What is losering, you might ask? Losering is a series of continuous actions committed by losers that guarantee to keep them losers. Losering.

Now that the wussypants Republicans have gotten spanked like a red-headed mule, look for the RINO elites running the joint to start calling for changes in the party. Of course, they will go 180 degrees opposite the direction they should go. Wussypants Repubs couldn’t find their asses with four hands.

So what will the wussyboys do? Just what they always do….listen to Democrats telling them what to do. And what is not in vogue with Dims these days? Old, white men! It’s very trendy in socialist, PC circles to criticize old, white men these days. Because, as we all know, white men are the root of all evil. So look for Repubs to fall into the trap of pandering to everyone except evil white men.

Instead of ignoring calls from morons like fat, RINO bastid Karl Rove to kiss the asses of certain groups for their votes, Republicans listen to the same suicidal advice time after time. Instead of laying out clear, fiscally conservative plans that motivate voters, Repubs pander. Rove and his RINO BS got the Republicans killed in 2008. The Tea Party kicked ass with conservative newcomers in 2010. So what do the wussypants RINOs do in 2012? Give us the guy who was the model for ObamaCare. Would Romney have been better than Obama? Undoubtedly. But he was unable to motivate enough voters to vote for his ideas rather than voting against his opponent. Conservatives never truly embraced Romney because they understood he believes in government a little too much for our liking.

Republicans run their party like America now fights wars. Instead of kicking asses and blowing up things, we now try to win the hearts and minds of savages that have neither hearts nor minds. Why not just annihilate them and be done with it? Hell, we can’t even say we want to kill our enemies anymore. We must “bring them to justice.” I guess that means send them to Gitmo to play soccer on the new $5 million field until Hussein decides to release them back to their jihad buddies to kill more Americans.

Wussypants Repubs try to convert moderates and independents by running moderates and independents while ignoring the sizable percentage of the party that holds fiscally conservative values. Did you see anyone speak from the Tea Party at the RNC Convention? Me neither. But the ‘Round Mound of Obama Ass-Kissing Sound’ Chris Christie gave one of the most boring, self-indulgent speeches in the long, pathetic history of RINO boring, self-indulgent speeches.

Romney NEVER embraced conservatives in the party. He never supported the Tea Party movement. He didn’t even try. He assumed we would support him. Instead, the Republican primary stretched out for months because he couldn’t close the deal with conservative delegates. This cost him time and money while he waited for the rise and fall of Perry, Gingrich, Cain, and Santorum. Instead of shoring up conservative support, Romney spent his time trying to win over independents while giving the finger to our side.

AWD met with one of Romney’s top campaign people in Charleston earlier in the spring in the heat of the primary battle. I told him Romney was making a mistake by not admitting RomneyCare in Massachusetts was a huge mistake (which it was) with conservatives. The guy gave me a snotty look and answered that I really didn’t know what I was talking about. Well, now I’m talking about four more years of Hussein because 3 million conservatives decided not to show up to vote for the author of ObamaCare!

Here’s the deal. When Republicans run true fiscal conservatives with concrete ideas, they win. When they run squishy independents, they lose. This is not hard…unless you’re a RINO elite.

So look for all the Republican so-called experts flapping their pie-holes all over TV how the Republicans need to embrace Hispanics, Blacks, independents, Martians and anyone else that they believe might one day vote for them. They never will understand it is ideas that win elections…not pandering to sub-groups. Pandering to groups is what Dims do. But the RINO elite in the Republican Party are really Dim-Lites so they listen to their opponents (“good friends on the other side of the aisle) tell them to do exactly what they should not do.

43 million Americans identify with the Tea Party movement’s principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets. The Republican leadership is not among that number. That’s a huge number to ignore. AWD has often said the only people that hate the Tea Party more than Democrats are Republicans. And I know I’m right.

AWD would rather light a candle for the GOP than curse its darkness. This article is intended to do just that. But this goes further than stupidity. The real truth why Republicans continue to get their weak little asses handed to them is because they have abandoned fiscal conservative principles. The GOP is currently the party of Tip O’Neill. John Boehner as Speaker of the House? Puh-leeeze!

