Don’t hate AWD because he’s the world’s greatest blogger and you’re not. Well, AWD and 49 other blogs almost as good as Almost! It’s not my fault God loves me more than he loves you. So I ask you not to be jealous of my tremendous, world-class blogging accomplishments just as I ask you not to be jealous of my world-class sexiness. It’s a gift. So let us join together and celebrate the Big Sexy’s success.

AWD has been named this year as one of the winning blogs in the Fabulous 50 Blogging Awards! AWD won The Andrew Dice Clay Award for Political Incorrectness. I am proud of that but find it puzzling because AWD lives for diversity and worships multiculturism like a French cathedral. But an award is an award!

The Fab Fifty was posted at Doug Ross @ Journal and explained the purpose of the awards:

These awards recognize a variety of blogs and websites operating in the conservative hemisphere of the Internet, all of which have worked tirelessly to protect America from Statism — some in very unique ways.

The award winners utilize various styles to achieve their objectives. Some rely on investigative reporting. Some on witty writing. Others use inside information from sources. AWD just tries to piss off liberals.

AWD would be remiss if I didn’t thank my learned assistants BigTimer and RedStater for making AWD the award-winning, blogging powerhouse it has become. Their tireless work has played a major part in growing the AWD readership while I goof off do research at Hooters. And I must also thank all of our dudes and dudettes who voice their opinions and vent their spleen here. You are the wind beneath my big sexy ass!

I’d also like to thank the Academy (or Doug Ross) for recognizing We have a lot of fun here and hash around some pretty important topics. This blog has grown to be a community of friends and a few stupid trolls. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work. But someone has to be the voice of reason! We’re just those guys!

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    Oh boy this sounds good and i,ll bet you even beat out SMIRKING CHIMP and many liberal web sites CONGRADULATIONS

  2. congrats

    and cover thisssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    President Barack Obama used the funeral for Hawaii senator Daniel Inouye to talk about himself. In the short 1,600 word speech, Obama used the word “my” 21 times, “me” 12 times, and “I” 30 times.
    Obama’s speech discussed how Inouye had gotten him interested in politics. “Danny was elected to the U.S. Senate when I was two years old,” he said.

  3. you get the Award for Non PC.
    gee you are polite.

    well all things are relative.
    the left made fun of Palins handicapped infant!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. American Infidel #1 says:

    Congrats Brother! Long time coming……

  5. Congrats AWD… may your family and all at AWD have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  6. Congratulations! (but no surprise).

  7. you are my hero

  8. Czar of Defenestration says:

    Bravo you politically incorrect giant (P.I.G.)!
    You can further your research at the ORIGINAL Hooters:
    2800 Gulf-To-Bay in Clearwater, FL
    …but the view (of the Gulf of Mexico) is better at their new location at 381 Mandalay Ave. in Clearwater Beach….

  9. Congrats brother, you deserve every bit. Merry Christmas to you and yours… And of course all behind the scenes.

  10. Wait a minute dude! Are you saying that we’re all fart smellers, or smart fellers, as the wind under your ass? Nevermind all that, but big congrats for the award. Merry Christmas dude and crew.

  11. ‘Politically Incorrect’…absolutely love it! 😉

    Merry Christmas Prez Duderino, to you and yours.

    • Bigtimer, can you believe someone would believe we are…horrors!…politically incorrect here?

      Merry Christmas to you, my friend and hero!


      • Bigtime and AWD,

        2013 will be a better year?


        Happy New Year to my AWD friends.

        REV Wright

        • My good friend Rev Wright…I don’t think ’13 will be a better year, nor the years after Dear Leader stays in power. – Other than that, you and yours have a great New Year as well…may we all survive the next four years, it’s spooky out there.

  12. Congratulations, AWD. Your blog site is indeed a good and relevant one. Your blog work is important. Very important. And at this point, I would like to bring attention to a situation that “doesn’t exisit” to the MSM. Being able to post this on your blog, et al., is the reason why this site is so important…

    For AWD readers old enough to remember: Who recalls the MSM’s obsession with SA’s evil apartheid?

    So now that apartheid has been dismantled, and SA is under black rule, is there any mention, EVER, of the abysmal state that SA has sunk into? In particular, why is there a media blackout about the war being waged against SA’s white farmers?


    • Sarah maid of albion is a good blog-I go to it after AWD.It also gives a good account of how England is degenerating into a turd world cesspool because of mass immigration.Speaking of England,did you see where somebody has gotten a petition together to deport that Piers Morgan idiot?Where do I sign?

    • So much for abolishing apartheid. America is heading in the same direction, it’s just taking longer. But now that Obamus I has secured four more years to complete his evil plan for black domination of Amerika, the process will escalate to fruition. If you are a White person beware. There is a target on your back.

      The enslavement and genocide of the WHITE RACE will progress with dizzying speed to it’s ultimate conclusion, and that is simply Black Run Amerika, or BRA.

      The White Man will continue to be marginalized into obscurity.

      Prepare to defend yourselves.

  13. Nicely done. We will all say one day, ‘we knew that goat roper way back when’.

    Happy Kwaanza!

  14. Georgia Girl says:

    Merry Christmas to the AWD family!!

