AWD has been perfectly clear in saying America needs no more Kennedys, Clintoons, nor Bushes. Hell is filled with Kennedys and is busy making room for Bubba and Hitlery in the spacious Democrat wing. George Herbert Walker Bush and George W Bush were tremendous disappointments and should grovel to the ground and beg for mercy from conservatives. After all, both Bushes both claimed to be conservatives and proved to be wussypants moderate RINOs.

So now the latest of the undending Bush herd, Jeb, thinks it’s his turn at sucking as a US president. So he’s reportedly considering a run for the presidency in 2016. This excites AWD only a little less than a proctology exam from Dr. Scissorhands! Or eating glass. It’s so hard to decide! I would like to ask Jeb Bush concerning him running for president the following: Haven’t Americans suffered enough?

What makes Bush the likely choice for the wussypants RINO Republican Party? Here’s what he said during the Republican primary this year:

“I used to be a conservative and I watch these debates and I’m wondering, I don’t think I’ve changed, but it’s a little troubling sometimes when people are appealing to people’s fears and emotion rather than trying to get them to look over the horizon for a broader perspective and that’s kind of where we are.”

If Jeb used to be a conservative, he’s a shoo-in for the Repubs! Just what we need! Another p*ssy who wants to make friends with liberals! Sorry, Jeb! Republicans don’t need more of your type! They’re all filled up with wussies! They need some testosterone! And you appear to be severely lacking in that department!

The current mindset of the RINO Republican elite is to go all in to attract Latino voters. And Jeb Bush hablars Espanol…so he just has to be the nominee!! Or Marco Rubio, who is proving to be more and more RINOstic every day. Hussein got 70-odd percent of Hispanic votes in 2012 and the RINOs are peeing in their lacy, pink panties! Even when election results show that Romney lost because he didn’t close the deal with conservatives! Heaven forbid Republicans actually nominate a conservative! It would just be awful for them to actually win!

There is only one group in America that hates Tea Party conservatives more than the Democrats. The wussypants Republicans. They redistricted Allen West out of office and refused to help Michelle Bachmann and Steve King with their reelections because those leaders wouldn’t kow tow 100% of the time to Boehner and his crowd. The RINOs do not tolerate conservatives easily. So it’s not surprising Jeb Bush would throw his RINO sombrero into the ring and it’s not surprising the RINO elite would force him on Republicans like they did Romney.

One small problem. I promise you…even if it turns Al Sharpton white…AWD will NEVER, EVER, EVER vote for Jeb Bush! There is not one chance I will even consider it! And I know there are millions of me out there who will also sit out the next presidential election if Bush is on the Republican ticket! I crap you negative!

So AWD was thinking of things I’d rather do than vote for Jeb Bush:

  • Move to Detroit and begin my new rap career as MC Cracka
  • Have a long makeout session with Whoopi Goldberg with Kenny G playing on the stereo
  • Invite Michael Moore to my house for dinner
  • Attend a Alec Baldwin/Susan Sarandon/Sean Penn movie fest
  • Turn in my guns and join the Brady Foundation
  • Get a cat for a pet and name him Mr. Mittens
  • Turn in all my cowboy boots and wear nothing but Birkenstocks with socks
  • Pull for those comm-a-nist, blue-scumbelly Tarholes from UNC
  • Sell my family members to be used for medical experiments in North Korea
  • Accept Allah and start blowing the sh*t out of everything…including my favorite gun range

Any longtime readers realize by reading the previous bullet points that AWD will NEVER, EVER vote for Jeb Bush.  I have less than zero confidence the Republicans will ever be capable of pissing and hitting the ground so I fully expect them to nominate a Jeb Bush…or Lindsey Graham…or John McCain…oops…he’s already had his time to suck.

AWD invites everyone reading this to list what they would prefer to do rather than vote for Jeb Bush.  I know the list will be long.  But everything we list as things we’d rather do than vote for Jeb Bush will be the same things wussypants RINOs would do before nominating a conservative.

The Republicans say a third party will only guarantee Democrat control of Washington.  But RINOs running the Republican Party are doing a pretty damn good job of keeping DC in Democrat hands themselves!

America thirsts for statesmen and all we have are sorry politicians.  Conservative Republicans seek a strong conservative but all we are force fed are wussypants RINOs!

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  1. I take it you don’t like Mr. Mittens. I’m considering not voting anymore.

  2. If the repubs won’t find anyone worth a damn to run, I’ll vote third party.

  3. I already more or less posted this on BT’s entry earlier… But I’m seriously considering changing my registration to Independent. And starting my own search for a viable 3rd party candidate. This isn’t the first time I’ve considered such things either.