Until Republicans can once again become the party of Reagan, they will continue losering. It’s that simple.

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  1. I’m no Karl Rove, but I could have told you Paul Ryan (“shark eyes”) was a really bad pick. It was Rubio.
    I ended up liking Romney (Mr. Whitefolks), you can’t get any “whiter” than Romney, he is everything the Left hates, buisness man, family, religious, patriotic (except for the RED CHINA thing), straight, white…

    • Hey in 2 weeks the “New” “Red Dawn” movie comes out. Talk about wussies, the Production Co wimped out and made the invaders NORKS instead of the Red Chinesse. Yes the original was Russians and Cubans.

  2. romney wouldve been a good president. voter fraud, rigged electronic voting machines carried the day for obamarxist. The republic might be over and bathhouse barry will try to ruin country because he hates the US and israel too. I can see this getting violent…I hope the states tell barry to go f himself on obamacare and the war on coal. it just goes to show how little morals and honesty matter when a lying, corrupt, evil fraud is illegal president


    They need to be more conservative and stick up for traditional american values and not didtcated to the NWO,NAU,ILLEGAL IMAGRATION,GUN CONTROL,SAME SEX MARRAGE and such they need to put country over politics

  4. We all know the major problem with the republicans is the RINO factor……the problem is, we are never going to get rid of them…..if we could get rid of them, I am sure we would….but we’re not………

    So….how do we solve this problem….start another party?….we already have the Libertarians, the Socialist party, the Communist party, and a bunch of lame-brains that call themselves a party…………

    RINO’s are a fact of life………..what we have to do is primary every RINO we can “and beat them” right within our own republican party…….

    We need to create a bull-work of strong TEA Party backed candidates…ones that will take on the republican establishment……we must get stronger within the republican party………..

    I hate the RINO’s as much as you do….but I don’t believe in cutting our own throats either……creating another party will do nothing more than hand the government over to the Liberal establishment……..
    They will beat us every time splitting our votes between repubs and tea party backed candidates…….taking over the republican party is the only viable solution……..

    Take over the republican party or go to “”armed insurrection””………

    I want to be careful here….not looking for a visit from the Feds……

    I’m OK with either solution………..


    • Hello call for Amerika on line 1.

    • We have a Tea-Party backed representative in my district. Here’s the problem. He WAS NOT the best man for the job! The local Tea-Party even admitted that another candidate more closely matched their (and my) ideals. They also admitted that they chose him because he “had the re$ource$” to win. It didn’t matter that he only attended ONE rally. It didn’t matter that people were standing in line to donate and support the the RIGHT guy. It came down to money, other peoples money, big bucks from republican coffers (out of the district ones). Yes, he signed the Tea-Party “pledge”. And, predictably, shortly after he was elected he announced that he wasn’t going to be guided by that pledge (or the principals behind it).
      I saw the local Tea-Party get taken over by republican bigwigs from the northern part of the state and state capitol. Bit-by-bit, local leaders and organizers were replaced by RINOs and NeoCons in the “state” Tea-Party. “Our” local Tea-Party more closely resembles the local republican club. It seemed almost too easy that the original Tea-Parties got taken over by “professionals”.
      I’ll start attending rallies again and plan to stir the pot and call these people out. I hope that I won’t be alone and we can take it back to early 2010 again, with true grass-roots members doing the organizing and decision making. I’d love to see truly local Tea-Parties again. We have to keep things local (in district) first. Local Tea-Parties then need to work with neighboring parties, then state, and finally national. If we can’t, we’ll need to look for other options.

  5. Louisiana Steve says:

    Went online today and changed my voter registration to reflect my new political affiliation….’None’.

  6. Most respectfully, I disagree with the premise of this post. Mitt Romney did not lose because he’s not conservative enough. With the media behind Obama, many people were led to believe that he is a wealthy right wing extremist that would cater to the interests of the very wealthy. Americans are moderate, sorry but that’s the way it is, most especially on social issues.

    A tea party candidate will never win a national election – that’s not the majority of Americans. As much as you hate Chris Christie, he had a better shot than Romney in my opinion. Do you really think Obama won Ohio and Virginia because Romney was not conservative enough? Virginia is set to lose 200k military jobs I have read. And Obama won this state. It makes me sick, just absolutely SICK that we have four more years of this.

