Are you getting the opinion that the ‘meaningful conversation’ that libs are calling for is not really a conversation at all? Since when have liberals been capable of a two-way conversation? Since the 12th. Of never. Name-calling and insults – yes. Rational conversation – HA!

AWD is on vacation in the great state of Arizona with the filly. We’re going to head out and explore Sedona and head up to the Grand Canyon this week. Y’all are going to have to help Bigtimer and RedStater do some of the heavy lifting around here. I’m going to be next to useless. That is, even more useless than normal.

Here’s where you can get your side of the gun conversation laid out for liberals. Since most libs know less than nothing about guns, some of you more knowledgeable gun folks might try educating the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic. On second thought, we’re talking about liberals here. You might want to slow things down and explain the difference between a trigger and a barrel.

Or you can just talk about your favorite self-defense guns, carry guns, shotguns, hunting rifles and calibers (AWD believes the Weatherby .257 Magnum would be the perfect deer/hog load for Texas…want to fight about it?), etc. I love my new Remington .45 ACP R1 Enhanced that’s all tricked out with a dangerous semi automatic trigger (shh..don’t tell the libs it’s a joke) and also love my Glock 23. And my ARs, and SKS, and hunting rifles, and….

Rumor has it that 30 round magazines for ARs are selling for $60 each and ARs for as much as $4000! AWD bought 10 for $100 three weeks ago! Anybody that wants to pay me $60 for a magazine can write my big sexy, greedy ass at

Y’all have fun with this ‘meaningful conversation’ on guns. Here’s my contribution: WE WILL NEVER EVER ALLOW OUR GUNS TO BE TAKEN FROM US WHILE WE ARE ALIVE. AND WE ARE PREPARED TO DIE AND KILL PROTECTING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! Conversation on THAT, libtards!

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  1. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Actually you can still backorder the mags from Midway or Brownells at the same prices till Jan. Expect delivery late in January. Sorry to screw you out of a few bucks. However you’re right about the ” reasonable conversation.” Right now the guy from C products, Magpul, AR Stoner etc are working overtime to fill orders, knowing full well that their good paying jobs are clearly on the line. The support we show these companies and their employees may well decide their fates. And, it’s not just the mag companies that will hurt. AR15 type rifles account for 25% of all rifles sold ( probably more now ) The accessory component companies will also hurt and includes optics/sights, stock, forends, barrels and bolts/bcg’s. Support these guys now and buy an extra mag or two or spare part because you might never be able to get another.

  2. Attended a Saxet gun show this weekend. 30 rnd mags for mini 14 were priced at $80, P Mags for Ar’s were selling for $60 to $70. All semi auto long guns were priced sky high as was ammo. Panic buying going on and the vendors were trying to cash in.

  3. Catharine Pickard says:

    Good one AWD. Enjoy Arizona, Gods glory out there so beautiful. Here on the front handling any “conversation” pertaining to “gun control”- which means cleaning, firing, putting away. Any other control ain’t happening. Keeping our safe well stocked with ammo, guns, targets. Care and safety lessons for the young ones… So actually not too interested in discussions w/ libtards who believe they can control constitutional rights. Peace

  4. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Yep, I had a regular of mine jack the price up on me. Told him I wouldn’t use him again. He didn’t seem to care, but every dog has his day and when it gets slow he’ll call and I’ll remind him of our conversation and how I mentioned it to a lot of people what a butthead he was. You’ll pay a tad bit more at Midway or Brownell’s but the listed price is the price and Larry Potterfield and Pete Brownell have no reason to try to exploit the feeding frenzy. I say buy for reasonable prices but don’t get hoodwinked into getting gouged. People who do this don’t usually stay in business and people have long memories.