    The moment you become a liberal your a enemy of all american citizens and our constitutional rights are a fan of BIG GOVERMENT and WORLD GOVERMENT controled by the UNTED NATIONS,CFR, and the COMMUNISTS

  5. I’d rather become a vegan before pulling the lever for Jeb Bush! Or join Code Pink, or both!

  6. No self-respecting conservative (or human being, for that matter) would vote for Jeb Bush anymore than they’d vote for a third term of B.O. Rather than waste time (although it is fun) thinking up things we’d rather do, like have a rectal exam or eat worms or get ebola, let’s make the “third party” (ACP) the contender to the royalists next go-round, and treat the GOP as they’ve treated us: as an embarrassment and not worth the time. Instead of whining about how the ACP will “never win” and “doesn’t stand a chance,” etc., let’s get real about what chance the GOP will have, which is just as much chance as it had in 2012, which is zero. Forget about trying to conservatize the bloated old dinosaurs. Been there, done that. Doesn’t work.

    Hey, I once heard about a totally unknown Texan with a wicked pen who got him a website and rose from nothing to #126 blog in the world, in just a few short years. Why can this same Texan not lead the charge for the ACP to take the stage 4 years from now?

  7. By the way, I really don’t understand what your problem is with cats. They are independent — they don’t need anybody; they can fend for themselves (and prefer to); they are carnivores; they are hunters; they shred the little vermin that try to “occupy” the food supplies and crap all over everything; they owe nobody and nobody owes them. Sounds kind of like you.

  8. I guess Jeb has never heard the Liberal battle cry “It’s Bushes Fault”

    Oh and Jeb rhymes with Reb, and “That’s Racist”

    Don’t forget the Bush Family belongs to an uber secret society
    called the Illuminati that controls the industrial military complex. This nefarious sect is so secret it gets its own Wikki, learn more about Bush from the experts

    My cat Mr. Mittens would make a better President than Barrack or Jeb.

    Unfortunately Aleksandar Mittens is not a naturalized U.S. cat, he was born in Bosnia, but I could change his birth certificate if that would help.

  9. MustangSally says:

    I posted this on the previous thread. But it’s worth posting again:

    Bitch and moan, bitch and moan, bitch and moan …
    I come here a couple times a week, looking for positive suggestions about the future — where we’re going, what we should be doing, to bring back America as we knew it.
    And all I read is bitch and moan, bitch and moan …
    Get up on your hind legs and post something positive! Post some suggestions! How should we be organising for the future? What action should we be taking? You claim to be one of the most infuential conservative blogs – so where are your suggestions??

    • P.S. Sally, maybe you should visit every day instead of a couple times a week. You miss many good comments being only a casual observer.

    • Okay Sally, here is an idea… what do YOU propose we do?

      Despite the hint of sarcasm in my responses, I do agree with you… Its going to take much more than just showing up to vote to fight the marxist mob that wants to kill our country.. and as you say bitching and moaning on this site wont do much either.

      What can we ALL do to change our fate? Maybe we should learn from the example of the left who were VERY impassioned about their cause… problem is we don’t have the free labor pool of unemployed urban volunteers to bus from city to city to protest and vote.. or the MSM in our corner.

    • NUTS!

    • Yes I have come to terms with being a stranger in a strange land.

      The unwanted Contemporaneous Nordic Viking banished by political correctness, and disinherited from public discourse.

      A conservative minority in Ahab’s raging sea of entitlement spending. Adrift with one singular task only, and that to Hold Fast against the quickening deep of fiscal despair.

      If “I have lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the Mohicans” Then I will teach my counsel to my own heart and set my course for liberty in what was once a free nation.

      And at every legal opportunity, I will resist the spiteful hubris of the Democrat party, decline allegiance to their tyrants, and refuse any oath to their moral ambiguity.

      I do not set the direction of the political winds, but I can still choose what direction I sail…

      And I choose Beating to Windward against the gale.

      Not really a solution, but an outlook on life, you will find a minimum of bitching in my post along with a minimum of sagacity 🙂

  10. MustangSally says:

    “The problem is the electorate. We’re outnumbered. There are more moochers than producers.”

    Then we have to turn that around. Anyone got any ideas how to do that? This is a democracy after all.

    • This is a democracy after all.MS

      Wrong, Miss Sally, we live in country that was founded as a representative republic. Big difference. Democracy is basically majority rule. The aforementioned republic was designed to let the people elect representatives who would speak for the people in Washington. These folks have sold the American People out. To special interest groups, for their own personal gain, and myriad other reasons.

      Our congressmen do not represent us anymore. To effect real change, and bring the country back to it’s founding principles, the electorate has to be transformed. From those who would vote themselves largesse from the public treasury (moochers) to the kind of people who believe that hard work and rugged individualism is the only way to save the Republic. (Producers)

      When the government gives out endless freebies, people will get lazy. They will not do the things that they need to do in order to survive. Why work in order to have that fancy plasma TV when the government will give you the money to buy it? Some folks think this way. And a large portion of them will vote for the candidate who will give it to them. There are multiple generations of these moochers who believe they are entitled to the fruits of the labor of others. They have a president who tells them this is the case.

