It’s time all you goat ropers stop clinging to your evil Wilson Combat .45’s and Weatherby .300’s! This crime wave has gone too far and must stop! Luckily, AWD has come to the rescue based upon the example set by Worcester, Massachusetts. I’m going to have myself a little ol’ gun buy-back program and you’re all invited!

According to the Daily Caller:

Citizens can anonymously turn in ”unloaded and wrapped in a bag” semi-automatic firearms, handguns or long guns in exchange for a flu shot and a Wegman’s gift certificate for $75, $50 or $25 respectively. The police department also welcomes residents to turn in non-operable guns, live ammunition and firearm accessories, although no incentive is offered for those items.

Now, AWD calls bullsh*t on turning in any guns that don’t work! Might as well turn in a rock! But I will accept any unfired ammo. I also will accept knives and flashlights. Love me some flashlights! As long as they work!

To stop crime, AWD will accept your crime-committing guns no questions asked. If you turn in a gun, you’ll receive the following:

  • 1911 .45 ACP – one genuine sexy AWD t shirt guaranteed to get your ass laid and a bottle of Hai Karate after shave
  • .22 or .32 handgun – a bottle of lavendar-scented bubble bath and a box of tampons
  • .270, .308 or 30-06 by Ruger, Winchester, Remington – two AWD t shirts and whatever change AWD has in his pocket.
  • AR-15 or M4 – three AWD t shirts, $25, and the personal cell phone number of Janine Turner
  • Glock handgun – two AWD t shirts and “Dude of the Week” status on Angry White
  • Weatherby .257 or .300 – three AWD t shirts, Dude of the Week status and a date with Janine Turner!

As you can see, AWD is serious about stopping crime in America!  Who wants a gay gift card to Wal Mart or a flu shot when you can sport your own supa-sexy AWD t shirt and run around town with Janine Turner on your arm?  (Disclaimer:  date with Janine Turner subject to my talking her into going out with a redneck, goat-roping redneck like yourself….which is doubtful, junior)

The city of Worcester says that over 2200 guns have been turned in since the program started in 2002.  AWD figures I can easily double that number, build my arsenal and get rid of a boatload of AWD t shirts that you cheap bastids aren’t buying!

AWD is all about stopping violent gun crime….and building my personal arsenal at the same time!  So all you stupid idiots fine citizens just bring your evil guns down here to Dallas so AWD can dispose of them properly into my gun safe.  Just think of all the lives you’ll be saving!

I think Worcester, Massachusetts is somewhere near Boston.  Only yankees could fall for something as stupid as to give their guns away for a flu shot they could get for free down at the clinic!

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  1. AWD, heehee, you isn’t gettin mine!
    Those { Obama voters},morons in Taxachussets don’t deserve to have guns!

  2. KennakaKeeper says:

    They’ve been doing that in Buffalo N.Y. for a few years now. I hear the only ones turned in are by old white people trying to get a few bucks for food because they don’t qualify for freeloading handouts…..

  3. Homeland Security ignoring Los Zetas Mexican Terrorist para-military organization now in the U.S.
    Media coverup!
    It’s time to go to war! Right here on this continent!

    ZETAS Documentary

    • Thats cause Nappy’s chief of staff when she was Gov of Az was behind Fast and Furious as an ATF dude. Shipping weapons to Cartels so they could claim American Guns were at fault the have reason to bam them. Already bought the AG of the US, probably some Libtards in Congress.. You STAY on the interstate south of Phoenix, AZ
      and Govt signs warn you to. They pretty much own/control Southern AZ and the Border Patrol is issue Bean Bag loads. FUBAR exists in Az and “O” lets it happen.
      Its shameful what the Politicos have let us with, Repos and Demos…………..

  4. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Gotta ask, AWD. What would I get for my Weatherby .300? Pretty sure a date with Janine wouldn’t work …. You have to consider us girls too.

    • I was so gonna troll this KGG, but I respect your ideology too much to derail the post with lewd and bawdy comentary

  5. AWFUL
    if you don’t have enough storage, you can ship a few of them. 45’s or AR’s up here to Ohio for safe keeping, got a beautiful safe to keep them out of the wrong hands.


    So do stupid liberals realy think some crinimal is going to exchange their guns for a pualtry $50:00 or $100:00? or maybe giftcards,gift certificates,food coupons,or tickets? Just how dumb are liberals anyway?

  7. AWD, I would send you every one I have, but, tragically all were lost in a horrible kayaking accident and now reside in the bottom of an unknown river.

    PS, I really need a flu shot too.

  8. What would I get for an old Bear bow and a disparaging look?

    Blistered, out!