    • Speaking of Midway USA, a day or two after the shooting I went on their site to see if by some miracle there were any Glock hi-caps left. Much to my surprise they still had some 15 round mags for my Glock 20 10mm, which is one gun that I only had about 5 magazines for. When I went to order, the girl informed me that there was a limit of 2 per customer. I think that Midway USA should be commended for this since it allows more people a chance to get the few remaining mags and prevents greedy vendors from snatching them all up for $23.99 and then gouging people for them at gunshows to the tune of $75.00 or more per mag. Good job Midway.


    Arizona is the state that can show the way when it comes to illegal aliens and the 2nd Amendment we need to reject the UN SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY and totaly rejected with leftists UNITED NATIONS

  6. Granted the motto for business “Whatever the traffic will allow” applies here ,but some have gone way too far ,. When things are marked up to the point of insanity it’s time to regroup. Ammo is at best a crapshoot as sellers set the hook and double or even triple prices… Mags at 4 times ,AR;s being bid on in gun stores… We got trouble here folks, Our focus needs to be on squashing this gun control bull that a few socialist idiot politicians are advocating. When you have pinheads the likes of Feinstein and Cuomo suggesting “confiscation or compulsory ” buyback it is time to wake up and realize the guvmint’s in need of an enema.They seem to have forgotten just what the Constitution is .These shits need to go and the guvmin’t needs a flush.Any politician that even thinks of advocating this should immediately brought up on charges of conspiracy to overthrow the country, Those clowns would look good in prison orange,.

  7. I just love how idiots call an AR or SKS an assault weapon! These rifles ARE NOT “assault” weapons. If you want to assault someone you walk up and shoot them in the face with a double barrelled 12 gauge…now THATS how you assault someone! Now if we the sane law abiding citizens were to follow the libtard’s fatally flawed logic we would be walking everywhere because these dumb asses saying guns kill people is just the same as saying cars kill people. I don’t know the exact statistics but I guarantee a hell of a lot more people die on the highways annually than at the hands of a maniac with an illegally purchased firearm. I not only embrace our Second Amendment rights but I believe they should be enforced! If every law abiding citizen was armed these atrocities perpetrated by these scumbags would spike downward drastically. The new policy on violent crimes could simply be called “Think twice asshole”.

  8. AWD…

    You and the filly have a great time!

  9. Libs are the embodiment of “often wrong, but never in doubt”. Reasoning with them is like trying to reason with a spoiled teenager.

    The gun issue is no different. The NRA offers an adult solution to protect schools and the libs start with their bratty ridicule of the proposal. No logic required, just kick and scream.

    Since unlike teenagers libs never grow up, trying to have a meaningful conversation about guns seems a fool’s errand.

  10. On the other hand, I would like to further my gun education from the obviously knowledgeable folks who contribute to AWD’s blog.

    In terms of blogs, websites, etc, what would you all recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. I don’t even try to reason with a liberal. Liberals are brain dead thus trying to teach anything to a brain dead liberal don’t register due to brain deadness.

  12. AWD,
    Your in Gods Country now! Enjoy. Northern Arizona is great. Ya got Ruger Arms in Prescott. Go south of Phoenix your in Hell, its Cartel Country full of illegals and Cartel Members. Only go there armed.

  13. Yeah, it’s a meaningful discussion until you present them with facts (crime rates in strict gun-controlled areas vs. crimes rates in lax gun-controlled areas). Then it’s either time to be an @sshole or to “agree to disagree.”


    Guns cuase crime like flies cuase garbage

  15. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    This ‘meaningful’ conversation with libs is a little hard because they don’t know anything. The ones I have talked to, think that the AR in a AR-15 stands for Assault Rifle. They also think that an AR is a machine gun. They have to freaken’ idea of what the difference is between an automatic and a semi-automatic gun. The only thing they seem able to digest is the MSM crap of lies that spreads their ignorance.

    My personal favorite was a lib calling me a Nazi because I support gun rights! Think about that for a minute. Idiots they are.

