Angry White Dude wishes all current and former Marines a happy birthday to their beloved corps. That’s pronounced “core,” Hussein….not “corpse.” Idjit!

AWD knows a great many former Marines and even worked for a Marine Brigadier General who I am still proud to call a friend. I like Marines. Hell, I like all our current and former soldiers from every branch. Except Colin Powell. But I damn sure like everyone else. Oh. Except John McCain. Oh yeah, and Lindsey Graham. Oh, and Jimmy Carter. Dammit! I forgot about Lurch Kerry! Bet you didn’t know he was in Viet Nam! Well, he was! Just ask him! Sh*t! Maybe I should just say I like all soldiers current and former except Democrats in politics.

But I really love me some Marines. One of my proudest possessions is a US flag that flew over Camp Victory in Afghanistanin a beautiful presentation case that was given to AWD by one American Infidel #1, former Marine. What makes his gift to me even more meaningful is we have never personally met. I really can’t explain how touched I am to this day that he would send such a personal memoir to a blog writer he has never met. I guess he didn’t like me good enough to send his M4!

So Happy Birthday, Marine Corps. We appreciate the friends you have been to America and the enemy you have been to foes of our country for the past 237 years! Semper Fidelis!

Marine Corps open post! Take this day to thank all Marines current and former that you know. To celebrate this special day…and the fact that AWD is dog sick of politics…the Big Sexy has declared a jihad on some Muslim deer in North Texas! Here’s a photo of Abdul al ex-Bucki after he got sideways with the AWD! A mistake he will not make again!


Abdul went to his 72 does in Paradise this morning after sunrise. The little filly already has that sumbitch filleted and in the cooler! I’m going after a big-antlered imam this evening that’s been causing problems around these parts! Maybe even I’ll bring to justice Muhammad al Hogzilla if he has the guts to show his ugly snout!

In honor of the re-election of Hussein and his love of gun control, AWD would probably shoot a couple of boxes of ammo through his brand new Remington R1 Enhanced 1911 .45 today…if he had bought one. It would probably look a lot like this….if he had one. Actually, it would probably look exactly like this and be completely bad-ass too…if he had one:

But AWD completely agrees with Emperor President Obama that guns kill people. So AWD doesn’t have guns. They’re icky.

Music That Doesn’t Suck is some gooder n’ hell music from Kansas. If you’re all Biebered and Ga Ga’d out, maybe this will remind all you old-heads of a time long passed when music was about music. I’ll tell you one damn thing…those boys from Kansas are some fine musicians. They ought to be! Ain’t nothing to do around that joint but be great musicians. If great musicians were measured in tears, Kansas would be John Boehner. If great musicians were measured in fat bastid RINO yankee governors, Kansas would be Chris Christie. They are that good!

Listen to what music was in 1975! One of my favorite Kansas tracks, Mysteries and Mayhem!

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  1. I just love good news….and this is some really great news……..

    Jesse Jackass Jr. will be going to jail…….

    Jesse Jackass Jr has embezzled campaign funds and is at this moment being investigated by the FBI………..he is now in talks with the FBI trying to hammer out a plea deal……..jail time is inevitable….

    • Have no use for Jesse Jr… hope he meets big bubba in the showers.

      PS…. Loved the military when I served, and I now say thank you to our young men and women currently serving.

  2. This was posted by RedStaterNYC in a previous post…….I thought this was an excellent talk and should be seen by all who frequent this site……so I am re-posting this video……….

  3. Happy Birthday USMC! And thanks for all you guys have done for our country. And for what many of you continue to do.

  4. Gratitude is eternal…Happy Birthday to all from our neck of the woods!

  5. Steve Sybert says:

    Happy Birthday, USMC. And thanks very much for doing what you do, as well as you do.


    Our comminity had a Vterans Day Parade today we want for honor those in uniforms who have protecting our nation better then a bunch of wanks in ties and fancy clothes signing their names to peices of paper and shaking hands with terrorists,despots,dictators and tyrants.SEMPT FI from this defiant old shorebird with a attatude

  7. Thank you so very much, USMC.

    OT, but YAY AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Happy birthday Marine Corps!
    I’m from a family of Marines,.two brothers, oldest sister and myself.
    I was in only about a year, I got out on a “hardship discharge”.
    They’re all gone except me and I still love the Corps.

