all over the world,…they have damn near created a class of sub-human serfs in order to maintain a permanent majority who will always vote for demonRAT/ communists.

    Since our votes don’t count anymore, I don’t see much of a choice otherwise.
    Severe times are in store for us.

  4. To say it will be an uphill battle would be a gross understatement. The fascist left has complete control of tremendously important parts of the media, television and motion pictures. Lenin spoke on more than one occasion as to the importance of the cinema – ‘the greatest propaganda tool ever invented’ – and this is one weapon that must be turned against them. Network TV programming is absolute shit, perfectly geared for it’s target audience. This fellow was probably on to something…

    • Snake, think my script has promise? Spoke with awd about it tuesday night. Need to start a patriot hollywood.

      • You already know how I feel about this. Unless you can reach the (m)asses, there is little hope. This one was so good, I have to post it again – remember especially ‘isolated individuals’.

        As they exited, they were taunted by Leon Trotsky who told them “You are pitiful isolated individuals; you are bankrupts; your role is played out. Go where you belong from now on — into the dustbin of history!”

  5. I think it is important to realize what is happening in our country…….the government, as of November 6th, is the now government of the permanent “underclass”…….It’s motivation for this is not to help the underclass but to exploit this underclass for it’s own disingenuous purposes…and that is to remain in power at the expense of the underclass……..

    for me and mine I am willing to kill………

    The country is now being run by the street scummers, homosexuals, single un-wed mothers, illegals, the dark skinned minorities, birth control sluts, all of whom are part of this underclass………

    The underclass has no intentions of contributing to the country….their goal is to garner as much as they can from the working class…..and the government is now in cahoots with this philosophy….make the producers pay for the underclass……redistribution is in full swing and is now the law of the land………

    What is at stake here is the loss of freedom and liberty……what we have now is control by the federal government…….the underclass is not interested in freedom or liberty……..that I am sure is obvious to all of us because they would not have voted in the mass numbers as they have for socialist policies and redistribution if it weren’t so…….

    Taking back the country will cost……the price to take the country back from this over reaching federal behemoth and from the underclass that supports this usurping of power by the federal behemoth will cost all of us……..

    There is a price that must be paid……and that price is blood……

    Freedom is not free is not free… has never been free…….. freedom has always exacted a price….and that price has always been blood………

    If you are not willing to shed blood you will remain under the yoke of the tyrannical……if you are not willing to kill there will be no freedom….no liberty….freedom demands a blood sacrifice….pay it or remain in bondage…….

    • For me and mine I am willing to killwas meant to be at the end of the post….don’t know how it got in the second paragraph

  6. When I think about the future of America and what it entails to preserve our national heritage, I often ponder what the Founders saw in their everyday lives. When we calculate seemingly insurmountable odds at wresting our country from the hordes, it seems impossible. The average Patriot group does not have access to high performance fighter planes, or drone technology, or Hellfire missiles launched from Apache helicopters.

    The Founders went up against the most powerful military of their time. With a rag tag volunteer army. What they faced was an army and a navy that had all the most recent technology of the day pointed at them.

    These are interesting theoretical points to consider. How would a group in our time defeat a military as vast, and well provisioned as the United States military? It’s a daunting question, if only in theory. Something I suppose the faculty lounge lizards contemplate often.

    • The military has to stay on the sideline or actively participate on our side. Given the proper conditions, this would not be out of the question. The best you could hope for would be something similar as to what happened in Romania in 1989. That was exhilarating.

      As they exited, they were taunted by Leon Trotsky who told them “You are pitiful isolated individuals; you are bankrupts; your role is played out. Go where you belong from now on — into the dustbin of history!”

    • All good points, Swampy. But I hope contemplating it is for more than just the faculty lounge lizards…

      • RedState
        A small group of trained gorilla’s can wreck havoc on a superior force. many small groups can demoralize them to the point they will lose the will to fight.

        • Absolutely. My conspiratorial mind thinks that part of the impetus for Iraq II was to brush up their urban-warfare skills against “domestic terrorists”. But maybe they’re not that clever.