  16. Heck with em, let em die STUPID.

  17. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    The latest from Midway is that they will sell you TWO high capacity magazines of any type and they will ship within the next 30 days. I don’t know about Brownell’s but my order on 12/14 has just shipped today. I don’t know what their policy will be for the future.

    But back to a meaningful conversation. The libs want that to mean whatever they want it to mean. And as Dirty Al says, they are truly stupid. Meanwhile that nitwit David Gregory may be in trouble for showing off that 30 round magazine. He also failed to mention that his kids go to Sidwell Friends School which has a private security force of 11 armed officers in addition to the Secret Service contigent that protects Obama’s children. How do you really spell HYPOCRITE.

  18. Get some balls and man the f up!

    A warning to gun grabbers and collectivist media: By calling for gun control, you are unleashing your own worst nightmare


    By screaming about how they wish to destroy the Second Amendment and disarm the American people, collectivist media gun grabbers and “school shooting doomsday” fear mongers have managed to do exactly what they hoped NOT to do: They have pushed millions of AR-15s and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition into the private hands of Americans.

    The reaction is quietly surging

    Gun-owning Americans are growing increasingly sick and tired of being called bad people simply because they choose to protect their homes, families and communities with firearms. White gun owners are sick of being irrationally called “racist” for choosing to own guns. (Historical fact: Martin Luther King owned “an arsenal” of guns and often carried a concealed handgun.)

    • By her own admission, Dianne Feinstein has waited years for this “opportunity.” Gun control advocates have long since learned to soft-pedal their agenda, but the objectives remain the same: To end the private ownership of firearms.

      Whatever Barack Obama tells you, folks, this isn’t about “assault weapons,” it’s about your freedom.

      Armatissimi e liberissimi,

      F. Paul Valone

      President, Grass Roots North Carolina

      *First spoken by Niccolo Machiavelli with reference to the Swiss, “Armatissimi e liberissimi” means “most armed, most free.”


  19. I would get all the guns and ammo you want now. Price is not going to fall, an executive order could stop all Hi Cap mags from being made in a flash. The Govt has already behind the scenes stopped selling used military brass to ammo makers, stopped the importation of American made guns from Korea. The billions of rounds ordered by the govt will shortly put a dent in available brass for ammo for civilians. Steel and aluminum suck and mess up guns fast. The unchallenged, unconstitutional use of executive orders will only increase in the coming term and many can apply to manufacturing, selling and distribution of all types of firearms. For 8 long years under Slick Willys regime the price of grandfathered Hi Cap Mags did not go down one penny, when you could find them. I would buy revolvers also. They usually work all the time with far less maintenance. 4″ .357 would be ideal as it will shoot 38 specials also, and with a 4″ barrel it can reach out and say “Hi”, and ammo is common and there are many .357 rifles also.

    • A couple of years ago I recall a plastic cased reloadable 5.56mm that had a brass base. Why did that concept die in the market? A quick google search indicates plastic 5.56mms ARE in the military marketplace:

      • Lets hope they get them out to all calibers. Most pistol rounds are relatively low pressure that would make them far more feasible and lighter. I don’t reload so its not a problem for me. Love the idea.

  20. Well I don’t own any guns but my cat Mr. Mittens is an expert on them, being a Kosovo Kitty he laughs at the attempt to legislate control over firearms.

    He told me not worry about it, he said in 1948 Communist Yugoslavia had strict gun control, no private weapons, but when the place Balkanized in 1992 Full Auto Assault Weapons where everywhere. He said plenty of guns and ammo laying on the ground next to dead people.

    He scoffs at paying extreme prices for 30 round mags, he said let the Libs ban them, He said two 20 round mags and some duct tape gives your carbine access to a quick 40 rounds.

    But I am trying to make him understand it’s not that I want to own guns, I just don’t want the Federal Government taking anything else away from me, Because they have taken enough already. It seems once they start, they never quit taking, and they never give back freedoms.

