Have you heard about the cops in Rhode Island that dared to have hoodlums in the making drop and do some push-ups after being caught red handed for vandalism? If not, see what you think about this story, see if you think any of these cops should be punished or suspended.

This is via TB:

A controversy is brewing in Rhode Island after four police officers seemingly made a group of young men do push-ups as immediate punishment for vandalizing mailboxes.

It began when a woman called 911 Friday to report that her mailbox had been damaged, and officers caught a car full of teenagers in the act (the details are a little hazy here, but the teens may have been vandalizing other mailboxes nearby when caught).

Mayor Charles Lombardi told WPRO-AM that the officers thought the best way to reprimand the teens was to make them do push-ups, and a neighbor videotaped it from his window.

The task was hardly grueling– the neighbor estimates the young men had to do between 10-12 push-ups– but Mayor Charles Lombardi is calling the situation unacceptable.

“It’s not going to fall by the wayside,” he assured, calling the video “a little nauseating” to WPRO-AM.

“I don’t know if it is against policy, but it is against professionalism. Bring them in, call their parents and explain to them what was going on and what they were doing,” he added.

By Monday morning, the event being described as “Pushup Gate” in local news, and the mayor commented: “You can’t fix stupid. I think that’s the only explanation here.”

Ironically, one of the boys’ mothers has come out in support of the police.

“The cop did wrong, but I’m glad he tried to teach my son a lesson,” Corinne Marchione told WPRI Monday. “Personally, I don’t think he should be suspended.”

Marchione’s son was reportedly the one driving the car that got pulled over.

Here is the video, first reported by WJAR-TV:

We all know there is good and bad in any profession, we’ve seen story after story of brutality from some police officers all of our lives…but this one is far from that via my viewfinder in life…how ’bout yours? Do you think they crossed an ethical line…or not? Do you think what they did may have helped teach a major lesson to any of those involved for the path they take in the future?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. It’s true that you can’t fix stupid: the mayor is a perfect example of that.

    • That was my first thought as well while reading this the first time. – I was hoping someone would notice that right off the bat…and you did just that!

      Thanks ~

      Btw…it’s critters like this mayor that are the problem with society today, he’s a perfect example of how upside down everything surrounding us is.


    Frankly the spoiled little snots today have it too easy Maybe its time for a little more server punishments for vandals instead of the usial slap on the wrist they do today

  3. Rides A Pale Horse says:


    Decisions, decisions…..

    1. A few pushups in the field when caught being stupid


    2. Accidental injuries from a fall up/down the stairs to the booking room.

    Your choice kiddo.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if lawsuits aren’t in the making already…hope I’m wrong. ~

      • Rides A Pale Horse says:

        I wouldn’t be either. Seems that no one will accept responsibility for much of anything anymore.

        Well, except for those of us with a conscience or morals.

        • I was glad to see where one parent spoke out for the officers…it would be nice to see the rest do the same.

          And right you are…responsibility went our the window a few decades back now. Everything is someone else’s fault…victim-hood is the name of the game now.

  4. It appears that the police let them go after the push-ups. What’s the problem? It cost the RI tax payers a lot less than a trial and the little punk-wannabes probably were taught a better lesson than they would have gotten in our ultra-liberal court system. I think the officers should be commended for their restraint and initiative.
    Maybe next time they should arrest the little jerks and notify the parent(s) in person, at work and with little Johnny cuffed & stuffed in the back of their cruiser. Let them know, in a commanding voice in their place of business, that they can pick up their little darlings at the police station AFTER they are booked. A little public humiliation can go a long way with mommy and daddy too.
    One of the lessons I tried to convey to my kids was to NEVER do anything they couldn’t explain to their mother in public. The eldest tested that theory when he was brought home in the back of a cruiser one hallow’een. He found that his tough exterior didn’t hold a candle to his mothers embarrassment or anger.

    • Reb…

      Love your real life story…did your son go on the straight and narrow since then? – Just curious…and of course hoping for the best.

      • It was shaky for a while. His mom actually asked the judge to give him five consecutive week-ends in juvenile hall instead of 10 straight days. She said he couldn’t afford to miss that many days of school. He graduated and now he’s 35, holding down two jobs (has to in Commie-fornia), and has lived in the same house for about 11 years. He’s not on a pace to set the world afire, but he’s making his way WITHOUT government assistance. ,
        Thanks for hoping too, Big.

        • That’s good news Reb…glad to hear this.

          Thanks so much for the reply…my hope is all our kids, grand-kids and great grand-kids are not cradle go gravers, the future ain’t looking great at the moment…but hope springs eternal. We must keep our noses to the grindstone…let’s hope they all do the same.

  5. And I have the perfect punishment for this lack of professionalism on the part of the police department: 10-12 push-ups…each…

    • I think these officers over stepped limit and licence, they do not have judicial authority to assign punishment period.

      However, I think your sentence of 10-12 push ups is the perfect reprimand for these two officers. The matter should be put to rest and the officers in question should get back to doing their job.

      And mom and dad should volunteer to buy a power washer and supervise junior while he sprays off graffiti on the weekends.