  7. Hear, hear, time for talk has passed.

  8. Well said as usual bluts. Have you read the three percent patriot book yet?

  9. From the Irish Savant:

    “…how America is heading for Turd World status:

    1) A President [and top law enforcement position (attorney general)are both black

    2) [Both of the above committed to a black agenda]

    3) A President who ignores his country’s Constitution as a matter of course

    4) [Supression of freedoms in the name of protecting “minority rights”]

    5) Emails, phone calls and text messages can be intercepted without a warrant

    6) Legislation that might literally make it a felony to peacefully protest

    7) A President who can order the seizure of food, land, energy resources from anyone and requisition skilled labourers to work on projects at his pleasure

    8 ) Massive corruption

    9) A [hopelessly] bankrupt treasury

    10) A debasement of the country’s currency to fund grandiose projects

    11) Many, many of the country’s major cities reverting to lawless jungles

    [12) Children having children (overwhelmingly black on both counts)]

  10. The country is over run with parasitic critters that are going to drain the country of it’s wealth……..the parasitic are like cockroaches…. once you have one they multiply to the point of total infestation…. roaches spread like wildfire and you can never get rid of them….no matter how many you kill you can’t kill them off….once infested you have them on a permanent basis………

    The country is infested with those that are nothing more than upright walking hominids…….with thick skulls, protruding eye brows, and the brains that are not even the equivalent of a chimp………all of these upright walking hominids have their hands out waiting for their morsel of food…….looking and waiting for something for free………

    These free loaders seem to be everywhere…they come in many colors… most have permanent suntans……….it appears as though the country has been laying about in the sun for far too long and the melanoma of laziness contracted by the permanently suntanned has affected these citizens that we now hear their cry….

    “”the gubmint has gotts ta do fo me””……

  11. Addendum to mine and Irish Savant’s “list” post just earlier:

    13) [Societal acceptance and tolerance of # 12]

  12. Getting military on your side is important, the over 30 ones that have not bought into liberalism yet. Its crucial to get their support. We are out of the age of muskets and bows and arrows. The military has the best communications around, and that will be crucial. Without good Com. it ain’t gonna happen and the net can now be shut down
    instantly by “O”. Short Wave Radios are a good choice except they can be tracked easily.

    • michael
      I read a couple yr’s ago the military had phased out morris code training, may be something to look into, when I was about 15 I had a subscription to Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, one of them had a sure fired way to learn the code in a couple days, a neighbor and I studied it and put it into practice and it was easy, we would talk back and forth to each other with flags or lights, one night I was outside talking to my bud when several choppers came over head, this was about 1966 and it was common to see the Army do night operations, I decided I would speak to them and see if they would talk back, they did and wanted to know who I was, before I could answer all of them turned on their flood lights and scared the hell out of me, I think I will try and find that copy on line and brush up, might come in handy.

    • Michael, GA Steve, do you guys have know-how on alternate forms of communications (including Morse code)? If so, I’ll be hitting you up for info if you don’t mind.

  13. Enoch Powell says:

    I like it buddy. It’s not going to be easy. The government has already decided that the profile of a terrorist is a productive, law-abiding, White, Christian. That’s insane of course, but we must face the harsh reality that our government is literally insane. To the government wrong is right, failure is success, treason is loyalty, cowardice is courage.

    And our government loves criminals. The more the better. You can openly control a criminal. A free, law-abiding citizen has to be treated a little too respectfully for the government’s taste.

    The leftist tyranny now defiling our soil absolutely despises productive, Christian White people. They only tolerate us because we are the only thing keeping the country barely running. And this in spite of the insane laws, regulations and other obstacles that are destroying us and what’s left of the U.S.

    The criminals in Washington also love illegal and legal third-world savages. These parasites owe the government everything and are essentially wards of the state one way or another. THAT is what our government loves.

    And that was the first principle of the all of the murderous tyrannies of history. Lower everyone to the level of the lowest common denominator. Threaten them every day with starvation, prison, death and complete dispossession. Give the government a monopoly on productive activity that is run with the brisk efficiency of your typical affirmative-action-parasite-staffed DMV, AND make everybody thank you for it or else.