  21. It is really simple; just read the contract. “Shall Not Be Infringed.”
    Pretty simple.
    Want to breach the contract, and infringe?
    If the contract is breached, then We have no further obligation to Your unlawful ‘government’.
    Just remember, oaths are sworn to the Constitution -not to the latest namby-pamby political hack occupying a throne.
    So go ahead and breach our contract (again) and let’s have done with it; I for one am tired of being forced to pay for my own disposession and would Welcome the end of the illiterate-imposed tyranny of welfare looters and power hungry tinpot dictators in Washington.

  22. In the People’s Republic of Chicago, part of the Grand Duchy of Crook County, this what you must do to get a must do to get an officially permitted HANDGUN:

    “While the CFP application can be downloaded from the Chicago Police Department’s website
    at, it must be submitted in person at Chicago Police Records Customer
    Service Section, located at 4770 S. Kedzie Avenue.
    Residents must possess the following information in order to complete the CPF application:
    • A valid Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) Card issued by the State of Illinois
    • Two identical passport-size photos taken in the last 30 days showing the person’s full
    face, head and shoulders
    • A valid Driver’s License, or if the resident doesn’t possess one, a letter from a licensed
    optometrist or ophthalmologist attesting that the applicant meets the minimum vision
    requirements to obtain an Illinois driver’s license
    • A signed affidavit from a firearms instructor approved in the State of Illinois stating that
    the applicant has completed a firearms safety and training course.
    • A $100 application fee
    All applicants must be at least 21 years old, or 18-20 years old with an eligible parents’
    permission. Applicants cannot be convicted of any violent crime, have two or more offenses for
    driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or under state law have been convicted of
    domestic violence. Additionally, they must be fingerprinted and submit to a background check.

    Note that large capacity magazines and assault rifles are STILL banned due to Blacks running Cook County government.

    Laser sights are banned in Chicago.

    So now that you are PERMITTED to own a lousy HANDGUN, what else do you have to do?


    “A nonrefundable application fee of $15.00 shall be payable for each firearm registered.”

    Only Rich Cosompolitans like Ron Emanual could afford to register a gun collection. Democrats care about the well being and safety of the ordinary people?

    Note that the PR of Chicago uses gun registration laws against HUNTERS who happen to stop off to rest in Chicago.

    You do NOT want to come to Chicago if you believe in the Second Amendment. If you are a retarded Northeast Progressive nitiwit, you will feel at home.

    Read all about the Communist regulations from the CPD website:

    Then think about what the SCUM will do once they get their so-called “Gun Show Loophole” closed in the name of
    “Gun Safety,” their new replacement word for “GUN CONTROL.”

    In closing from the Police State called Chicago,

    Sieg Heil!

    • I would not live in the friggin rathole, if I was forced , I’d have a throw down gun.

      • I forgot to add, it’s a $15 annual registration AND a $60 LATE registration per GUN. Say you got 7 guns in your ‘extensive arsenal’ as the news media would say; you would own the PR of Chicago over a $100 a year. This is why even COPS refuse to register their non-duty guns. Your AR-15 which was previously registered was deregistered by Chicago and is still illegal.

        Everything s illegal in Chicago unless permitted by His Majesty, Da Mayor.

  23. School Obamas’s Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards;index=1

  24. Faced with gun-toting drug smugglers, Arizona ranchers demand security at the border

    • Sue Chilton says she believes a U.S. government decision to not to heavily patrol right along the border is, in effect, creating a free-access zone for Mexican smugglers.

      “We have, without any reason or logic to it, decided to cede as much as 15 or 20 miles of the United States to the cartels, and we live in that section that has been ceded,” she said. “They have lookouts in the mountains within a mile of our house.”

      Several advocacy groups concerned about border security have placed motion-activated hidden cameras near the Chilton’s ranch and elsewhere in southern Arizona. Their videos, many of them shot recently, confirm the ranchers’ complaints, revealing wave after wave of drug and immigrant smuggling groups, sometimes heavily armed, crossing U.S. land miles north of the Mexican border.

