It is truly amazing…and sickening…how Americans so quickly and silently gave up their 4th Amendment rights to the TSA. After the initial outcry, we the sheeple quickly fell silently into line to be humiliated and invaded by TSA goons each time we board an airplane.

Recently, a 17 year old girl’s breasticles were exposed by a TSAsshole when she was pulled aside for further inspection while passing through the TSA feeling-up rubicon. During the pat down of her stomachular (scientific term for her belly) region her sun dress slipped and her huge tracts of land slipped out for TSA, passengers, and real terrorists to see. Oops! That’s basically what the TSA said.

However, this 17 year old girl was different. She was not just the latest good looking victim of a personal TSA probe. She is the great-great-great-great-grandniece of Congressman Ralph Hall of Texas. And Congressman Ralph Hall is not happy! He has called for an investigation to uncover why the breasticles of his relative were exposed for all to see. Answer? Because they were perfect and TSA could!

Ralph Hall will turn 146 during this term in Congress. His most famous moment is asking Abraham Lincoln’s wife how she enjoyed the rest of the play? Yet, rather than retire and spend the last of his few minutes on Earth with his family, he would wheel his chair through the halls of Congress while living the last moments of the gilded life of a Congressional king. Hall is a picture perfect example on how the only way to get Congress critters out of Washington is for them to die. Incidentally, Hall voted for the creation of the Homeland Security money pit and has voted in the affirmative nearly every time for appropriation bills over the years.

Amazing how young, attractive females are consistently pulled aside for additional inspection by the non-employables working for TSA! I’ve seen it first hand. This is what happens when unemployables are put in positions of power. I wouldn’t invite most TSA employees into my home but they have carte blanche to feel up my family and me if I want to fly rather than drive. But those women getting felt up every day don’t get federal investigations because they don’t have a Congressman or Senator in the fam. Politicians don’t give a rat when it’s not their wife or daughter. Representative Hall gets worked up when one of his relatives gets felt up but this sh*t happens tens of thousands of times each day! He knows this! AWD himself is sick and tired of being accused of smuggling a garden hose in my pants every time I try to get on a plane! Why should I submit to having my dickular region invaded? Message to TSA: AWD has a tremendously huge penis! Get over it! Enough is enough!

The TSA is just the latest federal government scheme to employ otherwise unemployables. I guess they can’t cram too many more into the rapidly sinking Post Office. Those who cannot find employment in the cleaning, fast food, or crime industries turn to TSA. Hell, the benefits are much better. Government pensions and getting to see young attractive females nekkid while treating those who pay your salaries like dogs! As a perq, you can steal from luggage too! I guess having them feel up our wives and daughters and scanning their naked bodies while letting Muslim terrorists slide by is better than them sit at home collecting welfare. Either way, the TSA is nothing more than a costly, glorified illusion of security.

Want to get serious about airport security? Do it like the Israelis. Multiple layers of backgrounds, recognition and behavior techniques, and extensive interviews of those who fit the profile…yes, PROFILE… by professionals. And yes, the Israelis interview every person of Arab descent. Why? Well, if you can’t figure that out, you must work for TSA.

Pssst! Hey, wanna cruise right through TSA like a terrorist? Try this!


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  1. I just got Ovomits Gun Ban list don’t have time for TSA now have to stock up before this gets passed. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless America

  2. Great post (as usual) AWD…

    I’ve never been felt up by the TSA (and I’ve heard stories about GUYS as well as gals having this happen to them). But I flew to Spain for vacation a few months ago. And on the way back I had an overnight layover in Paris. Out of ALL the security personnel that I went through for ALL my flights – Madrid Police, La Guardia Civil, the French national guard, etc. – TSA by far gave me the most grief. Yes, the AMERICANS gave me, one of their own, the most crap.

    I think you’d agree with me that that right there speaks volumes…

    • TSA was much more polite until Congress passed the “US citizens only” policy. Then, you had nice Indian and Eastern European ladies; now you have Richard Trumpka’s family.

  3. I didn’t wear a sundress and they touched my breastleges!

    Horrified and scarred the TSA occifer for life, that’ll learn ‘me!

    Happy Thanksgiving, a lot to be thankful for!

    Blistered, out!

  4. Don’t fly anymore, they ain’t touching me and i don’t want to end up in jail for kneeing one of them.

  5. Simple answer, this was child molestation and if photos were taken, child pornography. Prosecute and execute.
    Illegal, criminal aliens flood across the border, but Citizens get their sphincters fingered at the airports. Enough is enough; time for a New America to rise from the cesspool of the ‘Union’


    The TSA along with the EEOC,EPA, and the other goverment buracracies needs to be totaly eleminated

  7. One of the reasons why the government at all levels is so expensive is because of the amount of “nice to have” items that are routinely approved. Have you noticed the shear number of SUVs in government service compared to pre-9/11 years? I have even seen SELECTIVE SERVICE SUVs… they haven’t drafted anyone since the Vietnam War yet they have SUVs instead of cars! And look at how so many small town cops are armed like they were fighting small wars with M4 machineguns and MP-5s, paid for with Homeland Security grants I’m sure. The Chicago suburbs are overrun with these MG toting SWAT units. Look at the various Law Enforcement oriented gun porn magazines in which every single new machinegun and sniper rifle is presented as “THE tacticool” weapon appropriately priced for payment by the lowly taxpayer and impossibly priced for the civilian low-life market. Even belt-fed DSA made 7.62x39mm RPD machineguns are being pushed, while us civilians are denied new MGs through the McClure-Volkmer Act. Now if each police department wanted to pay for these out of their own local taxpayer funds, I wouldn’t really care. But they want others to pay for them.