    Best Blog on the interweb 🙂

  15. … and a Happy, Nappy Kwanza to one and all…

    • Kwanzaa! Celebrate Kwanzaa!

      The Rotten Roots of Kwanzaa

      The story of Christmas cannot be told in a government run school. Teachers, acting as paid agents of the government, must avoid even the appearance of endorsing any religion. This constitutional restriction does not apply to pseudo-religions, however, so the dedicated adherents of even the most extreme pseudo-religion are free to gain a foothold in any government school.

      Take the pseudo-religion called Marxism for example. From the moment of its inception Marxism has not wanted for prophets and self-anointed infallible leaders. Its adherents believe that their doctrine is true and unerring, a genuine key to history. The official History of the Communist Party proclaims: “The power of Marxist-Leninist theory lies in the fact that it enables the Party to find the right orientation in any situation, to understand the inner connection of current events, to foresee their course, and to perceive not only how and in what direction they are developing in the present but how and in what direction they are bound to develop in the future.” These words were written in 1945. After almost six decades of continual blundering such pretensions to infallibility, insight and historical clairvoyance sound merely comical to most Americans. And yet, even today, there are those who would creep up to the bier and attempt to breathe life into Marxism’s desiccated spiritless corpse. Many of these hopeful utopians spend their busiest years teaching in America’s educational system.

      Take, for example, the self-named Professor Maulana Karenga. Way back in 1966, when he was known as plain ol’ Ron Karenga, this self-proclaimed radical black separatist had the distinction of creating history’s most pathetic holiday: Kwanzaa. It was pure Karenga, a seven-day celebration of crypto-Marxist values with racist overtones. According to the official Kwanzaa website the celebration was designed to nurture “conditions that would enhance the revolutionary social change for the masses of Black Americans.” Each day of Kwanzaa emphasizes a principle such as “unity” or “collective work” or “cooperative economics.” Karenga branded Kwanzaa a black alternative to Christmas. In fact, it is the black anti-Christmas. In 1977, the then sixteen-year-old minister Al Sharpton declared that the Kwanzaa feast would perform the much needed service of “de-whitizing” Christmas.

      Please, read more!

      • Interesting. I only use the Kwanzaa bit as a gag. Al Sharpton was born in 1954, so he could not have been sixteen in 1977.

  16. AWD, congrats and it’s well deserved and my favorite blog too!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Keep right on truckin, we’ll never give up without a fight.

  17. Obama Won’t Give Up His Guns… Why Should You?

  18. Congrats AWD and crew. Merry Christmas ya’ll.

  19. Merry Christmas Dudes/Dudette’s, and congratulations on the award AWD

  20. AWD…………..any chance you will write about cover ups…..lookyhere

    Read more:


    According to published reports, when Larry Brinkin was arrested two weeks ago, the police found “images of year-old infants subjected to sodomy and oral sex, and perverse racial comments (Brinkin’s email: ‘I loved especially the 2 year old n—– getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond b—- is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White D— Rules!’).” Yet the media has barely reported this terribly disturbing incident.
    But, you ask, who was Larry Brinkin? He was “a central figure in the gay rights movement,” a man who was so influential that, “The San Francisco board of supervisors actually gave a ‘Larry Brinkin Week’ in February 2010 upon his retirement.” It was Brinkin who first used the term “domestic partnerships” in a legal dispute, marking a watershed moment in gay activist history, yet news of his alleged crimes against infants and children, not to mention his alleged White Supremacist leanings, has received very little media attention.
    Is there a double standard here? Imagine what the media would be doing if Brinkin had been a conservative Christian leader.
    When evangelical leader Ted Haggard fell, the media was quick to pounce, suggesting that this exposed the corrupt nature of evangelical Christianity as a whole. And media leaders have done this repeatedly whenever there has been a scandal connected to an evangelical (or Catholic) leader, and the news is blared from the headlines. But where, I ask you, is the outrage or the front page news when a gay leader commits atrocities such as those allegedly committed by Larry Brinkin? And why isn’t the media claiming that Brinkin’s transgressions expose the corrupt nature of gay activism as a whole?
    The failure of a Christian leader is considered endemic and representative; the failure of a gay leader is considered an aberrant exception. Why the unequal treatment?
    Gascon says there is no question of Brinkin’s involvement, “He was the active participant in receiving the information and passing the information out.”
    Video shows Brinkin years ago, when ABC7 News profiled him when he was receiving counseling to deal with the stress of his work at the Human Rights Commission. He was best known there for his pioneering work for gays and lesbians. Brinkin helped draft the city’s Equal Benefits Ordinance, now a model for equality in the workplace.
    Outside the courthouse Wednesday, Brinkin continued his silence. When asked if he has anything to say at all about this case he answered, “No, no comment today.”
    Gascon says he waited this long to file formal charges against Brinkin because he did not want to compromise a concurrent investigation by Australian police. They finally made an arrest in this case, which is why Brinkin was charged and arraigned Wednesday.
    (Copyright ©2012 KGO-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved

  21. Congratulations big sexy and Merry Christmas to all and their family’s (libyards excepted)

    Blistered, out!