      • The most cost-effective way of deterring Mexican invaders is the use of an electric fence. Did you know that in the spring of 1915 the Germans constructed a 125 mile long over 3-meter high 2000 Volt fence between Belgium and the neutral Netherlands, through villages, orchards, meadows, woodland, over brooks – even over the river Meuse.?

        “How many people the fence killed is unknown. Estimates vary from 2,000 to 3,000. Local newspapers in the south of Netherlands (bordering Belgium), from spring 1915 on, carry almost daily small messages about people ‘lightened to death’.”

        Fences work to keep out the invaders. Washington doesn’t care that you are killed by a Mexican invader because they consider them to be future Democrat gun controllers, the exact opposite of “Americans.”

        For more info and pictures:

  25. When we have politcians actually suggesting confiscation or compulsory buybacks it is time to stand up and tell them to KISS OUR ASSES! They would surely start the 2nd American Revolution if the act was even attempted ,,,, People like that have no business in government office as by their very actions they are indeed traitors to the Republic,.

  26. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    AR, There is no doubt the antigunners want to ultimately take away your rights, not only your 2nd amendment rights but ALL of them. By tradition they have used incrementalism as a strategy, something known as “bite and hold.” They’re using this to push the edge of the envelope to see how much they can take. After years of mostly losing ground, they feel the CT shootings give them an edge which they can exploit. IF they get an assault weapon and high capacity magazine ban you’ll rest assured that a bunch of them will say “it’s just beginning” all the while saying how much they respect your 2nd amendment rights.


    Piers Morgan is a total idiot He proves it by opening his piehole

  28. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    The latest news is that Diane Feinstein will “grandfather” existing weapons BUT you’ll have to register them and submit to a background check. They really do want a civil war.

    • If you buy a gun in a gun store, is not that weapon already registered? This is all smoke and mirrors to get folks riled up.

      • MichaelT, the gun store keeps the paperwork and sends nothing to the federal government when you purchase a gun.


        • … until the Federal Firearms Licensee goes out of business and then the Form 4473s are sent to BATF. Where The Great and Powerful Obama will no doubt allocate funds from the White House to computerize the 4473s into a database of “Enemies of the People’s Revolutionary State” to be added to his Official Presidential Kill List.

          We need to push off these gun control laws for as long as possible so that ordinary people can build up their combat capabilities. Buy MORE assault rifles, hi cap mags, ammo and medical trauma gear. Get those orders into the pipeline. Now that the enemy has seen fit to publish the names of pistol permit holders in New York, take this as a GREEN LIGHT to build your own database of the enemy. That way, you won’t have to wait to determine what you will do when El Presidente’ signs the “Official Second Amendment Dead as a Door Nail Act” to kick off the Federal Festivities.

  29. Rep raises alarm after murders by illegals blocked from deportation by home countries

    Read more:

    These liberal maniacs are dumping illegal alien CRIMINALS back into the streets of America!

    Then we have the millions of WELFARE SPAWNED GANG BANGERS PREYING ON CITIZENS while that lard ass Michael Moore talks about “race issues”

    ..and now they want tro disarm law abiding citizens…

    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      Ed, it’s clear they intend to use the “power of the riot” if they can. It’s why the libs want disarmament.

      • I’m the only Anglo where I work. Every once in a while I get a weird vibe from the people I work with. One guy had on a T-shirt that had something about La Raza on it. He’s from Peru and is racist. They don’t make any effort to learn English, it’s like working in a Latin American country every day.

  30. Bloodless Coup says:

    Russians Warn US Citizens DO NOT Give Up Your Guns!

  31. Lt.Sandman says:

    I say arm all children 8 years and older. Small caliber handguns would make recess lots more fun and the sickos woud stay away from our schools! Those against guns could carry knives. (I think I’m on to something)