    I say it’s time to SHUT DOWN HOMELAND SECURITY and save a bunch of dough. And did you notice the “60 Minutes” piece last Sunday about how ICE agents were now so proud about how they were interdicting the Mexican drug trade? As Vdare pointed out, ICE is doing everything EXCEPT their JOB of finding and tossing out illegal aliens!

  8. jail for Janette n

  9. The trend is obvious…..we are losing our inalienable rights at every turn…….and it’s not going to stop……we will continue to lose our rights at an ever increasing speed… seems as though the American public is gladly giving them away……..

    Every which way we turn we will continue on this same path….no matter what…..Obongo and his fascists are determined to take the starch out of America…..we are becoming a weak nation…a weak people….a people that will not stand up for themselves…..and our own government is who we have to thank for this…….

    Liberalism, isn’t it wonderful…………

  10. TSA is just one of many reasons why I will never fly again. And god have mercy on the soul who tries to touch my boy, cuz I will show none. I’ll be damned if I sit there and let some stranger fondle my child, threaten me with arrest, all in the name of national security, which is a damned joke itself.

  11. While they are strip searching a crippled little old lady from Sweden in a wheel chair and feeling up your 5 year olds, 23 year old Abdullah walks by whispering “Allah acbar” under his breath.
    Profile all muslims and any American black that has converted to Islam in prison!

  12. Hell AWD… a little surgery can make you feel like a normal man… plus the excess weight taken from that garden hose will relieve stress on your back.

    Just always trying to help my fellow man.

  13. Dear Mr. Average:

    The recent discovery of your website enthralls me, and energizes me to place these words to page: One should understand that our rights as enumerated within The Bill of Rights, are not inviolate, being for the most part statutory in nature, and therefore possessed of the ability to be statutorily modified, should the whim to do so take hold, and overcome our lawmakers. We are in fact only vested with but a single right as determined by The Supreme Court: Guaranteed access to the courts for redress of grievances, and so on. Furthermore, our “Rights” are only as powerful as the current Federal Government allows. or recognizes; indeed, should the Feds decide to obliterate and withdraw active recognition of our rights, very little short of armed conflict would remedy this intolerable situation. Therefore, it is imperative that the People, being deeply invested in the nature of this government, never blanch at alleviating even the smallest of transgressions against them. It is far more simple to clean a wound received immediately, than to acquiesce, and possibly lose an entire appendage. Hope my opinion falls short of the boring!

    • Your basic premise is wrong; my rights are granted by God, not the government.

      You are right in that our rights can be violated, and they are by the TSA and other government agencies. You are also right that they can only be cured by removal (through any means necessary)…

  14. The TSA is not one tiny bit better or different than Hitler’s Brown Shirts and there isn’t much I can do to protest the TSA even if the screeners decide that they want to closely inspect my grizzled old dork, so, I have done the only thing I can do: I quit flying.

    If I have to go somewhere I’ll drive or stay home but I’ll be damned if I will permit those barely above minimum wage public servants any latitude with me.

  15. I am getting sick of people just complaining. I agree that the TSA sucks. But what are we doing about it? What are we doing about the elimination of all our rights? Lets quit complaining, it is time to roll.

  16. Put a towel on your head and they won’t touch you.

  17. RidinShotgun says:

    Look and see who’s holding their leash. The congressional black caucus is the TSA’s biggest cheerleader in DC and are constantly demanding more money or them. As for complaints, if you in any way resemble the young lady in the picture above, move along – nothing to see here. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, a great many of the vehicles being used by our troops in Iraq & Trashcanistan are now showing up here. They’ve been painted black and now sport the DHS logo. Remember Obunghole talking about that “civillian army” back when he first got elected? There it is, right under your noses and ready to order AND coming down a main street near you!

    • I have just had it with the proliferation of federal paramilitary organizations, from the DEA to the ATF to the SS and now DHS. Is there any branch–any branch–of our government that does not have its own “security division”? Even the FDA and the EPA have heavily armed SWAT teams, and the DEA also has a large international airforce. This is clearly unconstitutional. The first step should be to combine all federal police and paramilitary organizations into a single unit under the DoJ That would eliminate thousands of drivers, limos, penthouse offices, attractives “aides” and personal helicopters.