The Speaker of the House has been ousting conservatives from various committees that they served on…and he did so with no warning to them beforehand. Anyone surprised what Cry-Baby Boehner has done? He proves more and more each day what a RINO he is and always has been. I have zilch respect for him…period! Seems he’s sending a warning to conservatives that if they don’t vote his way, toe the line…it will be the highway for them in anyway he can make that possible. This is just one more reason why I’ve had my fill of the GOP and will be keeping an eye on the American Constitution Party…but that’s just me.

Read about the latest news from Cry-Baby Boehner. – This is via TH:

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) warned his conference on Wednesday that leaders are “watching” how the rank-and-file vote to determine committee assignments, according to sources in the closed-door meeting.

Boehner addressed the firestorm over the removal of four lawmakers from plum committee assignments at the weekly GOP conference meeting.

According to Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), one of the lawmakers denied a spot on his current committee in the next Congress, Boehner did note “that we [leadership] have punished four members, he claimed that it had nothing to do with their conservative ideology, but had to do with their voting patterns.”

Also removed from committee spots were Reps. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.) and David Schweikert (Ariz.).

Huelskamp added that Boehner warned GOP lawmakers that “there may be more folks that will be targeted … ‘we’re watching all your votes.”

“It was a message to the Republican conference in general, especially the comment today that there may be more punishment coming if you don’t vote the right way,” Huelskamp said.

A source at the conference meeting disputed Huelskamp’s characterization of Boehner’s point, noting that the Speaker said “some votes factored into [the decision to remove lawmakers from committee assignments] but it wasn’t just [votes], it was a bigger picture than all that, that caused this to happen.”

The crux of the problem is that Democrats have successfully employed a “divide and conquer” strategy when outspoken GOP House members “gratuitously bad mouth the leadership,” a separate source told The Hill.

“That [GOP members] run to the press to get their own headlines and that divides us and that’s really where Boehner’s coming from,” the source said.

Another GOP source who was in the room corroborated that Boehner addressed the question of a supposedly punishing conservatives.

The source quoted Boehner as saying, “the Steering Committee this week decided to remove committee assignments from four members, and replace them with other members. This was not done lightly. This is something the Committee took seriously, and hopes never to have to do again.”

According to the source, Boehner continued, “the Committee’s decision had nothing to do with ideology. For those suggesting otherwise, I’d respectfully suggest that you look at some of the people the Steering Committee put in charge of committees. I’d also suggest you look at some of the members who were added to the committees by the Steering Committee. If you do that and come away with the conclusion that there was a ‘conservative purge,’ I’d be interested hearing the rationale.”

Huelskamp addressed the conference, receiving, he said, a “warm reception from some and silence from others,” and requested that leaders provide “that list of votes used in the Steering Committee to reward or punish members.”

Huelskamp said his request for committee votes was met by “stony silence” from leadership, and said Boehner’s refusal to release the votes was akin to stabbing him in the back.

“Where I come from in Kansas if you want to stab a guy you look him in the eye,” he said. “You don’t go behind a closed door.”

Huelskamp declined to say if he would vote for Boehner to retain his speakership in January.

“The Fiesta Bowl with K-State is the same day,” he said, indicating that he may abstain.

Throw in your two-cents…what do you think about all of this? Do you have a message for Boehner, as well as the GOP?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberals need to be totaly pirged from america and we need to pull out of this wretched UNITED NATIONS its no good and its totaly EVIL

  2. Been know for a long time the Republicans hate conservative members, they still think they can work with the dem’s , gain the love of the media, the rep’s are going to get blamed for everything no matter what they do so they need to fight like hell instead of kissing ass.

    • Exactly right ga steve!

      Btw…I just heard David Schweikert on the radio with Hannity, he’s already backing down and bowing to Boehner. – Disgusting!

      The more things change…the more they stay the same in Foggy Bottom!

  3. This has to do with what Boehner said today…so thought I’d put it here too.

    Totally agree with Judge Nap…but methinks this will fall on deaf ears!

  4. Absolutely sickening! With “Boner” in charge, the demonRATs will always win and I expact nothing of any good to come from the republiRATs!

  5. I would hope that the tea party conservatives walk to caucus as the ACP and completely abandon the GOP…
    Call the raise…all in!

    Blistered, out!

    • I’m all in!

    • lets hope the TEA Party and the ACP will do a hostile takeover and boot their RINO asses out… make them do the walk of shame to the other side of the aisle where they belong

      Its now or never for a third party.. stop letting the MSM and the GOP tell you that a 3rd party could never win!

  6. By the way folks…if you don’t know about the ACP, check out there platform here…see what you think. ~

  7. Democrats stand their ground, no matter the odds. Republicans try to make nice, and get their asses handed to them every time.

  8. captainmike says:

    I know this is probably the wrong place to post this, however, it seems appropriate to me in the larger context of what is going on here.

    I am 160 pages away from the conclusion of Atlas Shrugged (1160 pages total)and, regardless of one’s personal opinion of Ms. Rand and the book, the storyline reads like today’s daily news. At first it was very frightening to me but now I am somewhat relieved. I know where we are headed, how it will continue to transpire, and what my personal course of action must be. Ironically, I, like some of the characters in the book, am much more at peace.

  9. RINO’s = traitors and democrat operatives

    Its over folks.. they are ALL in it together

  10. Steve Sybert says:

    Right now is the best opportunity the TEA Party ever had to become a third party, running their own candidates. The Constitution Party is another one. One of these parties needs to step up. And run only the most conservative candidates. And no talk of compromise, or “going across the aisle”.

  11. At this point I think the faster Republicans become Democrats the better.

    If their past record is any indication of their abilities, I submit they will do more damage to the Socialist Democrats from the inside, than they ever did as an opposition party in the last 12 years.

    Conservatism is an Idea and sometimes a way of life, not the Icon of an Ass, Elephant, or Rhinoceros.

    White, Working Class, Religious, Americans, are being cut loose from political representation by the sanctioned Political Parties, and I for one embrace it. After all we are self sufficient, are we not?

    Let them go their own way, we can still represent ourselves.

  12. Before I support the GOP again, flying monkeys will come streaming out of my ass……

  13. Boehner is looking to go after more conservatives………..

    • Oh man Bluto…I have to take a break for a bit, don’t think I can take anymore from that POS, whatever it is…it will not surprise me. I will check this out after I get some wood in and settle down.

    • Heck Bluto…just checked that out. Those words in the link are exactly what’s written here from this blog post, same site reference too….just sayin’. 😉

  14. Here’s some of what congress-critter Amash thinks ~

  15. Anyone happen to be listening to Huelskamp on with Hannity speaking out about all of this?