    Right or wrong, the tea party is viewed as extreme. It has served to divide moderate and conservative republicans, handing this election to Obama. And to be very clear, I am a person who believes Obama is not an American, is anti-America, and is seeking to destroy us. If the state of the economy and the price at the pump didn’t take him out of office, what will? A more conservative candidate? I think not.

    And while you think that supporting only true tea party republicans is the answer, I cannot agree with you or we’d both be wrong. Ending the day with a RINO in office beats the hell out of ending the day with a commie in office every time in my book. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts – good day to all!

    • “Right or wrong, the tea party is viewed as extreme. It has served to divide moderate and conservative republicans”

      You are right and it is wrong, but it is what is was made to be by the MSM.

      I viewed a video today from by old home town of South Boston MA. The ignorance of=n the part of the voters was amazing–but the DNC, Stewart , Wasserman talking points flowed from their lips. They could not identify major politicians or Constitution facts but the could tell you the Romney was in a war against women. Hate to admit it but the DNC knows how to appeal to people better than the GOP- right or wrong..

    • It may be true that a tea party candidate will never win, but not because the tea party is too extreme; quite the contrary. Its detractors (or shall I say “enemies”) in the major media are the extremists who “swing” the voters through propagation of half-truths, lies of omission, and fear tactics. The average dull citizen listens to this, thinking they are getting unbiased information, not grasping the fact that “the news” ceased to be news about the time reporters began calling themselves “journalists.”

      However, I have to agree with AWD and others on the point of Romney’s wimp-factor. Looking back at 2010, there was never any substantive reason to believe a majority wouldn’t vote in a tea party President in 2012 — other than fear of the media’s intent and power to destroy the candidate. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc., ad nauseum, all faithful Obama worker-bees, labored diligently to nominate Romney for the GOP precisely because he was the least threatening to Obama’s presidency.

      When people vote, they want to vote for a real leader — a “leader” being someone with the spine to be clear on his vision and determined in his plan, and to stand his ground with dignity and class against the opposition. A leader does not worry about what people might say about him. In my opinion, Romney lost the election on the third debate: Benghazi was the Obama administration’s jugular, wide-open to the fatal blow everyone looked for that night, and Romney refused to touch it.

      Your statement that the tea party is divisive is incorrect. It is not the tea partiers who are divisive, it is the “moderate” factor. “Moderate” means “timid,” and nobody wants a timid President. Romney had the dignity and class we wanted, he just didn’t have the spine. That’s why he lost. End of story.

      • Yes, I understand what you’re saying. All I heard people talking about here was romneys tax return, nothing else. This aggravated me to no end: who cares??!!! Romneys tax return has nothing to do with it, nothing. Twit Kirsten gillibrand was re-elected. NYS senate was likely lost to the dems, there goes upstate!

        I like it here: I count on you folks to make sure that no ny politician ever wins national office. Promise me this please!

  7. the Republican party needs an enema. Get a set of cojones.


    America needs to totaly pull out of the UNITED NATIONS their nothing but a bunch of war mongers and one world tyrants and terrorists supporters

  9. Joy, wouldn’t you have rather had Christie (or ANYONE) win than Obama? Is it better to have an all or nothing approach when you wind up with nothing every time? Really?! Is it helping? My observation is that it isn’t. Tuesday’s outcome verifies this observation.

    And I am as upset as the rest of you, maybe more so, as I am from new York. Idiocracy is REAL. The economy is a mess, gas is $4 a gallon, and yet almost every democrat was re-elected. Democrats gained here for sure. I have never been more disgusted. A very good friend of mine tells me this is all for the best because we need total collapse before we can rebuild, and we are going to get there very soon because of tuesday. Maybe she’s correct.

    • Yes Rebecca,anyone but Obama. We all have to fight back. All looks bleak now but we can’t just throw our arms up and quit. Don’t let the bad guys win.