  9. AWD,
    What would I get for my old (real leather) slingshot?

  10. With the proposal to just tax the rich, we have now decided that it is ok to discriminate against each other. So, since most crime is disproportionately associated with blacks, lets just ban blacks from having guns.

  11. 79firebirdman says:

    Guns? What guns? I ain’t got no guns. 😉


    Gun exchanges dont stop or deter crime its just a way for stupid liberal pea-brains to feel all warm and fuzzy inside becuase liberals use emotional gobblidy gook in their aurguments and it gets big headlines from their local birdcage liner and gets them on dumb liberal talk shows and on TODAY,GMA,CBS MORNING NEWS,NIGHTLINE,DATELINE NBC,20/20,60 MINUTES and the rest of the leftists propeganda programs

  13. Louisiana Steve says:

    I’ll send you mine, but the barrel has to cool off first.

  14. The most pathetic thing about these guns-for-cash is that they exploit the ignorance of the female population. There are plenty of widows and single women that know ZERO about the VALUE of any firearm; all they know is that the “government,” “news commentators” and police don’t want you to have a gun “because you are too stupid” and “only registered guns are permitted” and of course, you don’t have government issued gun ownership card.

    The minimum value of almost any operational gun is probably on the order of $100; thus, the women are being CHEATED out of the fair market value of their weapons. But the leftists that operate these operations could care less; all that counts is that the gun controllers get their news media coverage because “it could save ONE life!”

    You could throw a monkey wrench in their operation by setting up a trailer on private land and have some gun value appraisers evaluate without touching their firearms. THEN they could point out how the government is ripping them off of the fair market value.



  16. What can I get for a Raider CS-35 or a Longstrike CS-6?

  17. Seeing as the Yuletide is upon us,

    What can I get for a classic Red Ryder 200 Shot BB gun, it is in very good condition and has only shot one eye out.


  18. you can make a functional gun out of a block of wood a few nails and a piece of car antenna, you can make an anti personal booby trap from about the same material, bigger pieces of wood more nails and a counter weight and someones gona get hurt, friends of mine found out the hard way about these things, they all said the same thing, those little slant eyed sob’s were very ingenious.

  19. I’m not quite ready to turn in my guns just yet. That being said, I have a used Trek mountain bike I’ll send you, I’ll even pay for the shipping.

    Happy Kwaanza…

  20. Had to sell all my hunting equipment to pay my property tax since I don’t have a real job, but I kept my rabbit boxes and bird traps, gota eat ya know.

  21. AWD-
    Whatever happened to the WW II vet that shot the hoot coming into his house? I recall he got his 22 confiscated by the po-po! That was his only defense from the bad guys. We discussed taking up a collection for a fine new 22 but lost the bubble.
    Anybody know?

    Blistered, out!

  22. AWD, yep… a few cities around here have done it. No, we’re not all liberals. The intent is to get guns out of hand of folks that don’t have licenses, or have been passed down & people don’t know what to do with them, or want them, or have “found” them (right). Basically gets older/questionable (possibly crime related guns) off the streets.
    That said, I’d like to set a stand up outside & make a counter-offer so I can try to see if it’s worth having. But then again, if they don’t have a license buying from a non-licensed person is a crime here.

    Makes you angry, huh?

    • Sounds like your stereo-typical gun controller rationalization from the northeast. If this were actually true, then why don’t all the police, government “leaders” and idiot new media editorial writers tell people to bring their guns to a gun store and THEN if their guns are really worth $25-75 they could get their Target gift card like in Chicago? It’s amazing to me all the allegedly high-IQ white people in the northeast buy into this crap (MD voted FOR gun control in a statewide referendum).

      All gun controllers aren’t “liberals?” You’re exactly right. But I guarantee most gun controllers are lovers of cosmopolitanism. And I would bet they would cream in their pants to be invited to parties of the rich, famous liberals where gun control “Happy Talk” is de rigor to be reinvited. Peter Brimelow talks about National Review’s James Buckley this way.

      Ever hear Rush Limbaugh sing the praises of the so-called “conservative” Heritage Foundation? Who do think advised El Presidente George Herbert Walker Bush to ban import of assault rifles like the German HK-91s and PRC AK-47s? It was the Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Feulner. Check the Wall Street Journal right after Bush’s executive order if you don’t believe me.

  23. Teapartyguardian says:

    Ok, Ok…..I’m gonna buy an AWG T-shirt for Christmas. You didn’t have to call us cheap (sobbing)!


    Why dont we start offering cash for those turning in a skimask,running shoes since crinimals often use these