      This administration preaches class warfare, and that they have been mistreated by the richest one percent. It’s the easy way out. If you have a way to change the thinking of these folks, we’re all ears, and will entertain any sound ideas.

      It’s easy to come on here and criticize people for bitching and moaning as you call it, but it’s something altogether different to offer something real and tangible as a solution.

      Michael T

      • Here are my three ideas to save America:

        1.) When a politician is voted out of office a special election is held and We the People are given a choice:
        A.) Does Politician X get his or her paycheck for their term in office and the thanks of the populace.
        B.) Does Politician X get nothing at all but a Greyhound ticket out of town.
        C.) Does Politician X get sent to Prison for a term no less than they served in office, while being stripped of every asset they own, including pensions, healthcare, hedge funds, and so-called charitable donations included.

        2.) No Bill shall become Law without passing both Houses of Congress, Presidential Approval and finally a Referendum of the Legal voters.

        3.) The Federal Budget will be handled like American Idol; with Politicians and Regulators pitching their programs on television, to be voted on via telephone or text voting, $4.99 per vote, vote as many times as you want. With the money generated going toward paying for the program or regulation. If only two nitwits vote for say ‘Section 8 housing’ the budget is $9.98 for the year.

        • Referendum of the voters? There’s a place for that, but if we voted on everything it could easily become tyranny of the majority.

    • RedStaterNYC says:

      Query “putting the toothpaste back in the tube.”

    • mustangsally
      Be of strong heart, the country has not fallen yet, I know things look very bleak right now but this last election changed nothing, same congress same senate, same president, just like a major assault in battle we have held the line, we were not broken, the enemy claims victory because they were not defeated but neither were we, just as in the 2010 elections the states made major advancement to the conservative cause in 2012, voting out the rino’s is number one in my book, the next two yr’s we need to concentrate on exposing the activist judges on every bench in every state and removing them, also the sec of states that allow the multiply counts of the votes till the left wins, nullification of federal laws would be a step in the right direction but we must have the right state officials in office to achieve that, I hope my statements are some of the positive response you are looking for.

    • I don’t know why everyone is so darned scared off about not being “the majority.” Are gays the majority? Are atheists the majority? And look how far their agendas have gotten just by being LOUD (and sometimes strange, as in the vagina costume — I’ll never get over that one). Do we not have voices, too? Can we not raise the volume just as high? It’s not like starting from nothing: the tea party movement was the first rumbling. So, like the little snowball that got bigger because it kept rolling, we keep going. Alluding to something said earlier, if AWD had just sat home moping that no one would ever read his redneck, gun-toting, womern-chasing, dog-loving blog, and so he never even tried, I ask you: WHERE WOULD WE BE NOW?

      The question MustangSally asks is, So what do we do? Well, what do we ever do when we want to get our ideas out there? Start now! Be an “evangelist” for the cause: write about it, talk about it, pass out literature at the shopping mall, get a T-shirt, knock on doors, start a home American History group in your neighborhood or with your church; contact the American Constitution Party and talk to them, or Wallbuilders — whatever. Heck, there are lots of things, it’s not impossible. It will just take work, creativity, dedication and commitment — all things conservatives are good at! The only imperative is time. We have 4 years.. starting now.

  11. If the ‘ establishment ‘ picks another Bush, I’m voting independent the rest of my miserable life……….

  12. the friendly grizzly says:

    with Kenny G playing on the stereo…

    Gack! -choke! For the love of The Almighty, NOOOOOO….!

    • With Celine Dion singing the Titanic theme?
      With Cher singing “Halfbreed”
      With “Sweatin to the Oldies” with Richard Simmons
      With Bete Midler singing “Wind beneath my wings”

  13. I will absolutely vote for a Libertarian/Independent over Jeb Bush

    (or his son George P. Bush who will run for president in 20-30 years)

  14. Mark Levin ‘Today, I Am Pissed Off!” Mark Comments On The Election Results. Part #1

    Mark Levin ‘Today, I Am Pissed Off!” Mark Comments On The Election Results. Part #2

  15. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Let the Republicans have their Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. I have had my fill with their RINO choices, and I no longer align with the GOP. I will find another party or just be independent. I’m absolutely fed up with the GOP, and the recent direction of many prominent Republicans to support amnesty tells me it’s definitely time to leave!