    Even my wifes’ dad and bro are ex Marines too.

  9. Thank you USMC,you are appreciated by all true Americans.Happy Birthday .

  10. I guess they finally sent the Marines into Staten Island, because shit wasn’t gettin’ done.

    Semper Fi and Happy Birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday USMC. Even though I was in the Army I kinda like you guys! AWD Kansas is one of the only bands I saw more than once. They f**ckin rock.

    • I guess this will get the war started quicker. Secession seems like a good idea at the outset. People speaking their minds and taking control of their destiny. All it will do will motivate the government into martial law tactics. Obama will have total control or else. Posse Comitatus, pah! A small hurdle for The One.

      All it will do is balkanize the country, and produce individual city states that will constantly be at war, either way, the country will be finished. The east and left coast will have the seaports that will allow unchecked infiltration by countries sympathetic to the left. The seceded states will be in the middle, and be flanked right and left and from the south, Mexico.

      If Indiana thinks it could survive next door to a liberal and violent state like Illinois(Chicago)then they are delusional. Would they give Gary to Illinois?

      Secession is wrong. It won’t work for any number of reasons.

    • Remember you don’t have to live in said state to sign it. ZCKS

      But you have to have an account at the government website to sign it. Just sayin’.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES and Semper Fi(not the banned troll)
    from a Marine Dad and retarded…oops retired Army Guardsman.

  13. Happy Birthday to the Marines !!

    … and …..

    Happy Veterans Day to my brothers and sisters who have served.

    Thanks to all.

    My hope is one day we take the country back in the correct direction to honor those who have given all for this once great country.

  14. Okinawa Marine says:

    Ooh Rah:
    Happy Birthday to my Marine Corps and Comrades.
    Thank God for this site.
    By the way, the USMC has now gone back to the 1911 .45 pistols.
    They look great and have significant Knock Down Power.
    God Bless America…..And Especially the USMC.

  15. 10 NOV 1775, Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Pa. Birthplace and birthday of the Continental Marines, soon to be the United States Marine Corps. Happy birthday to my fellow Devil Dogs. No guts, no glory! Death before dishonor! Alawys keep advancing! Good night Chesty, wherever you are. Semper Fidelis.

    “When it absolutely, positively, has to be destroyed overnight, call 1-800-U.S.Marines”!

  16. Waiting for our two beers now, General order #1 be damned!

  17. Wow! Just stumbled onto your site this morning, and I love it! Can never get enough of ‘liberal bashing’.
    Saturday morning, when I ran the Stars & Stripes, along with my EGA flag up the pole, my liberal neighbor asked why I was flying them on that particular day. I informed him that it was the 237th birthday of the Marine Corp, he muttered something, rolled his eyes and walked away. I was an Angry White Dude to be sure, but kept my cool, he really isn’t worth going to jail for.
    How’s this for common ground, I too have a most valued possession. A flag that flew over Camp Fallujah, Iraq in 2006. It was presented to my wife and me by my nephew, a highly decorated MC Intel Officer, at the time Regimental S2-A, for our support of the 5th RCT. It now holds a special place of honor in my memorial room, as he did not ‘come home’ from his 3rd tour, KIA near Now Bar Zad, Afghanistan in Oct. 2008. My youngest sister’s only son, we miss him more than words can say. Long live the Corp! SEMPER FI

  18. Once and Always a Marine says:

    From a former Marine (two things)

    1. Thank you for the birthday greeting!

    2. I didn’t see that you were a veteran or current service member on your introductory page as well as I didn’t see it within the article. So I understand that you dislike certain members of our current and past government but they did a lot more than you (particularly Colin Powell and John McCain) so even though you don’t like them (I am sure they don’t care) at least have the decency to criticize them in a different article.

    HappyBlackMarine SEMPER FIDELIS

    • Once and Always a Marine,

      1. You’re welcome

      2. I write what I want when I want about who I want.

      Semper Fidelis


      • Once and Always a Marine says:

        Semper Fidelis it’s a Marine thing.

        …and as far as your response related to whom, what, and where you place your criticism, it only makes me want to ask a question:

        You’re either an only child or one of the youngest siblings aren’t you?

        HappyBlackMarine (hbM…the M is capitalized due to the importance)