      • Maybe my thinking is not clear – I am genuinely depressed since Tuesday. My own brilliant father, mother in law, sister in laws…all voted for Obama. I actually fight with my own father about this stuff! People’s opinions and views are not based on reality. I don’t know where we go from here. You say “don’t give up”; I ask then what will effect chage? I don’t see what the next action should be. Note: brilliant was meant to be sarcastic.

      • Another sick thought I have: the so called leadership we have are all in it together. The republicans losing Tuesday night, given where this country is, is like the little league beating the Yankees. It just can’t happen unless the Yankees allow it.

  10. When is this freakin’ family going to go away, get jobs and stop running for office??


    George W. Bush and his fake conservatism did to the GOP what Jimmy Carter did to Dems: guaranteed we get our asses handed to us in nationwide elections for a decade.

    Thanks Bush family. Thanks so much.

    People talk about these families (Kennedys, Bushes, Romneys, Clintons etc.) and “their dedication to public service”

    It’s not public service it’s self service! They want to be in power and avoid making it in the real world.

    You have enough money at this point that you can just go away and be rich forever. So do us all a favor and just disappear Bush family

    • It’s called a dynasty. From the past George is half Mexican and speaks fluent Spanish. The dynasty will do anything to hold the reins. It isn’t really a platform or what is good for Americans but whether they hold the reigns of power.

      America is ripe fro secession, at least as far as this old man is concerned. I am a conservative and have been since my brain opened up at about 25 years of age.

      No dynasty, no Bush ever will get my vote.

      Remember, the Bush dynasty are North American Union advocates.

      On a separate issue spray on tan makes you a kiss butt wimp.

  11. Here are some of the pieces-of-shit that we lost to……

    the future of the democrat party………


  12. The Rino republican party is dead to me.They want to pander to black and mexican voters,fine.They can have them.Instead of telling the truth to White people they try and play a game that the demonrats perfected.I am finished with them.How can we have a nominee not slam obummers ass about Libra?How can we have a nominee that didnt expose the lie of obummers dept. of labors unemployment’s fairy tell numbers?How can we have a nominee that let obummer lie like a rug in the last 2 debates?How can we have a nominee that let candy COWley lie for her messiah in the 2nd debate?How can we have a nominee that would rather play nice with obummer and his posse when all they did was smear him every chance they got?I absolutely loved the Paul Ryan choice as VP pick but how can we have a VP nominee that let joe “no brain” biden lie,laugh, and act like a 2 year old in their debates?I know we had the lame stream media against them but come on,they could have forced the issues on them we both Mitt & Ryan we in the debates in front of millions of viewers.They both rolled over like my Australian Husky when I get back from work.R&R’s whole team let obummer and his team control EVERYTHING this whole election year just like Mcain’s team did and they expected a different outcome.These are the reasons why I kept telling everybody around me that obummer was gonna get reelected.How could I see all these things but nobody else did? Are we just as blinded by our side as the demoncrats are with theirs?

    • “I know we had the lame stream media against them but come on,they could have forced the issues on them we both Mitt & Ryan we in the debates in front of millions of viewers” should read:

      I know we had the lame stream media against them but come on,they could have forced the issues on them when both Mitt & Ryan were in the debates in front of millions of viewers.

  13. Angry White Dudette says:

    Dude, when Obama makes all the illegals ‘legal’ we will never corral enough conservative votes to out-number liberal Democrats. We’re done here. The defeat we were handed Tuesday night will take years and years of elections to fix. The Repubs are too stupid to win THE BIG ONE. We can sit back and watch America ooze down the tubes at the hands of corrupt politicians. I hate what happened Tuesday night. I’ve been depressed and shocked since the election. I really thought the American electorate could see that four more years of Obama’s liberal, socialist policies would run our country over the cliff. Yes, the blue states, main street media, hollyweird celebrities, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and all the other Obama supporters and fund raisers can all go to hell. That’s true for Chris Christie, too. I hope Obama taxes their $million dollar paychecks to the moon and even higher. But for me, I’m gonna press forward with the greatest possible dispatch! and investigate moving to Costa Rico…