    We’ve been heading that way a long time, and we’re almost there. The criminal enterprise known as the Obonzo administration doesn’t care what crimes, outrages or betrayals it commits. The Obonzo administration is capable of murder without any remorse at all. Fast and Furious proves that.

    All they care about is losing power. Now they don’t have to worry about that. Get ready for the criminals in government to define you as a criminal.

  14. Red,

    Good article.

    We are , in a way, back in the cycle of the Federalist Papers. I am always impressed with the great intelligence of our Founding Fathers. It does not require having that intelligence to be a true republican, (small r), but it does to put it to paper and , thus, concrete thought.

    It bemuses me, over the many years I have been here on this earth, to see how young people believe in their efforts, Occupy, etc. that they are moving to smaller government when in fact they have been moving to a larger and socialist government.

    I have a family that has many current and retired military. The older ones are all limited government. I do not know how the younger ones feel.

    I do not want to ramble too much here, but the reference to the 60s in the article kindled memories. For whatever reason, the takeover of the buildings in Columbia University, and various other radical actions is what turned me into a staunch traditionalist and conservative.

    I fear that the article’s reference to us being willing to fight may get the weenie heads in DC to visit you again. If they do, please refer them to me, since I am in complete agreement with you.

    (.We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.)

    I shall go to my grave wondering why fellow Americans would defend those who would destroy our country. I do not want to believe that the military would take an active offensive role, but I do remember how MacArthur used troops to remove the Bonus Army from DC. No, I am not that old. My Dad told me about it.

    • “…wondering why fellow Americans would defend those who would destroy our country.”

      They prefer the comfort of soft despotism to the constant contest freedom entails.


    I saw this at our local post office it shows the old lady from the HALLMARK CARDS and she says DID YOU KNOW WHY THEY HOLD ELECTIONS IN NOVEMBER? BRCUASE THAT THE TIME TO SELECT A TURKEY and were stuck with one for the next four awful years

  16. Fellow Patriots, I work in an industry that has been equipping the Dept. of Homeland Security and the Federal Protective Service Police(unconstitutional, at best) Force with tactical vehicles equipped with high tech surveilance equipment for the last 4 years. These vehicles were paid for with Stimulus money. One of these vehicles was given to the City of El Paso Police Dept, not sure where the others are assigned. The recent executive order allowing more cooperation between the DOHS and Local law enforcement is indictative of the preparations being made by this administration for Civil unrest. The purchases of ammunition(hollow point) by numerous Federal Agencies should also be noted. Bottom line: It is obvious to informed Citizens that our Government is preparing for this. We must diligently prepare for the consequences of the government action that I believe is near. Our Constitution not only allows for Citizen action, but encourages it. I believe the time for peaceful action for change has passed us buy.

  17. Where do I sign?

  18. Red, great post! Here’s my comment:

    What the hell is a Prolegomena?

    I sure wish you’d stop speaking educated-bomics!


  19. Try this for an interesting view of where we are today vs 1776. Insert Barack Obama where reference is made to the King of Great Britian in the Declaration of Independence. Although in his first term he has not accomplished all the King of England imposed on the Colonies, he is well on his way. I predict, by the end of his second term(if we allow), he will do almost everything done by the King of England, which led to the Declaration of Independence by our Forefathers.”We have not yet begun to fight”

  20. If this stuff does hit the fan I expect the Military to split pretty much down the middle with most going for their home regions.

    As far as the high tech vehicles and things…I would point out that the .338 Lapua round was specifically designed to make upgraded body armor obsolete at distances up to 1000yds.I think the other super mags would be not far behind with the right ammo. 50 cal would be an even better solution, although a little less mobile.

    Morse code might be a good idea too.