  16. Steve Sybert says:

    Looks to me like it’s time for the TEA Party to “get big or get out”, that is, become our third party, or better yet, replace the
    Republican Party altogether. I’d join up with something like that. If the Republican Party is going to turn RINO on us, and start acting like crybaby Democrats, it’s time for ’em to get a real job. I’m’a’gettin’ fed up with ’em myself. And I figure the TEA Party has a shot, they do, or did, enjoy a great deal of popular support. And they have been at least moderately successful in either replacing Democrats, or RINO’s, in some parts of the country, anyway. The TEA-Party-backed Republican candidates at least resonate with people like us. What say ye?

  17. I’ll give up titties and beer before voting for Jeb Bush.


    I would rather be a vulture circling over a dying animal then vote for this loser

  19. rightwingterrorist says:

    Republican? What’s that? A Democrat/Progressive/Liberal/Communist by any other name is still…well…you get the drift.

  20. Dismas In Wonderland says:

    It is an illusion that America has a two party system . . .

    The Democratic-Republican party split into two factions in order to fool, “we, the people”, into believing we have a part in choosing the direction America would go politically. The Tea Party members are vilified by the Democratic-Republicans because the Tea Party members believe in a multi-party system.

    To the Democratic-Republicans the notion of a two party system is absurd. They believe “we the people” are their subjects/serfs/vassals/chattel. The Democratic-Republicans have decided that Marxism gives them more control over the citizenry, so they construct a false dichotomy of an illusory juxtaposition between the left, and the right, to give us a feeling of having a say in our nations future direction.

    Got militia anyone? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. — Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

  21. i’d rather re-marry my ex-bitch than vote for jeb bush

  22. Put my testicles in a blender before I would vote for another Bush,,,,, The republicans need to wake the hell up or go the way of the dinosaur. Screw that catering to the low lifes back pedaingl crap they are trying now..Wanna do something right? Instead of trying to embrace the dipshits that helped vote Obama in,figure out how to actually beat the opponents, Minorities and Women elected the SOB,,The repubs need to get through to the right audience that the BS needs ro stop once and for all.A candidate with a set of real balls would help immensely,

  23. I heard of a guy who wore nothing but Birkenstocks with socks. He kept getting charged with indecent exposure…Regarding Jeb and the Bushes Milton Friedman once said Ronald Reagan’s big mistake was bringing in George Bush. True. Someone described George Bush I as “decent but clueless.” True again. Liberal Repub Bush I showed the futility of trying to make deals with Demos. They stabbed him in the back. The Bush kids are too much like Pop.

  24. I think if a third party is ever going to take hold of the presidency, the other candidates being Jeb Bush and Hillary would be the PERFECT storm for it if it’s gonna happen.
    They’re crazy! They really think people would want another Bush? But to them he’s ELECTABLE because he loves AMNESTY! Gag me.

    I would rather be Hillary Clinton’s personal sex slave than vote for Jeb Bush.

  25. AWD

    You run and I’ll vote for you. If your cat/dog runs I’d vote for it.

    I would let a proctological intern insert a John Deere riding mower up my exit portal before I’d vote for Jeb.

    Good chance we’ll get to see president Biden in 2016… Assuming Obama doesn’t declare himself Potentate.

    • If Jeb’s the nominee, people will be sick of Obama’s regime and the Bushes so a third party might win the election. Especially if the Democrats also nominate Hilldog.

  26. Hey now, you go too far my Texas-dwelling friend. If’n you wanna join up with them PEETER freaks, or walk around wearing them Birfensocks and whatnot, well that’s your peck of pickles to smooch. But when you go comparing voting for a Bush to pullin’ for them pansy-blue Rameses-loving America-hating, County Commissioners’ race stealing, no basketball playing, Agenda 21 light-rail imposing, J.R. Reid loving, buncha Obama worshipping useful idiots… that’s where I gotta draw the line! Maybe you been down there in Texas long enough that what that Marxist-breeding Sodom and Gomorrah imposes on our way of life don’t have much effect on you, but up here in Hillsborough we can’t even seat the fella we overwhelmingly voted to represent district 2 of OC, because in the General selection, the Tarhole Alumni filled Board of Selections allowed the entire county to vote for for all commissioner seats. Which means a bunch of blue-haired Guinness-breath lobotomized cradle to gravers can just override every vote in Hillsborough and all of rural Orange Co, and impose the affirmative-action unexperienced party-line water carrying Yes-woman on all of us… and Hussein Hopenchange too!!! If I was you, I might would reconsider that one brother. You’d be better off to swap that one out for something like playinf nekkid twister with that Rosie McDonalds or whatever it’s name is. Hell, at least no Bush ever imposed a county-wide OUTDOOR smoking ban. But them bastards just pushed through a dictatorial edict that makes me a criminal if I walk across the street to check the mailbox unless I drop my cigarette before I step on public property… Matter of fact If I was to, say hold a yard sale and “invite” the public onto my property, it would then be a crime to smoke in my own yard!!! Go Tarheels!!! Please… GO! Go somewhere. And take them androgenous dancing freaks over there at Duke with ya!!!