  14. I ranted on Republicans something like four years ago here, and was told I was having a bad day.

  15. Just a quick note here, but I’m not so certain that starting a new conservative party is such a bad idea. It’s sometimes argued that we will be outnumbered by the minority-driven Democratic Party. That’s probably true. Conservatives are already outnumbered. But we’ve got to start somewhere. Such a party based on conservative principles and led by strong conservative leaders might be numerically low, but it would be politically pure and not openly hampered by moderates or wussy pants. Great things have been accomplished in history by groups who may have been small in number, but who were courageous and devoted to their cause. What they lacked in man shortage, they made up for by sheer diligence, organization and focus! Besides, such a party will attract others, especially when Obama’s corrupt reign leads to further poverty and despair – and you know it will eventually occur!

    Anyways, it’s just something to think about.

  16. PS just read that Boehner jumped on the path to citizenship bandwagon.

    I think it was Cal Thomas who said that the GOP is so into believing the the latino vote is what they need that they ignored the white vote and are losing it.

  17. Obama won Wood County in Ohio with 108% of the votes.Not a typo .In 2012 106,258 people were registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

  18. From where I sit it doesn’t seem to me like the problem is getting “more” Republican. THat is what we all want but the majority in American is now part of the moocher class. How exactly does getting “more” republican win them over? Quick answer is that it won’t. Once moochers take a firm hold on society, its over until an entire fiscal collapse wakes everyone up from their fantasy. Greece and Spain are prime examples of that and I don’t see the people over there rioting for more conservative economics!! They want to keep their handouts and work even less.

    So the real question, IMO, is: How do we get rid of the moocher class as majority voter???

  19. TiminKuwait.. By making them work for their handouts,they would try to find work that paid better,but Obama took that requirement away. Obama ran ad’s on Mexican tv inviting them to come get foodstamps!

  20. “Until Republicans can once again become the party of Reagan, they will continue losering. It’s that simple.”

    Reagan was also a promoter of amnesty. Is that what you mean?

    I’m a bit tired of all the hero worship and other blather from “Republicans” and “conservatives”.

    For the most part (yes, I know there are exceptions) minorities will go with the Democrats. There is no point whatsoever in minority outreach. Hispanics and Blacks, and for that matter, a large fraction of Whites, are not “natural conservatives”, whatever that means. Try to onboard NAMs and Whites will jump ship.

    Social conservatism (w.r.t. abortion, gay marriage, etc>) is now a minority position in many states. And fiscal conservatism isn’t looking to be in much better shape.

    Think you’re going to go “John Galt”? What on Earth does that mean? Are you going to up and leave? Where will you go?

    In some ways, maybe this outcome is better. I voted (R), but maybe it’s time for the (R) party to die, after which maybe the (D) party will self destruct as well. There is no UNITED States of America any more, too much diversity has helped kill it.

  21. For a very long time, our public educational system has been bashing white European men through lies about historical events. This should have been caught and acted upon years ago. I’m glad my children learned real history and are true patriots. All authentic conservative patriots bare the invisible marks of the stigmata by carrying all these ignorant leeches on our backs.

  22. It’s almost unanimous, the RNC is either obsolete or filled with moles. Many of “us” have felt this way re. the State Department for decades. The queastion for both is “Whose side are you on ?”
    The specific misgiving I have for the Romney campaign relates right back to the RNC. We couln’t have gone to “Central Casting” to find a better candidate! All he lacked was the instinct to “mix it up”. When dealing with the radical-Left there are no rules or niceities. You take punches – YOU THROW PUNCHES ! The RNC and traditional Republicans have been a bunch of SORRY LOSERS – see Bob Dole, John McCain and both George HW and George W. Even during the Bush administrations, the leadership exhibited NO GUTS. “Moderate”, “compromise”, “reach accross the isle” – all tools used to grind the Conservatives.
    Think about it: Romney and his Super Pacs carpet-bombed both Gingrich and Santorim. And then they go into the General Election adherring to the Marques of Queensbury boxing rules. Obama had more baggage then Bill Clinton – did they turn the Super Pacs loose? NO !

  23. I’d like my post name …… the Recriminator

    My name IS Charles Gallup – Houston, Tx.