  21. Just Another Random Thought says:

    In the event of such happenings, expect communications to be shut down. Who is with and who is against? We have relied on effective communication for so long, that most of us cannot function without it. They know this. Infiltration against you and yours is very likely. To combat this, people will not trust each other. Without a united front, we will fall one by one. Not too mention the small attacks. It’s not bam, here we go. It will be this group, then that one, and so forth. Currently, people with large amounts of wealth. Possibly to limit the resources of others. Directly and indirectly. Think long and hard about possible issues and solutions.
    I was always taught to avoid a fight if at all possible. But if it comes down to it, you fight to win however you can.

    • JART, this is the kind of stuff I want to get down on paper–the communications contigency planning, etc. Would you be willing to contribute?

      • Just Another Random Thought says:

        I could be willing to contribute, but not sure how or how useful it would be. Other than offering alternatives to select situations. But let me know and I’ll let you know. Anyone who has read my statements knows that my thoughts could seem incoherent at times. Hence the name.

  22. I believe in conservatism and all, but this post goes way beyond. I have reported tho to the FBI, DHS, and State and local police. You go too far when you threaten the lives of fellow Americans simply for disagreeing with you, and having the gall not to believe in god.

    • Thanks for that–they’re the intended audience. Of course it was completely unnecessary given that they monitor this page anyway. But nice to see you’re already falling in line like a good little toadie for the new KGB. Can’t have crimethink going on now, can we?

    • RIP USA, oh no! Please!! Not the FBI!!! Oh no!! Not DHS!!! Not the State and Local police!!!!!

      Dudes and dudettes, we’ve been discovered!


    • I am sure you don’t have to report anything to the feds that they don’t already know.During the war of independence you would be considered a Torie,in the Warsaw ghetto you would be a kapo,In occupied France during WW2 you are a Nazi collaborator.You are not a Conservative but you are a government snitch.

    • I am with you RIP–

      I reported this to the First Church of The Gooey Damned and to the Spaceships of Ezekiel. I also have enrolled you in the First Order of Dipshit Cowards. One of whom instantly emailed me and said he sat near you in grade school where you were known as Rip the Coward, Rip the Snitch and RIP the Dipshit.

      And now I am going to call your Mommie and tel her what you have done. If I can get through. She may be on the phone with the CIA, the MOssad and a few others telling them about you.

    • Hey R.I.P. USA,

      Please report me… the SS gal that came to my house was HOT!!!… wish I could see her again.

  23. Holy mackerel,

    Right after I posted to RIP, two black helicopters flew over my house. I see numbers of men and women in camo slowly closing in on my house. I have gone to my closet and taken down my Jart set to protect myself. Unfortunately, my BB rifle broke a long time ago. Also, because of my age and limited mobility, I cannot run, so I will stand and fight.

    Wait, wait, they put something in the mailbox an they are withdrawing. I will give them time to back out and I will go to the mailbox. Give me a couple of minutes.

    OK, I am back. It is a letter. I opened it and it says that RIP’s Mom is mad at me and she is going to tell my mother that I am bullying him.

    That does it for me. I am in full retreat now. RIP, I am so sorry I may have hurt your feelings.Please don’t tell my Mom.

    PS To the FBI reading this column. I would not have used my BB rifle even if it was working. My Homeowners Association does not allow me to use it in our neighborhood.

  24. Holy moley,

    The black copters came back and dropped leaflets. One landed close to the house. I snuck out and got it. My concern was unwarranted. It was just an invitation to the first ever, Lesbian Girl Scout Jamboree.

    It also said there will be a private showing of a video of Swingers with Gens Allen and Petraeus as well as Broadwell and Kelly.

    Isn’t America doing great these days? Next we will have Napolitano outing herself, as if the world did not know already.

  25. Hey,
    maybe not so funny. I just tried to login to my email and I cannot get in. It asked for my password –won’t accept it.

    Curses, I better go see if the helicopters are gone.

  26. misterbill’
    Hide behind the widow drapes, always worked for me, they never look there.

    • Shoot Steve,

      we have venetian blinds. BUT the blinds came here legally.

      PS I just got off the phone with ATT and I can get into my email now. Wonder how long that will last?

  27. I am wondering if I should pay the bills that just came in the mail or if I should save then money for my inmate account.

    Here is a link to have your wives ready for the growth of our country.