  6. bigtimer
    Good thing they weren’t caught in a drive by shooting. they might have had to run a couple laps around the block,

  7. We need more posts like this. The Google Ads are showing pics of push-up bras.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:


  9. I’ve always settled for not being fired on by the police. There are some bad ones out there. The left is working hard on killing our faith in those law dogs. Don’t give up on them yet, just work on the faith part.

  10. 55 gr solution says:

    I’ll bet when someone is breaking into that mayor’s house at three in the morning, he calls “stupid” cops. All while he wets his panties in the corner. Everyone bashes cops till they need them. Who would want to even be a cop these days, crap pay, public scrutiny, and crack heads shooting at ya, no thanks.

  11. Jesus H Christ!
    This “post male era” is getting absurd.
    All U S prisons should immediately shift to “hard labor”.
    Police officers need to be backed 100%, they are not out there to knit doilies!

  12. Back in the day— when I was 16 years old, my friends and I went to a local drug store soda fountain and bought ice cream cones. One of the teens (synonym for idiot) , took off without paying. Long story short- I didn’t run as I had done nothing wrong. Guess who the police arrested??

    Yepper–me. Mr A**h**e. Mr. naive who believed since he had done no wrong everything would be all right–but– in those days, parents were disciplinarians and the police walked local beats.

    They brought me home to my parents so I would not get an arrest record.

    A little bit of punishment is over and forgotten. An arrest record is forever. If you don’t believe me, just type in the name of some kid you know who got arrested.

    I am 100% with the police on this.

    PS If the police could trust today’s parents the way they trusted ours– there would be more pushups, less crime, and less ruined lives.

    • misterb…

      Thank you for what you just shared…wished things were now as things were way back when. – What these officers did was the right thing to do….but, they are the few and far between. I, for one…thank them.

  13. Students Told to Disavow ‘American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality’


    • Edtudo…

      Thank you so much…glad I read that, just don’t know if I can take much more at this stage of the game at the moment. – Too damned much is taking place that surrounds us for our destruction, day after day…decade after decade. Some days I’ve had it…this is one of them.

    • I think I’m gonna puke.But I just realized that in Spanish there are male/female nouns-and even if there is only one male amongst a bunch of females-the the male noun/verb is used.Could this set up a problem for the multi-culti types?Spanish is a non-inclusive,gender specific language.But we should embrace hispanics and their language.I must have too much time on my hands to even come up with this.

  14. After seeing this video, I’m thinking about hiring a lawyer and suing the government for all those pushups I did while serving the Army during basic and A.I.T. training.

    I’m sure a lawyer will be representing these kids soon.

    • Heck, we all did during P.E. when I went to school…loved the competition. – Guess we should sue the unions now that run the schools…after-all, we’re damaged goods dontcha know!

      • Been away from the site for a few days BT… been busy telling Boehner’s office in D.C. that they can kiss my ass in the coming elections since no one in our party seems to have a backbone these days.

        • Thanks for what you do Paul….I’ve been too disgusted to bother to call Capitol Hill, decided to wait until I see what they do in the next few weeks.

          Glad to see ya back….when you’re not around for awhile, I’m always hoping you’re okay health-wise.

          Haven’t seen much of Vixen in awhile either. Renee’s probably still in the midst of moving…and CG’s popped in a few times. I think we’re all somewhat burnt out since the election.

          • Yeah BT… I think we are all disappointed because those who are regulars here at AWD have enough brains to see the direction the country is now headed.

            Lets destroy those evil rich guys so we can all share in poverty… taxes on the rich has absolutely nothing to do with elevating the poor… never has. What we have is a stinking president who never excelled at much of anything, but for some unknown reason hates those who have worked hard to succeed.

          • Right you are…there are days since the election I’ve just had to take a break, I weep for what’s going to happen to this nation in the next four years. What a destructive mess he is going to leave what’s left of this country in. – I don’t know who the next prez is going to be…but, if it is someone on our side of life…you know it’s going to be pure hell. Especially with the msm.

  15. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I tend to think that the victim or reporting party in this case probably didn’t want to sign a citizen’s arrest form against the teens. If so, the officers were not obligated to arrest them. They still wanted to send a message to these criminal teens. So, the officers, on the spot, probably suggested to the teens that they do push-ups in order to pay for their crime. The teens complied, and everyone (more or less) felt satisfied and left the scene without any booking or complicated arrest report. I don’t fault the officers for what they did.

  16. Well once upon a time…When my daughters got too big for spankings, I would DROP them for push ups or make them Hold THEMSELVES UP IN THE FRONT LEANING REST POSITION. My yougest one one was pretty stubborn. I used to tell her she was gonna straighten up or be the strongest girl in her school. Needless to say she had some pretty good guns by the time she graduated H.S.
    And yes they both turned out fine. One works for a local Police department and the other a med tech. Both have families and kids.

    SPARE THE ROD SPOIL THE CHILD. I think the L-rd knows best. Actually I know He does.

    • Spare the rod…spoil the child indeed. Glad your two turned out great.

      Good to see ya brother…hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.