  24. Michael Neibel says:

    The republican party is ripe for an intellectual takeover. It is an empty suit, no being or presence there. They are all pragmatists concerned only with the expediency of the immediate moment and to hell with consequences especially long term ones. They only care about winning with no regard to the question ‘winning what’? Power for the sake of power with no clue as to what to do with it. It’s almost like they have agreed with the dems to take turns sharing power in a game called politics where the object is to screw the other side out of a turn.

    Yeah, the repug Party is pretty much brain dead. As an independent voter I was astonished, stunned when the repugs, knowing that Americans overwhelmingly wanted Obama care repealed, decided to back Romney the father of Romney Care, the blueprint for Obama care. “How stupid does the Repugnant Party think we are?” was my initial reaction. Evidently a lot of independents and some republicans, share this view as they gave the party a strong slap in the face. No, this election was not a love fest for Obama. If it was the repugs would have lost the House but that wasn’t even close. Republicans also made gains in state legislatures. It seems then that voters are open to ideas but they have to be the right ideas i.e. those that are grounded in the Declaration i.e. individual rights. America is the only nation founded on that principle. Our founders did not give up when their odds of winning looked doomed. So the question for us then is “Is this principle still worth fighting for?” As long as we don’t have censorship, while free speech is still allowed there is a chance to save this country.

    • How about an intellectual ticket of Newt/Ron Paul? Can’t argue that Newt is an intellectual (or at least real smart). Most of the House of Representatives hate him which is no black mark next to his name as far as I’m concerned.

      Ron wants to audit the Fed. Not real sure that I’d like what he finds, but I’m real sure I don’t like what we have. Also drop the U N like a hot potato and stop foreign aid to countries that don’t back us. Can you say Pakistan? Dust off the B2’s and put a few gallons of whup ass on the next country that crosses us. Give ‘em the Israel treatment. Hide your launchers in schools and nurseries? Kiss your kiddies bye bye. To quote General Swarzkoph, “The job of the Army is to break things and kill people”.

      The GOP needs to quit trying to be the nice guy on the block. We need street fighters running for office. Lie and tell the masses they’ll get all kinds of freebies if they just vote for us, then when we get in office lie some more and do what we want. They’ll forget and vote for us again if we promise more freebies when we run for the next four and ignore the facts of the last four. That’s what happened this time.
      Seems to have put what we have in power once with a four year bonus for so many lies and screw ups that there’s not enough space on the entire web to list them.

      Like the late Duke Wayne said: “Life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid”. The majority of the population needs life to be a little tougher like maybe 12 weeks of unemployment insurance instead of 99 and let’s re-open the commodities food lines. Beans are healthy and if I recall, the cheese ain’t half bad.

      And I thank you for your time.

  25. Update..300,000 votes not counted in Ohio.

  26. Destiny's Bastard says:

    Seems like the Republican is three parties in one…and they all hate each other!

    1: Romney. Rich gentlemen’s club. Run corporations. Want pro business policies (ie, lots of Fed money).

    2: Tea Partiers. Kind of Independents who are tired of not having a party. They need to move out of the GOP’s basement and elect some of their own candidates.

    3: Angry White Dudes. Lots of noise. Lots of social media. But where does all that energy go? 20 years after electing Newt to the House, AWD’s are still all “against” and nothing “for”. Where’s the plan.

    So, really, it’s time for a 3-way divorce.

  27. Rand Paul would be outstanding. He would ever sell out. He’s a lot like his pop Ron. Rand says Repubs should vote present – no deals. I agree. RINO Mitch McConnell tried to do Rand in. Result : Rand Paul 1 Mitch Mc 0. Mitch thinks he’s Mr. Bluegrass. His man lost to Dr. Paul. The great Jim DeMint got sick of the demented Demoleft and RINO idiots in Congress and got out. Who could blame him ? People should’ve backed Mitt to get rid of Hussein. Lesser of evils is less evil, especially in this case. LIVs (low information voters) are the big problem. As Paul Harvey used to say, the government has no money, except what it takes from you. I miss Paul Harvey. Too many in the wagon; too few to pull it. Mitt was right about the 47 percent. Demos now use losertarian candidates to split the Repub vote. It worked well for them in November.